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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2003-09-18*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-2/+11
2003-09-18Fix bug in persistence of write locationMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2003-09-18Changes to accomodate background autobuildMichael Valenta13-271/+156
2003-09-18Allow clients to set the mode selected in the sync view. This is for supportingJean Michel-Lemieux7-34/+81
2003-09-18Allow empty changes to be sent if set was reset.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2003-09-18Added ability for sync sets to only fire changes if there are actual changes ...Jean Michel-Lemieux2-0/+5
2003-09-17Bug 40595 [Live Sync View] Navigate/Show In/Navigator not present in Java per...Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+7
2003-09-17Enable all CVS work in progress features by default.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+2
2003-09-17Removed unused importMichael Valenta1-1/+0
2003-09-17Fix possible NPEMichael Valenta1-1/+3
2003-09-17Added ability to specify read/write repository locationsPreBackgroundAutoBuildMichael Valenta25-126/+331
2003-09-17Fixed bug in fetch of memebersMichael Valenta2-5/+8
2003-09-17Bug 43229 [Live Sync View] Closing view leaves event queue processing jobJean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+6
2003-09-17Uses the busy cursor when doing work.Jean Michel-Lemieux2-2/+12
2003-09-17Handles cancel correctly in prefetching the contents.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+4
2003-09-17Moved schedule out of synchronized block.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-4/+5
2003-09-17Widget disposed check addedJean Michel-Lemieux1-1/+1
2003-09-17Now supports linking with any CVS remote file editor.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-2/+2
2003-09-17History view linked with compare editor and remote file editor.Jean Michel-Lemieux2-21/+59
2003-09-17Refactored JobStatusHandlerMichael Valenta7-89/+228
2003-09-17Removed unused codeMichael Valenta2-204/+0
2003-09-16Added linking the CVS history view with the active compare editor.Jean Michel-Lemieux10-23/+144
2003-09-1642543: [Keybindings] Problems using keybinding for DeleteMichael Valenta3-44/+15
2003-09-1612887: [CVS Sync View] Sync View should display progress monitor while fetchi...Michael Valenta8-60/+168
2003-09-16Busy indicator shown in sync view while relevant jobs are runningRoot_branch_20030916_CachingFileContentsForCompareEditorsMichael Valenta11-93/+336
2003-09-15Added colon to sync view stats panelJean Michel-Lemieux1-3/+3
2003-09-15Only print warning once per fileI20030916Michael Valenta1-0/+3
2003-09-1541942: [CVS Repo View Concurrency] UI unreponsive when repo contains a large ...Michael Valenta1-5/+11
2003-09-15Fix test failure on GTKMichael Valenta5-3/+56
2003-09-12Fixed bug involving trampling of file content typesMichael Valenta1-0/+11
2003-09-12Fix textMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2003-09-12Fix to ensure RemoteFile has a keyword mode whenever possibleMichael Valenta7-23/+78
2003-09-12NLSed message for CRLF in text file on serverMichael Valenta3-2/+4
2003-09-1242982: Retrieving files from CVS doesn't convert the line breaks as it shouldMichael Valenta2-2/+81
2003-09-12Removed next/previous actions from drop-down. They were only there until the ...Root_branch_20030915_JobFeedbackInViewJean Michel-Lemieux1-5/+1
2003-09-12Bug 42921Compare editor can be open but not active. Fixed a bug with initial ...Jean Michel-Lemieux1-12/+14
2003-09-12Bug 42921Compare editor can be open but not active.Jean Michel-Lemieux1-5/+15
2003-09-1241578: Error fetching children of HEADMichael Valenta9-23/+61
2003-09-12Bug 42920 [Live Sync View] when resized too small remove direction names in o...Jean Michel-Lemieux2-64/+96
2003-09-12Fix for unmatched beginRule/endRuleMichael Valenta1-10/+25
2003-09-12Bug 42980 NPE trying to get the annotation of a file on cvs server over extsshJean Michel-Lemieux1-3/+11
2003-09-11Bug 39145 [live sync view] revision # not shown in compare editorJean Michel-Lemieux2-0/+32
2003-09-11Bug 39145 [live sync view] revision # not shown in compare editorJean Michel-Lemieux3-74/+7
2003-09-11Removed unused importMichael Valenta1-1/+0
2003-09-11Conforming to new Core APIMichael Valenta5-28/+35
2003-09-11Fixes to show next/previous navigation buttonsJean Michel-Lemieux3-13/+17
2003-09-11Mark as merged didn't work when remote was deleted.Jean Michel-Lemieux4-4/+89
2003-09-11Bug 42889 [Live Sync View] subscriber actions useing wrong subscriberJean Michel-Lemieux2-28/+14
2003-09-11Change default for CVSOperations to run as a job.Michael Valenta1-2/+4
2003-09-11Now using a synchronize to guarentee that refreshes are serializedMichael Valenta1-38/+35

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