Reconnecting to existing

Since: 3.0 M6
Last Modified: $Date: 2004/01/13 18:46:26 $

The following scenario represents how a user would reconnect a project that does not contain CVS meta-data to it's remote counterpart. It is assumed that the local project was derived from a previous version of the remote project but both the local project and the remote may have been modified since then.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Load an existing project (using Checkout or some other means)
  2. Disconnect the project and indicate that CVS meta-data is to be deleted
  3. Modify some local resources
  4. Optionally, modify the remote contents of some resources using a separate checkout
  5. Perform a Team>Share Project and select CVS (if there is more than one repository provider available).
  6. Select the repository the project was loaded from and click OK.
  7. You will be prompted that the project already exists. Click Yes to continue. In the next dialog that appears, select HEAD as the branch to share with.
  8. Click Finish. This will close the wizard and show the sync view.
  9. When the background job is completed, ensure that all folders (except new ones) are marked as in-sync and all files (except new ones) are conflicting additions.
  10. Changing the comparison criteria to compare contents should not contact the server and should leave only the resources that differ in the sync view. Perform a Mark As Merged and a Commit on these resources.
  11. Changing the comparison criteria back to revision number will reveal all the files whose content did not change, perform a Mark as merged on these resources followed by a Team>Update on the project in the Navigator (Note: This could be handled better).
  12. After the update, ensure the project has no out-of-sync resources.