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1GJW2TP + 1GJURWJv0_136
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Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
-Compare (including example)</h1>
+Eclipse SDK Build 136, September 19th, 2001
+What's new in this drop</h2>
+Changed the shortcuts for "Goto Next Difference", "Goto Previous Difference" from
+Ctrl-D/Ctrl-Shift-D to Ctrl-Alt-N/Ctrl-Alt-P to prevent SWT tree from beeping.
+API changes</h3>
+API Additions</h3>
+Other highlights</h3>
+Known deficiencies</h2>
+Problem reports fixed</h2>
+1GJW2TP: ITPJUI:WIN2000 - java compare: why beep every time?<br>
+1GJURWJ: ITPUI:WIN2000 - Hebrew + Japanese: compare view defaults to binary
+Problem reports closed</h2>
+<hr WIDTH="100%"></h1>
Eclipse SDK Build 135, September 6th, 2001

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