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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-03-30*** empty log message ***branch_20040226_participantLifecycleJean Michel-Lemieux5-15/+25
2004-03-29lifecycle refactoringJean Michel-Lemieux39-799/+872
2004-03-27initial work for participant workflowsJean Michel-Lemieux4-13/+234
2004-03-26This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchcvs2svn861-121453/+0
2004-03-26Bug 55941 [CVS Console] ConsoleDocument store not releasing memoryRoot_branch_20040329_CVSEncodingTranslationRoot_branch_20040226_participantLifecycleJean Michel-Lemieux2-79/+58
2004-03-2631895: [CVS Core] RepositoryManager is grab bag, needs refactoringRoot_branch_20040329_DateTagMichael Valenta21-757/+569
2004-03-26Changes require for RelEng toolsMichael Valenta2-10/+8
2004-03-2556247: Exception in SynchronizeModelProviderMichael Valenta1-8/+10
2004-03-25Bug 56217 [Sync View] Compare can no longer be removed from the sync viewI20040325Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+30
2004-03-25Bug 55938 [Sync View] NPE changing sync view layoutJean Michel-Lemieux3-3/+9
2004-03-25*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta3-29/+52
2004-03-2556084: IllegalArgumentException deleting lines from a text fileMichael Valenta8-67/+71
2004-03-25Bug 56104 Widget is disposed exception from Sync viewJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+2
2004-03-24Fixed deadlock in testsMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2004-03-23Add handling for deleted projectsMichael Valenta1-2/+6
2004-03-23Fix DNF in testsMichael Valenta2-10/+13
2004-03-23Bug 55422 Conflict mark does not disappear from projectJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2004-03-23Type in message.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2004-03-23Updated for Ant 1.6.1 reference.Jean Michel-Lemieux2-45/+211
2004-03-23Removed optional requirement for compatibility plug-in.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+1
2004-03-2355284: SWTException: Invalid thread access doing an FTP uploadMichael Valenta1-1/+12
2004-03-23Change CVS default to backgroundMichael Valenta1-0/+8
2004-03-23Bug 55746 NPE in SynchronizeModelProvider.propagateProblemMarkersJean Michel-Lemieux1-6/+8
2004-03-23Bug 55539 Graphic disposedJean Michel-Lemieux4-104/+14
2004-03-23Bug 55605 A potentially long operation is performed by Team UI in the UI threadJean Michel-Lemieux1-45/+77
2004-03-23Fixes to resource importMichael Valenta1-1/+3
2004-03-2355680: Endless waiting for CompareEditor from synchronize viewMichael Valenta1-2/+2
2004-03-23Select synchronized resources in the sync view.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+3
2004-03-23Fixed non-NLSd string in error status.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2004-03-23a message in failing to export an ssh key via sftp.yamanaka2-0/+2
2004-03-23Ensure that compare participants aren't persisted.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+6
2004-03-23*** empty log message ***yamanaka1-0/+0
2004-03-23jsch has been updated to 0.1.14 for #51664, #52465, #54545.yamanaka4-4/+4
2004-03-23removed dead codev20040323Andre Weinand6-3761/+18
2004-03-2355489: Potential performance problem in SubscriberSyncInfoCollector.processDeltaMichael Valenta2-19/+22
2004-03-2351394: ClassCastException in Synchronize View (context menu)Michael Valenta1-1/+5
2004-03-2353671: ClassCastException opening the synch viewMichael Valenta2-1/+10
2004-03-23NLS some stringsMichael Valenta2-2/+3
2004-03-2355591: Get bonus location when creating a locationMichael Valenta2-18/+20
2004-03-2355582: [Sharing Wizard] Must improve handling of failed communicationsMichael Valenta2-57/+67
2004-03-2255488: [Sharing Wizard] Need better description of purpose of synchronize pageMichael Valenta15-116/+280
2004-03-22Bug 55570 Delay on synch view Refresh buttonJean Michel-Lemieux1-13/+36
2004-03-22rootRemoved() from null checkJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2004-03-2255566: Prompted for passwords for repositories not in the scope of compareMichael Valenta1-7/+4
2004-03-22Bug 54030 Ensure sync view recovery from bad participantJean Michel-Lemieux2-3/+6
2004-03-22Added cancel button to dialog.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+2
2004-03-22removed deprecated interface IStreamContentAccessorExtension2Andre Weinand2-40/+0
2004-03-20Bug 55407 ResourceException opening compare editor on incoming changeJean Michel-Lemieux1-0/+9
2004-03-19[Bug 55434] 600% progress?I20040319Michael Valenta1-1/+3
2004-03-19Fix display issueMichael Valenta1-7/+11

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