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authorTomasz Zarna2008-05-21 11:53:48 +0000
committerTomasz Zarna2008-05-21 11:53:48 +0000
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bug 232272: [Examples] Don't use the XML Compare example for real XMLs
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diff --git a/examples/ b/examples/
index bab1295f2..abe6298b5 100644
--- a/examples/
+++ b/examples/
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ For example, if we create an ID Mapping Scheme with extension cd, the plugin.xml
diff --git a/examples/ b/examples/
index e2de25170..3421fe3f7 100644
--- a/examples/
+++ b/examples/
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ what differences there are with respect to attributes or body text.
<li>Copy the folder <tt></tt> to the <tt>plugins</tt> subfolder of Eclipse.
<h2>Using the plugin</h2>
-The plugin is automatically used when comparing files with the extension .xml.
+The plugin is automatically used when comparing files with the extension .cxml. The reason for this is that the plug-in illustrates how to register a compare merge viewer and other viewers, not to provide a compare of real XML files itself.
By default, the XML compare uses the <em>Unordered</em> compare method, which ignores the order in which the XML elements appear in the document and matches them so that elements which are most similar are matched.
There is also an <em>Ordered</em> compare method, which simply compares the XML elements exactly in the order in which they appear in the document. In most cases, this compare method will not be of much use.
diff --git a/examples/ b/examples/
index 61908d581..449e8bc3b 100644
--- a/examples/
+++ b/examples/
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@
- extensions="xml,classpath"
+ extensions="cxml,classpath"

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