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authorMichael Valenta2002-01-30 21:32:12 +0000
committerMichael Valenta2002-01-30 21:32:12 +0000
commit7448430047d17de9f55e397c217fd889b88e5abc (patch)
parentfeb584471ccc41dd93316567183053b02ab63cef (diff)
8786: (2.0)Long pause expanding HEAD in repo view
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/bundles/ b/bundles/
index 224452e70..d6e5cde1a 100644
--- a/bundles/
+++ b/bundles/
@@ -276,6 +276,8 @@ public class RemoteFolder extends RemoteResource implements ICVSRemoteFolder, IC
} catch (CVSServerException e) {
if ( ! e.isNoTagException() && e.containsErrors())
throw e;
+ if (tag == null)
+ throw e;
// we now know that this is an exception caused by a cvs bug.
// if the folder has no files in it (just subfolders) cvs does not respond with the subfolders...
// workaround: retry the request with no tag to get the directory names (if any)

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