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2018-06-06Bug 535318 - Update license to EPL-2.0 for in about.htmlLars Vogel1-16/+24
Change-Id: Ib7c6af977035dad5e0b2f5ec3d709e3e3dbcfd57 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2006-06-05Updated about.htmlBogdan Gheorghe1-12/+16
2006-05-08Updated about filesMichael Valenta1-16/+18
2005-02-26updated about.htmlSonia Dimitrov1-15/+7
2002-06-26Add back about.html, cpl-v10.html, notice.html Root_WatchEditBranchDean Roberts1-0/+30
with correct type tag (ASCII -ko)
2002-06-26Remove about.html, cpl-v10.html, notice.html so we can do a bulk re-add with ↵Dean Roberts1-30/+0
correct type tag
2002-06-21Modify licenses and abouts to pass chkpii accessibility testsDean Roberts1-20/+7
2002-06-17cpl10.html changesI20020618Dean Roberts1-2/+2
2002-06-14Legal work. Added about.html, license.html, and feature.propertiesv20020617Dean Roberts1-41/+42
2001-12-13License updatesjames1-47/+41
2001-12-06Legal updatesjames1-57/+48
2001-11-22*** empty log message ***Kim Moir1-0/+57

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