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+ <title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
+Provides support for finding the differences between
+two or three sequences of comparable entities.
+Package Specification</h2>
+The class <tt>Differencer</tt> finds longest sequences of matching and
+non-matching comparable entities.
+<p>Clients must supply the input to the differencer as an implementation
+of the <tt>IRangeComparator</tt> interface.
+<br>An <tt>IRangeComparator</tt> breaks the input data into a sequence
+of entities and provides a method for comparing
+<br>one entity with the entity in another <tt>IRangeComparator</tt>.
+<br>For example, to compare two text documents and find longest common
+<br>of matching and non-matching lines, the implementation of <tt>IRangeComparator
+</tt>must break the document
+<br>into lines and provide a method for testing whether two lines are considered
+<p>The differencer returns the differences among these sequences as an
+array of <tt>RangeDifference</tt> objects.
+<br>Every single <tt>RangeDifference</tt> describes kind of difference
+(no change, change, addition, deletion)
+<br>and the corresponding ranges of the underlying comparable entities
+in the two or three inputs.
+<p>The algorithm used is an objectified version of one described in:
+<br><i>A File Comparison Program,</i> by Webb Miller and Eugene W. Myers,
+<br>Software Practice and Experience, Vol. 15, Nov. 1985.

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