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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-04-07guard against getting null from getProgressServiceErich Gamma1-1/+3
2004-04-07removed workaround for bug 53391Erich Gamma2-12/+1
2004-04-07updated to use IWorbenchSiteProgress service to schedule a jobErich Gamma2-3/+56
2004-04-01fix for wrong handling of multiple addsThomas Maeder1-1/+4
2004-04-01Removed bogus javadocThomas Maeder1-5/+1
2004-03-31JavadocThomas Maeder2-7/+12
2004-03-31JavadocThomas Maeder4-21/+31
2004-03-31JavadocThomas Maeder6-23/+34
2004-03-31JavadocThomas Maeder3-258/+297
2004-03-31JavadocThomas Maeder1-0/+1
2004-03-31Support for multiple adds/removesThomas Maeder12-68/+156
2004-03-30fix for bug 56714v20040330Thomas Maeder1-4/+18
2004-03-29Breaking API change notificationThomas Maeder1-0/+10
2004-03-29Made supporting certain layouts optional for subclassesThomas Maeder3-86/+166
2004-03-29add new queries at index 0 in history. Quick fix pending Thomas Maeder1-1/+1
2004-03-29fix for bug 49740Thomas Maeder1-7/+10
2004-03-29fix for 38049Thomas Maeder1-0/+3
2004-03-25fix for bug 55887Thomas Maeder1-2/+7
2004-03-25fix for bug 55689Thomas Maeder1-3/+3
2004-03-23build notesThomas Maeder1-0/+3
2004-03-22removing "layout" submenuThomas Maeder2-7/+4
2004-03-22Flipping text & java search default to new searchThomas Maeder2-12/+14
2004-03-22"Searching..." indication before first match is shownThomas Maeder9-47/+133
2004-03-20Fixed build warningDani Megert1-2/+1
2004-03-19removed bogus importThomas Maeder1-1/+0
2004-03-19Finishing replace action implementaton for new Thomas Maeder14-120/+252
2004-03-18Removed unused codeDani Megert1-5/+7
2004-03-18encoding support for text search (bug 55231)Thomas Maeder1-1/+1
2004-03-18fix for 53666Thomas Maeder1-0/+5
2004-03-15checking for bogus position valuesThomas Maeder1-3/+6
2004-03-15fix for bug 54680Thomas Maeder1-3/+7
2004-03-10Using adapter to get annotation modelThomas Maeder1-18/+29
2004-03-10Moved annotation creation out of APIThomas Maeder2-71/+65
2004-03-10permanent settings for search result pagesThomas Maeder8-53/+156
2004-03-08fixes for bug 53839Thomas Maeder3-0/+84
2004-03-08list all referenced projectsDani Megert1-0/+4
2004-03-05fix for 51670, 52492Thomas Maeder1-3/+3
2004-03-04fix for 50649Thomas Maeder4-5/+14
2004-03-04fix for 52228Thomas Maeder3-1/+21
2004-03-04fixes for 49838 and 53589Thomas Maeder1-8/+8
2004-03-03Removed unused iconThomas Maeder4-1/+0
2004-03-03Results of API review + added some testsThomas Maeder32-387/+515
2004-03-01fix for bug 53383Thomas Maeder4-63/+76
2004-02-27Removed optional=trueDani Megert1-1/+1
2004-02-26fix for bug 50892Thomas Maeder1-4/+10
2004-02-19First cut of reducing tree depth for java searchesThomas Maeder1-2/+10
2004-02-18fixes for bugs 48482, 49110Thomas Maeder6-25/+25
2004-02-17Removed unused importDani Megert1-1/+0
2004-02-17fix for bug 49740Thomas Maeder3-5/+38
2004-02-17fix for bug 50882Thomas Maeder1-4/+4

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