Eclipse Platform Build Notes

SWT Build 3.5 50a - Thursday June 04, 2009

279042 Cocoa: top-level menus not updated as you switch between editors

SWT Build 3.5 50 - Wednesday June 03, 2009

277713 Crash (probably opening dialog with progress reporting in it)

SWT Build 3.5 49 - Tuesday May 26, 2009

261206 Console view: Copy is disabled after double-click to select word
277442 BlockSelection: Exception and crash while RTL orientation
277631 Cannot move cursor after cancelling IME input by pressing escape key.
277268 [Forms] section header labels are cut off on Gtk
277437 [Cocoa] GC#drawText font background issue

SWT Build 3.5 48h - Monday May 25, 2009

273570 Unable to create view ID org.eclipse.jdt.ui.PackageExplorer: An unexpected exception was thrown. in existing workspace only

SWT Build 3.5 48g - Thursday May 21, 2009

276564 Eclipse won't launch using JDK 7 because SWT native libraries don't load
277193 Graphics drawing in unwanted places when scrolling bundles in a launch config
277235 Accessibility Control Example ClassCastException
277285 Cursor position does not change while typing in Japanese input method program
277314 Cocoa - Application crashes while copying an image

SWT Build 3.5 48f - Wednesday May 20, 2009

274925 Drag view shows outline in wrong location with multiple monitors
276532 Debug toolbar button glows, key bindings stop working
277173 ToolItems and Buttons are not accessible on Cocoa (regression)
276485 BlockSelection: copying block only fills with spaces when folding enabled
276506 BlockSelection: Paste should end with long caret
276516 BlockSelection: Arrow_Left and Arrow_Right should set caret to beginning/end of selection
276854 BlockSelection: Shift+Click does not work with normal caret
276569 Cocoa: exception gets logged when opening views while a detached view exists
277195 FileDialog NPE's when attempting to upload an attachment with Mylyn
276531 Selection jumps in tree
276553 Cocoa: Menus completely gray after drag-and-drop to detached view
277175 Accessibility - Console message printed when custom control has focus
277193 Graphics drawing in unwanted places when scrolling bundles in a launch config

SWT Build 3.5 48e - Tuesday May 19, 2009

275935 [babel] update NLS string files
276683 Tree item icons drawn into next column
276760 GC#drawRoundRectangle(..) draw too big radii on Cocoa
276826 Compile warning in official build

SWT Build 3.5 48d - Monday May 18, 2009

223703 FileDialog.setOverwrite(boolean) does nothing on Cocoa
275945 [clipboard] regression: pasting text from file properties to java editor seems to be in wrong format
275552 Font loading slow for font that is not there (ie. 'Sans Serif')
275875 crash: Cmd+Q only closes first shell in SnippetLauncher
276131 Browser Test crashing

SWT Build 3.5 48b - Wednesday May 13, 2009

275631 Ctrl+Tab key binding works incorrectly.
275913 StyledText with block selection: Typing at virtual caret on empty line inserts char after caret

SWT Build 3.5 48a - Monday May 11, 2009

274925 Drag view shows outline in wrong location with multiple monitors

SWT Build 3.5 48 - Friday May 8, 2009

274274 NPE in Accessible#removeAccessibleListener() if called from dispose listener
180176 [OLE] [EditorMgmt] Strange behavior while opening default gif editor
236630 [OLE] Saving docx file will corrupt the file and produce OLE exception
267884 Select All does not work in TextEditor Example with block selection
270316 [OLE] Failure save 2003 Word document with embedded Word 2007 editor
270495 Improving performance of ImageData.blit and Image.init methods
270676 StyledText : text selection stops when mouse cursor leaves the x-axis
273354 Form Feed (\f) makes StyledText go crazy
274931 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Program.getImageData(*)
275484 OleClientSite#isDirty QueryInterface IIDIPersistFile but creates IPersistStorage
254861 Gtk SWT should set window type hint for SWT.BALLOON tooltips
262981 GC#drawText could use data.stringWidth and data.stringHeight
275459 Test failures in GC on I20090507-2000
253230 Implement preferred size for scrolled widgets (text, tree, table ...)
269198 [Browser-IE] Cannot register a function for the whole browser's lifetime.
271029 No menu bar items with Mozilla Browser (XULRunner
272401 [browser] [KeyBindings] copy and paste key bindings not working in embedded browser
275207 [Browser] crash when showing text entry prompter
252109 [Clipboard] Mac: When you copy text to the clipboard from a StyledText widget, the text uses the wrong end-of-line sequence
266172 Shell setFullScreen not implemented
274120 Update progress bar from UI thread does not work on Cocoa
274141 [content assist] Additional info of newly selected proposal not shown
275220 Printing java file causes crash
273099 Save As.. dialog is not seeded with selection's file name
273953 [carbon] DeviceResourceException on certain images
274001 Rollover tooltips for all truncated tree and table items
274161 Cannot create circular Shell on Cocoa
274273 Accessibility - Window not allowing programatic reposition or resize
274385 Control-click for context menu loses multi-selection
274387 Old dragging behavior when tree/table item is not selected
165033 Table vertical lines always showing

SWT Build 3.5 47 - Tuesday May 5, 2009

274890 SWT crash
274931 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Program.getImageData(*)
245278 [DateTime] ignores User's keyboard input
274271 SHEET Javadoc issues
274655 Build Cairo on Solaris SPARC
274696 Checkbox Tree wastes a lot of space beween box and item

SWT Build 3.5 46 - Monday May 4, 2009

273661 [KeyBindings] copy/paste doesn't always work in dialogs
274230 Using content assist in the new Java class wizard crashes the VM
273688 N20090424-2000 swt contains 3542.dll but wants 3543
264560 hard crash upon opening internal browser on mac
250501 Control.print(GC) does not work correctly
274409 tag projects changed since I20090421-0930 build - swt
274295 Did you mean "image/jpeg"?
165251 Not enough information in Calendar control's SelectionEvent
259028 Implement AWT/Swing interop
274538 Shells with SWT.SHEET do not hide with setVisible(false) (only when disposed)
274188 create caret from image does not work
274302 Nested GridLayouts cut content if inner grabs vertical space
274169 drawing problem after inserting Bullet into StyledText
274529 All build.xml files must be updated to get the .api_description file
274344 [64] [DND] Snippet282 crashes
274194 FocusEvents and Control#isFocusControl() don't match up

SWT Build 3.5 45 - Wednesday April 29, 2009

165251 Not enough information in Calendar control's SelectionEvent
250501 Control.print(GC) does not work correctly
264560 hard crash upon opening internal browser on mac
272276 DBCS3.5:Selecting korean text and right clicking on eclipse editor results in deletion of those characters.
274409 tag projects changed since I20090421-0930 build - swt

SWT Build 3.5 44 - Monday April 27, 2009

52789 DCR: No pageOrientation in PrintData?
135638 StyledText ignores alignment with style SWT.SINGLE
159465 Accessibilities: Improve traverse order for SWT ToolBar
268529 SWT.Error when using mouse click cell editor activation
272412 Checkboxes with images have incorrect image alignment
273492 [Mac] Test failure in Bug43610Test.testShiftAlt on Cocoa
273521 Toolbar: tooltip shows at 0,0 when hot item moved by key with mouse over item
273631 Second call to fillRectangle/fillOval uses black background instead of the declared one
273635 Command+click to deselect one of a multi-selection doesn't work
273919 getOffset(int,int,int[]) fails for empty lines ("\n")
273925 Advice to p2 metadata generation
273939 toolitems can't be traversed when the toolbar has tabitem siblings

SWT Build 3.5 43 - Sunday April 26, 2009

23618 Printing - copyCount field in PrinterData is useless
52789 DCR: No pageOrientation in PrintData?
254497 traverser always happen to all controls
268529 SWT.Error when using mouse click cell editor activation
271310 [Presentations] BIDI3.5:HCG_Wrong repaint of mirrored windows on linux
271384 Safari - Open Link in New Window does not load link in new window
271691 outline not implemented in Path.contains
271726 DBCS3.5: Java Editor can not copy DBCS correctly into WordPad
272046 clipping of PaintItem events for Trees is inconsistent across platforms
272212 Add Solaris x86 build support
272412 Checkboxes with images have incorrect image alignment
272833 Context menus outdated on right-click because MenuDetect fires before Selection event
272834 Rollover tooltips on every Tree and Table item
272835 Rollover tooltips wrongly placed on Tree and Table items with images
273083 Create a MessageBox with SWT.SHEET style gives 2 apple menus
273095 Can't insert characters into a StyledText using the Character Palette on OS X
273117 BlockSelection: setBlockSelectionRectangle should not clamp selection width to renderer width if client area allows a larger selection
273256 Cleanup duplicated string in properties files
273280 Link widget does not handle single quote (') for href attribute
273521 Toolbar: tooltip shows at 0,0 when hot item moved by key with mouse over item

SWT Build 3.5 42 - Tuesday April 21, 2009

182753 [Browser] SWT Browser does not reload images when they change
222783 [Table & Tree] Cocoa moveable columns do not work
239556 [Java Editor]Space character is NOT displayed after a Korean character
253056 BlockSelection: add get/setBlockSelectionRectangle to StyledText
261391 StyledText should use PDE API Tools @noextend
267038 [expressions] Edit watch expression action is never enabled
267680 embedded browser cache does not reset
269566 mylyn - two tooltips in task list
270176 main shell unresponsive after a dialog was opened while shell minimized
271179 findProgram("a.null and void") returns Text Edit instead of null
271726 DBCS3.5: Java Editor can not copy DBCS correctly into WordPad
272075 Spaces/Tabs are not added after multibyte characters in Java Class.
272156 NPE in Display.applicationDelegateProc(..) when creating display
272259 NPE in Display.runAsyncMessages(..) on quit
272592 Issues with PNG images on Cocoa
272616 GB18030: 4-byte GB18030 displayed as ? in SWT Clipboard RTFTransfer.
272631 SWT error when initializing GC
272710 transparent png has black background
272808 XULRunner doesn't work in Eclipse >= 3.5M6
272827 CCE in Text.getLineHeight()
272868 Explicit class pre-initialization breaks "new Display()" on motif

SWT Build 3.5 40 - Tuesday April 14, 2009

188320 Possible Deadlock in JFace ModalContext
253229 Implement SWT.Settings for Display
259687 [Browser] Javascript executes asynchronously with xulrunner 1.9
263508 Click and drag behavior in Tables and Trees different from other Cocoa apps
267507 Progress bar in progress view shines through fast view
269924 SWT Text Control getCaretLocation returns NULL for Style SWT.MULTI
270036 UI Test Suite does not run to completion.
270280 Debug test suite crashes on cocoa
270382 Drag and drop to Tree does not update cursor
270954 Eclipse crashes when trying to print code with a scale different from 100%.
271088 VM crash starting with N20090402-2000
271336 Test failures on Mac OS
271634 [cocoa] Display loads hardcoded english nib file
271677 context menu widget disposed exception
271697 Shell print(GC) not implemented
271904 Checkbox takes too much space to the right

SWT Build 3.5 40 - Tuesday April 7, 2009

185204 [CTabFolder] CTabItem.drawClose could preserve color
226973 On Linux, TableColumn#getWidth() sometimes incorrectly returns 0.
239477 Crash in ScriptStringOut
240033 [Viewers] 'Dialog refresh' has encountered a problem
246408 Parent Composite gets MouseEntered event when mouse enters a control
262694 [e3.5][mac] Add CC text field content assist doesn't work
269383 Compiler warnings in N20090318-2000
270179 MouseHover event always has empty stateMask
270381 Drag and drop to Tree does not show drop target selection feedback
270406 CTabFolder.setBackground(Image) should be deleted
270544 caret line highlight leaves screen artifacts
270654 Scale does not fire selection events
270663 causes SelectionEvent
270670 CTabFolder should not cache borderColor
270858 failing in test suite
270861 [Browser] don't use InitXPCOM2 to initialize xulrunner
270880 Combo does not fire SWT.Modify immediately on select(int)
271017 Compiler warnings in N20090401-2000
271026 "Quick Type Hierarchy" window briefly appears, then disappears.
271027 Failure in JFace test suite related to virtual table
271129 Changes from 240033 causes java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError at org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.OS.g_object_notify
271340 Region.contains always returns false on MacOS Cocoa port (3.5M6)

SWT Build 3.5 39 - Tuesday March 31, 2009

136515 [OpenGL] Support shared context for GLCanvas
213194 [Browser] setText crash with xulrunner 1.9 stream
222863 No horizontal scrollbars in List
242388 [FastView] Unhandled event loop exception: NPE in ToolBarManager.update
251608 Artificial bold and italic style to font
255070 cocoa_new() functions leaking?
267126 SWTException evaluating JS with Sarfari
267276 NPE in tooltip code
268181 Screen cheese after switching compare provider
268702 [CellEditors] Selecting a cell erases the other cells on Mac OSX Cocoa
268724 TRAVERSE_PAGE_NEXT events don't get through StyledText
269606 Wrong default new text line delimiter on Mac/Cocoa
269950 Combo.setText does nothing in read-only mode
270140 MessageDialog spews warning on gtk 2.4.13
270177 SWT - DateTime component is broken on MAC cocoa 64 bits.
270262 Leaks in ToolTip
270379 Main menu is not closed when dialog opens asynchronously
270500 [mac] TrayItem menus should be drop downs rooted to the menu bar (COCOA)

SWT Build 3.5 38 - Tuesday March 24, 2009

210871 Toolbar combo box multiple glitches
213185 DropTargetEvent does not mention DND.DROP_DEFAULT
251608 Artificial bold and italic style to font
253065 Window -> Show View -> Other ... is broken
253217 Implement GC.copyArea()
253226 Implement widget attributes (foreground, background, font, background image)
257003 SWT controls: discrepancy in the application of Background Image
259027 Implement internationalization
262694 [e3.5][mac] Add CC text field content assist doesn't work
264744 not implemented
265990 [website] Please provide visibility for swtbot on the swt home page
266171 Text getCaretLocation not implemented.
266200 Vuze menu says "About SWT"
267468 [SWT_AWT] Browser.print(GC) flickers
267894 computeSize of Tree/Table is wrong
267895 StyledText block selection: cut & paste should give original text
268584 update swt custom build scripts to support new publishing task
268649 image not shown in check and radio buttons
268745 StyledText makes CTabFolder send same KeyDown event multiple times
268853 cannot programmatically collapse item whose parent is collapsed
268958 Null pointer exception in thread "Help Browser UI" when PDF files opened from Help Content of plug-in
269010 ModifyListener isn't working for Combo
269031 Exception in Image running junit tests
269106 SWT test suite does not call readAndDispatch
269305 Path#addString baseline aligning
269506 [Browser] JS->Java call can crash due to freeing of args
269533 StyledText sometimes doesn't scroll far enough to show caret if moved via left-key to EOL
269599 Compiler warnings in N20090320-2000
269717 TextEditor walkback if you decrease font twice

SWT Build 3.5 37 - Tuesday March 17, 2009

244597 Cannot activate shell programatically on gtk
236630 [OLE] Saving docx file will corrupt the file and produce OLE exception
267176 Path#addString() not working with custom font
266335 rssowl: controls are clipped
266203 Vuze find icon flipped
267717 New element not revealed
253060 Preference dialog flickers
268303 Tree#getItem(Point) should not return item if point is on twistie
252416 SWT.HIDE_SELECTION doesn't work on Table
256998 TabFolder control: default size not displaying correctly
262985 Scrollbar dancing in DebugView
267886 cocoa: multiple command q opens multiples confirm dialogs
268389 Null pointer resizing fast view
267174 Device#loadFont() not implemented
268217 no KeyDown event for Help key
267450 Mylyn task list draws icons in wrong spot
196884 [OpenGL] GLCanvas doesn't work on Vista
194887 Eclipse actions are not executed in embedded awt component
267129 Content assist shells movable when clicking on scrollbar thumb
253214 Using 'SWT.YES | SWT.NO' on a MessageBox shows Yes/No instead of No/Yes
268543 Test_org_eclipse_swt_graphics_Cursor leaks a Cursor
226356 [patch] Build against xulrunner
268613 Should call NSOutlineView.initWithFrame instead of init()
253075 [misc] No object:text-changed:insert events fired for method completion (and others)
261228 fix doc for SWT.SEARCH
267466 [SWT_AWT] Browser.print(GC) should not use AWT component ancestor clip
268787 OS: uninitialized TCHAR sizeof value usage
268410 Typing text in Spinner does not change value
267405 event detail wrong on scrollbar selection events
268307 Twistie in Tree does not give feedback on mouseDown with DragDetect listener
268732 Typo in field name in carbon

SWT Build 3.5 36b - Wednesday March 11, 2009 (1300)

267450 Mylyn task list draws icons in wrong spot
268112 Combo getListVisible missing

SWT Build 3.5 36a - Wednesday March 11, 2009 (0010)

266578 Crash in TextLayout.computeRuns()
267752 Not calling init when creating SWTSearchField
267841 MessageBox#open() always returns SWT.CANCEL
267913 Display#getLastEventTime () not right

SWT Build 3.5 36 - Monday March 9, 2009 (1700)

257830 CompareDialog doesn't get focus when launching it from wizard on MacOSX
265339 Update the build JRE used on AIX
265947 [Browser] events not reusable outside org.eclipse.swt.browser pkg
267103 Text Fields too big
267516 Tree tries to show multiple lines of text in items

SWT Build 3.5 35 - Sunday March 8, 2009

25612 Printing: Print dialog properties are not remembered between print jobs
56342 StyledText should allow to set margins
109849 Mac Window Modified on Shell
171706 DateTime should support drop-down calendar
199809 Existing Snippet Does Not Function as Expected
223590 Browser.print(GC) should not use ancestor clip
254498 expander touches the image in treeitem
255000 [Browser] Provide API to handle authentication challenges properly
256054 [Cocoa] Implement Space bar toggle for checkboxes
261548 Weird focus
261699 version of org.eclipse.swt.motif.hpux.PA_RISC in maintenance stream is lower than the one in 3.4
262501 M5 got slower since last week
265568 [Cocoa] Single-clicking to select a CCombo choice from the drop-down has no effect
266011 Unable to click in Shell
266330 rssowl: read news item headers look the same as unread ones
266370 CCombo not dismissing popups
266385 Mylyn notifications don't close properly
266387 Tab traversal of mylyn bug editor broken
266402 System beep on Command+F6, F6, F6,...
266405 Ctrl+Tab traversal broken with traverse listener
266549 Scrollbar cheese and autoscroll behavior in debugger
266828 getCharCount() in Combo throws NullPointerException
266883 Lots of cheese in StyledText running ppc cocoa
266934 Display.getDismissalAlignment() should honor "gtk-alternative-button-order"
266956 CCE in Combo.updateBackground(...)
267064 [cocoa][mac] task list collapse all button has white background
267098 [SWT] add @see SWT#TOOL to Shell constructor javadocs
267104 Canvas' region not applied to scroll bars
267138 CCombo popup doesn't scroll with CCombo
267179 Ctrl+Y for undo on Carbon
267196 [mylyn] Open png attachment in browser causes editor tabs to disappear
267270 NPE in Composite.nextValidKeyView
267283 HEAD crashes
267405 event detail wrong on scrollbar selection events

SWT Build 3.5 34 - Tuesday March 3, 2009

240657 Combo.setText() doesnt set the text if the string is a substring of the strings in combo
253071 Breadcrumb menu flickers badly
253075 [misc] No object:text-changed:insert events fired for method completion (and others)
258954 org.eclipse.swt/.project should not use path variable WORKSPACE
261732 progress does not animate if create before
262417 Search text only shows the after 2 chars have been entered
263620 Listeners added to CTabFolder#addTraverseListener(..) cannot block default traversal
264342 Text field truncated
265481 [Cocoa] Squiggles/underlines are displayed too close to text
265604 popup shells quickly show title bar
265652 Need Text.setMessage without side-effects
265897 Text throws exceptions and doesn't display bullets in Mylyn task repository setup
265940 Cannot input T-Chinese chars in Java Editor
266180 keyUp not delivered if command key is down
266206 Code assist popup has cheese initial items
266213 Hung GUI when comparing with another branch
266344 Table/Tree check boxes show intermediate state
266370 CCombo not dismissing popups
266373 Single line text doesn't scroll as you type
266407 Foreground color in Table/Tree should not be drawn for selected active items
266409 [SWT] FontData.toString() optimization
266475 Control#setBackgroundImage() does not work
266499 IME broken on cocoa
266625 StyledText computeSize() answering slightly short width when SWT.WRAP, causes missing text

SWT Build 3.5 33 - Tuesday February 24, 2009

252251 Can't create multiple Displays in same application
259181 SWT Cocoa: Text.setEchoChar() doesn't work
259457 swt tray icon disappears on gnome panel restart - gtk
262651 Crash on Cocoa
262968 bad scrolling of maximized editor
262978 jumpness in quick outline
262985 Scrollbar dancing in DebugView
263518 [cocoa] Incorrect colors for eclipse views in 3.5m5
263663 [Keybindings]Ctrl-A/Ctrl-E ignored in Cocoa SWT
263824 Enabled or disabled link widget looks the same in Cocoa
263999 [cocoa 64 bits]Key bindings not working well for three combinations
264399 [DND] A deadlock occurs during automated testing of a SWT application on Linux/GTK/x86_64
264425 SashForm doesn't display tooltip text on its Sashes
264694 [cocoa] Line numbers from editor bleed through to fast-view search view after search-replace
265188 Refactor rename popup (border is black and bottom is missing)
265326 next annotation short cut (command+.) broke
265338 NPE in Control.keyDown(...)
265393 View menus open again after dialog is closed
265427 Editor/View switcher: 1 key press forwards by 3 items
265603 ToolItem#setToolTipText(..) should not render mnemonic character (&)
265668 Text#setMessage(..) should force redraw

SWT Build 3.5 32 - Tuesday February 17, 2009

257188 Regression from 3.3.2 behaviour, no SWT.Activate event is sent when setFocus() is called on child controls
259457 swt tray icon disappears on gnome panel restart - gtk
262968 bad scrolling of maximized editor
263563 [cocoa] Icon mask problem in dialog help
263663 [Keybindings]Ctrl-A/Ctrl-E ignored in Cocoa SWT
263971 code inconsistency in Spinner
263999 [cocoa 64 bits]Key bindings not working well for three combinations
264212 Link.setForeground() overrides disable color set in Link.enableWidget()
264368 Cursor keep changing from arrow to text cursor
264553 does not make window key if it's already visible
264694 [cocoa] Line numbers from editor bleed through to fast-view search view after search-replace
264703 should DND set cursors?
264705 ArrayStoreException in TextLayout running 64 bit
264714 drawing to Image can fail
264755 SashForm cursor weirdness on Mac OSX Cocoa
264764 Table, Tree, List send DefaultSelection when double-click in header

SWT Build 3.5 31 - Tuesday February 10, 2009

213305 100% cpu usage on opening files with long lines.
223703 FileDialog.setOverwrite(boolean) does nothing on Cocoa
234240 Group alpha should not be 0.25 if background color set
245266 Upside down table
247444 [DND] NavigatorDnDService does not update DragSource Transfer if invalid
248796 [DND] Cannot drag and drop files between the Finder (ie. Cocoa and Carbon apps)
252067 expanding tree item spews "unlockFocus" error message
252279 Group foreground and background color don't work
256267 Tab text gets underlined unexpectedly when trying to close tab
256940 Popup menus: unexpected appearance of application context menus
260514 Resizing columns on virtual tables does not always update horizontal scroll bar
262867 Text Editor doesn't show selected string correctly in Japanese inline editor
262922 Cursor jumps to top right corner of screen on drag of trim element
262955 URLTransfer is missing @since 3.4 tag
263085 Focused javadoc windows stick to the cursor
263529 [cocoa] Incorrect file paths when opening .html files in an external browser
263530 NPE disabling multi-line Text
263603 Tooltip should not render mnemonic indicator (&) on Cocoa
263656 Cannot select tree item
263664 Tree.showItem() may not reveal children of non-expanded items
263677 Tree does not always fully expand in debugger
263824 Enabled or disabled link widget looks the same in Cocoa
263967 Spinner is missing getText() method
263969 Spinner doesn't support negavite minimum value
264003 Exception in Combo.dragDetect()
264019 Hover not working while the mouse is down.
264128 [cocoa] Trees do not render text on them

SWT Build 3.5 30 - Tuesday February 3, 2009

248400 Backspace doesnot work flash files viewed in SWT browser when eclipse is minimised and restored
250575 File -> Switch Workspace -> Other... does not work the first time.
258727 CTabFolder should not select an item unless the first button has been pressed
260761 Need a Cocoa runloop observer for async messages
262451 CCombo in TreeEditor truncates in Vista
262651 Crash on Cocoa
262681 isFocusControl incorrect
262700 Drag feedback image draws above cursor when dragging a Label
262702 Crash on second drag of checkbox
262767 [perfs] Possible regression for "Draw on a window" perf test
262778 disposed widget in Control Example Menu tab
262866 CCombo is too tall (vertical height)
262888 GTK-BIDI: Mirrored drawText background has wrong size
262939 Update Snippet195
262970 Drag is too eager to kick in
262984 SetThemeCursor() sometimes checks PTR_SIZEOF, sometimes doesn't
263062 Missing @since tag on ACC.ROLE_SPLITBUTTON
263071 Sash cursor changes while dragging the sash

SWT Build 3.5 29a - Wednesday January 28, 2009

261553 NPE pasting in combo
262573 Hover help is dismissed without selection

SWT Build 3.5 29 - Monday January 26, 2009

262346 Control Example should use SWT.ICON_CANCEL for Text widget
256327 [Cocoa] Forms layout oddity
262117 [Cocoa] problem creating image
253990 implement OpenGL support

SWT Build 3.5 28 - Sunday January 25, 2009

86569 [Clipboard] Support x-special/gnome-copied-files
153432 [KeyBindings] Unicode keyboards on Mac OSX produce wrong keys when used with modifiers
160870 [Contributions] ToolItem.setWidth fails when ToolItem on ViewPart toolbar
248155 Cursor is wrong over title bar of dialog
250443 Content assist shells should not have title bar
251021 MacOSX-cocoa swt crash importing a folder containing ~800 Java files
257278 Ctrl-Shift-R does not update correctly on Mac Carbon
258110 wrapping Link is clipped on Help preference page
258675 [Viewers] Arithmetic exception when typing show types dialog
260370 Allow to show magnifier icon for Text with SWT.SEARCH
261219 text inner border can be wrong on gtk 2.10
261230 computeSize not right for SWT.SEARCH Text
261576 [mac] Mylyn notifications create an empty ghost shell under Cocoa port
261699 version of org.eclipse.swt.motif.hpux.PA_RISC in maintenance stream is lower than the one in 3.4
261854 adding/removing TreeItems can be very slow
262230 debug hover comes up blank

SWT Build 3.5 27 - Tuesday January 20, 2009

244597 Cannot activate shell programatically on gtk
251150 Canvas is 100000 x 100000 even after sizing to fit.
251454 Table and Tree do not respect style SWT.NO_SCROLL
252384 Tree scrollbars disappear
252419 Spinner foreground and background color don't work.
252479 resizing preference dialog tree with keyboard causes system beep
253786 Cannot change tabs in TabFolder using keyboard
254533 Can't invoke context menu using keybindings
254792 Move Tab Group does not work on Mac/Cocoa 3.5M3
256159 Certain Images copied from Lotus Notes and pasted using SWT's Clipboard are corrupted
256471 ControlExample - Link Font changes
256825 Eclipse "Problems Tab": dragging column separators causes application to hang
258424 Clip is not honored in Canvas.paint .
259003 Eclipse Cocoa: drag and drop in Package Explorer sometimes incorrectly shows icon indicating illegal drop target
259379 [64] Text fields in Project Properties dialog have incorrect background
259910 Unprecise Javadoc for ImageData constructor
260361 Clients can't find out whether Text#setMessage(..) works on current platform
260870 buttons in perspective switcher appear too tight
260929 Caret blinks when application is not active.
261052 Possible leak in DragSource.drag() method
261099 CTabItem curvers are blurry
261228 fix doc for SWT.SEARCH
261279 coordinates flipped when using Tracker
261354 Need to implement Text#setMessage() on Motif

SWT Build 3.5 26 - Tuesday December 16, 2008

236855 SWT JNI libraries should have different names for Win32 and Win64
250579 Form titles do not draw correctly
256169 [Cocoa] Image radio and check buttons don't display state
256808 Eclipse "Select Workspace Directory" does not allow creation of new folder
258123 [64] Can't self host on cocoa x86_64 with Java 5
258309 [64][Browser] Browser crashes on Snippet307
258672 Examples page links to update site for Eclipse 2.0!
258839 recompile solaris-motif os library

