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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-11-25*** empty log message ***MV_RepoViewRework2Michael Valenta12-238/+954
2002-11-22*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta13-299/+711
2002-11-22*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta8-11/+28
2002-11-22This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchcvs2svn913-164145/+0
2002-11-2226471: Change sharing dialog needs a grabHorizontalRoot_MV_RepoViewRework2Michael Valenta1-15/+8
2002-11-21Added neumonic for "checkout read-only"Michael Valenta1-1/+1
2002-11-21Fixed visibility on canHandleLinkedResourcesMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2002-11-21Update test cases for linked resources and persistent propertiesMichael Valenta5-86/+175
2002-11-21*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-3/+3
2002-11-2126851: Performance - synchronize way to slowMichael Valenta5-164/+68
2002-11-2022475: [CVS UI] keyword expansion is off by default, should be onMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2002-11-2021577: [CVS Watch/Edit] Readonly/Edit/Unedit SupportMichael Valenta7-26/+230
2002-11-2026469: Team and flexible project structureMichael Valenta8-8/+134
2002-11-2021577: [CVS Watch/Edit] Readonly/Edit/Unedit SupportMichael Valenta7-7/+213
2002-11-1921577: [CVS Watch/Edit] Readonly/Edit/Unedit SupportMichael Valenta22-202/+882
2002-11-19*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta2-2/+2
2002-11-18Working on watch/edit supportI20021119Michael Valenta8-1/+170
2002-11-1526507: Error involving folder name with space during Team>MergeMichael Valenta1-6/+10
2002-11-15Cleaned up importsKevin Macguire10-34/+0
2002-11-1524802: Acc: No indication of outgoing/incoming changes or conflictsMichael Valenta7-49/+145
2002-11-15*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-11/+9
2002-11-15Code cleanup. Removed unsued import and added line to support test frameworkMichael Valenta1-1/+2
2002-11-15Code cleanup. Removed unused method and fixed a static referenceMichael Valenta1-24/+1
2002-11-14Cleaned up importsMichael Valenta29-59/+16
2002-11-1425636: .cvsignore does not always work in project subdirectoriesMichael Valenta5-29/+42
2002-11-14Cleaned up import listMichael Valenta5-9/+0
2002-11-1425966: [CVS Sync View] cannot mark as mergedMichael Valenta1-7/+9
2002-11-1425950: [CVS Core] Eclipse doesn't know about CVS' implicit .cvsignoreMichael Valenta2-2/+30
2002-11-1426062: [CVS UI] add to version control and .cvsignore entry'sMichael Valenta2-0/+28
2002-11-1426062: [CVS UI] add to version control and .cvsignore entry'sMichael Valenta2-1/+9
2002-11-1426215: VCM should not make reference to UI internal classes.Michael Valenta1-2/+20
2002-11-1426190: CVS properties page for project has unused mnemonicsMichael Valenta2-5/+6
2002-11-1426188: Ext Connection Method page missing mnemonicsMichael Valenta1-3/+3
2002-11-14*** empty log message ***Michael Valenta1-0/+29
2002-11-1326175: [CVS Sync View] Prompted to add addition conflictsMichael Valenta1-3/+12
2002-11-1225865: Packages/Team/Commit disabled on some multi-selections.Michael Valenta18-351/+320
2002-11-12Added menu item enablement testsMichael Valenta1-0/+525
2002-11-1125998: Repositories View only shows modulesMichael Valenta3-4/+1
2002-11-112112: [CVS UI] cvs console should show project nameMichael Valenta1-4/+17
2002-11-11Added code to save repository state after changesMichael Valenta3-2/+16
2002-11-1125753: Getting error when starting Eclipse (Build: 200211051258)Michael Valenta1-7/+9
2002-11-08removed unneeded importsKevin Macguire2-3/+0
2002-11-0125595: exception during team compare or synchronizeI20021105Michael Valenta1-1/+2
2002-11-0120955: [CVS UI] Would like to name repository locationsMichael Valenta4-11/+157
2002-11-01Modified wrapExceptionMichael Valenta1-1/+10
2002-11-0123140: [CVS EXTSSH] vulnerable to man in the middle attacks (dns poisoning, ...Michael Valenta6-5/+164
2002-11-0112118: [CVS EXTSSH] extssh should tell user if ssh server is not of a compati...Michael Valenta2-3/+9
2002-11-01Externalized StringsMichael Valenta1-1/+1
2002-11-0125083: Merge usability issues and one problemMichael Valenta2-19/+10
2002-11-01Fixed startup with old state fileMichael Valenta1-0/+1

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