Crash Recovery

Since: 3.0 M5
Last Modified: $Date: 2004/01/13 18:46:26 $

Scenario 1

  1. Turn on deep dirty decoration
  2. Dirty a file and ensure that the file and it's parents are dirty
  3. Quit Eclipse so dirty state is persisted
  4. Restart and perform an override and update or commit and ensure file and parents are clean
  5. Kill Eclipse
  6. Restart and ensure parents and file are clean

Scenario 2

  1. Check out two copies of the same project
  2. Dirty the same file in both projects, commit one and refresh the other in the sync view so a conflict is visible
  3. Quit Eclipse so that the sync state is persisted
  4. Restart Eclipse and perform an Override and Commit on the conflict
  5. Kill Eclipse
  6. Restart Eclipse and ensure that the sync view doesn't show the file (i.e the file is in-sync).