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authorMickael Istria2019-07-26 05:04:10 -0400
committerMickael Istria2019-07-27 06:01:21 -0400
commit0e6b3ac15a797e6cc5fbeb49f4e9b5db48d89cb9 (patch)
tree2d2330fb40e9f061e5caa086a09be0a4aac7f884 /tests
parent7cb37653f01abad8f14ef73d2c31cc004b3d674e (diff)
Bug 450320 - Compare viewer should show Green/Red for addition/removalY20190730-0135Y20190730-0055Y20190729-0900I20190729-1800I20190728-1800
This enables usage of different color to highlight addition/removal/edition in case of a 2 way change with only "outgoing" changes. This is the typical case when looking at history or comparing with a commit. Change-Id: I6aa09c7f421a6481c9990904963f6e24009edc9b Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
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diff --git a/tests/.gitignore b/tests/.gitignore
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index 000000000..b83d22266
--- /dev/null
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