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<body lang="EN-US">
<h2>About This Content</h2>
-<p>February 24, 2005</p>
+<p>April 8, 2005</p>
<p>The Eclipse Foundation makes available all content in this plug-in (&quot;Content&quot;). Unless otherwise indicated below, the Content is provided to you under the terms and conditions of the
@@ -22,15 +22,12 @@ indicated below, the terms and conditions of the EPL still apply to any source c
<p>The Content includes items that have been sourced from third parties as follows:</p>
-<h4>JSch 0.1.14</h4>
+<h4>JSch 0.1.18</h4>
<p>The plug-in is based on software developed by Atsuhiko Yamanaka, JCraft, Inc., and others and
made available at <a href=""></a>.
-<p>The following files shall be defined as the &quot;JSch&quot;:
- <li>jsch-0.1.14.jar</li>
+<p>All files in the plug-in JAR that are located in the package comp.jcraft.jsch and its sub-packages shall be defined as the &quot;JSch&quot;.</p>
<p>Use of JSch is governed by the terms and conditions of the following license:</p>

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