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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2003-09-16*** empty log message ***branch_20030916_CachingFileContentsForCompareEditorsJean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+3
2003-09-0541942: [CVS Repo View Concurrency] UI unreponsive when repo contains a large ...Michael Valenta1-0/+1
2003-09-0241983: [CVS UI] Missing NLS stringMichael Valenta1-4/+5
2003-08-22NLS PassMichael Valenta1-0/+5
2003-08-22Added specific job names for update, merge and commitMichael Valenta1-0/+4
2003-08-21Enabled running of Sync view actions in the background when the option is ena...Michael Valenta1-0/+2
2003-08-2041440: CVS Session and Connection classes must be made thread safeRoot_branch_CVSQuickDiffProviderMichael Valenta1-0/+4
2003-08-19Added override and update command.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+5
2003-08-05Updated enablement for sync view actionsJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2003-07-31Bug 40757 : Annotate View should force switch to CVS perspectiveJean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+1
2003-07-31Bug 40756 : Selecting in Annotate Editor no longer tracks revision properly Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2003-07-23Added debug of CVS protocol as a UI preference.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+1
2003-07-23Removed setSelection() method in favour of selectSubscriber()Jean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+2
2003-07-23Refactoring of synchronize viewer:Jean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+1
2003-07-1139821: CVS Annotate view should have description text when emptyRoot_branch_checkoutJobExperimentsMichael Valenta1-0/+1
2003-07-0838966: [live sync view] CVS update action doesn't consider auto-mergeable con...Michael Valenta1-1/+4
2003-07-03Job names and cancellation supportJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+9
2003-06-2620986: [CVS UI] Ability to re-tag cvs versionMichael Valenta1-1/+5
2003-06-26Merged in concurrency changes - turned off by default.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+2
2003-06-2333320: Can't checkout two modules at onceMichael Valenta1-3/+2
2003-06-1635239: [CVS UI] restore from repository dialog shouldn't show deleted revisionMichael Valenta1-0/+1
2003-06-12Refactored checkout operationsMichael Valenta1-28/+90
2003-06-1125997: Should support the cvs annotate commandMichael Valenta1-0/+3
2003-05-1336568: CVS tag property shows "(branch)" and "(version)" for same projectMichael Valenta1-1/+3
2003-04-28Integrating 2.1.1 changes into HEADMichael Valenta1-6/+3
2003-04-2336036: [CVS Repo View] Module vs FolderMichael Valenta1-0/+1
2003-04-0736139: NPE in CVS property pageMichael Valenta1-0/+1
2003-03-27Typo - "comfirm" -> "confirm"R2_1I20030326Kevin Macguire1-1/+1
2003-03-25Bug 35405: Minor typo in CVS error message for Error valicating connectionJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2003-03-18Corrected spellingI20030318Michael Valenta1-17/+17
2003-03-1830644: VCM preference pages cut off in High ContrastMichael Valenta1-5/+0
2003-03-18renamed "refresh branches and versions" to "refresh branches" because the act...Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2003-03-1835222: Sync view: mnemonic conflict on Show Content Comparison and CommitMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2003-03-1334912: misleading message when adding to version controlMichael Valenta1-8/+7
2003-03-13Bug 34429 Changed host key error dialog text does not wrapJean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+2
2003-03-13Bug 34367 Problems with Unedit: added prompt when unediting.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+3
2003-03-10Fix copyrights - automated changesDean Roberts1-0/+10
2003-03-0734096: New 'Synchronize CVS Projects' dialogMichael Valenta1-2/+5
2003-03-0633156Kevin Macguire1-1/+0
2003-03-0633943 Editor tooltip for a revision does not show revision numberMichael Valenta1-0/+1
2003-03-0631529: Should not let create patch in invalid folderMichael Valenta1-2/+0
2003-03-0626021: [CVS Repo View] Repo explorer should show path of selected item in sta...Michael Valenta1-0/+4
2003-03-0622947: [CVS UI] synch outgoing changes always synch the whole projectMichael Valenta1-4/+8
2003-03-06Bug 33792 No progress dialog at start of replaceWith commandJean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+1
2003-03-0531373: [CVS UI] Too many little peopleMichael Valenta1-0/+4
2003-03-0530339: Checkout of multiple projects simultaneously needs to allow destinatio...Michael Valenta1-2/+2
2003-03-04Bug 31176 [CVS UI] "Add to Version Control" prompt too wordy, other issuesJean Michel-Lemieux1-3/+3
2003-03-03Bug 32208 Wording: "Create Patch" wizardJean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+2
2003-03-0331373: [CVS UI] Too many little peopleMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2003-03-0333588: RC1: "CVS Repository Browsing" Perspective Missing TooltipMichael Valenta1-0/+1

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