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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-09-09Bug 501115 Replace gif files in with png filesMatthias Becker1-10/+10
2010-11-08Fixed bug 329533: Keywords is not highlighted in the "search view"Dani Megert1-0/+12
2008-10-07Fixed bug 159108: [KeyBindings] Can't type ]v20081007-0800Dani Megert1-3/+22
2008-04-15226995 Update to use showView command instead of view idMartin Aeschlimann1-24/+17
2008-04-01Fixed typo.Dani Megert1-1/+1
2007-11-27Allow annotations to use all text styles.Dani Megert1-2/+6
2007-11-0672322 Provide Search drop down toolbar button rather than simple buttonv20071106-0800Martin Aeschlimann1-3/+2
2007-10-29revert 72322 Provide Search drop down toolbar button rather than simple buttonv20071029-1800Martin Aeschlimann1-2/+3
2007-10-2972322 Provide Search drop down toolbar button rather than simple buttonMartin Aeschlimann1-0/+1
2007-10-2972322 Provide Search drop down toolbar button rather than simple buttonMartin Aeschlimann1-1/+9
2007-10-2699120 No help support in New SearchMartin Aeschlimann1-0/+1
2006-07-25142292 Unable to SearchMartin Aeschlimann1-0/+4
2006-04-25137679 [action] shorten editor context menu actionsMartin Aeschlimann1-3/+5
2006-04-12removing dropdown see bug 136397v20060412-1600Martin Aeschlimann1-9/+1
2006-04-1272322 Provide Search drop down toolbar button rather than simple buttonMartin Aeschlimann1-1/+9
2006-03-09130162 Removing 'new' text search UI: API changesMartin Aeschlimann1-32/+13
2006-02-07patch 34274 from bug 118200 Proposal for a new TextSearch UIMartin Aeschlimann1-14/+1
2006-02-03scanner renamed to information providerMartin Aeschlimann1-4/+4
2006-01-31changed text search shortcut to CTRL + ALT + G (= CMD + ALT + G on carbon)v20060131-0800Martin Aeschlimann1-2/+1
2006-01-30removed reference to jdt command contextMartin Aeschlimann1-7/+1
2006-01-29118200 Proposal for a new TextSearch UIMartin Aeschlimann1-5/+118
2006-01-25multiple search result viewsMartin Aeschlimann1-0/+1
2005-08-03105260 [BIDI] need to add $nl$/ to icon paths for reversed iconsMartin Aeschlimann1-9/+9
2005-05-0993931 Add keywords to preference pagesv20050509-1600Martin Aeschlimann1-0/+9
2005-04-26Fixed bug 92761: Search keyboard shortcut is wrongDani Megert1-1/+2
2005-04-1191009 Patch to remove commands/bindings deprecations in plugin.xmlMartin Aeschlimann1-19/+17
2005-04-06First cut of manifest.mfDani Megert1-24/+1
2005-03-23Render filtered matches differentlyDirk Baeumer1-0/+44
2005-03-07Removed unused key binding definitions and cleaned up deprecated stuffDani Megert1-32/+20
2005-02-03java search cleanup: test for ISearchResultViewEntry done through IAdaptable,...Martin Aeschlimann1-0/+1
2004-11-22Register adapter factories in plugin.xmlDani Megert1-0/+8
2004-11-08Filebuffers is exported by org.eclipse.ui.editorsDani Megert1-1/+0
2004-07-01Removed old text search. The old text search can be found in a newDirk Baeumer1-19/+0
2004-07-01Increased version to 3.1.0Dani Megert1-1/+1
2004-06-18fix for bug 67780Thomas Maeder1-3/+3
2004-06-1765512 [Workbench] Global Search Menu: incorrect ordering of menu items:Erich Gamma1-0/+1
2004-06-09Fixed bugs 64471 & 64474: <packages prefixes=..../> should be removedDani Megert1-1/+0
2004-06-09fix for bug 66205Thomas Maeder1-0/+40
2004-04-20New icons.Dirk Baeumer1-2/+2
2004-04-19Renamed targetClass attribute to searchResultClassThomas Maeder1-1/+1
2004-04-19new search iconsDirk Baeumer1-5/+5
2004-04-13Switch to new search by defaultDirk Baeumer1-0/+2
2004-03-10permanent settings for search result pagesThomas Maeder1-0/+1
2004-02-27Removed optional=trueDani Megert1-1/+1
2004-01-23Initial release of new search support for java.Thomas Maeder1-3/+3
2004-01-20Adapted Search to new annotationTypes extension pointDani Megert1-1/+7
2004-01-09CHKPII errorsThomas Maeder1-2/+1
2004-01-08Fixed several build related problems with new searchDani Megert1-1/+1
2004-01-07New Search stuff initial release.Thomas Maeder1-0/+24
2003-12-09annotation reworkDirk Baeumer1-0/+1

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