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authorDejan Gloszic2006-01-26 01:31:31 +0000
committerDejan Gloszic2006-01-26 01:31:31 +0000
commit81ee9a56c6fc5a628adf9b61dec9ee9949d117ba (patch)
tree8f554aa6530ff5f9229113fb4e1425e6bfa7ef94 /org.eclipse.ui.intro/schema/IntroContent.exsd
parent1cd26adcf43cec7e40010162ce9d680c15abd6c4 (diff)
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Diffstat (limited to 'org.eclipse.ui.intro/schema/IntroContent.exsd')
1 files changed, 9 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/org.eclipse.ui.intro/schema/IntroContent.exsd b/org.eclipse.ui.intro/schema/IntroContent.exsd
index cd2cf7562..cf5d04b6e 100644
--- a/org.eclipse.ui.intro/schema/IntroContent.exsd
+++ b/org.eclipse.ui.intro/schema/IntroContent.exsd
@@ -175,6 +175,13 @@ Since 3.1, if the content of the external file is XHTML 1.0, then the page is re
+ <attribute name="dynamic" type="boolean" use="default" value="false">
+ <annotation>
+ <documentation>
+ if &lt;code&gt;true&lt;/code&gt;, the children of this group will be provided by the intro configurer at run time. It is advised not to define any children statically in this case.
+ </documentation>
+ </annotation>
+ </attribute>
@@ -655,9 +662,9 @@ Another difference between the tags is that the html tag is only supported for t
- <all>
+ <sequence>
<element ref="text" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>
- </all>
+ </sequence>
<attribute name="id" type="string" use="required">

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