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<meta NAME="since" content="">
</head><h2>Compare with another branch or version</h2>
<p>Since: M8<br>
-Last Modified: $Date: 2004/03/05 17:12:22 $</p><body>
+Last Modified: $Date: 2004/03/09 20:51:17 $</p><body>
You should be able to select a project/folder/resource and compare againts
another branch or version. Multi-select should work across projects in
different repositories. Once the comparison is shown it should be possible to
-merge changes into the local workspace.</p>
+merge changes into the local workspace. It should also be possible to remember
+the comparison, which will cause it to appear in the synchronize view.</p>
We should support multi-selection of files, but I'm not sure what should be
shown to the user in those cases.</p>

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