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authorMatthias Becker2021-11-26 14:56:28 +0000
committerMatthias Becker2021-11-30 15:32:35 +0000
commit390841f1e3c11fc06f25213cd57314de2e693b4a (patch)
parent4967ca6289934c815534ccc3c8ea15c24b87654b (diff)
Labels should be in Sentence style Also: Make some names like "Synchronize" view more obvious Change-Id: I0931c50f4cf1223d998f459fa1449db70830ec93 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Wim Jongman <> Reviewed-by: Matthias Becker <> Tested-by: Platform Bot <>
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/bundles/ b/bundles/
index 6d3f3d141..a41a4808a 100644
--- a/bundles/
+++ b/bundles/
@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ StatisticsPanel_numbersTooltip=The number of ''{0}'' changes in the entire works
StatisticsPanel_numberTotalSingular={0} change
StatisticsPanel_numberTotalPlural={0} changes
-SyncViewerPreferencePage_0=Choose the presentation to be used when displaying Workspace projects
+SyncViewerPreferencePage_0=Choose the presentation to be used when displaying workspace projects
SyncViewerPreferencePage_3=&Compressed Folders
@@ -204,8 +204,8 @@ SyncViewerPreferencePage_42=&Never
SyncViewerPreferencePage_43=Show the &file author in compare editors
SyncViewerPreferencePage_44=When &editing file in non-shared projects, automatically make files writable if prompting is not possible
SyncViewerPreferencePage_45=Re&use open compare editors when opening comparisons
-SyncViewerPreferencePage_46=Run Project Set import in the &background
-SyncViewerPreferencePage_47=&Apply patch in Synchronize view
+SyncViewerPreferencePage_46=Run 'Project Set' import in the &background
+SyncViewerPreferencePage_47=&Apply patch in 'Synchronize' view
PreferencePageContainerDialog_6=Synchronize Preferences

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