SWT Build 3.5 25 - Wednesday December 10, 2008

156276 Provide a way for JavaScript to call out to the Browser's container
258159 [64] MessageBox Crashes

SWT Build 3.5 24 - Wednesday December 10, 2008

92757 StyledText: Add caret listener
156276 Provide a way for JavaScript to call out to the Browser's container
239301 Support 64-bit on Cocoa
250179 Consider drawing the block selection on characters
257967 BlockSelection: paste on wrong place when Styledtext is scrolled
257975 Cannot open internal browser on linux

SWT Build 3.5 23 - Monday December 8, 2008

92757 StyledText: Add caret listener
257967 BlockSelection: paste on wrong place when Styledtext is scrolled

SWT Build 3.5 22 - Sunday December 7, 2008

248880 Cocoa: Eclipse dialogs too modal
254956 [DND] Drag and drop maintaining a grab too long.
255118 Default Cocoa quit handler calls exit()
256476 DefaultSelection not being sent from Spinner
256685 CoolBar control: for Vertical style, Horizontal Fill also applies Vertical Fill
256870 The logic for drawing Vertical gradient of Bottom tabs is incorrect
257147 No setTextLimit in Cocoa version of Spinner?
257238 StyledText: block selection mode: trouble with caret and newline
257278 Ctrl-Shift-R does not update correctly on Mac Carbon
257614 [Browser] add API to evaluate JS expression

SWT Build 3.5 21 - Tuesday December 2, 2008

194887 Eclipse actions are not executed in embedded awt component
223590 Browser.print(GC) should not use ancestor clip
233303 [Contributions] Menuitem has incorrect letter underlined
253219 Implement gradient Patterns
253228 Implement default selection (text, tree, table ...)
253929 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError when launching eclipse SDK on AIX
255652 Test failures on win32
255730 NPE in Tree
256467 Button images bad in Control Example
256507 cheese around icons (no transparency)
256687 NPE in Tree setSelection
256688 IndexOutOfBoundsException in TreeItem
256703 setItemCount breaks selection
256770 [StyledText] setBackground() conflicts with LineStyleListener
256797 org.eclipse.swt.motif.hpux.PA_RISC fragment is version 3.5.0.qualifier in maintenance stream
256845 Shell control: "remain on top" property is voided when one goes to another application
257056 [TestStyle] border missing in toString()

SWT Build 3.5 20 - Tuesday November 25, 2008

236513 bidi: english characters swapped only in linux
245523 GC stops drawing after setting transform with dy=-1
248921 Getting immediately setting back a Region on a GC once setAdvanced is set to true causes the region to change provided the repaint region is offset
251447 setTooltip throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
251587 Snippet 135 (SWT/AWT) no longer works
253223 Implement painting (setRedraw(), scroll/paint/update, setRegion(), Display.update() ...)
253673 Snippet207 doesn't rotate 45░
255282 SWTException thrown from CCombo
255403 Some images in eclipse are not transparent
255637 Missing removeComponentListener in SWT_AWT.new_Shell
255658 SWT.UNDERLINE_LINK needs more doc
255821 Image size incorrect when using native loader.
256170 Image loses alpha information and crashes on 64 bit
256261 Hand cursor stays when releasing Ctrl after hovering a link

SWT Build 3.5 19 - Tuesday November 18, 2008

15165 BIDI: enable RTL orientation in SWT widgets
83408 Support links in StyledText
128804 No settings callback when High Contrast is turned off
210441 setBackground/setBackgroundImage not implemented.
246470 [Browser] Safari fails on Mac OS X 10.4.11
249210 Crash in Tree.setItemCount
252418 Can't replace text in spinner
253215 Support BIDI in TextLayout
253220 Support native image loading
253221 Implement Image.setBackground()
254797 Upside down topsy turvey text
254865 Annotation underlines not properly drawn when end of range not visible
254947 underlineColor, strikeoutColor, borderColor not respected when tex is selected
255373 Textlayout border and error underline are not bidi aware
255398 IndexOutOfBoundsException in Image.setBackground

SWT Build 3.5 18 - Tuesday November 11, 2008

246057 SWT_AWT application does not receive mouse events
253720 Setting clipping causes printing to be flipped
253058 StyledText should handle mouse click sequences in block selection mode
253057 selection changes must send out selection event notifications
253916 Printing long files sometimes crashes
253964 Occasional crash on quit after dragging text
252693 computeSize causing Resize, and Move events
253259 Label in synchronize view is getting cut off.
253305 ControlsWithLabelsExample needs to be accessible
251762 block selection, getSelectionText and getSelectionTextCount should be aware of block selection
250175 fix DND in block selection mode
253254 [Browser] Exception while disposing SWT Mozilla browser
253062 Forms have resize / layout problems
252388 Check box shows indeterminate state before checked state
253298 NSAccessibilityException typing tab in multi-line Text in ControlExample
253225 Implement Control.print()
252714 Control/right-click on Package Explorer doesn't select item first
254607 emulated coolbar height is wrong when it has multi rows of different size

SWT Build 3.5 17 - Tuesday November 04, 2008

246274 SWT.ARROW Button direction not consistent when RTL
246541 [misc] BIDI: Java editor does not ensure LTR for declarations and invocations with RTL names
247866 Images not centered in tool items
248758 [DND] No dragStart event when dragging from Text widget
249006 implement cursor on mouse grab
252245 Implement Printing on Cocoa
252277 resizing Table/Tree column sends Selection event
252370 fix cell accessibility post-3.5M3
252391 sort indicator moves
252422 reduce damaging of Table/Tree column headers
252424 background color of List only sets background of items.
252427 List - changing font size doesn't update item height
252486 [DND] Cannot drag from StyledText
252642 block selection doesn't work on win2000
252678 StyledText #setLineSpacing(int) not working in GTK
252679 TableColumn/TreeColumn don't send Move and Resize events
252747 double underline doesn't show in win32
252749 Bullet not working in styled text
252770 fragment binary should exclude *.extra files
252895 StyledText strikeout over tab space
252903 replace initWithFrame(new NSRect()) with init()
252995 Drop down tool items are selected on mouse up
253189 NullPointerException when trying to print
253240 Missing autorealese pool in printer
253294 remove printlns in Accessibility

SWT Build 3.5 16 - Thursday October 30, 2008

252441 Can't select plugins in run configurations
252764 Stack overflow caused by 246057 fix

SWT Build 3.5 15 - Tuesday October 28, 2008

251582 No splash screen progress using Cocoa
251779 Snippet124 crashes
252232 scrollbars are disabled
252252 Can't get a context menu on a tree item

SWT Build 3.5 14 - Monday October 27, 2008

222791 Spinner accepts non-numeric input in Cocoa
222795 [Spinner] Cannot increase number of digits
225266 Cocoa port has no org.eclipse.swt.internal.carbon.smallFonts equivalent
237102 [OLE] OleControlSite with Excel.Sheet renders deactivated view improperly
249003 implement cursors (wait, etc.)
250178 change the keyboard block selection expansion increment to match average char width
250574 Group does not layout correctly.
251016 Crash on shut down
251084 NullPointerException when VoiceOver asks for position of Shell
251126 Please remove unused Platform Interface constants etc.
251128 Display.readAndDispatch() and sleep() should not try/catch and call printStackTrace()
251149 SWT Accessibility API needs to work on all Controls
251469 Accessible.getDescription should not return name
251482 Don't work around bug in Accessibility Verifier
251516 [Browser] cannot type ▄ into web browser text area
251528 SWT Image created without GDI tracking
251581 Wrong cursor when editing
251583 Crash using I20091021 Cocoa
251603 Spacing not working in TextLayout
251607 TextLayout - TextStyle's border not showing bottom line in StyledText
251614 Space in font name
251618 Text glitch after inserting an image
251712 New shell not active when opened
251766 Accessibility: Button role incorrect for toolbar buttons
251818 drawString works improperly after drawing any primitives
251910 creating tall combo spews long error message and can draw wrong

SWT Build 3.5 13 - Tuesday October 21, 2008

211048 Accessibility is not implemented for Cocoa
212851 StyledText - getStyleRanges(int start, int length) returns wrong style range
249001 implement GC drawFlags
249005 implement/verify mouse events and mouse wheel
249007 implement modify/verify events
249008 implement MenuDetect events and show native menu on Texts
250171 add int[] getBlockSelectionRanges() to StyledText
250172 Fix inserting text in block select mode
250177 convert block selections to linear selections and vice-versa
250180 don't reset block selection mode under no circumstances
250193 StyledText SetStyleRange not working
250622 returns 'null' for two different scenarios
250782 No More Handles Exception when trying to load an image
250841 Table/Tree scrollbars do not work
250859 StyledText getRages(int start, int length) returns incorrect array
250976 FileDialog should be resizable
250994 Last character of the line disappears when selecting code at the end of line
251007 underline not select when last run run is full selected
251016 Crash on shut down
251089 StyledText#copy() fails in RTFWriter with AIOOBE
251130 Compiler warnings in N20081015-2000
251442 block selection: handle multi-line paste

SWT Build 3.5 12 - Tuesday October 14, 2008

206173 Permit SWT.DEFAULT as an argument to ScrolledComposite.setMinSize
248551 BidiLevel is improperly set to -1
248881 Cocoa: (specific) Dialog text doesn't wrap
249999 Closing an editor takes two clicks
250299 scrollbar's selection is reset to 0 when its NSScrollView is resized
250327 SWT.NO_TRIM Shells cannot become the key window
250346 Please update link to PaperClips project on SWT community page

SWT Build 3.5 11 - Tuesday October 07, 2008

8521 StyledText: block select mode
84552 The image of a checked action in a menu of a pulldown action is not displayed
165033 Table vertical lines always showing
173556 [OLE] SWTException constructing OleControlSite for WMPlayer.OCX with Windows Media Player 11
211696 CLabel does not specify that "&" introduces mnemonic
223518 implement Shell modality
245667 Horizontal Sash does not show resize cursor
248187 Adobe Reader 9.0 browser crash NPE
248773 implement custom draw in Tables and Trees
249000 implement graphics in non-UI thread
249009 implement Shell.setImage(...) and -Xdoc:icon
249286 Table.setTopIndex does not work correctly with MeasureItem
249376 Tree in package explorer hides text
249517 ClassCastException in Combo
249608 TextLayout.draw(...) does not use GC foreground
249612 Links on preference pages are opened in browser

SWT Build 3.5 10 - Tuesday September 30, 2008

211652 DND not implemented on Cocoa
246309 [Browser, Mac, 3.4] Doesn't open local URLs (file:///) that contain query parameters and/or that are URL encoded.
247069 Display#post(*) sometimes freezes eclipse
248169 causing JavaVM to seg. fault. on startup....
248187 Adobe Reader 9.0 browser crash NPE
248190 implement Table/Tree column reordering
248266 Javadoc warnings in N20080922-2000
248467 Keypad Enter and Help keys do not draw in MenuItems
248559 Image not loaded in Flex
248728 cannot use jdk 1.5 method Class.getSimpleName()
248731 FileDialog does not provide enough information to open multiple files from different directories (COCOA)
248735 System.out.println() in DragSource
248950 Custom Control Example crashes.

SWT Build 3.5 09e - Tuesday September 22, 2008

165033 Table vertical lines always showing
219758 The second shell can not be active after closing the first shell
247869 Pixel corruption in Java Editor
248167 Accelerators are not drawn on menu items in Eclipse

SWT Build 3.5 09d - Friday September 19, 2008

247550 Alt+Arrow moves line up/down by 2 in Java editor

SWT Build 3.5 09c - Thursday September 18, 2008

245667 Horizontal Sash does not show resize cursor
247557 Tracker seems broken, affects dragging Views, Editors
247649 Compiler warnings in I20080917-0100
247667 TabFolder sends Selection events for programmatic selections
247676 setting TabFolder content in Selection callback does not appear
247702 NPE in when called from TabFolder Selection listener
247728 implement underline (squiggle/error) and outline for cocoa

SWT Build 3.5 09b - Wednesday September 17, 2008

247290 SWT ToolItem loses text when only one item and VERTICAL with image
247549 default button doesn't work for single line Texts

SWT Build 3.5 09a - Tuesday September 16, 2008

192014 Certain fonts appear squished with advanced graphics on
247237 Compiler warnings in cocoa port in N20080914-2000
247318 Crash creating new display after disposing previous one

SWT Build 3.5 09 - Sunday September 14, 2008

211796 Regenerate the PI ("Platform Interface") to better match cocoa
237724 (Accessibility) keyboard shortcuts are not read with VoiceOver in most menus
246820 causes 242 warnings in latest I-build

SWT Build 3.5 08 - Friday September 12, 2008

174968 Provide API to select tree items without scrolling
244318 Unable to scroll fast using MX Revolution Mouse
245367 [Browser] swt browser doesn't hold the SWT global lock when calling to Xlib
246884 DateTime not in HPUX source
247083 disposing first column in Tree fails

SWT Build 3.5 07 - Tuesday September 9, 2008

88516 Advanced GC reports different string extents than non advanced
95410 GDI+ drawString is not consistent with GDI
104729 setAntialias changes sizes of strings
139070 ExpandBar draws on top of scrollbars
225264 Help menu opens up in the wrong place
243558 StyledText: squiggles not drawn for tabs
244472 Text does not WRAP on RHEL3
244723 Embedding external widgets into SWT using the EMBEDDED Style
244747 Snippet illustrating how to properly post key events with shift keys
244931 On carbon platform, when scroll the mouse wheel on top of the vertical scroll bar of a canvas, no selection event is generated.
245185 Message in the MessaeBox is not BiDi correctly
245249 org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86 version mismatch
245379 Table.getVerticalBar() returns null
245724 SWT_AWT bridge hangs in Cocoa SWT
246133 plug-in and fragment versions need updating for 3.4.1
246235 App crashes on exit
246379 warning compiling callback.c (pad not unused)
246602 Table/Tree columns do not send Selection events

SWT Build 3.5 06 - Tuesday August 26, 2008

49996 [CCombo] CCombo, CLabel - Custom widgets are nulling internal slots too soon
196884 [OpenGL] GLCanvas doesn't work on Vista
231776 [SWT Mac] Incorrect mouseExit event generated when balloon ToolTip is shown
232690 No event is sent on clearing SWT.SEARCH-styled text field
234809 [QuickAccess] PopupDialog stays open even though Eclipse has focus
239965 Application menu does not share application name
242644 eclipse crashes when downloading a file in the internal browser
243842 Solaris crash: symbol gnome_icon_theme_new: referenced symbol not found
244234 losing keybindings...
244396 [DND] Combo on Linux does not fire DragSourceEvent.
244533 Cursor Control
244574 ProgressBar state can be visually lost by updating selection

SWT Build 3.5 05 - Tuesday August 19, 2008

243842 Solaris crash: symbol gnome_icon_theme_new: referenced symbol not found
243924 Debugger crashes on Step out.
243942 NPE in Tree.getSelection
244072 Tree and Table setBackground doesn't work
244108 [WorkbenchLauncher] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in IDEApplication.start() when launching partially branded product

SWT Build 3.5 04b - Tuesday August 12, 2008

140646 [OLE] OleControlSite new constructor needed
199441 ScrollBars visible even when not required
241062 [consistency] Font#getFontData() not safe from non-ui thread on MacOS
242251 N20080727-2000 on linux.gtk.x86 doesn't proceed past the splash screen on startup

SWT Build 3.5 04a - Wednesday August 6, 2008

242484, int) returns incorrect results
242567 version of org.eclipse.swt.motif.hpux.PA_RISC in HEAD stream has lower version that released 3.4 version
242603 Solaris crash: symbol gnome_icon_theme_new: referenced symbol not found
243012 Password fields can be copied to the clipboard on Mac OS X
243037 SWT.getPlatform() should list all valid values
243232 Child shells don't stay above their parent

SWT Build 3.5 04 - Thursday July 31, 2008

97496 Table: setBackground is not deferred by setRedraw(false)
164928 GC.setTextAntialias(SWT.OFF) not working for StyledText
173218 [SWT_AWT] SWT needs to support ModalityListener interface
210855 Table's "sort indicator" has no visible effect
210856 Table & Tree Header images don't do anything
229651 ComboBoxEditor is unresponsive and unusable on RH 5
241671 Mouse cursor disappears in editor and gets progressively slower coming back
242263 Problems with read-only text boxes on Linux
242414 AntiAlias does not work in TextLayout

SWT Build 3.5 03 - Tuesday July 29, 2008

110916 Backspace stops working (due to mouse stuck down)
193359 Shared library for cairo not build on AIX/Motif
219133 printer.getDPI() returns 72x72
232688 Shell.setActive() is not implemented
236724 [Browser] Eclipse causes JVM crash in libxul when editing Java
240817 SWT Tree: in 3.4, DragSourceEvent gives higher x-coordinate than in 3.3
241144 SWT deletes libswt-cairo-motif if libcairo isn't found
241443 [Button] Paint event missed on traversal
241720 Padding wrong when vertical lines displayed in Tree and Table
241743 TableColumn pack works not the same on diffrent Platforms..
242003 Image buffer is allocated twice unnecessarily
242030 Filter in SWT.Paint event not delivered for table, tree and composite

SWT Build 3.5 02 - Tuesday July 22, 2008

193359 Shared library for cairo not build on AIX/Motif
200743 [Clipboard] Copy/Paste intermittently doesn't work for a line of text
210872 SWT.BALLOON tooltip draws background outside balloon
210874 Crash when using SWT.BALLOON and SWT.ICON_INFORMATION
230119 Keyboard navigation in the StyledText (Cocoa)
239418 table.setLinesVisible(true) does not work on solaris. Eclipse 3.2.0 and GTK 2.12.0 and 11.
240190 OSX: TabFolder Images not shown if setImage before setText or setControl
241380 Ctrl+N doesn't work in the internal browser view
241490 GC.setAlpha() / GC.getAlpha() does not work properly on Linux

SWT Build 3.5 01b - Tuesday July 15, 2008

211536 RTFTransfer not implemented; code demonstrating NSPasteboard attached
235968 CCombo class should not be final
236634 Cannot dismiss attribute type combo
239482 SWT.VIRTUAL Table Freezes under 3.4 when dragging (DND)

SWT Build 3.5 01a - Tuesday July 08, 2008

86745 Tree shows horizontal scrollbar although not required
211202 StyledText#setSelection() does not reveal caret with non-zero selection
221938 new GC(Control) doesn't work
233261 dialog window distorted after going out of "Not responding" state
236312 GTK Assertion for gdk_window_get_user_data
239220 Text.getText() returns empty string after calling setText() with non-empty string
239231 Text.getCaretLineNumber() differs between Windows and Linux

SWT Build 3.5 01 - Wednesday June 25, 2008

54525 Radio group gets traversed (gets focus) when not visible
65648 Reparented Toolbars lose their tooltips if the shell they were originally created in is destroyed
87460 StyledText: Caret location not updated when line style is used
101153 Text.getText(int,int) can throw StringIndexOutOfBounds
119173 IllegalArgumentException when applying overlapping StyleRanges
125499 Pixel corruption when setSelection() called from within SWT.SetData
127971 Cannot remove caret in FocusOut handler
211358 New windows opened at bottom-left of screen
211363 Weird resize behaviour in paint example
226090 Clarify/improve TextLayout.setText(String)
236347 swt standalone zip contains javadoc location from eclipse 3.1?
237138 StyledText blank in Linux RedHat
237432 [64] Add External JARs in Java Build Path fails consistently
237486 [Accessibility] Shift+Tab navigates forward (should be backward)
237675 Giving focus to other control during FocusIn doesn't reassign the Caret
237903 Browser sends LocationEvent with non-URL location for file:/C:/...
238149 Rollover tooltip for owner-drawn tree should be hidden when tree view changes

SWT Build 3.4 48f - Wednesday June 18, 2008

237432 [64] Add External JARs in Java Build Path fails consistently

SWT Build 3.4 48e - Thursday June 12, 2008

236288 update and swt.examples.browser.demos.source to include about.html
236419 Printing does NOT work on Mac
236669 exception when removing TableItem

SWT Build 3.4 48d - Friday June 6, 2008

235350 [64] Bad screen display
235806 improper usage of "Device" when setting font description in constructor
235847 [Contributions] [Mac] Odd behaviour in help menu on OS X

SWT Build 3.4 48c - Thursday June 5, 2008

10465 Documentaton
78818 Bengali not showing in Editor
84463 Equals sign (=) is rendered in incorrect font.
98894 Shell.setImages() should be smarter on Mac
102201 disposing TableColumn can change display order
161792 Printer.computeTrim(...) javadoc is confusing
164437 Disable automatic horizontal scrolling on tree item selection
173340 [zh_CN] StyledText default font are too small compared to other SWT text on Windows for Simplified Chinese
204199 Problem with copy/append of GB18030 characters
223525 Describe multiple wildcards usage in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.FileDialog.setFilterExtensions(String[]) javadoc
235324 Canvas#getCaret() should tell that caret can be null
235329 vertical scroll bar remains in empty tree viewer
235348 Exception in setItemCount
235417 org.eclipse.swt..motif.hpux.ia64_32 has qualifer HEAD
235617 The visibility of the constructor has been reduced

SWT Build 3.4 48b - Wednesday June 4, 2008

235324 Canvas#getCaret() should tell that caret can be null
235329 vertical scroll bar remains in empty tree viewer
235348 Exception in setItemCount

SWT Build 3.4 48a - Tuesday June 3, 2008

219437 Javadocs of get/setAlpha(..) should specify range of value
227914 IAE in TextLayout._getOffset()
229469 Drag Source Effect not visible for Tree and Table
232625 SWT/JFace - Lack of examples in API
232685 ScrollBar works incorrectly with StyledText
232686 Shell doesn't send SWT.Move
234940 TextLayout#drawText and GC#drawText draw some Unicode very differently.
235219 Cheese in tree

SWT Build 3.4 48 - Friday May 30, 2008

234751 Warnings in SWT builds

SWT Build 3.4 47 - Friday May 30, 2008

36226 DCR - Improve Performance for Large Tables
223823 ControlExample: Select Listeners dialog opens behind menu bar
231958 TVT34:TCT236: KO: truncation of "Configure connection preference..."
234437 CCombo#setVisible() doesn't check if the popup shell is disposed
234732 WRAP break font fallback , DBCS does not show
234738 TextLayout font fallback improvement

SWT Build 3.4 46d - Thursday May 29, 2008

233638 Extreme performance degradation in TextLayout.shape()
234158 StyledText should stop blinking caret when losing focus in verify key listener
234271 Invalid thread access logged in the .log file
234433 [Browser] Some characters cannot be entered in forms
234481 API consistency changes needed

SWT Build 3.4 46c - Wednesday May 28, 2008

213194 [Browser] setText crash with xulrunner 1.9 stream
234119 Segfault when disposing shell in keylistener of browser

SWT Build 3.4 46b - Tuesday May 27, 2008

229181 [DateTime] DateTime widget does not report mouseDoubleClick
233595 DragImage looks bad on vista (table+tree)
233598 carriage return inserted twice when using text box in web browser
233867 Text#getPosition() is missing JavaDoc
233969 NPE in Tree.windowProc when starting to drag elements
233985 build.xml's need updating to rename *._properties to *.properties

SWT Build 3.4 46a - Thursday May 22, 2008

232617 TVT34:TCT301: The Update Preferences link is not active in Linux
Bug 233487 add swt's nl files for swt stand-alone download

SWT Build 3.4 46 - Thursday May 22, 2008

225404 Clicking on areas to left or right of cell editors in tree does not raise a FocusIn event for tree on vista
229481 Drag Images not supported in Custom Trees and Tables
231877 WM_PRINT for ToolBar with SHADOW_OUT
232163 [Accessibility] StyledText speaks entire value when asked for "line"
232499 [JFace] Slower image painting due to fix for bug 224422 and bug 219432
232965 [breadcrumb] set top item in drop down is too aggressive on OSX
233351 fix leak in drag image

SWT Build 3.4 45d - Wednesday May 21, 2008

222582 [Perspectives] BIDI3.4:HCG Wrong caption alignment in Customize Perspecitve dialog with Hebrew translation
226832 BIDI3.4:HCG "Cancel" button of Source Folder Selection dialog does not work in Hebrew version
228282 [Accessibility] Table & Tree with no column headers say "sort button" on Leopard
229570 Screen cheese in breadcrumb when using Windows classic style
231882 [Accessibility] Characters typed into Text are not accessible on Leopard
232114 [Accessibility] VoiceOver speaks name of some controls twice

SWT Build 3.4 45c - Friday May 16, 2008

201774 Mozilla Browser doesn't open at the first execution in a Linux RHEL 4.
228762 setRegion on Button behaving strangely after
232017 [breadcrumb] Open type dialog pops up behind breadcrumb drop down on OSX

SWT Build 3.4 45b - Thursday May 15, 2008

226007 BIDI3.4: search results appear shaped improperly
227076 [DND]Combo:Multiple problems during drag text in combo on Mac OS X
231787 When computing bounds,TextLayout does not take trailing line break into account
231925 Arrow button is drawn backwards
232093 crash in Safari browser while handling key events

SWT Build 3.4 45a - Wednesday May 14, 2008

231606 [Browser] disposing Browser in KeyDown causes crash
231690 Smooth scroll is slow on Vista with DWM, impossible to turn off (for text editors)
231884 [Accessibility] Controls that implement kEventAccessibleGetNamedAttribute need to call swt accessible API

SWT Build 3.4 45 - Tuesday May 13, 2008

206870 [Mac] New Project wizard Finish button isn't enabled for Japanese project name
214503 Incorrect KeyEvents returned using SWT_AWT.
223926 Table/Tree scrollbars bad after setVisible()
225373 Bidi3.4: Unicode Markers don't have any effect in Console View
226832 BIDI3.4:HCG "Cancel" button of Source Folder Selection dialog does not work in Hebrew version
227965 Tooltip for table column not appearing
227974 DBCS3.4: Dragged texts from Safari gets garbled when dropped on a StyledText widget
228167 DBCS3.4: URLTransfer for DBCS URL failed
228762 setRegion on Button behaving strangely after
229520 FileDialog does not provide enough information to open multiple files from different directories
230940 (Hovering over a link in Safari does not change the cursor or display the URL
231102 javadoc warning in I20080507-2000
231148 [Accessibility] StyledText typed characters are not accessible on Leopard
231192 [Accessibility] Characters typed into Editable Combo are not accessible on Leopard
231303 Browser widget: Tab key traps focus when key listener is added
231449 First Table Row Justification Wrong

SWT Build 3.4 44 - Thursday May 8, 2008

223926 Table/Tree scrollbars bad after setVisible()
230940 Hovering over a link in Safari does not change the cursor or display the URL
231102 javadoc warning in I20080507-2000
231148 [Accessibility] StyledText typed characters are not accessible on Leopard
231192 [Accessibility] Characters typed into Editable Combo are not accessible on Leopard

SWT Build 3.4 43 - Wednesday May 7, 2008

202902 Password can not be saved with SWT.MOZILLA browser
212991 Mac OS X accessibility does not have the standard relations
214944 [browser] xulrunner 1.9-based Browser has no initial background
216919 Incompatibilities with MacOSX CMI (Context Menu Interface)
219558 [CellEditors] ComboBoxCellEditor doesn't work properly (CCombo)
222582 [Perspectives] BIDI3.4:HCG Wrong caption alignment in Customize Perspecitve dialog with Hebrew translation
222937 [typing] DBCS3.4: "Assign parameter to new field" refectoring function in DBCS environment
224550 GB180303.4: Some 4-bytes GB18030 characters can't be displayed in Package Explore view.
226653 DBCS3.4: Unicode Ideogrpahic characters for Vista Japanese are not displayed in text editor
229377 No vertical scrollbars in the stacktrace console
229508 When closing Eclipse from dock with modified file, window does not restore
229672 Fix for bug 228182/222937 is adding a new API after API freeze
229680 PRIMARY_MODAL Shell can make other Shell lose its menubar
229776 SWT.TOGGLE style bit stops setRegion from working on linux
229841 Widget is disposed in ControlExample
230071 Snippet223 requires an image
230388 Cannot get focus out of browser widget any more
230489 use DeleteObject to dispose non-Mlang fonts
230912 IAE when leaving IME
230935 [Accessibility] StyledText speaks name twice
231009 Compile Error on GTK 2.2.x: Fields missing from PangoLayoutLine

