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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-11-17Bug 527379 - Remove references to org.eclipse.update.configuratorI20171117-2000Karsten Thoms2-2/+0
2017-11-14Bug 527249 - Remove referrences to update.coreI20171116-2000I20171115-2000I20171115-0115I20171115-0025I20171114-2000Alexander Kurtakov6-54/+0
2017-11-09Bug 527018 - [refactoring] Replace use of Number constructors by valueOfI20171113-2000I20171112-2000I20171111-1500I20171111-0410I20171111-0155I20171110-2000I20171109-2000Karsten Thoms2-125/+136
2015-02-03Bug 458997 - bundle does not need to be builtI20150217-0800I20150210-0800Szymon Ptaszkiewicz6-12/+0
2011-02-24bug 246547: [Tests] Failure in testImportMultipleProjects on WindowsTomasz Zarna1-222/+226
2010-02-25bug 302163: [Sync View] Error message during update operation after synchroni...Tomasz Zarna1-2/+2
2010-02-23bug 302163 - [Sync View] Error message during update operation after synchron...Szymon Brandys1-115/+119
2007-10-01Change to launch configMichael Valenta1-19/+19
2007-09-14Bug 199108 [Project Sets] Project set import dialog should pick best matchMichael Valenta1-33/+35
2007-09-10Random launch changesMichael Valenta1-143/+143
2007-09-07Bug 152581 [Sync View] Performance problem when synchronizing a projectMichael Valenta1-18/+28
2007-03-22Updated launch configsMichael Valenta2-275/+406
2007-03-16Updated copyrightMichael Valenta6-100/+414
2006-11-20Fix for test breakageMichael Valenta1-52/+52
2006-11-15Bug 164480 Support a flexible URI scheme for accessing resources in a repositoryMichael Valenta1-52/+52
2006-10-19Bug 43211 [Viewers] Ability to lazily update the labels in the compare editorMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2006-10-13Bug 39425 [Sync View] Compare editor should be closed on commit/updateMichael Valenta1-53/+53
2006-08-24Removed build warningsI20060828_1701Michael Valenta2-64/+80
2006-04-12Switching sync tests to use model syncMichael Valenta1-4/+251
2006-02-22*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta2-13/+13
2006-02-08Bug 87206 [API] Make SubscriberParticipantWizard apiMichael Valenta1-4/+4
2006-02-07Converted references to buffers to saveable modelMichael Valenta2-6/+7
2006-01-31Refactoring to prepare to add scope managementMichael Valenta1-2/+2
2006-01-26Simplified some class namesMichael Valenta1-2/+2
2006-01-11Bug 119327 [Model Sync] Add IStorageMergerMichael Valenta1-3/+3
2006-01-09Bug 122917 [Model Sync] Make Work in Progress update realMichael Valenta1-4/+4
2006-01-09Changed tests to use new update, replaceMichael Valenta1-4/+4
2005-12-22Added some simple diff node testing.Michael Valenta1-4/+4
2005-12-14*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-6/+19
2005-12-13[Bug 116931] New TeamHook validation methodsMichael Valenta2-9/+13
2005-12-07Bug 117919 Use new Runtime APIMichael Valenta1-10/+11
2005-10-21Moving logical model support work to HEAD in preparation for 3.2 M3Michael Valenta1-13/+13
2005-09-12*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-14/+12
2005-05-06*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta2-2/+168
2005-05-06Phantom Outgoing ChangesMichael Valenta2-14/+17
2005-04-08Modified performance tests to match the 3.0 benchmark testsMichael Valenta1-9/+11
2005-03-29Removed unused importsMichael Valenta1-4/+4
2005-02-08Added resource mapping tests to test suiteMichael Valenta1-5/+3
2005-02-04Release ResourceMapping support to HEADMichael Valenta1-5/+8
2005-01-28Changes to prevent password from appearing is test outputMichael Valenta2-16/+23
2004-10-25Changed path constructor used since we don't have a device in most casesMichael Valenta1-18/+25
2004-09-24Fixed tests by adding runtime to dependency list.Jean Michel-Lemieux2-2/+33
2004-05-12Bug 57002: Branching with incoming changesMichael Valenta1-3/+3
2004-05-11*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-12/+12
2004-05-07*** empty log message ***Jean Michel-Lemieux1-18/+21
2004-05-06Changes to allow progress in wizardsMichael Valenta2-6/+11
2004-04-28Initial release of page based synchronize APIMichael Valenta1-2/+1
2004-04-12*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-0/+22
2004-04-02Bug 48827 Progress going on even when Synch view is closedJean Michel-Lemieux1-146/+141
2004-03-19Changes for updated SharingWizardMichael Valenta1-3/+3

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