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+<html><head><title>Check Out - prompts</title>
+<LINK REL=STYLESHEET HREF=../book.css CHARSET=ISO-8859-1 TYPE=text/css>
+<meta NAME="keywords" content="">
+<meta NAME="since" content="">
+</head><body><h2>Check Out - prompts</h2>
+ <li>Select a project in HEAD</li>
+ <li>Perform a Checkout As</li>
+ <li>Use the same name but specify a custom location</li>
+ <li>Ensure project was checked out properly</li>
+ <li>Select the same project and choose Checkout As again</li>
+ <li>Use the same name but don't specify a custom location</li>
+ <li>Ensure that the use is prompted to overwrite</li>
+ <li>Test various options in prompt to ensure proper behavior</li>
+</body></html> \ No newline at end of file

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