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<html><head><title>Refreshing with Remote</title>
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</head><h2>Refreshing with Remote</h2>
<p>Since: M8<br>
Last Modified: $Date: 2004/03/05 17:12:22 $</p><body>

Synchronizing means ???

<h3>After a Synchronize has completed</h3>
<p>Generally the sync view is shown AFTER the synchronize operation has completed. This way we don't interrupt the user's context. Why do
people like to be prompted after? For some the synchronize operation can be very long, and they want to be told when they can view the 
 <li>1st time and no changes, then simply prompt that there are no changes.
 <li>1st time and there are changes in the workspace, then prompt asking about perspective switch next enumerate the types of changes in the workspace, and open sync view.
 <li>other times and no changes, then simply prompt.
 <li>other times and changes, then prompt enumerating the types of changes in the workspace, and open sync view.
 <li>other times and changes and option to not prompt, open sync view.

There are a couple of reasons someone may want to synchronize with the remote. There are currently
two ways of running the refresh operation:
<li>Directly from the synchronize view
<li>From Team > Synchronize with Repository
<h3>Notice a file is out-of-sync in another view (e.g. packages explorer, types) and want to see the changes</h3>
<p>In case you can select a file, it will be refreshed with the server, and if changes are found the compare editor is opened
that will allow browsing the changes. If no changes are found, you will be prompted.</p>

<h3>From another view would like to browse the outgoing/incoming changes for several resources</h3>
<p>Select a folder or group of files and Team > Synchronize will open the sync view and automatically refresh with
the remote repository.</p>

<h3>In the sync view and would like to refresh to see if there are new changes from the server</h3>


Assumption, the sync view may or may not be open when the synchronize is performed. Maybe we need a different prompt
each case. One for Team > Sync and another for refresh from the sync view.


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