SWT Build 3.4 42a - Wednesday April 30, 2008

229377 No vertical scrollbars in the stacktrace console

SWT Build 3.4 42 - Wednesday April 30, 2008

148094 Control#setCapture() not working as expected
220642 [open type] Open Type dialog does not work in high contrast
226832 BIDI3.4:HCG "Cancel" button of Source Folder Selection dialog does not work in Hebrew version
229172 [Win32] MessageBox gets stuck in event loop

SWT Build 3.4 41 - Tuesday April 29, 2008

51829 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Dialogs
102686 Browser widget, suppress key actions.
181937 [OLE] eclipse should handle accelerators before OLE controls
206485 GTK-BIDI: Bidi support in Link.
214381 Tree hover help leaving cheese
219641 Triple vertical scrollbar inside compare editor
221048 Browser doesn't send key events for arrow keys on Windows platform
222024 Browser widget sends key events with wrong character/keyCode
222594 BIDI3.4:HCG Context menu is not mirrored
225677 Random crashes attributable to Safari
226016 BIDI3.4: Last two characters in BIDI text are not shaped correctly
226023 BIDI3.4: Last two characters in Arabic in tooptip are not shaped correctly
226106 BIDI3.4: Arabic text in console is not shaped correctly
228273 [Accessibility] ToolBar is not accessible on Leopard
228277 [Accessibility] Table & Tree are not accessible on Leopard
228287 [Accessibility] Link is not accessible on Leopard
228484 [Browser] unable to go to next or previous editor since browser consumes common keys (F6 and Tab)
228667 ACC: SWT does not give focus to a context menu from a dialog
228770 setRegion on Canvas not working on linux
228968 NPE in MozillaDelegate

SWT Build 3.4 40 - Tuesday April 22, 2008

73390 Tooltips not shown for some widgets
127848 CustomControlExample CLabel background image differences
160707 code hints window remains visible when minimizing eclipse
174014 GC.isClipped() always returns false in advanced graphics mode
191968 Stack overflow due to infinite recursion when calling Control.update from inside a PaintListener
192365 Label is truncated under Linux.
195564 Unsetting image in but not working
197794 Transformed drawing broken in SWT 3.3 (but specific values only)
210028 [mac] screenshot tool does not capture multiple displays properly
219133 printer.getDPI() returns 72x72
220471 [Accessibility] Editable Combo is not accessible on Leopard
223015 Combo height on Linux is too small
223480 Combo within Toolbar no longer renders correctly
223512 [CCombo] dropdown does not move when window is dragged
224122 Opening a modal dialog while an ON_TOP shell is active should activate the dialog
224870 Bidi3.4: Eclipse Crashes when trying to open HTML file that resides in Arabic named project
225351 Owner draw: measure doesn't allow to change width
225975 SWT Table: PaintItem events not sent for items with empty text on Mac OS X
226229 Carbon Text widgets cannot be properly center-aligned when style is SWT.SEARCH
226363 BIDI3.4:HCG TreeColumn has wrong BIDI alignment with style SWT.NONE
227384 Owner draw tree showing too much gap between selected items
227411 Controls in shell blocked by a modal shell still scroll via the scroll wheel
27597 BIDI: owner draw: tool tips don't work with BIDI

SWT Build 3.4 39 - Tuesday April 15, 2008

4800 Timings vs. Sun JDK on image loading/creation/drawing (1GIVMG8)
5927 Cannot start eclipse from anywhere but install directory
24640 Vertical scrollbar obscures the combo box pulldown
29764 BIDI:Dialogs are not mirrored RTL.
35915 Need a locale String from FontData
36729 File deleted by unexpected drag and drop
42485 Mouse cursor does not hide when typing on Mac OS X
56184 [browser] IE sometimes freezes on PDF documents with Acrobat Reader 6.0 plugin
69986 TabItem contents have wrong background on Mac/Carbon
76381 [Browser] Help contents does not start with keyboard focus
95982 Double-touch trackpad scrolling doesn't work in the compare editor
101948 FileDialog.setFilterExtensions ineffective on Mac OSX
116748 Custom Combo: drop down menu is hard to use
119156 org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]
125866 need more parent.indexOf() == -1 checks in TableItem
126544 Eclipse can't use the font BitStream Vera Sans Mono in plain style (only italics)
128436 Tree with gray state does not report state to Accessible listeners
130470 [Tree] Selection-Rect changes on expanding TreeItem causes pixel corruption
139866 Text.setTextLimit() not limiting pasted text
143358 Tree items array don't shrink correctly
153365 DirectoryDialog's setFilterPath() has no effect
158243 Background for read only Text objects is wrong in dialogs.
177368 Display.getCursorControl returning null for complex Xlib widget on Eclipse/Gtk
187036 [Workbench] TVT33:TCT[Workbench] 159: ar: 13.001120 Tool tips text does not have RTL reading order
192542 Eclipse 3.3RC3 Loosing keyboard input while using Synergy
196676 [consistency] Link does not fire double-click events
197238 UML causing stack overflow
202534 SWT error in Wizard dialog when help is displayed and "Finish" is pressed
204915 SWT.COLOR_WIDGET_BACKGROUND is not the default label background color on Mac OS X with UNO
207206 jvm crash using mozilla browser on linux
211181 Help Browser crashes on Windows 2000
215879 SWT crashes on start
223298 Coredump running Demo-App from EclipseCon
224550 GB180303.4: Some 4-bytes GB18030 characters can't be displayed in Package Explore view.
224917 Program.findProgram should return null on Vista if there are no known applications
224941 Esc deactivates parent shell if SWT.TOOL is used
225527 rendering problems after removing owner listeners
225933 First Table Column Justification Ignored
225946 TOGGLE Buttons inherit background with SWT.INHERIT_DEFAULT
225973 Cant attach Menu to a Link widget
226356 [patch] Build against xulrunner
226469 Successfully to setFocus to a control while getFocusControl return null
226747 CCombo arrow button not centered

SWT Build 3.4 38 - Tuesday April 08, 2008

170459 SWT_AWT: Focus problem in Java 6
181864 [Browser] crash when disposed in changing callback
192646 TextLayout implementation on VISTA platform cannot correctly render some gb18030 characters(Mongolian Baiti, Microsoft Yi Baiti etc)
205032 Eclipse crashes after a couple of hours
207909 [carbon SWT] ON_TOP shell can not be hidden when parent shell is minimized
210854 setSize on Spinner doesn't have an effect
214721 The web service explorer crashes on Linux when basic auth is required
220465 [Accessibility] StyledText is not accessible on Leopard
221268 Running operation that continuously refreshes/updates SWT Browser it does not stay minimized
221411 [Accessibility] Leopard: VoiceOver doesn't follow focus if Browser is in Shell
223592 Control.print(GC) does not work on Linux.
224121 BIDI3.4:HCG Print dialog is not mirrored completely
224124 Mac OS X Tree poor performance
224462 [Browser-Mozilla] Save-as window shown when disposing the browser during a location changing event
224870 Bidi3.4: Eclipse Crashes when trying to open HTML file that resides in Arabic named project
225038 Virtual table create all items if setItemCount before create first column
225086 [Browser] Browser widget does only receive key events when using IE
225151 GTK MenuItem Accelerator Consuming Characters (SWT.COMMAND)
225263 Opening a fast view crashes Eclipse
225329 Owner draw: gc in paint doesn't have foreground color set
225440 MenuDetect events sent with (0, 0) coordinates
225593 doesn't keep the style when multiple listener are listening
225663 ToolTip forTrayItem causes crash on Carbon
225997 TextLayout font seems not the be the system font

SWT Build 3.4 37 - Tuesday April 01, 2008

126545 [CTabFolder] API to enable / disable Close-Button on TabItems
207511 Mac SWT callback generates incorrect assembly code
219165 JVM: AttachCurrentThread crashing as of 1.5
221924 Perspective Switcher context menu appears in bad location
223846 [Viewers] Open Resource dialog causes 'Ignored reentrant call while viewer is busy'

SWT Build 3.4 35 - Thursday March 20, 2008

4727 DCR: FileDialog to use overwrite prompt (1GFDH0D)
146643 awt frame on osx works on first initialization of workspace but not after
183830 "Xlib: unexpected async reply" and deadlock in GLX.glXMakeCurrent(int, int, int)
193362 update() does not flush paints (Display#readAndDispatch() needed)
210858 Editing text has no horizontal scrollbar
222798 [Shell] SWT.MAX does not work
223170 Memory leaks and number of handles growth
223179 BIDI3.4:HCG Hebrew data in Java editor is treated different from Win OS
223397 Set/Get API of DateTime widget crashes the control example
223591 Button.print(GC) does not work on Windows.

SWT Build 3.4 35 - Thursday March 20, 2008

215204 read-only Combo.setText() does not fire Modify event on GTK
220852 Combo control does not fire modify events on gtk+
222120 DND - how to detect which tab item is involved in a DropTargetEvent
222281 Table events screwed up if asyncExec happens on focus lost / out
222896 Tree#getColumnCount() can be slow because of Win32 API calls
223082 javadoc warning in N200803172000

SWT Build 3.4 34 - Tuesday March 18, 2008

78825 [CCombo] Tab doesn't go to next entry field when list is down
142981 [CCombo] CCombo doesn't lose focus
175689 [CCombo] CCombo#deselectAll() doesn't clear Text
183087 Windows trees don't have to always have scroll bars
202005 GC Transform rotate(90) or rotate(-90) not applied to several methods
204102 Eclipse freezes on opening java source file (with spell checking enabled)
204891 TabFolder.setSelection() does not update focus hilight on OS X
210870 Toolbar Drop Down type doesn't appear to do anything
212086 gc.drawXXX fails if matrix is rotated
214944 [browser] xulrunner 1.9-based Browser has no initial background
215243 Wrong drawing behaviour using SWT and Cairo drawing a text and then an oval
215988 Transform.rotate does not work when angle is 90 and GC.setLineWidth(0)
217831 DateTime different size than other widgets
220112 [SashForm] Add getter/setter methods to control SashForm.SASH_WIDTH
220836 [Browser] SWT Safari Browser uses wrong 'user-agent' header resulting in some websites disabling functionality
220974 ClassCastException in Safari
220975 New Java Project Wizard doesn't work
221363 Disappearing Text with Tabs & Quotes
221669 DateTime returns wrong values under Windows
221687 [Viewers] TableViewer scrolls after selection on AIX
221957 Huge Cursor in huge Text control
221958 Transform.setIdentity() method is needed
222305 ToolItem should call ToolBar.destroyItem
222381 AIOOBE in GIFFileFormat
222872 Fixes for running SWT tests on p2 builds

SWT Build 3.4 33 - Tuesday March 11, 2008

184932 [SWT] Popup window with SWT.ON_TOP style bit stays opened when minimize the application window
205796 [Browser] Navigate / Open External Javadoc does not work on method anymore
209428 [Browser] crash on mouseover
210825 NSBox seems to be a few pixels short
211362 Crash running paint example
211885 ScrolledComposite control's setOrigin method not the same as moving scroll bar on Windows
216346 NullPointerException in Display.asyncExec
221302 [browser] Eclipse crashes everytime the internal browser component is activated
221512 Ctrl-Click in package explorer select the item only on the second click
221559 Cut/Paste does not fire modifyText events in Combo
221665 NPE using N20080306 once closing the Welcome page
221683 Label always wraps
221936 Cannot paint on label with text.

SWT Build 3.4 32 - Tuesday March 04, 2008

26095 DCR - possibility to print the content of SWT widgets
117335 [Accessibility] Mac: cannot select checkboxes in trees, lists
152547 Clarify what SWT.NO_FOCUS means
166381 alignment support for RowLayout and RowData
178587 [ScrolledComposite] Accessibility: ScrolledComposite widgets don't automatically scroll when controls are tabbed to inside the composite
186634 Spinner: getSelection() during modify event should provide a mechanism to detect if the user has typed a value that is out of range
198430 Font not set correctly in GC supplied to events of virtual table/tree
210306 Menu items created in menuNeedsUpdate: do not show up
210826 Enabled on NSButton seems to have no effect
210827 Add pop-up menu, remove, select and crash
214030 setTextLimit for SWT Spinner widget
214599 Link Widget: hyperlink parsing mangles certain input strings
215183 Shell with ON_TOP style stay behind of Shell with APPLICATION_MODAL style.
216900 StyledText: Cannot overtype contents if text limit reached
217374 VoiceOver does not work on Leopard (10.5.1)
217446 TextLayout#getBounds() should return minimal bounds also if width was set
218295 Clicking into white area besides tree with SimpleStyledCellLabelProvider selects single element
218502 event loop exception starting mozilla
218606 Shells no longer added to defaultWindowGroup as of 2.10.x
219306 StyledText.getTextBounds does not work when using SWT.WRAP
219307 GlyphMetrics behaves differently on carbon
219582 SWT.KeyDown event.keyCode reports wrong key number for Marathi & Bengali
220057 DND exception when dragging file within a Common Navigator in 3.4M5
220246 Whenever the internal browser component is loaded, eclipse crashes
220398 implement Table and Tree checkboxes
220462 TableItem/Treeitem getBounds not implemented
220583 All the JUnits with ui are failing on Linux for N20080227-0010
220836 [Browser] SWT Safari Browser uses wrong 'user-agent' header resulting in some websites disabling functionality
220997 Path.addString uses incorrect Transform
221128 Mozilla fires wrong events when executing java script
221166 Graphics Example GraphicAntialiasTab doesn't work

SWT Build 3.4 31 - Tuesday February 26, 2008

78974 [Browser] EventListener:changing() called twice on Browser:setText()
103124 On Linux,Key event doesn't stop propagating after it is responsed by an "ActionSet".
210430 Shell.setMenuBar() does not work

SWT Build 3.4 30 - Friday February 22, 2008

28132 Repaint cheeze with editor bottom right corner
173794 [Browser Mozilla]: Display-Filter (SWT.MouseWheel) no longer working when focus set to Browser
190992 String truncation in non-English cases.
195585 HTMLTransfer does not support non-English text.
210857 Text box without 'SWT.V_SCROLL' uneditable
211284 [Browser] Browser widget in ON_TOP shell not focused on first click (Mozilla/Safari)
211357 FileViewer crashes
211359 Apple+Q doesn't quit an SWT app, nor does menu selection of same
213489 Increasing height of table rows via MeasureItem listener affects row height but not line height (OS X)
213937 The Method getBorderWidth () from Control returns 0 every time
214557 Combo#add(String,int) does update selection-index
215252 frequent "invalid thread access"
217371 [Browser] Support click-through for Browser and toolbar buttons
217842 NPE in GC when creating problems View
218229 API to open an URL in the OS default browser
218234 Display keeps lock on runnable for timerExcec when disposed
218682 2nd GC erases the first.
218700 Tree getHeaderHeight not implemented
218702 Tree getSelectionCount not implemented
219326 Shell with custom region and SWT.NO_TRIM still has border
219601 StyledText: Unexpected loss of mouse cursor
219621 Tree get/set column order not implemented
219693 Eclipse crashes when Browser closed with command-W

SWT Build 3.4 29 - Tuesday February 12, 2008

196191 Performance Improvement for JPEGFileFormat class initializer
199811 Calling TableItem#setText(int,String) with sortDirection set to SWT.DOWN extermley slow
211360 Graphics example can't select items from tree-menu
215335 [browser] browser.execute(s) does not work on Linux/Mozilla when using line comments
217430 Certain SWT controls do not display under linux
217764 setting Device.DEBUG before creating Display fails silently
217854 [Leopard] Errors logged during GC tests
218088 Hover help in editor re-appears after restoring from minimze
218212 Text failing jUnit tests
218215 shells created too large with multple monitors
218514 Control.print() does not work with gtk 2.4.x and greater
218547 Tree selectAll doesn't

SWT Build 3.4 28a - Thursday February 07, 2008

217374 VoiceOver does not work on Leopard (10.5.1)
218061 [browser] GRE version range upper bound should include 1.9.*

SWT Build 3.4 28 - Wednesday February 06, 2008

217849 JUnit test failure - FontData
217854 [Leopard] Errors logged during GC tests
217915 [64] FileDialog consistently crashes

SWT Build 3.4 27 - Tuesday February 05, 2008

53608 TableCursor bounds are wrong. Cursors does not fit TableItem bounds.
150559 [DND] No insertion feedback for dragging in a tree on Mac
182196 [CCombo] Mouse Listener Support for CCombo
191252 Virtual Tree w/ columns: Items appear in wrong order when sortDirection is SWT.DOWN
198582 SIGSEGV [] _ZN13nsCOMPtr_baseD2Ev+0x13
207819 JFace tests don't run on WPF
209016 [Viewers] Virtual Tree Tests failing on OS X in I20071106-0816
212823 Calling Region.add with only 1 polygon point causes a segfault
213194 [Browser] setText crash with xulrunner 1.9 stream
214682 [Browser] download crashes wih xulrunner 1.9
214802 [browser] xulrunner 1.9 uses new interface for authentication
215388 Add API to make the DropTarget more open
216805 [Browser] shutting down XPCOM glue can lead to crash with sun 1.6 jre
217154 Shell.checkOpen incorrectly named
217161 List.getItemHeight can return 0
217179 Table and Tree return incorrect default background and foreground color
217180 TreeItem getBackground, getForeground, getFont not implemented
217242 PNG cannot be loaded anymore, worked with releases before
217319 Fix Iconify/DeIconify events on Shell
217336 Linux mirroring problems
217470 BIDI: Custom Draw Tree does not render properly in 2.8
217746 Table test failures.
217758 Combo test failures

SWT Build 3.4 26 - Tuesday January 29, 2008

66615 SWT_AWT.new_Frame occasionally hangs
71478 ImageData constructor accepts incomplete pixel data
133933 [Browser] KeyDown events not fired on Safari
190793 GTK Printing getClipping returns [0,0,1,1]
196864 Toolbar should support animated gifs
198192 Setting font on TableItem to same font (but different Font object) causes crash
199495 in Device.getFontList() every FontData has height=0
205713 It displays a wrong character when input "1" character by method on Mac OS X
210756 Closing context menu programmatically does not work on the Mac
211224 [Browser] MouseMove and MouseUp events not fired on Safari
211531 [Browser] Stop calling HIJavaViewCreateWithCocoaView
216137 [Linux] DateTime does not render correctly values < 10.
216287 Compiler warnings in N20080123-0010 in swt tests
216340 Display.readAndDispatch() always returns true
216431 SWT_AWT: sun.awt.EmbeddedFrame is activated incorrectly
216482 Different table behaviour after SWT.MeasureItem/SWT.PaintItem event under Windows XP and Vista
216593 [browser] unavailable Safari events crash Eclipse
216614 NPE in image

SWT Build 3.4 25 - Tuesday January 22, 2008

16987 [CCombo] does not respond to MouseWheel
47783 Jpeg encoding (image height =1)
86457 doesn't save images 1 pixel wide
91317 Spinner should support negative values
142965 [64] Blank splitter dialogs until resized
166187 TableItem#getBounds(0) incorrect when adding columns in asyncExec
182196 [CCombo] Mouse Listener Support for CCombo
184063 Logitech Revolution mouse doesn't scroll down editor when in "free-spinning" mode
191093 [Dialogs] FileDialog missing default filter selection
191413 Control's tooltip displays abnormally on linux platform.
193433 [Combo] Incorrect initial focus in Generate constructor using fields
197224 Annoying Message Box "prohibit running ActiveX controls" appear in browser when accessing page with applet
204127 [Browser] SWT browser eats eclipse shortcuts when in edit mode
205351 [CCombo] Adding a KeyListener changes expected traversal behavior
206743 Tree with columns has drawing errors when resizing to a minimum
207613 [Leopard] Progress dialog does not properly close on Leopard
210845 SWT.Wrap for text labels doesn't wrap
211188 Looks like squiggle and error_underline style have fat dash at end
211865 Tooltip always prompt up in the wrong place
212366 Mac OS X Context menu invocation is mouse down, not mouse up
213426 Slow response for SWT Virtual Table Selection
215431 Label: SWT.LEFT, SWT.CENTER, SWT.RIGHT not implemented
215592 Breaking change in Eclipse 3.4M4 - Images loaded as type SWT.ICON cannot be rendered by GC.drawImage()
215875 Table/TreeEditor broken on OS-X since at least I20071218
215881 download links on swt main page broken

SWT Build 3.4 24 - Tuesday January 15, 2008

22261 SWT should support a tri-state check box
42488 Mouse cursor does not hide when typing on Windows
120192 org.eclipse.swt.ole.win32.OleAutomation has a reference leak
139871 Spinner does not support floating point data entry correctly
152822 Incorrect key events reported when NO_FOCUS style used
158542 StyledText: background not fully filled when using multi-font
172784 FileDialog should provide access to selected filter after closing
177589 up/down arrows don't work in a combobox on Linux
200956 WinXP: Shell draws focus on setVisible(true)
210925 with german Umlaut does not work
211685 DateTime fires spurious SelectionEvents
213923 popup menu has bunch of empty items if it contains many items
214160 Issues with transparent images when advanced graphics is on
214754 ControlExample's "Select Listeners" has sizing problems
215148 Inconsistent Spinner behaviour across platforms

SWT Build 3.4 23 - Tuesday January 08, 2008

49696 [browser] Mouse event listeners does not work in SWT Browser Widget
73019 ImageLoader NPE
194393 LocationListener#changed is not notified for local links
205264 Path.addArc method does not work as expected on Apple OS X
205736 [OLE] MS Word OLE Crash
205866 SWT.Settings - no notification on Vista
210063 [Browser] XGL enabled Suse : Blurred ConfirmEx dialog with long long URL string
211757 [Leopard] SWT arrow buttons up and left point down and right in Mac OS X Leopard
211949 [Browser] Linux(SLED10), Eclipse crash when XPCOM error in Mozilla OnStateChange callback
212851 StyledText - getStyleRanges(int start, int length) returns wrong style range
212989 [DateTime] Changing the month and showing a MessageBox leads to infinite SelectionEvents
213017 Rollover tooltip for owner-drawn Tree appears behind detached Shell
213200 [Leopard] errors logged to console by CGPathGetCurrentPoint
213247 Combo box in CVS commit wizard leaves garbage behind on resize
214037 Excel + org.eclipse.ui.PartInitException: Invalid Input

SWT Build 3.4 22a - Tuesday December 11, 2007

187039 Temporary screen cheese in trees when scrolling
191655 Table#getItem(Point) inconsitent on OSX when used without FULLSELECTION
212610 Cannot delete text in Combo box
212671 table.setToolTipText("") does not disable native tooltips

SWT Build 3.4 22 - Monday December 10, 2007

21619 Programmatically dropdown a combo
37031 Full screen exclusive (not maximized) support for SWT
102570 GTK-BIDI: Coordinate mirroring in GC
177589 up/down arrows don't work in a combobox on Linux
200322 [Leopard] setRegion of shell doesn't work with the new region on Mac OS X 10.5
206682 Combo with SWT.READ_ONLY doesn't fire mouseevents
210995 SWT Combo doesn't gain focus during choice selection in Eclipse 3.3/GTK
211623 Server editor opens when project node is selected in server view
211678 Compiler warnings in N20071201-0010
212366 Mac OS X Context menu invocation is mouse down, not mouse up

SWT Build 3.4 21 - Tuesday December 04, 2007

111259 [DND] Insertion mark in TreeViewer does not go away on GTK
143382 Tree fails to register double-click while tool tip visible
144907 [OLE] OLE int->short change to test and apply post-3.2
191655 Table#getItem(Point) inconsitent on OSX when used without FULLSELECTION
197839 removing paint and erase listeners from Tree don't re-enable native rollover tooltips
200322 [Leopard] setRegion of shell doesn't work with the new region on Mac OS X 10.5
206346 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in ExpandBar
208427 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in MenuItems
210847 SWT.ON_TOP on Shell doesn't appear to work
210861 Text alignment for text box doesn't work
210869 Enabled on toolbar has no effect
210873 Icons for tooltip balloons don't work
210894 Examples that use StyledText crash on startup
210942 Some convenience methods for StyledText
211194 Rollover tooltips in owner-drawn Tree only shown after delay
211195 Shell decorations flicker when clicking into rollover tooltips in owner-drawn Tree
211196 Rollover tooltips displaced in owner-drawn Tree without icons
211197 Doubleclick does not work on owner-drawn TreeItem with rollover tooltip
211220 Add Browser to ControlExample
211361 GraphicsExample crashes

SWT Build 3.4 20 - Tuesday November 27, 2007

82206 Solaris SWT GTK 3.1M4 has dependancy on
85699 [64] Better error message required when running x86-64 SWT on a 32-bit VM
109888 Browser fails to load when Mozilla compiled against
114036 [build] Support building on Solaris/Motif
199292 [leopard] Snippet260 fails (9A527)
204289 Closing context menu programmatically does not work when shell not active
207394 [OLE] getLicenseInfo in OleControlSite causes Program Compatibility Error in Vista with some Active X Controls which do not implement IClassFactory2 interface
208837 [Browser] On Linux, Browser does not send focus/activation events
209960 Combo widgets cause area beneath them to flicker when resized
210359 Shouldn't crash VM if running on pre-Objective C 2.0 systems
210412 GC.setLineAttributes() uses "join" as "cap"

SWT Build 3.4 19 - Tuesday November 20, 2007

82295 properties http.proxyPort and http.proxyHost ignored by SWT browser
100095 [DND] Consider making URLTransfer public
124965 SWT Table scrolling performance degrades as the number of columns increases
165468 INHERIT_FORCE and editable Text produces garbage on scroll
206432 [Browser] Linux: SSL navigation is disabled when Mozilla profile directory does not exist
206894 Linux - Control.setEnabled disables more than it should
207181 FAQ needed to describe: "Modal dialogs do not stay on top on Solaris 10 with CDE / dtwm"
209014 GTK-BIDI: RTL BIDI problems in SWT StyledText
209339 Modal shell loses focus when a second shell is opened.
209417 Please add files intended for Win64 on Itanium support.
209650 Cleanup after Windows browser control dispose is flawed
209752 MenuItem#toString() behaves differently across platforms.
209854 SWTException when loading large win32 ICO files
209863 Path leaks currentFigure and currentPoint when disposed
210214 [OLE] Snippet265 leaks
210284 Auto hide scrollbars in Tree/Table/List
210303 bad release in NSBezierPath

SWT Build 3.4 18 - Tuesday November 13, 2007

42730 [Clipboard] NPE while closing workbench on calling Clipboard.dispose
141282 DnD doesn't support special characters
188271 Ampersand not shown in tooltips
191484 move initial build scripts from build project into swt
194143 WM_MOUSEWHEEL can send fractional deltas
205648 Vertical Scrolling with Mouse Wheel not working in Editors
205745 NullPointerException in TableItem.getBounds because of SWT.EraseItem listener
206714 Combo#toString() behaves differently on linux/gtk/x86_64 and windows
206715 DateTime#toString() behaves differently on linux/gtk/x86_64 and windows
207052 Tree Listening to MeasureItem returns incorrect Client Area
207628 Keyboard selection does not work with context menus on Leopard
208503 SWT_AWT bridge on OS X reports incorrect message with failure
208571 [leopard] Crash when using Eclipse and Instantiation's SWT Designer
208649 cannot input china punctuation
208675 Image cheese when width of TreeColumn = 0
208816 Update custom build.xml for source generation
208975 Unable to enter vertical bar (|) in Eclipse for mac OS X with French Canadian keyboard
209014 GTK-BIDI: RTL BIDI problems in SWT StyledText
209022 DateTime cannot be shown without a border
209028 Table and List test failures
209039 display.getMonitors() not implemented
209088 Shell.getAlpha() returns inconsistent values
209225 Program.findProgram returns null
209256 [website] Update links to IBM docs
209468 StyledText#setSelection() does not reveal caret at end of line
209543 Call Shell.setFullScreen(true) make the shell invisible

SWT Build 3.4 17 - Tuesday November 06, 2007

168979 transparent shell
184507 Tree#setItemCount and Table#remove are slow when removing items
202328 investigate OpenGL support on Solaris
204393 TitleAreaDialog's banner image has extraneous white borders
204561 Table Javadoc is conflicting with TableEditor
205794 Provide SWT.UNDERLINE_SQUIGGLE text style
207827 [Leopard] VM crash while dismissing dialog
207927 ITALIC and BORDER_* unreadable
208027 Printer prints one page too much when page range restricted
208356 [Browser] Inactive scroll bar for Browser widget
208566 [64] cheese can appear if SetPoint is running

SWT Build 3.4 16b - Thursday November 01, 2007

208007 line wrap at page end makes page number disapear when printing
208188 MenuItem#isEnabled() works differently across platforms
208209 Combo immediately closes

SWT Build 3.4 16a - Thursday November 01, 2007

78856 [Clipboard] SWT has no support for Image copy to clipboard
205937 borderStyle and underlineStyle flags need clarification
207558 Line numbers are printed too low

