Building and Running the Team/CVS Tests using Ant

Building the Team/CVS tests

To build the TEam/CVS test plugins, perform the following steps:
  1. Import the following plugins using the Import External Plugins and Fragments wizard:
    1.* plugins and all required plugins
    2. org.junit and any required plugins
  2. Check out the following plug-ins from
    1. org.eclipse.core.tests.harness
  3. In, select the file build-tests.xml and choose Run Ant... from the popup menu. A zip archieve of the CVS test plugins is created in the project.

Setting up the Eclipse install to be used to run the tests

To run the tests built above, perform the following steps:
  1. Install eclipse to you test directory.
  2. Install the eclipse test harness plug-ins and fragments over the above install
  3. Extract the team test plugin archive created above into the test Eclipse install.
  4. The CVS tests require a repository to test with. Modify the file in plug-in to contain the information required to connect to your repository. Important fields in the repository properties file are:

    There is a sample file provided in The additional properties are for more in-depth tests.

    Note: If you want to keep a file in a separate directory, this directory can be provided to the test script run below as the "team-home" parameter.

  5. Run the test.xml Ant script using the following command line from the eclipse directory: