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authorteicher2004-03-05 10:12:24 +0000
committerteicher2004-03-05 10:12:24 +0000
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Template renaming after first review w/ kai
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diff --git a/org.eclipse.ui.editors/buildnotes_text.html b/org.eclipse.ui.editors/buildnotes_text.html
index 66098cc3e..3371561ce 100644
--- a/org.eclipse.ui.editors/buildnotes_text.html
+++ b/org.eclipse.ui.editors/buildnotes_text.html
@@ -19,6 +19,16 @@ To see which bugs have been addressed in one of the builds simply open the <a hr
+========== Eclipse Build Input March 9th 2004 ==========<br>
+- Moved the templates infrastructure to the text, jface.text and ui.workbench.texteditor
+ projects, making it API. The template API is still in the flow and might change considerably.
+ For people that have been using the internal template code, please note:
+ - TemplateVariable has been renamed to TemplateVariableResolver
+ - TemplatePosition has benn renamed to TemplateVariable
+ - there is first support for adding multiple proposals for a variable
========== Eclipse Build Input March 2nd 2004 ==========<br>
- Moved the linked position infrastructure to the text, jface.text and ui.workbench.texteditor

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