SWT Build 3.4 16 - Wednesday October 31, 2007

202782 Indent in Column Header when sorting on Windows Vista
204571 Eclipse process halted when interacting with tree.
204953 [64] New project wizard does not work on Vista 64 bits
206315 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in CoolBar.
207744 [Contributions] Debug toolbar dropdown menu closes when submenu hidden
207852 Widget disposed error when running UI test suite on WinXP
207901 custom drawn tree: 1st selection behaves oddly

SWT Build 3.4 15a - Monday October 29, 2007

206315 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in CoolBar.
207266 Target editor's content tab buttons disappear completely
207744 [Contributions] Debug toolbar dropdown menu closes when submenu hidden
207852 Widget disposed error when running UI test suite on WinXP

SWT Build 3.4 15 - Monday October 29, 2007

19602 [Printing] Line numbers aren't printed
57151 [64] 64 bit support needed for Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
117580 Modal behavior on GTK when I ask for modeless
205795 UNDERLINE_ERROR text style does not work for IME strings
206602 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in ColorDialog
206609 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in FontDialog
206661 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in DirectoryDialog.
206722 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in FileDialog.
206743 Tree with columns has drawing errors when resizing to a minimum
206749 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in MessageBox
206786 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in ScrollBar.
207165 org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86 version not incremented for
207263 NPE in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control.WM_MENUSELECT
207266 Target editor's content tab buttons disappear completely
207347 Snippet279 draws bad (draw icon with GDI+ gc)
207472 "Dancing Scrollbar" in Tree
207605 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in PrintDialog

SWT Build 3.4 14 - Tuesday October 23, 2007

205818 Adherent TextStyles must be continuous
205928 underline text style needs clarification
206743 Tree with columns has drawing errors when resizing to a minimum
206806 getItemCount() incorrect in Vista for VIRTUAL trees

SWT Build 3.4 13 - Tuesday October 16, 2007

41364 GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Combo
206095 swt-3.3-gtk-linux-x86 Printer crash under Ubuntu Gutsy

SWT Build 3.4 12 - Tuesday October 09, 2007

57151 [64] 64 bit support needed for Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
142965 [64] Blank splitter dialogs until resized
198673 SWT: Program.getImageData() returns null when icon name has quotes.
198981 ppc/motif Xdefaults not honored on version 3.3
205130 Expanding/Collapsing tree nodes in Quick Windows closes window
205459 Exception in Mozilla browser code not caught, leads to crash

SWT Build 3.4 11 - Tuesday October 02, 2007

73645 Custom caret problems
115666 BIDI mirroring not implemented on GTK
203571 Key event still gets response when ModalDialog is up
205063 Compare viewer does not draw background colors for changes (StyledText)
205099 Creating a button clears mnemonics

SWT Build 3.4 10c - Monday September 24, 2007

204330 [Launcher] JVM crash on splash teardown on linux.gtk.x86

SWT Build 3.4 10a - Wednesday September 19, 2007

199137 Debug view scrolls right when thread suspends
203648 Icon above cursor on drag and drop
203817 Scrolled custom draw trees not drawn correctly in RTL

SWT Build 3.4 10 - Monday September 17, 2007

165108 Spinner can not apply the value that input to text-box.
171909 [DND] SWT.Expanded Event not given from DND-Feedback sometimes
195254 [consistency] Left Mouse Down is Not recieved on TabFolder on Linux.Works fine on Windows
196810 Compiler warnings in N200707170010
203491 SWT pre-built libraries in org.eclipse.swt.carbon.macosx not universal

SWT Build 3.4 09 - Tuesday September 11, 2007

139647 StyledText.getOffsetAtLocation can't return offset at end of a line
201853 Caret position is incorrect when clearing full selection by clicking left mouse button in Text widget

SWT Build 3.4 08a - Tuesday September 04, 2007

179168 Focus change will make the uncomposed text lost in IME
187125 [DND] Image effect not showing in RTL
193515 [DND] Cannot drag a single character selection in StyledText
196487 Korean input text does not display correctly with C4EB
199099 ExpandBar is not high contrast complient. Cannot manually fix this issue.
199156 ExpandBar does not scroll properly
201326 computeSize on empty Link widget returns 0 for height

SWT Build 3.4 08 - Tuesday August 28, 2007

108591 SWT StyledText does not support inline Input method
148530 Text SWT.MULTI with backgroundimage don't show deleted characters
165108 Spinner can not apply the value that input to text-box.
180686 DBCS3.3: strikeout rendering issue on WindowsVista
189292 [DND] FileTransfer disables image feedback
192861 VM crash opening browser widget with much html
196791 SWT ToolTip does not render Arabian text tooltip correctly on SLED10 Linux
200101 TableColumn sets image when SWT.CENTER alignment is used.
200153 Provide AllowSetForegroundWindow in org.eclipse.swt.internal.win32.OS
200694 TableItem.getBounds() wrong.
201181 Basic Authentication of XMLHttpRequest crashes Eclipse
201217 NPE in Canvas.kEventControlSetFocusPart(

SWT Build 3.4 07 - Tuesday August 21, 2007

37031 Full screen exclusive (not maximized) support for SWT
45294 [Jobs] NPE in .log using 1021
76182 Display.setSynchronizer considered harmful
140270 Mouse wheel does not fire selection event on Scale
150365 setImeInputMode() is not correct with MS-IME2000
164755 Inconsistent z-order for ON_TOP shells between win32 and MacOS
189149 Scale widget freaks out if layout() is called from a selection listener.
194707 Display.getDefault() deadlocks with Display constructor
199109 Changing foreground color on Canvas does not work
194146 CVSUIPlugin.stop not being called
196979 Shell.getBounds() wrong when shell is maximized.
197964 Table.setBackground() fails if TableItem.setBackground() was used

SWT Build 3.4 06b - Tuesday August 14, 2007

TextLayout improvements
199463 org.eclipse.swt.List is not keyboard-only accessable

SWT Build 3.4 06a - Wednesday August 08, 2007

Problem reports fixed

7747 Arrow keys should switch focus between buttons
198922 CTabFolder code causes Widget is disposed exception
199133 Combo#cut() does not place deleted text to clipboard

SWT Build 3.4 06 - Thursday August 02, 2007

Problem reports fixed

165108 Spinner can not apply the value that input to text-box.
178100 Spinner.getSelection does not return correct value within Modify listener
180686 DBCS3.3: strikeout rendering issue on WindowsVista
194275 CTabFolder close box should highlight without needing mouse move

SWT Build 3.4 05 - Tuesday July 31, 2007

Problem reports fixed

121978 spinner's listener problem on Mac
153936 Eclipse freezes when opening an editor
165108 Spinner can not apply the value that input to text-box.
189292 [DND] FileTransfer disables image feedback
195650 Multiselection with Shifht ARROW_UP/DOWN not working on MAC
197431 Spinner.getSelection() doesn't return the correct value if it has been updated by typing
198053 Invoking spinner.getSelection() in a modify event causes infinite loop

SWT Build 3.4 04 - Tuesday July 24, 2007

Problem reports fixed

49724 Tree computeSize different between platforms
167562 SIGSEGV in Tree#destroyItem()
179464 Combo doesn't allow to change background color more than once
179773 TreeViewer setSelection does not scroll horizontally to show selection
191260 NPE in Display.readImageRef
192700 CCombo does not loose focus when hidden
193181 Gdip.Graphics_FillRectangle needs to flip the rect if width < 0 or height < 0
193213 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when initializing GC
193561 public Image (Device device, String filename) fails on WinCe
194702 [browser]Click URL linked to a new window, pop up two browser window
195650 Multiselection with Shifht ARROW_UP/DOWN not working on MAC
197336 Negative values not displaying with Read-Only style combo.

SWT Build 3.4 03 - Tuesday July 17, 2007

Problem reports fixed

177578 ExpandItem (of the ExpandBar) returns wrong header height in Gnome (Debian Linux)
192861 VM crash opening browser widget with much html

SWT Build 3.4 02 - Tuesday July 10, 2007

SWT Build 3.4 01 - Tuesday July 3, 2007

Problem reports fixed

110092 - [WorkbenchLauncher] Progress in splash cannot render in Chinese
161863 - Execution flag for in missing

SWT Build 3.3 045g - Friday June 8, 2007

Problem reports fixed

191741 - cheese in java editor

SWT Build 3.3 045f - Thursday June 7, 2007

Problem reports fixed

191412 - FocusIn and FocusOut events are processed with different cases in Shell.

SWT Build 3.3 045e - Thursday June 7, 2007

Problem reports fixed

191372 - Cannot unminimize eclipse from dock

SWT Build 3.3 045d - Thursday June 7, 2007

Problem reports fixed

179945 - GC constructor thread invalid access missing from API Javadoc
179946 - GC dispose thread invalid access missing from API Javadoc
191072 - Existing shell window title gets overwritten

SWT Build 3.3 045c - Tuesday June 5, 2007

Problem reports fixed

180482 - Synchronize view sometimes goes deafult color when ctrl adding files

SWT Build 3.3 045b - Friday June 1, 2007

Problem reports fixed

190262 - CCombo doesn't receive key-events
190480 - regression: FocusOut not fired for Texts in an SWT.APPLICATION_MODAL shell

SWT Build 3.3 045a - Thursday May 31, 2007

Problem reports fixed

129456 - SWTSpy code has no license specified
149040 - Change javadoc for Table addSelectionListener
189992 - Column in problem view not properly refreshed when resizing the column width

Other changes in this build

SWT Build 3.3 045 - Thursday May 31, 2007

Problem reports fixed

158043 - [Mac] Right clicking on app in Dock and selecting Quit does nothing if file needs to be saved
173559 - Javadoc for GC methods requiring advanced graphics
178758 - SWT.MOVEMENT_* needs better Javadoc
185862 - AIX 5.3 motif - Characters above \u007f show as "iso8859" in some swt widgets
189339 - SWT event loop doesn't dispatch Apple Event.
189465 - Browser can crash on RHEL3 if xulrunner is present (motif only)
189862 - Link to wrong file on Snippets page
189960 - [browser] executing window.print() does not print
189970 - GC drawImage fails on bidi + icon + double buffered
190033 - add library build support for s390

SWT Build 3.3 044g - Friday May 25, 2007

Problem reports fixed

183430 - [DND] Drag and Drop between groups causes Eclipse thread to hang in COM.DoDragDrop() indefinitely.
188932 - Can't enter paths in Text fields on Red Hat Workstation 5

SWT Build 3.3 044f - Friday May 25, 2007

Problem reports fixed

188859 - [render] colored labels shifted to the right and margin smaller between icon and text

SWT Build 3.3 044e - Thursday May 24, 2007

Problem reports fixed

181410 - [Browser] browser steal focus on IE7
186722 - Foreground color not used from EraseItem callback
187273 - Dialog package explorer on move reorg user input page scrolled

SWT Build 3.3 044d - Thursday May 24, 2007

Problem reports fixed

185607 - Can't copy and paste into dialog text fields from some applications
187971 - Custom Draw Tree brings cheese when using Image and Bold
188265 - Trees flicker when focus changes
188381 - Tree Viewer Collapse Extremely Slow on Vista
188567 - TreeEditor closes CCombo after 500ms

SWT Build 3.3 044b - Thursday May 17, 2007

Problem reports fixed

185559 - Eclipse crashes with "JVM terminated. Exit Code=1
187560 - READ_ONLY combos not tall enough
187597 - BeginBufferedPaint does not work in RTL and advanced

SWT Build 3.3 044a - Wednesday May 16, 2007

Problem reports fixed

183503 - Text formatting finishes too early when pasted

SWT Build 3.3 044 - Wednesday May 16, 2007

Problem reports fixed

185916 - StyledText.setSelectionForeground(Color) has no effect
186843 - [OLE] IlegalArgumentException while closing a dialog
187215 - Enabling owner draw removes horizontal scrollbar

SWT Build 3.3 043 - Wednesday May 16, 2007

Problem reports fixed

55142 - Horizontal scrollbar disabled with editor content horizontally scrolled
66101 - [browser] Embedded browser makes annoying "click" sound
182083 - Redraw artifacts using GlyphMetrics
183528 - Editor goes bezerk when pasting Indian script
184916 - Variables view not painted correctly after column resize
184950 - cheese in the console
185231 - Mac: Cannot get rid of native tooltip in a table with columns
185910 - Custom drawing listeners produce display artifacts when used with virtual TreeViewer
186378 - To input Japanese character in Java editor causes dot garbages ONLY at first.

SWT Build 3.3 042 - Tuesday May 15, 2007

Problem reports fixed

67652 - some GC calls are off by one pixel in mirrored mode
158122 - BIDI: StyledText does not paint selection well when mirrored
186580 - GC#drawRoundRectangle looks ugly on advance mode
186611 - Alpha channels being lost on Windows XP classic theme
186757 - No context menus in tables

SWT Build 3.3 041 - Friday May 11, 2007

Problem reports fixed

75813 - [browser] StatusTextEvent not fired when hovering over link on the mac
120725 - [DND] Drag and Drop - Snippet185 fails
154036 - [Browser] Cannot Edit a Html IFrame which is in swt
163716 - Benchmark difference between SWT-GTK Linux and SWT windows
164120 - StyledText can open out of sync with scrollbar
177156 - [Browser] The javascript 'top.close() ' crashes eclipse
182547 - tree tooltip problems with "activation follows mouse" (tweakui/x-mouse)
183640 - Combo on Linux missing, doesn't show up. FormData
184111 - [DND] Not possible to drag multiple classes to a new package
184592 - Calling List#setTopIndex() on Lists created with SWT.V_SCROLL scrambles the widget
185089 - Compile error in org.eclipse.swt.examples/plugin.xml
185313 - Inconsistency with focus on selected action
185529 - horizontal scrollbar missing in owner drawn tree
185532 - wrong selection length in owner drawn table
185534 - Table sends MenuDetect twice
186028 - BIDI: GC.getStyle() never returns SWT.RIGHT_TO_LEFT in SWT.DOUBLE_BUFFERED mode on Vista
186034 - NPE in Shell.filterProc
186054 - [DND] Combo Drag-and-drop performed twice
186335 - Eclipse active without shell activation events
186448 - Exceptions selecting tree items
186557 - No Deactivate events from ON_TOP shells

SWT Build 3.3 040 - Tuesday May 8, 2007

Problem reports fixed

150357 - [Linux] [cairo] GC.setAdvance(true) and subsequent drawing of images fails
178779 - [typing] IAE in JFaceTextUtil.getPartialTopIndex()
180511 - [typing] Editor flashes when extending selection by word with Ctrl+Shift+Right
181843 - On Mac, Widget.kEventControlTrack(int, int, int) inserts unacceptable delays into asyncExec message processing
185263 - Link widget calculates incorrect width when "&" is part of text
185617 - [Presentations] AIOBE on CTabFolder setSelectionBackground

SWT Build 3.3 039b - Wednesday May 2, 2007

Problem reports fixed

184266 - [Viewers] Tree on Extensions page initially scrolled to the right
185090 - Cannot Start (VM crash)

SWT Build 3.3 039a - Wednesday May 2, 2007

Problem reports fixed

184922 - GTK: crash when calling Table.getItemHeight()

SWT Build 3.3 039 - Tuesday May 1, 2007

Problem reports fixed

184774 - Copy-paste error in SWT.RIGHT javadoc
184836 - Missing shell activation events

SWT Build 3.3 038 - Monday April 30, 2007

Problem reports fixed

127839 - many ControlExample example widgets never lose their background
127979 - backgroundimage bug in gnome
136332 - Shell.getSize is wrong for non-decorated shells
136739 - SWT Table always has lines visible in GTK
141687 - Background with INHERIT_DEFAULT has wrong origin for children
149208 - Link widget foreground color not set
150751 - In GTK, setBackgroundImage and setBackgroundMode failed when children setForeground
153191 - setting NO_BACKGROUND style on Canvas turns it fully black
153197 - Canvas' parent does not lose background image
160292 - NPE when opening existing workspace on Motif
166956 - [Browser] SSL Security Panel doesn't response after shown on XULRunner1801 at SuSe Linux 10
167686 - Background/Foreground Color style bit not respected without a border/scroll bar
168034 - Deadlock in browser control (IE?)
169290 - [browser] Different behavor of opening a PDF file when setting URL and clicking the URL
169292 - [Browser] Download same file fails after cancel twice
169293 - [browser] AD pop-up doesn't show if flash plug-in not installed.(No OpenWindow listener)
169664 - On platforms other than Windows, setting background color to Composites inside TabFolder doesn't work as expected (like in Windows)
172757 - popups close on resize
172792 - Pressing Ctrl+PageUp or PageDown in Search Window crashes JVM
174454 - StyledText advanced text services not working for IBM Korean C4EB
175259 - SWTException stacktrace misleading when in Display.syncExec
176491 - MessageBox consumes 100% CPU on Linux/GTK
177374 - SEGV in libswt-pi-gtk-3330
178008 - Offsets when rendering text in a tree/table item
178388 - CTabItem gets clipped on right hand side
178495 - [Browser] Control-N from Browser causes multiple errors.
179105 - Revert CTabItem unselected tab separator style for simple tabs
179209 - Gray box surrounding help icon looks awful in manifest editors (Linux)
179266 - [Presentations] DBCS3.3: tab label "..." isn't added in 3.0 presentation
179465 - [Browser]Crash on Linux when visiting in swt 3.3m6
180621 - overlap image transparency failure in 16bits color quality
181931 - double-click after opening brace does not select all block
182906 - Table selection with CTRL+SHIFT does not send events
183368 - [64] JVM crash during startup on Linux x86_64 with I20070418-1012
183830 - "Xlib: unexpected async reply" and deadlock in GLX.glXMakeCurrent(int, int, int)
184385 - SetItemCount() in Table extremly slow on MacOSX when lowering itemcount

SWT Build 3.3 036a - Tuesday April 24, 2007

Problem reports fixed

82500 - TabFolder should not use PtCalcCanvas in getClientArea
119109 - KeyEvent.doit does not work for a CCombo
133597 - column resize cursor shows at wrong position
154101 - GTK Printing
162942 - [Browser] Textbox on webpage locks up after pushing "Back"
169291 - [DnD] Combo: Incorrect DragStart when mouse hover still inside combo region
176307 - [Browser] SWT Browser crashes Eclipse if page contents set by setText contains a named anchor
179203 - [OSX] GC(Printer).getClipping() is always [0,0,0,0]
179204 - [OSX] Printer instance unusable after cancelJob()
179368 - Need to draw text selection using native functionality
181956 - Program.findProgram(String) unexpectedly returns null
182498 - org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Text is not editable and set a _foreground_ color, the background color changes to default.
182748 - StyledText cheese when redrawing selection in FULL_SELECTION mode
182777 - Image.getImageData crashes VM in win32.OS.MoveMemory
182810 - [OpenGL] GLCanvas.isCurrent() always returns false on Windows
182990 - NullPointerException in monitorEnumProc() in Class Display
182991 - widget is disposed exception when disposing TableEditor
183253 - protected methods in wpf version of TextTransfer are public in others
183254 - Mac: calling TreeItem.setText can cause a SetData callback
183280 - TableCursor.paint() uses string != "", should be string.length() > 0

SWT Build 3.3 036 - Tuesday April 17, 2007

Problem reports fixed

61023 - [Program] Program.getImageData() returns null for executables (*.exe files)
81467 - Draw2D fails to print on Mac OSX 10.3
86785 - [Program] Program.findProgram() doesn't find Icons for IconHandlers
96244 - [Program] Program.findProgram does not pick up customized applications for file extensions
143707 - sorted Table column background overrides TableItem background
148891 - [Program] Program.getImageData() fails for Adobe Acrobat and others.
153936 - Eclipse freezes when opening an editor
156817 - Background-Color of TreeItem should override Sort-Column-Color
164822 - clicking behind selected text in Text widget misplaces the cursor
167728 - Vista has cheese when resizing a column
177401 - SWT will not build on QNX Neutrino 6.3 and greater
178294 - UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-com-wpf-3332 or swt-com-wpf
178639 - DateTime and Spinner preferred height wrong on Vista
178748 - Sort-Column draws over customownerdrawn selection color in Tree
178766 - ToolTip jumps around
180818 - [Browser] getWebBrowser() method of SWT.Mozilla returns null when called for a browser embedded within a page of a MultiPageEditor
181302 - [Linux] SWT Deactivate event no longer fired when a Shell is deactivated
181405 - [Browser] Opening web page with applet causes Eclipse to hang
182001 - Whacky behaviour in the update manager with WPF drop of Eclipse on Windows Vista

SWT Build 3.3 035 - Tuesday April 10, 2007

Problem reports fixed

14654 - [typing] Single line selection on triple-click
43746 - [DND] Null Transfer for DND listener causes VM to hang
141569 - opening TableEditor on partially-visible item appears twice
151891 - Table.computeSize returns wrong value on GTK
162578 - [Browser] Changing status message in Ubuntu's built-in Firefox browser doesn't work
167301 - AddFontResourceEx missing for ANSI in OS
176167 - Form's BusyIndicator hangs workbench on GTK
176379 - [64] Memory corruption on Windows x64 in SWT when calling GdiplusStartup
176792 - [OLE] org.eclipse.swt.internal.ole.win32.ComObject misbehavior in multithreaded application
177123 - Disposed TableEditor recieves resize event and crashes
178757 - [consistency] TableColum/TreeColumns last resize listener called when control is resized
180031 - [browser] NPE if browser field in WindowEvent not filled in
180204 - Tree with style SWT.VIRTUAL | SWT.CHECK doesn't correctly check nodes without children
180376 - Eclipse/SWT crashes the JVM
180540 - Default behaviour for FileDialog different on Vista
180615 - too many paint events have been sent out when key down in Canvas
180773 - CTabFolder's getSelection() javadocs is incorrect
180821 - Eclipse won't start due to error in System.Windows.FontStretch.FromOpenTypeStretch
180863 - Top menus can be populated by accelerators after shell is disabled
180997 - Tree: Right aligned columns squish too far to the right.

SWT Build 3.3 034 - Tuesday March 27, 2007

Problem reports fixed

150079 - Table/Tree.getItem() returns null when Table/Tree is horizontally scrolled.
166198 - Image transparency problem in tree
172832 - GC.getClipping( ) difference GTK / Windows
174180 - Table.getItem(Point) always returns null when first column is 0 pixels wide
177210 - Stack overflow in StyledTextRenderer
178134 - [browser] Mozilla: reimplement hooking of DOM listeners
178426 - [DND] DragSourceEffect creates cheese
178597 - Error Message in Console (gtkcellview.c)
178735 - [DND] Stops working by simply adding an EraseItem Listener in Tree
178767 - CTabFolder with SWT.BOTTOM draws too many tab borders
178820 - Suspicious code in CTabItem.drawLeftUnselectedBorder()
178907 - CTabItem draws extra vertical separator one pixel too far at bottom
179161 - Program.findProgram(String extension) should gracefully handle long input
179314 - Error in BIDI screenshot

SWT Build 3.3 033g - Thursday March 22, 2007

Problem reports fixed

160703 - Truncations in Preferences panel of Install/Update
177389 - CTabItem: Tabs on bottom draw with a diagonal line
178814 - Tree Selection weird for first column when custom-owner-drawn is used

SWT Build 3.3 033f - Thursday March 22, 2007

Problem reports fixed

178326 - Last tab on the right of CTabFolder draws badly.
178705 - Javadoc warnings in I20070321-1800

SWT Build 3.3 033b - Wednesday March 21, 2007

Problem reports fixed

177885 - DBCS3.3: corruptions in editor on WindowsVista
178325 - ControlExample Tree tab forgets "Moveable Columns" attribute
178466 - Compiler warning in I20070320-1620

SWT Build 3.3 033a - Wednesday March 21, 2007

Problem reports fixed

178180 - SWT browser in linux should load plugins under MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH

SWT Build 3.3 033 - Tuesday March 20, 2007

Problem reports fixed

177927 - Triple-Click broken if drag source installed on StyledText
178115 - Javadoc warnings in I20070319-1005
178185 - Tabs in Debug configurations are messed up
178337 - Cursor selecting text provides no feedback
178364 - Type-o in Snippet260

SWT Build 3.3 032 - Tuesday March 20, 2007

Problem reports fixed

99564 - Advanced graphics does not support mirrored mode
138579 - StyledText: Support for custom double-click (+drag) behavior
162015 - infinite loop of repaint events on canvas view in plugin
165106 - [consistency] Combo.setItems(...)
171562 - IllegalArgumentException when resizing a sashform with a table within
173117 - [Browser] add support for binding JavaXPCOM to Browser
173573 - Disposing image during printing crashes SWT on MacOS
173658 - Transform + SWT.DOUBLE_BUFFERED + SWT.RIGHT_TO_LEFT - not drawn mirrored
173684 - TabFolder displayed improperly at small sizes
174569 - Baseline for new Search field text doesn't match Mac platform
176719 - Display.getActiveShell() returns different results on Windows compared to Linux
177858 - Contributions to CTabFolder, CTabItem: add highlight, remove ellipses, icon always showing, right edge of tab rounded
178098 - Compiler warnings in 3.3M6 warmup build

SWT Build 3.3 031 - Monday March 19, 2007

Problem reports fixed

157797 - Improve javadoc of Control#addKeyListener(..) to tell about changed traversal behavior
168107 - CTabFolder - SWT.BORDER + SWT.FLAT = cheese
170393 - CTabFolder display bugs
175870 - Eclipse gets SIGSEGV
176115 - Combo with SWT.READ_ONLY does not trigger ModifyEvent
176417 - SWT Tree#setTopItem(TreeItem) on Mac OS X doesn't take the header height into account
176510 - SWT (vertical) ScrollBar of Tree on Mac OS X will not fire SWT.Selection on mouse-wheel movements
176609 - custom drawn Table with SWT.Virtual items performs to much paint-events
177065 - ToolItem Image not painted disabled on Mac OS X (when the ToolItem is set to be disabled)
177223 - [DND] DropTargetEffect API
177531 - Custom draw problems with focus item in Tree and Table
177616 - NullPointerException in Mozilla.Deactivate()

SWT Build 3.3 030 - Tuesday March 13, 2007

Problem reports fixed

163934 - [Mac] Eclipse 3.X on Mac OS X TreeEditor Problem
175707 - removing MeasureItem listener and clearing items inverts table
176594 - Crash with an SWT program

SWT Build 3.3 029 - Tuesday March 6, 2007

Problem reports fixed

77174 - Reparenting support on MacOS X
108407 - [Contributions] widgets: Context menu too small at borders
108651 - DCR - Add API to make a single line text control be a Search field
111718 - G2X: Print dialog of Help Contents doesn't function properly on Linux
151454 - custom draw resulting from checkbox click does not appear (motif)
162687 - SWT_AWT: Crash on Mac when disposing and then creating a new Composite containing an embedded Frame
174395 - [Browser] SWTError (XPCOM error -2147467259) when using the SWT 3.3 Broswer widget on Linux with Mozilla 1.7.8
175697 - vm is crashing during mac tests for N20070227-0010
176032 - NPE in Mozilla create

SWT Build 3.3 028 - Tuesday February 27, 2007

Problem reports fixed

28842 - Need a way to turn on/off the focus ring
171776 - Printing across multiple pages creates incorrect output when advanced graphics (antialiasing) is used
173371 - [OLE] OleClientSite fails open document if Microsoft Word is not installed
173764 - Mac OS X icon changes from 'nice' to 'nasty' during launch of 3.3M5
173782 - [Browser] Excessive memory from Browser widget on GTK
174547 - [Browser] [64] Mozilla XPCOM broken in 3.2.2

SWT Build 3.3 027 - Tuesday February 20, 2007

Problem reports fixed

49098 - [OLE] Scrollbars (do not show/behavior not consistent) in OleEditor for Excel
112724 - [OLE] OleClientSite.doVerb cause JVM crash
132444 - Tree: Selection not properly redrawn when background image set
133161 - Table/Tree inconsistency with sorted column bg color when adding PaintItem listeners
138165 - [OLE] Cannot move focus to Excel when OleClientSite(..."Excel.Sheet") is running
150990 - Table selection drawing incorrectly when custom draw
170907 - Right click a shell of SWT.NO_FOCUS and ON_TOP to bring up a context menu will trigger a shell deactivated event
173666 - Expandbar treats any mouse click as a left click
174130 - Transparent PNG corruption with SWT 3.2
174467 - Drag source image effect does not appear on OSX

