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- P3 schedule support by participant. 
	this requires changing the refresh jobs to accept scheduling different jobs. Essentially being able to have an 
	ordered queue of refreshes. Also, participant will need a schedule object to encapsulate the schedule logic.
- P3 status message could be more precise instead of simply "Working". But to do this we need access to the job progress monitor 
  and it isn't available API from the UI.
x P1 end of refresh prompt should be a property change notice, and let the participant decide what to do!
- P2 decide overview page contents and how it should be used
- P1 mode switching at the end of a refresh to ensure that changes are shown if available
- P2 need an event for adding roots to a subscriber to update the list shown
- P3 support for table widget in changes page
- remove duplicated tree/table viewers classes. the orignial ones simply have the INavigable behavior.
x P1 make changes section only be a pagebook. this would easily allow adding any number of composites to the page?
  should look at memory consuption and ensure that we are disposing properly!
- compareeditorinput fetcheds remote content outside of a progress monitor
- decorations for SyncInfoDiffElements (of which type.. project persistent property setting?)
- labels for compare editors (text merge viewers and title for diff viewer)
x generic navigate support for SyncInfoDiffTreeViewer, PRd compare for API support
- readonly state for compare panes
- progress support added when fetching (e.g. caching contents in ITypedElement). This will require compare to add some API.
x INavigable in compare needs to be made API.
- details dialog needs to create composites once then display them. Or only create once!!!!
- sync set filtering creation must be more precise. For example you should be able to specify a root and a direction.
x cvs update/commit action in sync view toolbar are not updating their state anymore :(
- teamsubcriberparticipant needs to be de-coupled from a sync set presentation (e.g. mode, working set...)

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