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2017-01-17Bug 251156 - Asynchronous content assistMickael Istria1-2/+2
This provides a new AsyncContentAssistant, performaing computation and presentation of content assist proposals (and related operations) asynchronously whenever possible. Part of this change is also internally allowing the parent ContentAssistant to support multiple IConteantAssistProcessors (although this is not exposed through public API). The AsyncContentAssistant does expose the manipulation of multiple contentAssistProcessors though. Some fields and methods where also made more visible (usually from private to protected or package, to maximize the ability to reuse existing code from the current synchronous framework, in order to make the feature easier to write, and also to provide a consistent experience with aysnc and sync content assist. Change-Id: I3e80c6422eaababc165e955ddeb3539909bfcb9f Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2016-10-14Bug 502837 - ext point allow binding existing editor and content-typeMickael Istria1-0/+7
Example of usage. Change-Id: I6a3d4288ce614cdf87bcab5cf6bcf980f04ce285 Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2016-10-08Bug 505447 - [generic editor] Make sure all files have copyright noticeMickael Istria1-0/+10
Missing copyright on plugin.xml (and added about.html to examples by the way) Change-Id: I90c14a5da40ac9134f534c2d1e811783d65ac5da Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2016-09-26Bug 499811 - .project edition contributing to Generic EditorMickael Istria1-0/+37
This is an example of a usable and feature rich editor for .project files which contributes to the Generic Editor proposal. Bug: 499811 Bug: 497871 Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <> Signed-off-by: Sopot Cela <> Change-Id: I131e00cbca566e3dc2413c7b5db8c9d724b46bfb

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