SWT Build 3.3 026 - Tuesday February 13, 2007

Problem reports fixed

132304 - Table: FULL_SELECTION focus outline too short when background image set
132828 - Internal Web Browser doesn't work with SeaMonkey 1.0/Firefox 1.5 on AMD64
153664 - Double click on finder icon does not bring Eclipse to the foreground
172583 - Cairo implementation needed for drawBackground
172843 - [Program] Notes bookmark URL cannot be launched by swt for Linux-GTK
173089 - SWT Toggle Buttons on CoolBar keep pressed.
173273 - setLinesVisible(true) does not work on Fedora Core 6
173427 - Missing documentation for SWT.CANCEL in Text
173670 - Disabling Controls does not prevent popup menu from functioning
173846 - Table's FULL_SELECTION does not work correctly on custom draw table with background color

SWT Build 3.3 025c - Wednesday February 7, 2007

Problem reports fixed

172590 - [Browser] can't compile embedded browser with firefox using N20070201-0010 (v3324)
172888 - Caret disapears on 'Go to Line...'
172918 - Drag not working in I20070205-0009

SWT Build 3.3 025a - Tuesday February 6, 2007

Problem reports fixed

26605 - SWT Table Mouse Down event not firing properly
79213 - Support Mozilla on all platforms (if already installed)
144709 - toolkit.createText for SWT.MULTI widgets don't draw a border as they should on OS X
154944 - Holding mouse down on Table blocks Display.asyncExec and syncExec
166958 - swt file open dialog fails to open on FC6 with gnome
170877 - Editor viewport not correct after restart
172754 - [DND] Drag n drop of classes shouldn't let package nodes open

SWT Build 3.3 025 - Monday February 5, 2007

Problem reports fixed

158746 - Canvas#scroll forces an update - any way around this besides setRedraw(false)
162253 - SWT SystemTray support on OSX - TrayItems not appearing
166483 - [Progress] Random shells come to the front when compare editor shows progress dialog
166760 - [browser]RedHat EL4Update4, swt.browser cannot show with installed xulrunner
167744 - Vista Tracker incredibly slow
169048 - NullPointerException in Scrollable when parent=null
170623 - [browser] Fails to find xulrunner on 64-bit systems
171691 - controls on hijacked splash shell disappear
171995 - SWT Labels does not show accelerator characters when thier parent is a TabFolder
172001 - Javadoc warnings in N20070129-0010
172175 - [DND] StyledText.getSelection() not valid during DnD?
172179 - with SWT.MouseMove moves to wrong location
172265 - [DND] unpredicable caret motion
172537 - No coloured cursor on GTK

SWT Build 3.3 024 - Tuesday January 30, 2007

Problem reports fixed

163339 - Unexpected results when using drawFocus with advanced graphics is enabled and DOUBLE_BUFFERED
168384 - Problem with grayed disabled button image
170571 - Warnings in SWT launcher sample
170973 - [Program] Error when opening word and excel documents
171105 - View using SWT_AWT crashes on Mac if open at startup
171278 - patch for org.eclipse.swt.win32.wce_ppc.arm/build_custom.xml
171358 - [browser] exception thrown when JS call "confirm" in a frameset structure
171484 - javadoc warning in I20070123-1030

SWT Build 3.3 023 - Tuesday January 23, 2007

Problem reports fixed

103898 - JVELAYT10 - Spinners text don't work in FillLayout Customize window
118709 - Support Windows mnemonic (and focus) hiding options
128212 - Tooltips appear off right edge of screen
142947 - [DND] Classes to provide drag under feedback should be public
155817 - [Viewers] Treeview expand/collapse ignores somewhat quick + and - clicks (doubleclicks)
166548 - SashForm no longer working on OSX
166923 - Spinner.getSelection() returns a wrong value
167656 - Text widget has inconsistent font sizes on the mac
167748 - Program class incorrectly escapes already-escaped characters on Mac
167831 - check box table images contain extra pixels
168429 - StyledText: selection and scroll bar thumbs not correct
168444 - NPE when using mouse to select next editor
168700 - [OpenModes] Double clicks not working in N20061220-0010
168821 - Eclipse will crash with message "Widget is disposed".
170785 - Table Headers getting random images on Vista when cycling through sort indicator
170813 - getSelection() method for VIRTUAL Tree returns max. eight items
170849 - Provide an API for custom controls to detect a drag operation
170900 - javadoc warnings in N200701180010
171048 - Resizing on Vista causes black bars to appear

SWT Build 3.3 022 - Tuesday January 16, 2007

Problem reports fixed

163629 - [MAC]SWT_AWT: Eclipse crashes when embed SWT_AWT.new_Frame in a ViewPart.
167124 - [AWT] SWT_AWT bridge doesn't run on AIX
167799 - DirectoryChooser causes eclipse to freeze.
168483 - On SLED10, context menu does not display on a popup shell with SWT.ON_TOP style bit
169784 - org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Link does not fire SelectionEvents
169845 - Mac OS X SWT: extremely slow behavior of Table with larger numbers of items
170463 - javadoc warning in N20070115-0010

SWT Build 3.3 021 - Tuesday January 9, 2007

Problem reports fixed

104779 - ScrollBar SelectionEvent detail field not being set correctly at end of a drag
141652 - Shell does not always restore focus after dialog closed
147518 - StyledText down arrow (cursor) broken
164355 - Horizontal scrolling occurs when calling Tree.setTopItem()
167124 - [AWT] SWT_AWT bridge doesn't run on AIX
167391 - Accessible.get_accSelection(int pvarChildren) has error when multiple items are selected
168043 - SWT_AWT not working in CTabFolder with JDK 6 on Linux
169413 [Viewers] SWT/JFace TableEditors don't work in 3.3M4 on OSX
169569 - Child Shell's Image changes dock icon on OS X
169712 - [Launcher] Eclipse won't launch in Mac OS X 10.5

SWT Build 3.3 020d - Thursday December 14, 2006

Problem reports fixed

146171 - JVM crash using SWT_AWT
164493 - StyledText doesn't support advanced text services for Korean IME
166935 - Accesibility - JAWS does not read out keyboard shortcuts
167257 - open file menu not working on fedora core
167476 - Text verify event fields different between GTK and every other platform
167491 - inconsistent versioning for swt fragments
167872 - HandleLeak in Font.getFontData()
167925 - org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86 still has 3.2.1 version numbers
167991 - Javadoc warnings in I20061213-1800

SWT Build 3.3 020 - Tuesday December 12, 2006

Problem reports fixed

109253 - Support gre64.conf
132876 - List control documention is vague
158982 - Table Headers getting random images on Vista
161310 - [Browser] Re-examine need for swt-profile
165033 - Table vertical lines always showing
166793 - Custom-Drawing Selection-Color not working on col = 0 with sorting
166942 - Application does not start maximized if setMaximized called before
166971 - Read only text widget renders background differently with WIN XP Theme
167219 - NPE in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Menu._setVisible

SWT Build 3.3 019 - Tuesday December 5, 2006

Problem reports fixed

39596 - [Accessibility] Should inform user when there is no help for a control
75812 - [browser] Cursor over Safari Browser does not change
82272 - List returned by Device#getFontList(...) has a lot of repetition
102099 - NPE at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Table.getColumns(
114007 - The GC line width must not be an int
146626 - VM crash when setting a font.
146632 - Can't select font "American Typewriter Regular".
158903 - org.eclipse.swt.internal.Library needs a way to override java.library.path
165036 - Strange table coloring on Vista
165091 - Eclipse 3.2.x consistently crashes on Vista
165712 - Create wrapper Shell around existing handle
166264 - CTabItem unnecessarily redraws entire Tab on setImage()
166479 - Javadoc warnings in N20061130-2300

SWT Build 3.3 018 - Tuesday November 28, 2006

Problem reports fixed

155655 - [DND] 'Alt' does not request DROP_LINK
165108 - Spinner can not apply the value that input to text-box

SWT Build 3.3 017 - Tuesday November 21, 2006

Problem reports fixed

150169 - Incorrect Tab Title for HTML File without <title> Tag
158796 - MessageBox blocks display thread on linux
161830 - incorrect SWT.NO_FOCUS behaviour for Shell windows on Linux
162198 - DnD removes selection and moves caret

SWT Build 3.3 016 - Tuesday November 14, 2006

Problem reports fixed

36070 - no mouse move in button when dragging
68069 - Copy unreliable after longer useage
78550 - [consistency] mac doesn't fire MouseUp very often
79084 - Load TrueType fonts directly from a file..
90820 - Canvas setSize don't work for sizes > 32767 without trhwoing any exception
105750 - Multiple Mouse Listener Bug
125222 - Unable to reorder perspective icons via drag and drop
158831 - SWT Spinner selection value error
163587 - Resource leak in quick access dialog leads to eventual crash
163594 - Program.launch doesn't work on OSX
163729 - GC.setLineDash corrupts internal data on exception
163824 - When expanding tree in variables view, icon does not show expanded
164131 - Table columns widths too small on Vista
164328 - pserver URL is incorrect

SWT Build 3.3 015 - Tuesday November 7, 2006

Problem reports fixed

151151 - Tree should have "twisties" on vista
161511 - Thai: Unable to display Thai characters on SWT Widgets under Linux environment
161550 - Expanding a TreeItem on Mac OS X fires MouseUp-MouseDown in the wrong order
161809 - [OpenGL] Mac GLCanvas does not immediately update GL state upon resize
162353 - Image set to ToolItem not properly alpha-blending
162598 - Multiple JVM terminations

SWT Build 3.3 014d - Wednesday November 1, 2006


New DateTime control.

SWT Build 3.3 014b - Tuesday October 31, 2006

Problem reports fixed

19945 - DCR: date/time widget would be useful
139711 - Eclipse loses keyboard shortcuts on OSX
162967 - Last element of a tree doesn't expand on double-click

SWT Build 3.3 014 - Monday October 30, 2006

Problem reports fixed

155404 - [Browser] embedded Mozilla crashes with SIGSEGV when opening binary files
158175 - Java core [WM_BUTTONDOWN] when selecting a tree in Vista
159568 - Large system.out statements crash system
161533 - JVM crash [Tree.setSelection] because SWT (Vista?) error
162084 - Tree.setRedraw(true) doesn't redraw
162146 - [Browser] Appending to stream hangs the SWT Browser
162170 - Tree items shifted to the left when collapsing
162411 - setExpanded(false) doesn't work when tree item is not visible (regression)

SWT Build 3.3 013 - Tuesday October 24, 2006

Problem reports fixed

9401 - Still get resize cursor even when Table not resizable
133943 - [DCR] Provide way to query a previously set Cursor
139509 - Tables with SWT.VIRTUAL cause MeasureItem, PaintItem and EraseItem to fire repeatedly on mouse movement
153448 - Tree.setRedraw(true) causes the drawing operations to be ignored on solaris
154429 - [64] HotSpot Virtual Machine error while starting eclipse3.3M1
156985 - Invoking COM methods of type INVOKE_FUNC have different behavior in Eclipse 3.1.2 and Eclipse 3.2
159586 - Need a way to expand TreeItems without causing scrolling
161259 - Embedded Browser does not appear to get mouse move/capture (WebKit/Mac OS X)

SWT Build 3.3 012 - Tuesday October 17, 2006

Problem reports fixed

105101 - Transform translations not accounted for in GC.drawFocus()
105764 - org.eclipse.swt.custom.ControlEditor.computeBounds() is package private
150782 - SWT cause JVM crash
151142 - pixel corruptions in table with Check flag and Images
153196 - Paint example draws lots of garbage on mac
155389 - Cursors don't show coloured if created from Image
160498 - Need the Tracker class to accept empty Rectangle lists
160647 - Table widget leaks
160667 - The example doesnt up to date.....

SWT Build 3.3 011 - Tuesday October 3, 2006

Problem reports fixed

103809 - WinCE: VM crash on Display.dispose() call
155451 - Bad drawing in Tree and Table
156445 - Shell initialization too slow
156754 - tooltips not read by screen reader/MSAA for toolbar items w/ image
157544 - List: preferred width incorrect after items are removed
158212 - [64] Highlight Colors all appear black and Fortran Formating Offset
158742 - Eclipse terminates with jvm exit code=1 when trying to run dynamic web project
158790 - external browser can't be found on Redhat
158797 - FileDialog limit on multi-select
158970 - Disabling parent Composite doesn't throw FocusOut for the focused child control

SWT Build 3.3 010a - Tuesday September 26, 2006

Problem reports fixed

JUnit failure - throw SWT.ERROR_IO instead of SWT.ERROR_NO_HANDLES when image filename does not exist

SWT Build 3.3 010 - Tuesday September 26, 2006

Problem reports fixed

9953 - When the window is launched Maximized, it doesn't
93938 - Combo displays selection range without focus
115291 - [Program] Program.execute fails when command or filename contains whitespace
149774 - [Program] Improve command handling of Program#execute(String) on Win32
156675 - Repaint issue with radio buttons in preference page
156943 - TootlTip display error for negative location
157292 - MouseWheel event provides wrong coordinates in case of negative x coordinate (event outside widget)
157634 - Sibling decorations traversed in wrong order when decorations disposed
157635 - BIDI:StyledText Selection of text, and BIDI formating not correct
157670 - Problem loading BMP
157689 - Problem loading BMP with negative height (bottom-up)
157846 - Decorations disappear in Tree when adding Columns
157865 - moving column can lose sort indicator
158411 - Regression: Alt+Numpad keystrokes broken (Part 2)
158462 - cleanup VerifyEvent constructor
158472 - AnimateWindow call makes SWT unusable on NT4.
158577 - combo.setItem dispatchs a ModifyListener event with empty text

SWT Build 3.3 009a - Thurssday September 21, 2006

Problem reports fixed

157914 - Unable to open external Safari browser

SWT Build 3.3 009 - Tuesday September 19, 2006

Problem reports fixed

21009 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CTabFolder
108175 - TableColumn sort indicator not updating to new Font properly
114244 - CCombo computeSize needs to max item width with text width
117752 - CCombo text drawn too high
137786 - new 'default' drag & drop feedback interferes with other feedback
151348 - drop text in Text widget duplicates text
151633 - [KeyBindings] 2 popups displayed on Linux
155212 - Misprints in SWT Win32 code ?
157440 - On Mac, can't drawText after setBackgroundPattern() is called.
157478 - Web services wizard scale and graph all weird
157557 - SWT.Settings javadoc states incorrect value

SWT Build 3.3 008 - Tuesday September 12, 2006


CCombo now fires SWT.Verify events
StyledTextPrintOptions.printLineNumbers field

Problem reports fixed

32683 - "up" arrow button displays as "right".
110163 - X Window System error, using Swing system look and feel, rendering SVG using SWT_AWT in non-top stack layout
114169 - [Program] Program.getImageData() not implemented on Mac
150300 - path.close() has no effect
150304 - cubicTo and quadTo methods of Path not working
150306 - trouble with drawing a string
151150 - Multi Selection Tree only last 2 items are 'really' selected
152769 - StackOverflowError (recursive callWindowProc)
153841 - Macintosh only: values in some text fields of launch configuration dialog are slightly shifted, obscuring first character
153939 - Problem with gc.drawString()
154052 - Table tooltip does not show after selection of a table item
154736 - All Fonts appear the same
154746 - Path Clipping does not work properly on Mac, GTK and Motif
154928 - CCombo should fire Verify events
154943 - JavaScript error with generated content from GWT
155162 - Alt+Numpad_Divide issues two key events
155224 - NPE in CCombo.setVisible(false) if some of affected listeners has disposed it
155390 - Cursor ignores horizontal hotspot location and uses vertical instead
155624 - SWT Table column resize issue
155801 - Table column tooltip disappears after scrolling
155916 - Classes in org.eclipse.swt.opengl have warning comments in Javadoc
156027 - VerifyEvent e.doit inconsistent behavior on Linux GTK
156213 - BDI: Styledetxt setOrientation does not work, on the fly

SWT Build 3.3 007a - Wednesday August 30, 2006

Problem reports fixed

155679 - VirtualTableTests failing on the Mac

SWT Build 3.3 007 - Tuesday August 29, 2006

Problem reports fixed

18377 - Tree.getSelection() could be better ordered
134269 - Adding column to var view causes VM to GP
145498 - Cannot start Eclipse 3.1.2 under AIX 5.3
147418 - Control.getMonitor does not properly set client area
149649 - Cannot grab scrollbar thumb in ON_TOP shell on gnome 2.14
153885 - TreeItem.getExpanded() does not work on Windows Mobile 2003
154023 - Can't get a Dialog truely on TOP
154198 - Flicker while scrolling scale widget
154310 - [browser] cannot click into text field and type
154611 - ComboViewerTest dies with BadMatch error
154961 - The ToolTip object is not disposed appropriately and prevents from creating another ToolTip on the same shell

SWT Build 3.3 006 - Tuesday August 22, 2006

Problem reports fixed

24451 - Reading JPEG images slow in SWT
42457 - Invalid image exception while loading JPEG image
133164 - JPEGFileFormat converts colors in rgb jpeg (when it shouldn't)
139485 - [Drag & Drop] DnD auto-scroll support in StyledText is too slow
144765 - Layout on Labels generates a size that cuts off characters
146402 - Content assist popup shows ellipsis for selected item on Windows Vista beta 2
147673 - Quick-Type hierarchy's treeviewer cannot be collapsed with mouse
147808 - CCombo dropdown doesn't have keyboard focus in GTK
151635 - [browser] cannot tab between fields on page
151767 - Table throws ArrayOutOfBounds Exception upon TableColumn.dispose()
151916 - Browser auto-detect should check for XULRunner first
152129 - cannot set enabled state on Vista
152800 - FileDialog crashing
152936 - Regression: GC.drawRectangle fills background in some cases
152937 - Regression: Line dash style is ignored
153034 - Invalid image exception while loading PNG image
153367 - eclipse 3.3 stream builds broken on Solaris GTK
153398 - Invalid thread access in Snippet133
153423 - Text and Spinner initially report incorrect preferred size
153567 - Custom cursor has wrong colours

SWT Build 3.3 005 - Tuesday August 8, 2006

Problem reports fixed

62627 - "Next Word" definition
83451 - Mouse Behaviour breaks UI (low resources, grab stuck?)
104750 - GTK FileDialog ignores setFileName() for SWT.OPEN dialogs if no filterPath set
124836 - CLabel.shortenText(...) takes almost forever for long text
137621 - License Agreement Does Not Display on HP-UX
138528 - Tooltips do not show after tool button pressed
139854 - swt dependecy on msvfw32.dll
141254 - Linux GTK and TableEditor Failure Assertion
145704 - Previous Word commands are too 'greedy'
146303 - Label Tooltip text not visible on Intel Mac
147228 - Table column tooltip disappears after clicking the header
148522 - Table.showSelection() doesn't show selection with images
149870 - multiple widgets report focus
150155 - Clicking in textfield sets cursor to one before last char
151136 - Tree with TreeColumn loops forever if setWidth not called
151137 - thumb doesn't work for Tree with column
151893 - Issue with background images and CLabels
152385 - Tooltip is not shown all the time
152718 - StyledText printing feature doesn't work

SWT Build 3.3 004 - Tuesday July 25, 2006

Problem reports fixed

19602 - [Printing] Line numbers aren't printed
24697 - DCR - Request for PNG write support
26436 - Spec PrinterData.startPage/endPage
63226 - Undocumented error thrown in Image code
81834 - BIDI: StyledText does not convert European Number to Arabic Number
142335 - Perf Fix for: org.eclipse.swt.internal.image.PngHuffmanTable.generateTable
150099 - Menu class has a public '_setVisible(boolean)' method.
150274 - Flicker with the new WinXP border
150407 - PNG Load Speed Terrible for medium to large images
150764 - [PATCH] fix compiler warnings for GCC 4.x
151228 - three-button Mozilla "confirm" dialog has same label on all three buttons
151330 - Browser not supported on linux ppc

SWT Build 3.3 003 - Tuesday July 18, 2006

Problem reports fixed

24796 - DCR - No printing on Linux GTK
80033 - SWT Browser does not display https.
87279 - 6 different methods cause pens to be constructed and selected
91348 - [Browser] Embedded web browser doesn't render visited links
102756 - Use GtkComboBox instead of GtkCombo
105044 - Inefficient use of Pens and Brushes causing poor performance
105618 - Graphics.setLineDash causes ruler guide redraw problems
109843 - Non-resizable table columns resized by CTRL+KEYPAD_ADD
112570 - Cairo incorrectly computes text extent
125288 - GC.textExtent does not accurately predict text size
127469 - When a GC uses advanced and alphas the clipping is ignored in some cases.
128200 - TextLayout ignores transformations on GC
132500 - [Browser] Eclipse abended at the operation on WS Explorer with the internal web browser
133183 - Button widget with SWT.CHECK style is not showing foreground color when it is in selected/checked state
133928 - Program#getProgram(String) fails if the program doesn't have a \\DefaultIcon
134760 - Performance of GC.fill* methods on GTK
140132 - GC.setLineDash no-op affects line drawing
140244 - Eclipse 3.2 gtk RC2 dumps core on Solaris 9
141138 - Pixel corruption involving SWT.DOUBLE_BUFFERED, GC.setAdvanced() and TextLayout
146250 - [SWT] Columns of Table widget cannot be resized, except for by dragging a mouse
149493 - UI-Thread blocked while Menu is visible
149749 - MANIFEST.MF files must be up-to-date
149952 - First TableColumn in a Table always left justified
150086 - Eclipse execution problem.
150314 - NullPointerException while creating a pattern

SWT Build 3.3 002 - Tuesday June 27, 2006


MouseEvent.count field

Problem reports fixed

23614 - [DCR] Allow triple mouse click events
62555 - Group border renders badly
77321 - StyledText's font appears inconsistent with GC.drawString(..) font
85783 - Editor font issues
90856 - segfault while clicking in browser
99697 - Can't navigate to external web sites
115172 - Text clipped in editors if size reduced from platform default
115947 - Accessibility : Cannot set tooltip Text for image in Table Column
121114 - Inconsistent measurements from empty TextLayouts
139790 - Print Margin shows up in the wrong place
140519 - StyledText error in getTextBounds (Does not count last newline)
141282 - DnD doesn't support special characters
146575 - setCursor is ignored in the SWT Text under gtk-linux
147423 - NPE when removing an item from a Table with custom draw hooks
147550 - VerifyEvent.doit=false does not work for Text
148354 - Regression: Radio buttons fail to redraw background

SWT Build 3.3 001 - Tuesday June 13, 2006


CCombo methods cut(), copy() and paste()

Problem reports fixed

56116 - System Tray not implemented for MAC
108573 - Make Objective-C Runtime APIs public in SWT for MacOS X
110555 - Draw2d Graphics line style setting not consistent
120118 - "xxx.getDisplay().update" does..."xxx.getShell().update" doesn't
124425 - GC.drawText does not work when setAdvanced(true)
136323 - Shell.getClientArea has side effect
136472 - GC#drawText doesn't work with arabic text when advance is on
137911 - Browser widgets turn to ghosts if their construction fails.
139329 - NullPointerException in ExpandBar
141678 - [Browser] JavaDoc Hover/Browser-Widget doesn`t show Text
142880 - The point down behavior of the DropTargetEvent.item
143732 - add cut/copy/paste api on CCombo
145347 - Warnings with Fedora 5 compiler (gcc)
145662 - Group control borders disappear when tabbing between child widgets
146264 - StyledText with SWT.WRAP flag does not shape arabic letters

SWT Build 3.2 032o - Friday June 9, 2006

Problem reports fixed

145526 - CTRL+F crashes JVM in Search panel

SWT Build 3.2 032m - Monday June 5, 2006

Problem reports fixed

143661 - MouseUp incorrectly fired on Tree

SWT Build 3.2 032k - Friday May 26, 2006

Problem reports fixed

143236 - setItemCount(0) leaking TreeItems
143482 - CHIViewEmbeddedFrame not found in Eclipse

SWT Build 3.2 032j - Friday May 19, 2006

Problem reports fixed

140843 - JVM crash when running RCP application on HP-UX
141395 - Selected item lost in Tree
141489 - TableEditor background color artifacts on scrolling
142193 - Launchers feature fails without inheritall in

SWT Build 3.2 032h - Friday May 12, 2006

Problem reports fixed

128545 - BIDI: Cursor is stays in the beginning of the Hebrew text segment
134353 - Table/Tree: Columns pack on table.clear for no reason with a lot of flashing
138907 - Cheese in Tree with text that spans columns
141293 - about.html needs to updated in swt examples, tests and tools
141552 - Unexpected popup menu
141589 - SWT.MenuDetect sent 3 times for toolbars

SWT Build 3.2 032 - Friday May 5, 2006

Problem reports fixed

67384 - SWT_AWT not implemented for Mac
96378 - gc.setTransform() makes fonts scale strangely when printing
128373 - Virtual Tree needs documentation
130173 - Tree Column does not respond to DefaultSelection event as it did in 3.1
133962 - SWTException closing GLCanvas in an RCP application on Mac OS X
138319 - SWTException: Failed to execute runnable (IllegalArgumentException: Index out of bounds)
139226 - Using the mouse to page down auto completion choices closes completion window
139262 - 'set data' callback not sent after all items are cleared in virtual tree
139505 - Update manifest to compile against Foundation 1.0: org.eclipse.swt
139964 - Use of 1.4 APIs in SWT_AWT
140052 - [CTabFolder] losing focus problem?
140272 - Editing really slow

SWT Build 3.2 031 - Friday April 28, 2006

Problem reports fixed

60273 - Toolbar background colour doesn't match background (XP/Silver)
95634 - [Tree] TreeColumn misses tooltips
96615 - StyledText and Text keybindings differ on Mac
99145 - Link widget only disables link, not text
99984 - Sync view toolbar buttons are bigger with SWT manifest
114850 - Eclipse 3.2M2 crashes just after startup
123922 - [Patch] SWT Javadoc: Some typos/minor errors
127216 - [Patch] Table check boxes should have shade when selected
127716 - GC.drawPoint() calls aren't affected by a Transform
127813 - CCombo.computeSize returning incorrect values when using wHint/hHint
129564 - StyledText should render tabs exactly 4 spaces wide
129609 - [browser] unable to enter text in <textarea>
131017 - HTML forms displayed in SWT Browser does not accept accented characters input
131265 - Make ExpandBar background changeable by users
133672 - GC construction is very slow on the Mac when a Display is passed in
134088 - DnD support in StyledText doesn't auto-scroll
134091 - Drop in StyledText does not work at the end of a line
134112 - DnD in StyledText: dropping on an empty line is hard
134417 - Browser Cannot Be Disposed (Intel Carbon SWT)
134925 - Table/Tree Columns don't align SWT.RIGHT and SWT.CENTER text properly (regression) (GTK)
136272 - Combo on Mac incorrectly sends KeyDown event before Traverse when arrow up/down keys used
136451 - ToolItem is not visible if bounds set before text
136473 - Image capture is purple on Mac
136633 - Failed to execute runnable (java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException) in debug mode
136641 - Scrollbars not excluded from client area
136675 - No scrollbar events for Text
136890 - [Patch] SWT Javadoc: Some typos/minor errors (Part 2)
136931 - Regression in right-mouse button behavior
137236 - Macintel: setEchoChar cause StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
137320 - [StyledText] caret does not move correctly when inserted text wraps
137524 - NPE in AsynchronousViewer
137714 - WinCE: setClipping(x,y,w,h) throws NullPointerException
138062 - NPE in getData
138076 - Browser does not start on Debian
138461 - [Workbench] Perspective popup menu doesn't show up on Mac
138499 - Label DropTarget is "too small" on Motif
138630 - Icons being drawn on top of text in tabbed folder
138724 - Use of 1.4 APIs
139060 - Regression: Tree: Selection lost when collapsing unrelated item

SWT Build 3.2 030 - Tuesday April 12, 2006

Problem reports fixed

45918 - eclipse should enable XP visual styles if available (from comctl32.dll)
76740 - [painting] Ctrl+End brings StyledText into strange state
82769 - [Contributions] Disabled menu items have enabled images when armed
83016 - [browser] Use Mozilla 1.8 nsIWebBrowserStream API
110794 - [64] Crash when pressing ENTER after having entered value in "Search" form
113559 - [build] Dependency on
125113 - Printing document with long lines loses text at the bottom of the page
127132 - TableColumn#pack does not work for virtual table
127902 - Focus gets stuck in Expandbar
128273 - TableCursor not working properly on Linux GTK
128286 - Table#SetTopIndex has no effect for virtual table
133304 - [Browser] Eclipse fails to start
134175 - Not consistenly getting control resize event from table column
134356 - Walkback turning on wrap in StyledText.
134482 - [64] SWT Snippet24 (default selection) does not work on amd64
134837 - Tree- Random foreground color appears for Tree when selecting items and subitems
135303 - CBanner draws unwanted gradient line at bottom when it has more height than the default
135533 - remove solaris-motif-sparc downloads from build
135649 - Mouse wheel scrolls invisible scrollbars
136064 - Snippet 225 (balloon tool tip) should say @since 3.2

SWT Build 3.2 029a - Monday March 27, 2006

Problem reports fixed

94691 - Code Style Page crops "Configure Project Specific" message
115234 - [DnD] [WorkbenchParts] Resizing tiled editors incorrectly sizes editor parts at start of drag
116749 - Some widgets don't match default background inside Group
118953 - setForeground/Background color does not work for SWT.READ_ONLY Text widgets on a Mac
120051 - Some font names on OS X have null (\0) characters between every character
120241 - MouseListener on Sash does not receive mouseUp events
122049 - crash when clicking on yellow javadoc popup window
124415 - Browser causes blank white box on OSX
127821 - ControlExample crash when setting background image on SEPARATOR Label
130971 - TreeItem not showing text
132874 - List control does not allow 0th item to be deselected.

