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authorMartin Schreiber2017-10-05 05:39:50 +0000
committerMartin Schreiber2017-10-05 05:39:50 +0000
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Bug 525562 - Adding missing properties for ImageMergeViewerI20171009-2000I20171008-2000I20171007-1500I20171006-2000I20171005-2000
The dialog created within the ContentMergeViewer does read the properties from the specific Viewers Resource Bundle (e.g. ImageMergeViewer -> In that properties file, the "saveDialog.title" and "saveDialog.message" properties did not exist. (The get read by the ContentMergeViewer.doSave method in case the editor is dirty). Bug: 525562 Change-Id: I2b96afb219e6750f29d13f919666dc8c94804713 Signed-off-by: Martin Schreiber <>
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