SWT Build 3.2 029 - Tuesday March 21, 2006

Problem reports fixed

32310 - Left click followed by right click results in double click
51020 - SWT.ON_TOP does not work on Mac OS X
66615 - SWT_AWT.new_Frame occasionally hangs
77371 - [browser] Browser widget not using correct language settings
77456 - DBCS3.2: SWT Browser sends improper Accept-Language, Accept-Charset
83133 - ExposÚ causes dialog to move behind shell.
83431 - Support an "expandable group"
104150 - [Patch] Table cursor separated from table selection when clicking on grid lines or empty space
113019 - Browser.setText() sometimes appends dust characters after html
116975 - SWT_AWT bridge with JDialog cannot use Tab within dialog. focus is lost
122379 - SWTException when deleting text from StyledText, if selection larger than visible part
125131 - Keys fail in JDialog after SWT_AWT.new_Frame in WorkspacePart
127827 - Implement background image in Table and Tree
128400 - Class ST misuses javadoc comments as category headers
128662 - SWT Browser crashes if URL contains special characters
128719 - [StyledText] A lot of cheese displaying Japaneese and Chinese
128750 - Error occurs when delete text in StyledText
129526 - Proposal for new snippet : Non-rectangular Shell using transparent images
129999 - EraseItem event's gc does not have the item's colours or font set
131393 - Adding TableColumn at index 0 makes cell disappear
131623 - Tree selected column bgcolour does not draw on empty rows when setting a tree background colour
131625 - Tree adds useless vertical scrollbar
131626 - Tree selected background colour in column 0 overrides cell colour, but not in any other column
131627 - Tree: Empty tree does not show selected column background colour, unlike Table
131654 - Decorations.computeTrim can cause program to hang
131724 - Adding PaintItemListener to Table causes NPE
131727 - SWT_AWT frames in task bar
131739 - adding EraseItem listener to Tree causes major drawing problem
131743 - adding an EraseItem listener to a Tree can lead to selection cheese
131805 - Tree: Sorted background column colour does not move with movable columns
131867 - Incorrect GC.fillPath() behavior
131906 - StackOverflowError in StyledText
132089 - Tree: Text corruption in cells after moving column 0 and resizing column
132376 - Table background colors are wrong in GTK

SWT Build 3.2 028 - Tuesday March 14, 2006

Problem reports fixed

67642 - StyledText: Graphic bug displaying bengali chars
91454 - [browser] RH EL4 - need way to locate firefox build
92548 - GB18030: Part of Uigur characters(4-bytes) cause whole line sinkage to 1/3.
97404 - add support for VT_I8 and VT_R8
108996 - Support gradient backgrounds for StyledText widgets
121351 - Alpha channel ignored when Image is disabled or greyed out
125656 - Eclipse freezes dismissing popup windows (Quick Fix, Spell Check, etc)
129908 - BIDI: Output text have contextual order layout
129972 - adding MeasureItemListener to Table causes NPE
130756 - Tree does not use the OSs selected column background color
130113 - eclipse (64-bit) crashes as soon as code complete is invoke (ctrl-space) in java files
130346 - Adding MeasureItem listener on Table can lead to divide by 0 in getItem()
130876 - Background Image not inherited running w/o manifest
131159 - ExpandItem needs getHeaderHeight()
131160 - background color problems in tree with columns
131585 - notifed is not a word

SWT Build 3.2 027 - Tuesday March 07, 2006

Problem reports fixed

58009 - Need API to add notifications on system tray
79391 - ControlExample - tab items are truncated
98265 - more fixing
106372 - Provide DND support for the StyledText widget
114662 - Spinner setSelection prints X warning
123827 - Outline "crazy-scrolls" when it gets focus
127168 - Spinner generates bogus ModifyText events
129590 - Event.index == 0 all the time
129967 - System Settings being fired too often
130037 - Cheese after dropping TreeItem that has Image set
130120 - cell custom background colour appears in adjacent cells
130159 -, format) should close the OutputStream.
130375 - Background Inheritance Incorrect in Composite Hierarchies

SWT Build 3.2 026a - Tuesday February 28, 2006

Problem reports fixed

129607 - Display.getShells() returns disposed shell Part 2

SWT Build 3.2 026 - Tuesday February 28, 2006

Problem reports fixed

124004 - Drop enabled on Text Widget
126818 - Horizontal ScrollBar not ReSized When Table Contents Changed
126996 - Can't asyncExec setting of text in virtual Tree
128378 - TreeItem and TableItem constructors should state precondition on index
128598 - 3.2 M5 delta pack not generated correctly
128845 - ExpandBar Widget not painting controls
129054 - Text widget VerifyListener causes characters to be inserted backwards if you change them
129126 - When VerifyListener is added in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Text, StringIndexOutOfBoundsException might be occurred by UNDO operation.
129501 - Tree FULL_SELECTION doesn't redraw item background in selection color
129535 - GridData/GridLayout is showing abnormal layout
129607 - Display.getShells() returns disposed shell

SWT Build 3.2 025 - Tuesday February 21, 2006

Problem reports fixed

13969 - Accessibility : No visual focus is provided in Table
47872 - [SWT Examples] broken link in swt_launcher_ex.html
87213 - Unable to run eclipse: undefined symbol: atk_object_add_relationship
127095 - NPE when trying to dispose columns
127266 - Text.getCaretLocation() on GTK with style = SWT.SINGLE
127516 -Warnings in SWT samples
127960 - Native crash in SWT when brower JavaScript closes the window
128267 - No longer possible to capture screen with new GC(display)
128408 - JPEGQuantizationTable precision=8 values can be negative
128448 - [Browser] No javascript confirm dialog.
128476 - Regression: Tree with columns does not reset horizontal scroll bar

SWT Build 3.2 024k - Thursday February 16, 2006

Problem reports fixed

128244 - Table Row Overdraws Table Headers

SWT Build 3.2 024k - Thursday February 16, 2006

Problem reports fixed

127734 - Cannot open Launch Config dialog

SWT Build 3.2 024i - Thursday February 16, 2006

Problem reports fixed

127755 - NPE in Tree.callPaintEventHandler

SWT Build 3.2 024h - Thursday February 16, 2006

Problem reports fixed

123466 - [Viewers] Strange dots in table item labels
127751 - VIRTUAL Table does not paint with snippet 144

SWT Build 3.2 024d - Monday February 13, 2006

Problem reports fixed

126996 - Can't asyncExec setting of text in virtual Tree

SWT Build 3.2 024c - Monday February 13, 2006

Problem reports fixed

54426 - Implement RichText editor for SWT (partial fix)
100114 - SWT, launcher and support JNI libraries need to be built universal

SWT Build 3.2 024b - Monday February 13, 2006

Problem reports fixed

80913 - TabFolder no longer sets focus to tab when mnemonic pressed

SWT Build 3.2 024 - Friday February 9, 2006

Problem reports fixed

70167 - Image(Device, InputStream) throws incorrect exception for bad PNG
126864 - Regression: Drop target has incorrect DND cursor
126995 - AIOOB exception for Tree
126996 - Can't asyncExec setting of text in virtual Tree

SWT Build 3.2 023c - Tuesday February 7, 2006

Problem reports fixed

On GTK, close button will not draw correctly due to dynamic tooltips

SWT Build 3.2 023b - Tuesday February 7, 2006

Problem reports fixed

126299 - After clearAll(), GTK virtual Tree forgets old TreeItem objects and creates new ones

SWT Build 3.2 023a - Tuesday February 7, 2006

Problem reports fixed

Compile errors on GTK 64
Callbacks leaked on GTK

SWT Build 3.2 023 - Tuesday February 7, 2006

Problem reports fixed

98265 Strings in Combo drop down list are truncated
105028 WinCE: Menu Image Problem
124481 TreeEditor: ProgressBar does not fill cell correctly
125255 Checkbox tree selection makes checkbox hard to see
125725 Mistake in FormLayout.layout(Composite, boolean)
125849 Wrong colors with gradient pattern


Added ExpandBar and associated classes.

SWT Build 3.2 022 - Tuesday January 31, 2006

Problem reports fixed

64686 - ScrollBar does not receive SWT.Selection messages
103976 - Spinner widget should provide setValues() method like Slider
115209 - SWT OSX 3.2M does not display labels on raw background
124414 - SIGSEGV from
Added drag under feedback for Table and Tree on Mac
Added dynamic tooltips on all platforms

SWT Build 3.2 021 - Tuesday January 24, 2006

Problem reports fixed

38528 - Two full screen redraws creating a GC on Display
40117 - San-serifed monospaced fonts do not align properly.
68255 - a Tab is not 4 spaces
91364 - SWT_AWT.new_Shell() in GTK version blocks forever on RedHat 9
117507 - Text editor flashes on call to selectAndReveal(int,int)
112104 - GC.drawArc/fillArc results in different effects when antialias on/off
121190 - Setting context menu on editable CCombo
121506 - GC.drawImage() selects wrong source region
123675 - fillGradientRectangle() in gc doesn't use gDip clipping when foreground and background are the same.
124092 - StyledText's RTF copy/paste broken
124208 - Virtual tree setItemCount(0) has no effect
124400 - Please expose minHeight, minWidth, expandHorizontal, expandVertical in ScrolledComposite
124591 - ScrolledComposite.computeSize returns wrong value when alwaysShowScrollBars==true

SWT Build 3.2 020 - Tuesday January 17, 2006

Problem reports fixed

86825 CLabel not correctly captured by WM_PRINT
120907 Border for Forms API controls screenshots
121722 HTML clipboard transfer does not work on Windows
122428 Performance on OS X still degrades on 10.4.3
123143 Drag handle changes to four-way on click
123184 Embedded image render error in StyledText
123594 Text.setForeground(Color) is ignored with SWT.INHERIT_FORCE
123764 Vertical table lines not redrawn on horizontal scroll
123993 SWT_AWT embedded frame doesn't get iconify/decionify events

SWT Build 3.2 019 - Tuesday January 10, 2006

Problem reports fixed

49267 First characters in Text initially not displayed
118670 Make StyledText.getLinePixel(int)/getLineIndex(int) publi...
118796 does not return choosen directory
119207 TableItem errors after/during dispose
120524 drawRoundRectangle draw bad round corner of rectangle.
120573 [implementation] IllegalArgumentException in StyledText
120914 Warnings suppressed from GtkFileChooser creation
120954 Background of Control with SWT.INHERIT_FORCE doesn't show...
120980 Regression: Image on disabled button no longer greyed out
121507 font leading (line spacing) excessive for small fonts
121729 in SWT, javadoc for Table.getColumns does document order
121741 Disposing a StyledText disposes its menu?
121890 Canvas and mouseMoveListener and MacOS
121903 OS.AlphaBlend causes "bddraw" stdout spew
122433 Exception in ImagesList
122736 StyledText - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

SWT Build 3.2 018f - Wednesday December 14th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

120654 Cheese in StyledText on Linux

SWT Build 3.2 018e - Wednesday December 14th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

121089 LineBackgroundListener no longer works

SWT Build 3.2 018c - Wednesday December 14th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

118909 Problems with accents using SWT_AWT

SWT Build 3.2 018b - Wednesday December 14th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

NoPR Warning fixes, background redraw in Combo and Spinner

SWT Build 3.2 018a - Tuesday December 13th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

29994 Image background Composite / Transparent widget backgrounds

SWT Build 3.2 018 - Tuesday December 13th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

114518 [build] eclipse solaris-motif depends on

SWT Build 3.2 017a - Monday December 12th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

116722 [PropertiesView] [CellEditors] (regression) Property edit...
119638 Typo in ToolItem.getControl
119670 StyleText.setRange(StyleRange) no longer working
119687 Tree mouse button down messing up cell editors
120176 Can't reliably change the cursor during

SWT Build 3.2 017 - Tuesday December 6th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

100659 Dialog displays small sometimes in GTK
116121 Invalid widget used for gtk_widget_get_accessible
116746 ToolItem text is clipped
117700 [open type] Open Type table shows unmotivated ellipsis, d...
118119 Mac: Calling Tree.setItemCount() causes SWTError: Item no...
118362 StyledText: Top index wrong after selectAll
118378 StyledText#computeSize imposes artificial limit on return...

SWT Build 3.2 016 - Tuesday November 29th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

64776 StyledText word traverse places caret wrong with WRAP
67754 StyledText: AIOBE (Power of 2 + 1)
74482 Background colour not propagated inside group or tabfolder
83405 Support multiple fonts in StyledText
83406 Support objects in StyledText
83430 Support indentation in StyledText
99381 [PerspectiveBar] Alignment of items in perspective switch...
99461 resizing Table can have draw problems
109901 Poor performance of StyledText.
112705 [build] SWT standalone .zip uncompresses to the current d...
115398 [build] Compile warnings in os.c on Solaris/GTK+
117574 RIGHT_TO_LEFT | DOUBLE_BUFFERED don't get along
117757 Is TreeItem (.. int hParent, ..) supposed to be public?
117807 possible bug in TableItem.setImage (int index, Image image)
117816 Crash while running JFace test suite
117879 NullPointerException from mouse move
117928 JDT Text test don't run anymore (out of handles) - works ...
117990 Reduce matching complexity of the SWT flat toolbar RC style
118154 StyledText: setting the caret has no effect
118227 StyledText.getBaseline() != StyledText.getBaseline(offset)
118240 StyledText.getBaseline(StyledText.getCharCount()-1)) caus...
118241 StyledText: getLineHeight(int) and getBaseline(int): code...

SWT Build 3.2 015 - Tuesday November 22nd, 2005

Problem reports fixed

93017 Tiger: Starting Eclipse with Spotlight freezes UI Manager.
103311 [build] mozilla and cairo swt libs are not built during e...
104284 GTK warnings when setting item count on VIRTUAL Table bef...
107720 [build] Request to replace ${ws}, ${os} and ${arch} in fr...
113005 Table Header stays depressed.
116110 FileDialog hangs SWT Application
116350 Transform not being set properly on Linux-GTK
116683 Home key doesn't scroll window
116688 editor cheese after code completion
116720 GLCanvas doesn't set hint for merging mouse motion events
116845 Ctrl+End in StyledText does not scroll down enough to rev...
116855 StyledText with WRAP and special text draws cheese on Arr...
116938 VIRTUAL Tree hangs
117125 Tree with columns shows horizontal scroll bar when it sho...
117174 Mouse event coordinates broken on Linux-GTK
117195 Regression: Shell ignores first mouse-click after dialog ...

SWT Build 3.2 014a - Tuesday November 15th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

116466 AIOOBE in StyledTextRenderer.updateRanges

SWT Build 3.2 014 - Tuesday November 15th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

79894 Control.update() method is too expensive
100659 Dialog displays small sometimes in GTK
107219 Redraw problems on resizing Tree column
112358 Need a way to create a new Color based on an existing color
112454 ColorSelector button does not display correctly when firs...
113105 Table widget does not return table item when #getItem(Poi...
114815 KeyDown Listener deaf until controls traversed; then focu...
115229 SWT.RIGHT on Label with Image causes drawing problems
115230 Font smooth does not work in Eclipse Forms
115628 [build] missing from
115667 Handle leak in TextLayout
115675 disappearing checkbox with Windows XP look and feel
116005 Cannot type in Text widget in an ON_TOP Shell
116038 Need more docs for modal behavior constants in SWT class

SWT Build 3.2 013 - Tuesday November 8th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

47760 Images that SWT cannot load.
93380 [DnD] 100% CPU usage when dragging files in the navigator...
98282 Wrapping has strange behavior for long Label with no spaces
111195 Doubleclicking between TreeColumns does not resize the co...
112345 [LayoutExample] Toolbar replacing another widget causes c...
112463 Tree.showColumn doesn't scroll column from left of viewpo...
113244 Accessibilty...When using JAWS on a StyledText widget the...
113802 Dialogs block the execution of (a)syncExecs
114632 ControlExample should show button with both image and text
115092 Snippet 203 doesn't use all texts
115176 Regression: Disabling tool bar makes separator items disa...
115229 SWT.RIGHT on Label with Image causes drawing problems
115292 NullPE in Tree#_getItem(TreeItem parentItem, int index)
115317 ToolItem's are now (light-)gray in M3

SWT Build 3.2 012c - Tuesday November 2nd, 2005

Problem reports fixed

114533 Editor popup has wrong size

SWT Build 3.2 012b - Tuesday November 1st, 2005

Problem reports fixed

114498 Table doesn't send selection change events anymore when selecting elements with the mouse
114518 [build] eclipse solaris-motif depends on

SWT Build 3.2 012a - Tuesday November 1st, 2005

Problem reports fixed

112390 [Viewers] JUnit error in JFacePerformanceSuite

SWT Build 3.2 012 - Monday October 31st, 2005

Problem reports fixed

76789 Table redraw during drag'n'drop
87883 Remove title bar buttons from application-modal dialogs o...
88724 Provide 'since' javadoc in snippets
92341 DCR - Add SWT.VIRTUAL style to Tree widget
98511 Treeviewer doesn't de-select child when parent is closed
100668 Mac only: redraw bug which occurs when switching views
101331 GC.drawFocus not implemented on the Mac
104973 Unhandily Workaround in Text.getCaretLocation ()
110951 Combo.setItem(int, String) does not preserve the selectio...
111303 Cannot middle-button paste to rxvt from Eclipse
111798 Text#getCaretLocation() replaces selected text by " " iff...
113172 SWT Label widget trancates the text if it contains a lo...
113204 Text widget bleeds outside SashForm
113895 pango_layout_context_changed called too often
113971 Test failures in Tree on N20051027-0010
114039 Table.computeSize returns bogus Point.y values under Win3...
114139 Bad colours for text in the plugin.xml editor

SWT Build 3.2 011 - Tuesday October 25th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

34612 scroll problem in tree, table, and list
35909 Table HIDE_SELECTION behaviour not implemented
41466 Panther: Check and Radio ToolItems don't use correct look
51736 [JUnit] TreeItem test cases failing
68657 JUnit test fails for Image.setBackground
76804 Improve SWT performance over GTK window system
85539 [JUnit] GC.copyArea test cases failing
89687 computeSize(-1, -1) wrong for Text with SWT.Wrap.
91388 Tiger: 1 pixel line drawn over scrollbars
94370 SWT crashes with KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE on mac
94629 Clipped text fields in project info page
96839 CCombo visible above neighbouring areas while scrolling ...
100035 Eclipse loses its dock icon when dock restarted
100696 Keyboard fails on MacOS X
102088 Text with CENTER has too much logical space
109215 Moveable table column and DND feedback clash on MacOS X
109951 Mac: Menu Highlight Cheese
109952 Mac: Menu Cleared After Shell Restored From Dock
111973 Default Dialog font on Mac OS X not good for DBCS languages
112116 Antialiasing causes incorrect drawing
112403 window dimensions are tiny
112994 auto hook up simple widget relations for screen readers
113100 Button size test failures in org.eclipse.ui.tests
113485 Don't flush X exposes for a SMOOTH Sash

SWT Build 3.2 010 - Tuesday October 18th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

32471 Disabled text field does not show as ghosted
34513 Text has a horizontal scrollbar when not required
41306 Border draws through fast views
41467 Panther: Switch to HIViews and Compositing mode
43920 Clipping problems
51749 List flashes
57723 BIDI: StyledText bug when changing the color of bold text
62908 ScrollBars flash when Text widget created
64997 label cheese when dialog layout changes.
66980 Custom Combo: changing any option while the component is ...
70587 [Perspectives] java perspective does not repaint on occasion
74574 Property Dialog > Info Page: layout broken
82021 BIDI:when searching for a substring of an Arabic word the...
85775 Focus painted outside of the visible area of scrollable.
89687 computeSize(-1, -1) wrong for Text with SWT.Wrap.
89696 Bad painting when eratically scrolling compare editor
94629 Clipped text fields in project info page
99266 [Viewers] Bogus empty rows at the beginning of a table
102525 Button in a toolbar not sized correctly
104041 [browser]browser.execute() fails when Acrobat Reader v7 i...
108635 Text widget in MAC OS X doesnt paint to GC
108943 Dragging table column sashes left to right leaves pretty ...
111910 Regression: Empty unusable dialogs on Redhat 8+9 / gtk-2....
112336 StyledText is still misbehaving

SWT Build 3.2 009a - Tuesday October 11th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

NoPr Text issues on the Mac, compile error on Photon

SWT Build 3.2 009 - Tuesday October 11th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

13813 API request: notification when OS system colors change
22000 GTK: Menubar is not accounted for in computeTrim().
51480 JUnit tests for Browser are printing to console
71348 Can't listen Excel events
75390 [browser] download not working on the mac
93763 Clicking on the button frame does not activate toolitem's...
110346 Text widget does not trigger SWT.DefaultSelection events ...
110559 Pressing Cmd+Q twice crashes application
110923 TableItem.setImage does not redraw the item
111751 [OpenGL] No GLData class found when running examples
111762 JVM dump in SWT native method

SWT Build 3.2 008 - Tuesday October 4th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

33967 DCR - Image AND Text Button support when avalaible
85962 Internal browser maintains session after window is closed
88958 DirectoryDialog and FileDialog bring CPU utilization to 100%
90116 [build] pkg-config arguments passed to ld and not gcc
98296 Browser in BrowserExample opens too small
102097 [build] uses hardcoded AWT_LIB_PATH
103894 browser fail to hyper link to another page
109431 ArrayIOB in Tree.wmNotifyChild
110342 SWT Example Launcher: Double-click on "Standalone" folder...
110531 VM crashes when creating an Image after rotation
110734 Warnings about XCreateColormap
110753 gdk_region_get_rectangles leaks
110767 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: XErrorProc when setting Disp...
110949 link error in GC.setClipping(x, y, w, h) on pocket pc
111157 TreeItem.setBackground doesn't work
111284 Crash in TreeSelection - Event

SWT Build 3.2 007 - Tuesday September 26th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

37709 Support OpenGL
50646 CTabFolder tooltips are not read out
74095 SWT_AWT X error with JadeDisplay integration
104407 Right click on Tree does not honor the SWT.FULL_SELECTION...
108921 Tree with lines visible not painted correctly
108949 [browser] javascript alerts are not shown
110432 atk_object_factory_create_accessible errors

SWT Build 3.2 006d - Wednesday September 21st, 2005

Problem reports fixed

110057 [browser] crash whenever a Browser is disposed

SWT Build 3.2 006c - Monday September 19th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

110073 perspective button goes blank after closing perspective

SWT Build 3.2 006b - Monday September 19th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

99266 [Viewers] Bogus empty rows at the beginning of a table

SWT Build 3.2 006a - Monday September 19th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

NoPR Compile fixes for 64-bit

SWT Build 3.2 006 - Monday September 19th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

101750 [Browser] Clicking on link to PDF file does nothing

SWT Build 3.2 005 - Tuesday September 13th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

4572 Need support for tool tips in table columns (1GBZLD1)
34184 Native Tree: No tooltips
46387 Patch for saving animated GIFs
87503 implement OSX opengl binding
87577 GC.drawImage() with rescaling does not optimize clipped d...
97597 Tree is not showing lines
101204 [consistency] MouseDown fired while using Scrollbar in Table
102952 Foreground color gets lost when painting a Path
105772 Strange background color of label on text search page
106289 Blurry Tree text in second column
106498 creating Tree column 0 causes drawing problem
107243 Scrollbar.setValues silently does nothing
107684 Resetting of clipping region does not work if gc.setTrans...
108060 Extra non-functional horizontal scroll bar in TreeViewer
108190 Combo doesn't produce modification event for ALT-DOWN
108315 GC.setAdvanced() destroys clipping
108331 Usign internal web browser to access basic auth protected...
108423 GC.drawArc doesn't work correct with Cairo
108511 Eclipse crashes when open html file renamed
108706 GC.drawRoundRectangle() doesn't work if Cairo is initialized
108796 Please make FormAttachment() public
108865 SWT.DOUBLE_BUFFERED + GC.drawFocus() equals cheese

SWT Build 3.2 004 - Tuesday August 30th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

34159 [Tasks] First three columns of Task List too wide w/nativ...
37959 Select on hover selects when mouse is in scrollbar
60309 TextLayout.getBounds.height not right when the text termi...
65729 TextLayout.getOffset is not working when using '\n'.
67066 Table "lines visible" flag does not work
80490 The SWT browser widget doesn't work with input field type...
81567 [PropertiesView] Properties View scrolling problem
96339 Next Editor causes crash when remapped to Ctrl-Tab
97597 Tree is not showing lines
101204 [consistency] MouseDown fired while using Scrollbar in Table
105622 ToolItem.setText("") should remove Text and return to ini...
105772 Strange background color of label on text search page
106494 creating Table/TreeColumn makes existing item disappear
106502 setting Table column alignment does not visually update
106511 Cannot set text selection in VerifyListener.verifyText
106928 JVM terminates when closing web broser with Command W on ...
107777 [browser] crash when accessing password-protected site

SWT Build 3.2 003 - Tuesday August 23rd, 2005

Problem reports fixed

89183 Image in any table column header creates indent in first ...
92636 [Browser] Clicking in web browser (editor) does not dismi...
100665 Add Resource.getDevice()
104380 Text with WRAP - Compute fails
105494 setting image in TreeItem column 1 affects its future col...
106006 [Contributions] NullPointerExceptions in MenuManager.update
107123 Alpha values on GC are not applied to Images on Windows
107324 Recent changes causing a VM crash
107329 AIOOBException caused by Tree.setRedraw()
107452 [browser] fires 2 keyUp events

SWT Build 3.2 002a - Thursday August 18th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

107112 Closing an editor adds "Widget is disposed" error to the ...

SWT Build 3.2 002 - Tuesday August 16th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

4416 Widget tree should be valid during a dispose event (1FF1DJ4)
4862 Check for isDisposed() in dispose after sending Dispose C...
64107 Items in bad state in dispose callback
89183 Image in any table column header creates indent in first ...
90447 AIOOB when creating TreeItems in TreeItem.dispose() callback
90478 TreeItem.dispose callback provides opportunity for Tree h...
92013 DCR - Need SWT.VERTICAL style for CoolBar
94896 Browser.setText() fires an unexpected url
104380 Text with WRAP - Compute fails
104589 Crash while running JFace test suites
106289 Blurry Tree text in second column
106536 TableItem.getBounds - small inconsistencies
106542 showing/hiding column sort arrow should recompute display...
106543 64-bit problem in Cairo
106601 Typo in SWT makefile
106640 Failures running the JFace suites
106647 VM crash in TableItem dispose
106730 Rendering problems on Customize Perspective dialog
106759 SWT doesn't build against newest Cairo versions
106851 NPEs caused by recent Tree changes
107048 Path.moveTo draws lines
107145 Javadoc can not refer to package protected methods

SWT Build 3.2 001c - Wednesday August 10th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

NoPR Sort indicator stuck up on Windows

SWT Build 3.2 001b - Monday August 8th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

45708 NPE in Table.releaseWidget
59537 [Workbench] Accessibility: Minimize and Maximize icons in...
105133 mouse wheel scrolling in editor moves scrollbar thumb but...
105591 Problems setting and updating an Image on a Label
105849 SWT bugs: GDI Handles leak
106058 Antialiasing memory leak

SWT Build 3.2 001a - Tuesday August 2nd, 2005

Problem reports fixed

70599 Unexpected tooltip behaviour of Combo control
80798 setToolTipText() method of org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Combo ...
96053 Spinner: Pressing buttons should focus spinner and select...
96916 Spinner.setToolTipText() doesn't work
99145 Link widget only disables link, not text
103465 Need better documentation of SWT event types.
103973 GC Transform not applied to drawImage()
104301 Support discovery of AWT Frames by walking the Widget hie...
104966 Link displays as enabled when setText called after setEna...
104992 List control bug [cheese when resizing]
105132 Image flashing when using a Tree in a themed TabFolde
105213 moveBelow(null) does not adjust z order

SWT Build 3.2 001 - Tuesday July 26th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

18607 XP Look and Feel - 3D border appearance on some widgets d...
24538 TabItem controls should use the TabFolder to paint their ...
38948 caculate table height not possible
42475 Add LEFT/CENTER/RIGHT to ControlExample Text tab
43192 Add sort indicator (e.g. arrow) in TableColumn
45895 [browser] get NPE when calling browser api from within di...
49065 Table widget flicker
51995 SelectionEvent not getting detail info for scrollbar events
69374 Crash in SWT Accessible / org.eclipse.swt.internal.ole.wi...
74095 SWT_AWT X error with JadeDisplay integration
77194 MsgBox is not centered on screen on Solaris, ok in win32 ...
80465 XP theme - label issues with tab folder
85389 [preferences] Changing Code Formatter tab width does not ...
86018 TreeColumn should support moveable headers
92313 Virtual table: flashes on clear
92342 Tree widget: make TreeColumns reordable
94429 Group label doesn't fire mouse events
94502 Redundant check for the pointer coordinates
99524 Display.eventProc reads a GdkEventButton when GdkEventAny...
99746 Table and Tree column resize line matches foreground color
99761 pressing down arrow selects tool item
100387 CTabFolder creates and disposes a Shell on every MouseHover
100741 Unused variable in
101093 [browser] crash when setting html as url
101534 No navigation by typing in VIRTUAL Table
101799 Enabling advanced graphics will cause alpha gradient to b...
101839 support MacOS command line option "-Xdock:name=102080 Unused variables in
102165 ImageLoader closes OutputStream on save
102272 Repainting a double-buffered canvas may cause pixel corru...
102313 disposing first column of reordered Tree changes items
102481 Pattern doesn't make a gradient
102543 Height of MenuItems differs when using Icons and Text com...
102617 Table right mouse double click registers as left mouse click
102794 GridLayout has change behaviour between 3.0.2 and 3.1
102830 Junit test of TableColumn (test_setTextLjava_lang_String...
102952 Foreground color gets lost when painting a Path
103187 Support gradients with alpha
103238 TrayItem obscures KDE's gradient
103349 Scale widget switches focus when setting background
103431 JavaDoc for Composite.getChildren() is wrong
103436 Performance of selection in a multi-select table
103571 Image in table header gets corrupted
103603 ImageData getPixel operation
103627 Text#getCaretPosition() returns wrong value for non-zero ...
103642 resetting clipping path doesn't work when transforms are ...
103934 Table.getItem(Point) uses incorrect calculation on Motif
103937 Motif: Resizing a column in a large virtual table is extr...
103939 On Motif: In a large virtual table Table.removeAll() is ...
104509 reducing VIRTUAL Table's item count can show drawing problem

SWT Build 3.1 038i - Monday June 27th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

101795 GC.fillGradientrectangle() with GDI+ causes crash

SWT Build 3.1 038f - Thursday June 23rd, 2005

Problem reports fixed

20448 Text Widget Javadoc for Text limit
41346 Javadoc: add a note about the order of getSelectedIndices...
78634 ImageData.getTransparencyMask - incorrect javadoc or impl...
84681 The specifications for some methods should describe the b...
84891 In the specifications some methods do not describe their ...
84906 We found some typos or broken links.
84911 Unspecified methods
86562 Can Widget.getDisplay() be called from a background thread?
99348 Java doc for Decorations.setImages(Images[] images) does ...
100663 [64] Links do not paint
100699 Widget.setKeyState reads from memory which has been freed

SWT Build 3.1 038 - Friday June 16th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

98845 Crash when a Combo disposed on FocusOut
99376 TableColumn has width=0 and second column missing
99534 ImageList leaks a pixbuf if an image added multiple times

SWT Build 3.1 037i - Friday June 16th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

4805 resize during setRedraw causes cheese (1GJ4URX)
96479 missing from source zip
97170 [About] Eclipse logo not rendered correctly in about dial...
97625 Intro Test A.4 Eclipse crashed.
99266 [Viewers] Bogus empty rows at the beginning of a table
99518 Extremely jumpy resizing in the ControlExample
99525 TextLayout.getLineOffsets() leaks a pango iter
99527 Dialog size problems when using the ion window manager
99535 FontDialog leaks a string
99541 Cursors not disposed in SWT FileViewer example
99561 GDI+ crash with icons where width > height [was: GEF pain...
99636 [browser] browser contents become excluded from tab order
99745 Tray doesn't support image with alpha
99756 paint example is missing view icon
99936 [browser] nsIRequest has some incorrect method signatures
100040 Slowdown between 3.1 RC1 and N20050602 due to change to I...
100199 Display.asyncExec() can hang Windows

SWT Build 3.1 037g - Friday June 10th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

99341 GDI leak in Label with transparent images (png, gif)

SWT Build 3.1 037f - Friday June 10th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

98802 Focus cannot be given to visible but zero-sized controls
98894 Shell.setImages() should be smarter
99167 Hover Event fired continiously although Mouse not moving

SWT Build 3.1 037c - Thursday June 9th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

96212 org.eclipse.ui could not be found.
96679 OutOfMemory Exception from corrupted clipboard?
99109 ComputeSize on Link gives different results when calling two times in a row

SWT Build 3.1 037 - Thursday June 9th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

77611 [browser] IE shows warning dialog when JS error occured
89397 Compile warnings when compiling
91547 Insertion line in TreeViewer does not show up during drag...
93724 Drag-and-drop creates signal names every time
94210 Multiple expansion broken in trees
96042 computeTrim() is not returning the correct value
96525 Painting a translucent image fails when the GC is mirrored
96723 Table not shown when there are no rows initially
96873 Icons in toolitem are mirrored on mirrored toolbar
97011 Custom Table font is not applied to first column header
97046 PNG images look corrupt as main window icon
97177 [misc] Chinese IME status lost
97340 MouseEnter not fired when scroll bar released
97370 gnopernicus no longer reads custom widgets in eclipse
97651 tree insert mark cheese
97659 TreeColumns don't fire ControlEvents on dispose() [win32]
97668 Chevron not always showing in Perspective Switcher
97678 SashForm - can lose sash for item on far right
97686 AIOOB when removing non-existent TableItem by index
97696 ToolItem with image is blank or shows cheese
97697 CCombo - drop down list appears in wrong place
97725 GTK - Layout Example table editor combo in wrong place
97743 [portability] Drag Tool Turns Off on Linux
97745 Table column header stays pressed if mouse button release...
97762 Hiding redraw window before destroying it
97813 height of Text widgets for SWT/GTK differs from native GT...
97903 problem in features Plateform and Plateform Plug-in Devel...
97915 Table.remove(int) can change selection
97931 Coolbar fails to show contents until resized
97978 Table/TreeColumns don't fire ControlEvents on dispose() [...
97981 Focus given to the Eclipse window while the preferences d...
97985 Snippet144 (Virtual Table) slow on the Mac
97992 javadoc warnings in RC1
98024 Open type dialog skips over too much
98156 Images not appearing on menus, or when painted
98383 Linux AMD64 missing org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86 3.1.0 h...
98439 Pixel corruption when using clipping on a double-buffered...
98802 Focus cannot be given to visible but zero-sized controls

SWT Build 3.1 036 - Thursday May 26th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

26902: GTK: mouse wheel doesn't work on the compare editor
64393: Forgot to close <code> tag in SWT javadocs
77540: typo in import org.eclipse.swt.custom.StyledText.setOrien...
77617: Brief "page not found" message on startup
81064: [Browser] HTML set via setText() not showing in most cas...
82169: In console pane, cannot click "Terminate" and then "Remov...
85645: Typeahead broken for Table and Tree
89378: Combo default size too small with certain fonts
89574: In the task bar, the Eclipse window is called "TopLevelSh...
89720: Crash closing dialog when IM is open (IIIM)
90246: StyledText draws cheesy if the caret is invisible
92105: BIDI3.1: Mixed Arabic and English text is viewed incorrec...
92352: DBCS3.1:can't input CHT strings after press Enter while x...
92629: Table.setSelection does nothing if there is a TableColumn
94437: add "Columns Reorderable" checkbox to ControlExample's Ta...
94595: eclipse gtk doesn't set X window name
94598: DBCS3.1:Eclipse hangs when activate IIMF input in search ...
94946: FileDialog should inherit image from parent shell
95116: can create Shell with disposed parent Shell
95756: Tables don't repaint
95825: GTK warnings when using a virtual table
96090: Popup menu doesn't work when dialog opened via short cut

SWT Build 3.1 035c - Friday May 13th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

93526: SWT Browser crashes on MacOS

SWT Build 3.1 035b - Friday May 13th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

95035: Can't Launch Eclipse on Windows 98

SWT Build 3.1 035a - Thursday May 12th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

88463: No hover help in java editor

SWT Build 3.1 035 - Thursday May 12th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

94421: NPE showing a CoolBar's dropdown
94467: Table layouts which only lay out once are giving bogus sizes
94835: Buttons with characters that start with a line are cut off in right to left
94815: Decorations.setDefaultButton() does not check for null
94784: Java search can't be changed

SWT Build 3.1 034 - Tuesday May 10th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

31066: Button widget does not support images with transparent color.
71228: Program.findProgram("html") returns null when there's no default command
71234: Program.execute mangles URLs
72784: Close override redirect while opening another loses focus forever
75148: Mac launcher: improve Dock icon and application name support
76628: Eclipse crashed JVM when CVS protocol not set correctly
79268: Program API does not work with GNOME 2.8 (libgnomevfs-WARNING)
79631: [CTabFolder] Min / Max buttons are hidden when last item closed
80564: Image transparency not always handled correctly (case #1)
80567: Image transparency not always handled correctly (case #2)
83564: [SashForm] Sash no longer moveable when one weight is very tiny
84219: List.showSelection() scrolls list although item already visible
87051: NPE in file dialog when trying to open a file with a wierd name.
87636: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException TreeItem.setImage()
88030: Table and SWT.CHECK: Check not visible on selection
90462: add fragment org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.ppc
90938: GC.setLineStyle produces inconsistent dash for width equal 1
91159: [Consistency] DropTarget event.dataType field not alwys set on DragEnter
91672: CTabFolder performance improvements
92181: Bogus CTabFolder tab sizes
92612: CTabFolder hidden tabs count (in chevron) can become 0
93106: GB18030: Copy GB18030 char outside of editor to editor will get unicode encoding shown.
93349: Support alpha transparency in Shell images
93382: Use canonical signal names
93387: console hijacks SWT event thread when selecting binary content
93391: Eclipse 3.0.1 PLATFORM CRASH. JVM termination exit code 1 on SuSE 8.2 Linux x86 gtk on "Eclipse Overview"
93501: ToolBar.computeSize is returning a much wider width than it used to
93664: TRAVERSE_RETURN closing a dialog cannot be suppressed in a combo box
93691: Program.findProgram("html") fails with Firefox as the default browser
93759: Can't drawPath on image GC
93848: Label not wrapping
93870: [Import/Export] Usability problem with the Import > Existing Project into Workspace
94003: Cannot update a button image using a GC if the image is set before creation
94132: ClassCast exception in FillLayout.computeChildSize
94202: Activate event not fired when ON_TOP window hidden

SWT Build 3.1 033 - Tuesday May 3rd, 2005

Problem reports fixed

33313: [JUNIT] Combo remove fails
33821: Header of native table doesn't show images
38415: remove() function in combo behaves inconsistently (BBAWT)
45793: Panther: Initial Combobox contents not visible
63266: Native platform icons look junky
65806: [misc] TextViewer.revealRange very slow for long ranges
67400: Editable combo-box misses out the first two characters until focus is given
80463: EC: CoolBar height < Combo height
83097: Dialog opens with no contents; resizing shows contents
83905: No way to center tool items on a vertical toolbar
84632: hiding Tree header can leave cheese
85862: [consistency] TreeEvent fired upon disposal of TreeItems
86201: Output in consol causes Eclipse to crash
86214: GTK caret location gets hammered after being set in verify event
86830: Transform has no effect to images with transarent colors like GIF/PNG
87477: Eclipse on Linux-Motif requires GLIBC_2.3
87822: GC.drawString ignores transparency boolean when alpha is used
89239: Painting problems using latest builds
90115: source file puts xpcom.cpp in library/ subdirectory
90303: turn off caret blink
91302: (regression) Transparency is not transparent in remove button on progress view item
91441: Default button flickers in "Replace with Uncommitted Changes" dialog.
92318: ViewForm.set* triggers a layout
92505: Creating a GNOME icon theme is slow
92541: Tree items do not animate as they expand
92616: event doit=false does not work for Combo on Mac.
92648: Tree,setTopItem can end up setting the wrong number
92844: Increase scrolling speed based on distance from the widget
92864: [api] construction notices in GC, Pattern, etc.
92883: Lines are misaligned (antialiased)
92964: Launcher should have no pixmap background under X
93058: Form Layout behaviour has changed between 3.0 and 3.1
93151: TableItem.computeDisplayText does not check to see if index is greater than string
93158: SWT fingerprints and assertions use CPU time cf. elapsed process
93222: Setting a cursor only needs a flush, not a sync
93255: [Contributions] Vertical separator where horizontal was expected
93266: setBackground of text redraw incorrect with xp style

SWT Build 3.1 032 - Tuesday April 26th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

41772: DBCS: DBCS copy and paste for OpenOffice failure
50598: Some focus events are reported twice
55382: setAccelerator(-1) on MenuItem shows error on Linux
68478: Another variant of the SWTError: no more handles
69381: Call to new_Shell results in "No more handles" error
69701: Printer doesn't stretch B&W images created by code.
80762: Interactive text selection lags on Linux-GTK+
81298: NPE changing style on SashForm in CustomControlExample
85426: Table not getting expose events when partially obscured by another window
85525: mnemonics are not working
87294: Strange clipping when scaling and rotating drawText
88059: Line Width of 0 is invisible on the Mac
88717: [DND] Tree is scrolling very slow when dragging an Item to the Bottom
90192: ON_TOP setVisible(true) focus issues on parent of child shell.
91060: linux copy-paste chinese to StyledText problem
91254: [encoding] DBCS3.1: bogus DBCS in editor after re-activation
91350: [Browser] Embedded browser fails to handle link to text file
91464: [content assist] NPE in CompletionProposalPopup
91733: MenuItem.setText doesn't check if it matches the existing text
91807: Context menu shows twice in combo box.
92017: Support very large Image on Windows platform
92046: Pen leak in TextLayout#draw(...)
92186: Virtual table: not redrawn when item count drops to zero
92228: Layout occurs while creating table columns, causing AIOOBEs
92230: Inconsistent Button focus events between platforms
92382: Text in table not updated on clear
92583: Hidden files shown by default in GtkFileChooser

SWT Build 3.1 031 - Tuesday April 18th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

4537: DCR Ability to paint with a brush pattern (1G0I8BE)
4621: CCombo never fires keyboard events (1GB76BP)
4742: DCR: Useful features, idioms and documentation missing from GC (1GFWCUO)
7075: DCR - Rendering hints on GC - anti alias / mitre
12723: Windows XP Icon format not supported
20723: Discrepencies in Table behaviour across platforms
23621: Image scaling gives poor results on Windows
28533: Table - no focus indicator
34826: Eclipse crashes - stack trace shows GP inside tree
35341: Way to disable font smoothing for editors on MacOS X
35670: FontMetrics.getAscent() returns the wrong value
37500: Feature request: SWT Project creation wizard
38973: Need Control.getMonitor (or Widget.getMonitor)
40985: Draw vertical Text or rotate graphics.
41160: ImageLoader has repeatCount of 0 for animated gifs
41774: DBCS: DBCS named file drag&drop failure on GTK
42155: ControlExample - Toolbar SWT.VERTICAL leaves wrong separator
48781: cursors of size 16 look wrong
56094: tracker resize uses screen coordinates instead of control
56718: SWTException and SWTError should use standard 1.4 exception nesting
62817: FileDialog: getFileName does not returns extension
64590: [browser] widget not sized properly
66882: altgr keys not available
68679: minor changes to make_gtk.mak to allow build with installed mozilla
68867: ImageData - remove ImageLoader dependencies
69350: Accessibility : Group title is not taken into account by Window-Eyes 4.5
73536: Eclipse 3.0.1 RC2 source build does not contain latest
76456: Eclipse 3.0.1crashes on HP-UX with a NullPointerException when starting up
77055: Log stacktrace not helpful for SWTException and SWTError
80150: [plan item] [launcher] Support for launcher branding
81242: [JUnit] GP in Clipboard.getContents
81691: Tracker with SWT.Resize really slow
82594: Request support for alpha channel in Color
82719: Request for affine transformation API
83472: Request for API to check for double buffering support
83933: Check and Radio Buttons with image do not use XP style
84532: [browser] Javadoc hover stays on top when it has focus
84673: [browser] amd64 problem
84740: crash on windows xp korean
85312: combo is cut off when added to ToolBar
85736: [browser] SWT Errors on RH 3.0 When Mozilla Security Patch mozilla-1.4.3-3.0.7 installed
86193: Java WebStart: SWT Browser cannot find cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
86608: Do not understand Javadoc of Link.setText()
86631: Javadoc wrong for Image(stream)
86741: Pressing backspace in browser widget shows navigation cancelled page
87882: No default contextual menu item on Mac
88133: Slow rendering with images with transparancy bit set
88839: Embedded Swing: Enter key does not work
89547: SWT bundle manifest files use deprecated syntax
89681: Link widget missing last word at preferred size.
89779: NPE in CCombo.dropDown()
89911: Missing gtk_tree_view_column_get_fixed_width on amd64
90152: resizing Label flashes
90222: Device constructor
90258: Table item not updated when item count == 1
90899: Using PaintListener on Table destroys repainting (Button is the same case)
90946: gtk_entry_set_text crashes when passed a zero-length buffer
91019: SWT Rendering Problems
91070: Cannot self-host eclipse
91089: SWT Snippet 77 For Table Col resize has an error in it (fix included beklow)
91252: View toolbars are showing with black backgrounds
91423: Fixed size columns used even if fixed_height_mode not supported
91435: Ctrl+SPACE is not a valid keybinding assignment for actions on native widgets
91456: platform-launcher: eclipse.c won't compile on BSD (Mac) because of macro clash
91468: GTK+ 2.2 requests data from non-visible rows of a VIRTUAL table
91475: M5 Selecting TreeColumn does not create an SWT.Selection Event on Mac OS X
91511: Directory Dialog - Selection string not externalized?
91555: Table not visible

SWT Build 3.1 030 - Tuesday April 11th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

4746: DCR: TreeItem needs removeAll() method (1GG0NL0)
11178: Pressed & disabled toolbar button looks enabled
48443: Property sheet does not repaint
53390: NPE changing perspectives
56223: Display filters do not work in compound native widgets
64219: GeometricalTransformation
65192: org.eclipse.swt.Browser.addHelpListener does not work after the setUrl method is called
67529: Window->Preferences->Help crashes Eclipse
78459: Platform differences setting size while shell is maximized
80204: Checkbox in Tree or Table ignores second click of double click
81263: [CustomControlExample] CCombo caret moves at random when up and down arrows are press
83308: KDE integration causing crashes on KDE 3.3.2
83731: (javadoc update) WindowEvent location and size fields are in terms of shell size, not browser control size
84110: workspace lost
84773: [launcher] icon not being used in error window
85117: Selected and disabled tool item looks enabled
85537: [JUNIT] test cases failing
87037: [browser] charset/xml Intro question
87113: First TableColumn with style SWT.RIGHT draws badly
87559: NPE in TableItem.getText using control example
87837: Strange redraw and disabled behaviour with SWT.CHECK toolitems with and without disabled icons set.
87997: TableEditor.dispose( ) causes NPE if linked Table is being disposed
88388: tree focus cheese
88735: Table.getClientArea() width is inconsistent with win32
88827: Need a distinctive platform filter for GTK / GTK 64
88829: Table.setColumnOrder() may not fire enough Move events
89329: [Viewers] CVS Repositories View: "Pending..." item gets an icon when selected
89367: String is not rendered inside stringExtent
89378: Combo default size too small with certain fonts
89483: [Table] No SWT.Resize when Scrollbars become visible
89669: [browser] F1 does not bring eclipse help content when browser has focus
90087: GC.copyArea causes continuous repainting of Canvas
90123: SWT manifests still use Provide-Package
90176: Scale widget and SWT.PAGE_UP key event
90217: Request: SWT Fragment name to be unique for a given ws/os/arch
90223: Regression: Spinner reports wrong value
90282: SWT.RIGHT not working on Text control on Mac OS X
90317: clicking in Table or Tree first time fires two selection events
90326: Shell realized too early for no reason
90366: SWT Link Widget throws Array Out of Bounds Exception
90457: SWT in M6 and prior will not build against the Sun JDK
90513: Link widget does not have a proper CreateHandle method
90729: Shell with style MODELESS or DIALOG_TRIM ignores setSize()
90770: Race conditions in Device.getDevice() method

SWT Build 3.1 029 - Tuesday April 5th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

20954: [About] Feature Plugins dialog fails to launch web browser
25490: White Color doesn't appear on Toolbar Image
34481: Java Compiler Properties for a Project
41065: Arrow button look is inconsistent with scroll arrows
57819: [SWT-Example-Controls-Table] In some cases the vertical scroll bar is not available with size 10x10
64192: Scrollbar - setVisible not working as expected
69919: [Browser] Javadoc view steals key events.
75141: [Browser] CTabItem with Browser containing video crashes when disposing item's image
75317: [Browser] Location not browsed when URL misses protocol / www
79881: Browser class shipped with AIX-Motif checks for Linux ?!?
79927: crash when using a Table, TableItems using images with alpha, and using TableColumn.pack
81235: [JUnit] TableItem.getBounds test fails
81240: [JUnit] Tree get/setTopItem fails
82703: Tree with TreeColumns doesn't display FULL_SELECTION properly
83477: [browser] Native crash outside JVM in
85530: Control in vertical ToolBar doesn't fit
87695: Interface Disposeable
87855: NullPointerException in Table.callWindowProc
88278: TreeItem should provide item.removeAll
89063: [Markers] infinite-loop during cvs override and update
89217: Label.computeSize() returning incorrect values when using WRAP
89533: [Themes] Colors and Fonts preferences page has funny icons for color entries
89564: Image appears and disappears in Tree
89575: Browser widget crashes
89665: VM terminated when switching page in the Plugin manifest editor
89785: Disabled links look like normal links
89826: [Browser] browser eats all keystrokes
89885: Crash using command-O.
90009: code assist loses its visual selection
90018: Native tooltips left around on CTabFolder

SWT Build 3.1 028 - Thursday March 29th, 2005

New APIs

New API has been added to Spinner

int Spinner.getDigits()

Problem reports fixed

86079: Spinner should handle non-integer increments
87207: Content of first column in Tree with columns overflows past last column
89028: uneccessary casts
89156: Cairo bindings for SWT can not be compiled.
89163: GridData.verticalIndent does not work as expected

SWT Build 3.1 027c - Thursday March 24nd, 2005

New APIs

New API has been added to Tree and TableTree

int Tree.indexOf(TreeItem)
int TreeItem.indexOf(TreeItem)
TreeItem Tree.getItem(int)
TreeItem TreeItem.getItem(int)

Problem reports fixed

26625: Combo cursor and copy/paste are not working right
87554: Need bounding rectangle for a Path
87820: GC.drawString uses BG color for font when alpha value < 255
87824: GC setRegion and getRegion are not symmetric
88122: switch org.eclipse.swt plugin and fragments to new eclipse jar format
88409: Device.getFontList should have better performance
88582: Computed width of link widget is too large
82336: TreeView: setting gray gives free check mark
83432: iFrame does not render border when in SWT Browser
87534: TVT3.1 #33 - SWT Browser View cannot be found
87726: Removing libXm links from motif drops
87810: Support FULL_SELECTION in (table) Tree
87833: Platform-filter must be added to the fragments
88093: Shapes are drawn too large when a transform is used
88171: Warning in N20050316-0010 build
88519: Need a way to clear the Transform from a GC

SWT Build 3.1 026 - Tuesday March 15th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

68040: Views keep resizing after mouse up
86294: Find/Replace not working "Illegal/Unsupported escape on the Mac
87010: NoSuchMethodError Display.setDirectoryProc
87372: [browser] CTRL-N should not run IE action when using Browser.setText
87578: TVT3.1 #38 - RUS mnemonics only work in main window
87584: Remove ImageLoader dependency in Test_org_eclipse_swt_graphics_Image and Test_org_eclipse_swt_graphics_ImageData
87664: Null pointer exception in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.TreeItem.computeDisplayText in 3.1M5a
87676: Double-click only works on a tree's column0

SWT Build 3.1 025 - Tuesday March 8th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

41202: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Slider
84012: StyledText with SWT.WRAP style does not adjust selection correctly
84051: Table widget unexpectedly fire deactivated event while clicking scroll bar buttons.
86582: Spinner should allow wrapping to be turned off
86921: Crash embedding other process.
87075: [SWT Examples - SWT Controls] Incorrect Dialog buttons creation with SWT.RETRY, SWT.ABORT, and SWT.IGNORE on MessageBox
87122: Link: problem with WM_PRINT
87265: Link widget javadoc does not mention style bits
87363: Regression: MenuDetect no longer opens new menus

SWT Build 3.1 024 - Tuesday March 1st, 2005

Problem reports fixed

34146: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in ToolItem
34160: Clicking on table header does not sort w/native table
41184: GTK-BIDI: Support of RTL orientation of based SWT widgets
41243: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in List
41363: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in TabFolder
41364: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Combo
41546: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Table
51828: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Menu
56593: TableItem.setFont() causes cels to be rendered with ellipsis even when they aren't necessary
58401: Need a more flexible GridLayout and GridData class to support more dynamic layouts
83703: Crash when using source - find strings to externalize
85552: TextLayout preferred size depends on current width
85634: Strange blip above help combo
85876: Line bugs in GC
86000: ImageLoader Save - produces invalid JPEG images
86145: VM Crash when running remotely via cygwin/X
86216: Display.getActiveShell() slow with lots of widgets
86275: NPE in Shell.gtk_focus_out_event
86375: Toolitem calling gtk_widget_add_events after it is realized
86402: ToolBar only needs to resize its children if the bounds are required
86577: Not removing event filter added with gdk_window_add_filter
86587: Tree: problem with WM_PRINT
86588: Tree: problem with column resize

SWT Build 3.1 023g - Tuesday February 21st, 2005

Problem reports fixed

85662: VM crash ? when browser widget is being used
70713: First Launch from Dock fails
71844: popup menu has bunch of empty items
85834: notifyAll() slow in locking code
85849: GC.copyArea() slow on images
85875: Eclipse crashes when clicking on "View Installation History"
66815: Selection disappears in trees when they do not have focus (KDE)
37775: SWT is not 64-bit clean
70293: Application error during the start of Eclipse
73919: add ant task to build native libraries as part of the eclipse build
85877: Shell has unwanted title bar on Pocket PC
85236: IllegalArgumentException when layouting link widget
85412: changing link foreground does not repaint
50123: Drop down Combo doesn't drop down
51705: [JUNIT] - CoolItem fails JUnit tests
85453: Advanced graphics not working on W2K - trigger system window
85531: swt-cairo library not built on AMD64
85547: Combo box list is way too big
85958: 3.1M5a not usable on win98
22035: DCR - Dragable tablecolumns in table
51079: Resizing of TableColumns on Linux displays extra horizontal toolbar
84557: Table item does not appear in table
85386: NullPointerException in DropTarget
4543: DCR - need flipping image support ala awt.Graphics.drawImage() (1FZ0C7G)
30329: Support Bezier curves on
85732: getClientArea() cause Shell to be resized to its initial size

SWT Build 3.1 023 - Tuesday February 15th, 2005

New APIs

New API has been added to Table and TableColumn to support reordering of columns by dragging the headers

int[] Table.getColumnOrder()
boolean TableColumn.getMoveable() - default is false
SWT.Move event is sent for the TableColumn when columns are dragged to a new position

Problem reports fixed

22000: GTK: Menubar is not accounted for in computeTrim().
34644: DND in the FileViewer example resets tree selection
39237: GTK Tree DND doesn't highlight between markings
45429: TableColumn.pack() doesn't decrease column's width on GTK
79419: [Preferences] Need a link component
81254: ControlExample spews warnings
83795: GridLayout doesn't handle horizontal spanning of multiple columns correctly
84500: Broken selection on TableItem when Image in 1st Column
84535: TitleAreaDialog doesn't dismiss on if contains Combo(SWT.SIMPLE)
84602: scrolling Tree with columns horizontally fires Move and Resize events
84609: TableColumn has NPE while calling pack() on last column
84613: setting Tree header visibility fires Resize
84630: resizing a TreeColumn does not fire Resize or Move
84665: Clarify Javadoc of Display.postEvent
84733: TabFolder position change broken
84755: Cannot open filenames with 8-bit characters
84765: StackOverflow in setText
84783: Directory dialog does not deal with non-UTF8 filenames
84861: not working for char key events SWT.TAB, SWT.ESC, SWT.DEL and SWT.BS
84888: Temporary - don't use certain websites in junit tests
84953: View contents are drawn over tab area
85006: TableColumn.pack() of column 0 wth SWT.CHECK is bad
85119: Use GDK_HAND2 instead of GDK_HAND1 for SWT.CURSOR_HAND

SWT Build 3.1 022 - Tuesday February 8th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

54973: [browser] Default WindowEvent to handle normal window open case - feature request
81463: [launcher] Launcher and Core issues regarding -showSplash
81969: [launcher] Launcher should be independent of startup.jar location
82739: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION hovering over check in table with SWT.CHECK style
83432: iFrame does not render border when in SWT Browser
83819: JPopupMenu doesn't work correcty in a SWT composite
83978: CLabel with style SWT.CENTER kills tabbing
84085: XP style not support with Button with SWT.ARROW
84201: Label text doesn't wrap correctly
84383: [browser] can't navigate to eclipse bugzilla
84404: Disabled button stops events
84581: Check button size does not change when right aligned
84600: resizing TreeColumn leaves cheese

SWT Build 3.1 021 - Tuesday February 1st, 2005

Problem reports fixed

4408: Image Processing Algorithims (1PQ8RGT)
4473: DCR - need API to begin/end defer layout (1FMGFRP)
4680: DCR - tree and table does not match item when key is typed
18699: Buttons with images don't use the XP theme
59514: Need support to underline text when using TextLayout API.
80414: ArrmListener for MenuItem generates submenu with invisible lables
82346: CLabel disappears when given SWT.CENTER flag in constructor
83251: Javadoc warnings in latest builds
83546: Printing doesn't seem to work anymore in latest integration build
83667: Eclipse splashscreen is very rude
83683: Javadoc of StyleRange does not mention it supports SWT.ITALIC
83699: Font reset to default after screen saver
83765: DCR: add strikeout to TextLayout
83769: ImageLoader - Exception For Image Save
83791: Repaint problems for Combo using SWT.SIMPLE style
83838: different style of indeterminant progress bar requested
84077: Table.pack() extends last column to include scroll bar

SWT Build 3.1 020 - Tuesday January 25th, 2005

New APIs

RowData.exclude and GridData.exclude have been added to allow applications to selectively exclude widgets from a Layout operation.

Problem reports fixed

42632: Clipboard becomes empty after shell closes
49426: Layouts should support laying out only a subset of a composite's children
64923: EC: need api to query for Tray support
76722: [RCP] [launcher] ability to generate executable with specific icon resources
79944: The Eclipse launcher should give the splash screen window a type hint
82026: [launcher] eclipse launcher does not connect stdout of jvm to console
82469: [launcher] Launcher should not hard code a reference to org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main
82640: Setting style bits breaks SWT embedded Swing in Milestone M4
82657: Help fails to open
82693: Simple example snippet for OpenGL
82828: Table's SWT.FULL_SELECTION broken for empty table items
82837: Embedding swing on swt _ problems with JDK1.4.1
82905: drawImage doesn't honor clip rect
83262: rxvt pastes null terminator
83305: Javadoc of Display.addFilter could be improved
83424: [browser] check if reparenting works
83532: [browser] HTTPS link crashes Browser with Mozilla 1.7.5
83543: add alpha support to GTK MenuItem TabItem TableColumn TrayItem

SWT Build 3.1 019c - Tuesday January 18th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

22646: Cheese appears in table when using mouse wheel
37704: [plan item] Support GUI test tools
53923: Changing table font causes table gridlines to be misaligned.
75087: redraw errors in scrollable table when row is to height
80608: SWT.error does not initialize the causing exception.
81819: Missing scenario results for Linux GTK
81987: BIDI:Check box mark is inverted
82067: BIDI:Printing of text files is not right aligned
82454: BIDI:Java editor is RTL oriented
82466: Problem in invoking Eclipse using telnet
82501: Table sort/redraw problem
82531: Missing selectionEvent when disposing TreeItem
82660: Browser without scroll bars

SWT Build 3.1 019 - Tuesday January 11th, 2005

New APIs

TreeColumn - support creating columns in a tree widget. This replaces the emulated TableTree and gives access to the native look and feel of the tree.

New Tree API:
int getGridLineWidth
int getHeaderHeight
boolean getHeaderVisible
TreeColumn getColumn (int index)
int getColumnCount
TreeColumn [] getColumns
boolean getLinesVisible
void setLinesVisible (boolean show)
void setHeaderVisible (boolean show)
void showColumn (TreeColumn column)

New TreeItem API:
Color getBackground (int index)
Rectangle getBounds (int index)
Font getFont (int index)
Color getForeground (int index)
Image getImage (int index)
Rectangle getImageBounds (int index)
String getText (int index)
void setBackground (int index, Color color)
void setFont (int index, Font font)
void setForeground (int index, Color color)
void setImage (Image [] images)
void setImage (int index, Image image)
void setText (String [] strings)
void setText (int index, String string)

Problem reports fixed

4591: prop sheet - the first column seems to leave too much unused space (1G7GIC3)
13954: TableTree Tree icons are large
25007: Allow for icons in TableTreeItems in first column
36822: DCR - TableTree doesn't support drag and drop
52145: TableTree incorrectly handles Left-Arrow in subtree
66179: TableTree widget has weird +/- signs on Windows
73622: TableTree plus sign background wrong color on Solaris
80599: SWT gets window origin even if nobody has hooked a motion event
80830: implement GC.drawFocus
81695: [Linux GTK] SWT Text displays the wrong characters if call addModifyListener
81893: IllegalArgumentException from StyledText Widget
82156: [launcher] typo in eclipseConfig.c
82160: [launcher] eclipseUnicode.h needs to include ctype.h
82282: Control.redraw() invalidates children on Linux-GTK
82385: Browser widget causes crash or freeze when opening URL with Java 2 applets

SWT Build 3.1 018 - Tuesday January 4th, 2005

Problem reports fixed

81759: Can't select tool items when tool bar has a DragDetect listener
78295: VM crash in org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.OS.gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new
80758: ControlExample showing strange events
81265: background of tree is incorrect when disabled
81399: Pixel Corruption caused by Tracker on a Composite with children
78854: Memory leak in ClipboardProxy.getFunc()
81395: [Navigator] Cannot open context menu on Navigator that is initially empty

SWT Build 3.1 017 - Tuesday December 21st, 2004

Problem reports fixed

41227: [Workbench] Switching applications, there is lag displaying the menubar
66954: Open external JavaDoc opens on type instead of member [javadoc]
79216: [consistency] attaching a DragDetect listener to a sash affects the selection event
80276: CBannerLayout calls Control.update too often
80519: update platform-launcher structure to include arch
80867: APPSTARTING cursor has colours reversed
80911: SWT.SetData event not thrown in all needed cases
80965: ControlExample does not register correct event
80975: Need to update Javadoc for "public" fields
81137: TableEditors shifted to the right when table has image
81175: launcher does not show splash screen when any argument is set
81241: [Junit] NPE in CLabel
81283: [JUnit] NPE's and No more callbacks from Browser when MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME not set
81336: using a ini file seems to prevent eclipse from switching workspace
81357: TableColumn.setText("") results in screen cheese

SWT Build 3.1 016 - Tuesday December 14th, 2004

Problem reports fixed

12379: CoolBar does not behave properly with Combo as item
69694: linux-ia64-gtk platform launcher crashes immediately
70318: Support for multiple lines in CLabel
74138: Duplicate DLLs in win32 fragment
76855: [RCP] launcher should read an ini file
79128: SWT 3.1 does not work on ppc64
79504: shell not opened if previous shell was disposed when active
80160: Regression: Pressing Return/Esc does not close drop down list of editable combo
80485: get a java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError at launch
80506: [consistency] forceActive and setActive are inconsistent across platforms

SWT Build 3.1 015 - Tuesday December 7th, 2004

Problem reports fixed

7101: DCR ability to receive scroll events (e.g. scrollwheel) from Scrollable
24538: TabItem controls should use the TabFolder to paint their background when using XP visual styles.
68212: Mac - can't drag from SWT application to another application
79527: org.eclipse.swt.gtk* build.xml target needs to collect libraries from archictecture specific directories to support source builds
79557: Display.getShells() optimization
79934: Incorrect SWT.Deactivate received
80120: CTabFolder layout puts top right item one pixel to far to the right

SWT Build 3.1 014 - Tuesday November 29th, 2004

Problem reports fixed

16971: LayoutExample not big enough
20018: CCombo missing keyboard access
26859: [consistency] Ensure Button.setImage(null) is consistent across all platforms
26878: Eclipse doesn't interact with X's "Selection Clipboard"
44217: Calling Clipboard on Motif no longer accepts key/mouse events
49057: Inconsistency in layout handling during shell.setVisible
63481: Clipboard getAvailableTypes runs the event loop on Motif
65406: [consistency] Clipboard inconsistencies across platforms
65545: DND can hang desktop
65547: [consistency]DND inconsistencies
69304: EC: disappearing table column headers
72033: [browser] support AMD64 (early access)
73965: [Layouts] add marginLeft, marginRight, marginTop and marginBottom to GridLayout
78548: [consistency] Button Selection fires before MouseUp
78558: [consistency] Slider fires two selection events on single click
78559: [consistency] Slider fires two Selection events before MouseDown
78564: [consistency] TabFolder tab traversals do not fill in detail field
78565: [consistency] TabFolder fires two MenuDetect events
78566: [consistency] Table fires two DefaultSelection events
78568: [consistency] Table fires DefaultSelection before KeyDown
79107: [consistency] setItems(String[]) with null elements
79186: [consistency] pressing Enter on Button fires MouseUp on win32 only
79191: [consistency] Button KeyUp-Selection differences
79210: [consistency] Combo does not fire some KeyDowns
79215: [consistency] ProgressBar does not fire some mouse events
79221: [consistency] TabFolder does not fire some KeyDowns
79228: Solaris 8 crash
79237: [consistency] Text does not fire MenuDetect
79423: [consistency] TabFolder fires Selection for all mnemonics
79481: Sash no longer draggable when too small

SWT Build 3.1 013 - Tuesday November 23rd, 2004

New APIs

Spinner - allow the user to enter and modify numeric values
GC.setLineCap - Sets the receiver's line cap style to the argument
GC.getLineCap - Returns the receiver's line cap style
GC.setlineJoin - Sets the receiver's line join style to the argument
GC.getLineJoin - Returns the receiver's join style

Problem reports fixed

4853: GC.setLineStyle does not work if width > 1 (1GKZ18N) [portability]
5645: DCR: Need to be able cut and paste data on Clipboard
11418: DCR - Need linestyle to allow dots of 1 pixel
14297: Add a Spinner widget to the SWT toolkit
34523: Text - No context menu
35040: Problems with PNG transparency in Image Class
38355: Invalid handling transparent pixel if there is another pixel with same RGB
38443: Support GTK on Sparc Solaris
43684: Setting cursor to SWT.CURSOR_APPSTARTING doesn't seem to work
52637: Line Styles on GTK vary greatly from those on Windows.
60815: Image transparency does not work in tables, column >0
67237: DND copy and link are allowed with default mouse gesture
68353: Components in SWT_AWT are not displayed on Solaris
70214: [64] Eclipse does not start on AMD64, Sun J2SE 1.4.2, SuSE Linux 9.1
70966: No Popup on Tiger
74744: Eclipse 3.0.0 crashes suddenly
75450: SWT-mozilla issue
76094: request for automatic chevron support. in coolbars/coolitems
77320: Junit performance [JUnit]
77535: Control example coolbar tab uses images in drop down
77812: Memory leaks and performance degradation in Display
77983: Funny behaviour on Linux GTK with MessageBox with % character
78150: eclipse 3.1x crashs on startup
78204: Refresh problem in progress view or compare view
78226: [JFace] ImageCache.getImage failing to return an image for ico file (regression)
78239: Label does not Wrap correctly
78301: Can't open font chooser dialog
78407: Platform differences setting size while shell is maximized
78554: [consistency] Scale rarely fires MenuDetect
78562: [portability] Slider selection event fires before MouseDown
78725: Separator ToolItems with Controls do not wrap soon enough
78727: ToolItems on a wrapped ToolBar do not "unwrap" correctly
78873: Combo box performance problem
79064: Strange NullPE in Widget.sendEvent(int eventType, Event event, boolean send)
79199: Update SashForm to recognize SWT.SMOOTH

SWT Build 3.1 012 - Tuesday November 9th, 2004

Problem reports fixed

4811: d'n'd should log runtime exceptions (1GJ9PCQ)
44008: [browser] Browser component grabs focus when loaded.
59783: [Workbench] WorkbenchParts resized to (0,0) when Shell minimized
66866: [browser] Javadoc preview update very slow
71107: [browser] calling setText from within Location.changing callback fails and raises apple exception
72244: Posting mouse events locks up event handling
76750: XP scrollbars becomes temporaly visible ...
76933: MessageBox does not display default title when icon is specified
77102: [browser] crash when trying to use unsupported Mozilla GTK1.2
77191: broken backwards compatability? new error in plugin.xml
77433: under construction spinner not working on WinCE
77490: setting background on single TableItem always shows grid lines
77492: ToolBar example tab should have image+text example
77493: No more handles error when running the Browser demo
77511: buttons do not resize
77527: setting the background colour in one widget, sets it as the default
77530: Selection in open type dialog does not work
77532: Version number code doesn't account for double digits
77676: TextLayout doesn't produce proper runs when newlines present
77867: Setting layout on TableTree inside of a SashForm causes incorrect layout
77926: Cannot compile SWT for GTK from CVS sources
77936: Platform inconsistency: drawLine(X,Y,X,Y) does nothing on the Mac
77948: NullPointerException in CLabel.findMnemonic

SWT Build 3.1 011 - Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

Problem reports fixed

15239: Coolbar - when chevron appears hide tool icon if partially displayed
34536: Drop-down arrows (on tree) are not centered
47178: Tree - Change font size and can not select items
49722: support mnemonics on CLabel
57068: [browser] Curious behaviour on target=_blank links
69781: max StyledText window, fire MouseMove event
76391: SWt.Virtual tables do not callback on getItems
76490: VM crash running UI test suites
76596: Compare editor has double scroll bar
76635: uses private Mozilla interfaces when alternatives exist
76748: [browser] setText issue on Mozilla
76904: Poor Canvas scrolling performance
76963: [browser] should not use nsIScriptContext
76983: [browser] uses wrong pointer
76996: corrupted display of images in SWT table (MacOS X)
77153: SWT shell scripts override environment variables
77342: getOffset () in emulated wrong for proportional fonts

SWT Build 3.1 010 - Tuesday October 26th, 2004

Problem reports fixed

4593: Need to handle RGB transparent pixel value (1G7M833)
4616: GC.drawLine() is really slow (1GAVSGP)
20269: Please add javadoc for Composite getChildren() ordering
22964: org.eclipse.swt.motif_2.0.1 not ready for KDE 3
23006: Tree Expand all "*" sends expand event regardless of current state
31372: setControl
33367: [JUNIT]List fails
34918: Request for platform SWT jar download
38721: Cant setParent() to a control in GTK
55964: [ViewMgmt] spacing between border and text of "classic" tab style
63579: Rename refactoring wizard butchers clipboard
68732: Remove dependancy on pangoxft library
73100: Crash while running a JUnit Plug-In test
74882: TextLayout needs toString() Method
75218: DirectoryDialog widget has a growing label
75577: Keyboard focus not given to selected element in tree
76595: Hang on shutdown
76612: [EditorMgmt] Open With > System Editor fails after setting up File Association
76707: GC Background and Foreground are black
76709: CR Key down arrives twice

SWT Build 3.1 009 - Tuesday October 19th, 2004

New APIs

boolean Browser.execute(String script) - execute the specified javascript. e.g to modify the DOM of the current HTML document

Problem reports fixed

4527: IME mode on J box overwrites scroll bar (1G91MAP)
4735: DCR: Additional Region features (1GFQO4C)
4795: Performance: Synchronizer queue creation (1GITDM2)
4849: Multi Select Tree - Disposing last selected item selects "random" item (1GKX5TW) [portability]
7718: horizontal scroll: Deeply nested elements in an SWT Tree widget cannot be dragged anywhere
7772: SWT Tree inconsistency when collapsing a multi-selected node
10766: Combo.removeAll() behaviour does not match API documentation
11657: inconsistent SWT.NO_FOCUS behaviour
12989: Data input in tables
35060: Tree does not show focus selection
53885: Java core (access violation) expanding a tree
54665: [browser] No more handles when created on a second thread
56047: SWT Example Launcher does not run standalone apps
58730: utilize new GtkFileChooser widget once required gtk is 2.4.0
63185: [browser] Intro issues using Safari version of the browser
68643: [browser] characters are not always typed in in text field
68876: Sashes should resize interactively
70795: LocationListener and changed event isn't always correct
70883: DBCS: IME pre-edit text size looks like 12 points all the time
72075: Native TabFolder on Pocket PC
72401: Wrong TableColumn width set when font-style is bold
73052: Exception while calling Clipboard object
73345: TableTreeItem.setExpanded causes redraw which causes flickering
73871: [KeyBindings] NullPointerException while running UiTestSuite
74666: String cut off in New Java Interface wizard
75168: Deadlocked Eclipse
75451: setBackground(index, color) does not set color when tableitem is in a Table
75675: [browser] setText/setUrl crashes when called from location.changing
75739: Variant has no toString()
75753: SWT.NO_BACKGROUND not working on Linux GTK
75904: Can not create launch configurations from the dialog.
75906: Multiple file type filters broken in file chooser
75947: InputStreams not closed in SWT examples
76034: Excessive Flicker on resizing Frame returned by SWT_AWT
76102: pocket pc - change of behaviour in Shell layout since 3.0.1
76185: [browser] investigate ways to communicate between java code and browser content
76195: Synchronizer.runAsyncMessages only runs the first runnable
76320: running out of memory and VM crashing

SWT Build 3.1 008 - Tuesday October 5th, 2004

New APIs

GridData.minimumWidth - minimum width for dynamically sized controls
GridData.minimumHeight - minimum height for dynamically sized controls
Combo.addVerifyListener - add verify listener
Combo.removeVerifyListener - remove verify listener

Problem reports fixed

4704: Focus not given to project name field in wizard (1GEV88H)
4806: setRedraw() nesting behaviour should be documented (1GJ4ZWB)
10505: Implement Verify listener for Combo on Photon
30804: DCR - GridLayout should not treat width/height hint as minumum size when grab/fill is specified
43396: Combo does not fire SelectionListener
48272: pocket pc - gesture erases current text selection
58185: Eclipse fails to load oldstyle BMP files
64770: [browser] Lose Mouse Moves/Enter/Exits
64801: [browser] browser shows disabled
66853: CTabFolder navigation-control issues
74025: SWT Browser with no URL stops any mouse move event
74275: SWT.ON_TOP and SWT.MIN|SWT.MAX are mutually eclusive
74736: Please provide some way to determine the state of keys in the Tracker event loop and provide notifications when they change
75169: [StyledText] setStyleRanges() shows different result when StyleRanges are sorted differently
75219: File open dialog does not handle filters
75268: snippet 2
75318: [WorkspaceLauncher] Workspace location confirmation dialog box wont take focus
75404: ControlExample slider tab grabs mouse
75521: Eclipse 3.1M2 crashes when software update is run
75569: OpenGL SWT Examples compile error with setCurrent

SWT Build 3.1 007 - Tuesday September 28th, 2004

Problem reports fixed

11915: Redraw problem
20968: javadoc bashing did not extend to protected methods
22264: OLE web browser example for swt has compiler warnings
24402: OLE part have a access violation exception
63224: Chevron in the coolbar
66392: IllegalArgumentException in Table
68267: Drag&Drop HTMLTransfer implementation request
68301: Close button on Ctabfolder not drawn proprely
72399: Program integration with KDE
73812: TableColumn.getWidth() returns 0 on gtk
74010: Display.setSynchronizer, readAndDispatch may throw ERROR_FAILED_EXEC
74241: [DND] Drop Target TreeItem not selected when Font was set
74399: [CTabFolder] Widget Disposed SWTException when closing Application with opened Tab-Chooser
74408: Dialogs open at an incredibly small size
74682: [Preferences] Widget disposed while changing the workbench's colors and fonts
75094: Workaround to bring up existing application instance on Pocket PC

SWT Build 3.1 006 - Tuesday September 21th, 2004

Problem reports fixed

4606: Text.computeTrim doesn't work (1G8W5RN)
37029: Display.getFocusControl() should answer new focus widget in focus out event
41339: org.eclipse.swt.layout.FormData needs toString()
42867: Combo - Custom PopUp not displayed properly
52947: Cheese with Toolbar on parent with SWT.NO_BACKGROUND
58103: [browser] expose chrome required for new browser
60975: [browser] can't download files with mozilla
67898: VM crash when restarting Eclipse
68292: [Import/Export] Import/Export dialogs confused by "Select Types..."
68418: SWT Inconsistencies with subclassing between platforms
68545: Caret blink rate is not native
68877: Spec for OleClientSite mentions the wrong error
69721: Control+backspace key combination does not work in Text widgets
71975: Newly open shell does not draw its content until resized (Windows gives extra resize callback)
72217: CTabFolder should hide tabs in LRU order
73717: Button.computeSize gives different results on Linux-GTK and Linux-Motif
73725: [Browser] SWTException when resizing CTab containing Browser
73730: Button.computeSize definition on Mac does not match other platforms
73734: Lower/right edge of Carbon Scale widget not selectable with mouse
73757: Empty button has different height from one with text
74111: enum is no longer a valid variable name
74169: DirectoryDialog widget does not allow resize to smaller width
74268: deprecated methods in SWT samples

SWT Build 3.1 005 - Tuesday September 14th, 2004

New APIs

CTabFolder.setMRUVisible(boolean) - Show only the most recently selected tabs if there is not enough room to show all tabs

Problem reports fixed

9211: GP - VM crash in KDE.KMimeType_allMimeTypes
9866: GridLayout does not handle wrapped Label properly
39207: Cut and paste does not work correctly (on a 2 processor m...
47184: MS Word can not be pasted on clipboard in Windows 98
49726: [Workbench] Weird Java perspective icon in action bar
57525: [KeyBindings] keybinding for Cut doesn't work
59205: DBCS:Can not drop and drag DBCS name file from outside ec...
61827: (BBAWT) getImageData() works incorrectly on Photon
64607: GC.drawRoundRectangle/GC.fillRoundRectangle
66285: ProjectionViewer.copyToClipboard crash while Ctrl+X, Ctrl...
70299: Eclipse dead slow on one system, normal on other
70780: Table Redraw freezes the Table Headers on CE
71146: [Browser] Browser widget should allow to hide 3D border
71303: BIDI issue in Variables view
71966: Clarify Combo/Composite/Scrollable behavior
72929: TableColumn widths ignored in Table width calculation
73046: UnsatisfiedLinkError jawt.dll already loaded in another c...
73432: Textlayout does not render multiline text correctly
73698: Control.isVisible() returns incorrect value for child Shell
73735: Carbon vertical Scale widget has top/bottom reversed from...

SWT Build 3.1 004 - Tuesday August 31, 2004

Problem reports fixed

39927: MacOSX Quartz font smoothing not working properly for LCD...
46268: [browser] calling multiple times setText without running ...
47549: GPF in XtSetValues on M5
48884: Dialog (org.eclipse.swt.widgets.ColorDialog and org.eclip...
51108: setAppName() should update application menu title.
51741: Shell not becoming "active"
57188: Label widget can get focus.
61384: [browser] support mozilla 1.7
61893: controlMoved event fired by Control.setBounds() on Window...
64215: [Fonts] Cannot set fonts which have a blank in their name
67556: [browser] TEXTREL in
70077: [typing] Copy/paste doesn't work occasionally
71180: Profiling launch configuration: Minimum width should be s...
72040: ActiveX Accessibility
72223: Add org.eclipse.swt.custom.ST.SELECT_ALL
72750: "Program.findProgram()" does not return null for an exten...

SWT Build 3.1 003 - Tuesday August 24, 2004

Problem reports fixed

52548: PocketPC and eSWT example problems
63793: [encoding] DBCS: some DBCS is displayed as dot on default...
67061: [Browser] Blank page when opening page with Flash
67746: investigate making emulated Table and Tree always post se...
69495: Splash screen appears green on AIX
70779: [browser] Mozilla 1.6 Browser problem : [Unknown mozilla ...
70925: Layout cells are infinetly large
70949: 'Unsupported color depth' error on Linux
71711: Gtk - Checkbox/Radiobox setLocation Bug
72123: Patches for 3.0 launcher cross-builds
72206: StyledText Javadoc needs italic doc.
72342: MouseListener behaving incorrectly when attached to Button
72343: Shell doesn't maximize
72345: Text wider than normal in toolitem if ampersand (&) used

SWT Build 3.1 002 - Tuesday August 17, 2004

New APIs

Shell.getMinimumSize - Returns a point describing the minimum receiver's size
Shell.setMinimumSize(int, int) - Sets the receiver's minimum size
Shell.setMinimumSize(Point) - Sets the receiver's minimum size

Problem reports fixed

4479: getFocusControl inside FocusOut event inconsistent (1FMITIE)
4606: Text.computeTrim doesn't work (1G8W5RN)
5016: Controlling shell min size during resize
36997: DCR: Accessibility on GTK
39863: TableViewer / cellModifier / ComboBoxCellEditor: new valu...
62435: Chinese font substitution defaults to Kai
63571: TextLayout: font substitution support
64266: accept imagedatas of depth other than 1 as a mask
65772: Receiving duplicate key events per non-printable key [BBAWT]
66433: Need keyboard support for Nested Tabfolder Traversal
68273: tabletree plus/minus not visible in High Contrast Mode
69410: TVT3.0: mnemonics doesn't work if focus is in a text widget
69440: Inspect32 does not show name for CCombo
70516: Provide snippet for converting BufferedImage <-> SWT Image
70620: Display.setMouseLocation() not implemented on GTK
70630: Font constructor fails to throw ERROR_NULL_ARGUMENT
70707: ImageLoader closes the byte stream after loading an image
70854: Regression: GridLayout misapplies horizontalSpacing when ...
70857: when the toolBar is wrapped only by a few pixels, removin...
71013: blocks until the window is mapped
71019: Setting a ToolItem's control to a Button doesn't work in ...
71141: SWT Snippet 145 has compile errors
71231: Program.isGnomeDesktop does not work for Fedora 2
71237: Controls placed in group composite w/ text title are inco...
71277: Program.execute does not work on Mac (patch available)
71282: Text control has been broken since 3.0
71338: Unsatisfied link error with Combo
71381: gtk build crashing on linux while opening a file
71570: Tooltips are not shown if shell's client area is located ...
71757: Cursor X/Y hotspots don't work with all constructors
71799: Readonly text fields aren't always readonly
71803: No lower border on swt combo boxes
71828: Listener is not notified when using the display's "addFil...
71894: ToolBar.getItem(Point point) always returns first item.
71907: The "Device#getFontList" method does not return an array ...
71999: StyleText displays StyleRanges incorrect depending on ord...

SWT Build 3.1 001 - Tuesday July 26, 2004

New APIs

CBanner.getRightMinimumSize - Returns the minimum size of the control that appears on the right of the banner
CBanner.setRightMinimumSize - Sets the minimum size of the control that appears on the right of the banner

Problem reports fixed

4770: Accessibility Problems (1GHQMR9)
67165: [Browser] HTML not rendered w/XP style using javaw.exe.manifest comctl
68639: platform crashes opening help (internal browser)
68759: Confirm dialog doesn't work in the embedded Mozilla browser widget
69239: [browser] No more handles (java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
69609: Browser view broken on Linux (Fedora Core 2)
70160: Image(Device, InputStream) throws incorrect/unspec'd exception
18868: TestCase cause NPE on TabFolder (Emulated Widget)
20217: Coolbar Buttons flash with enablement/disablement
20841: Hover help hides Ctrl+F1 help
24959: CoolBar with SWT.DROP_DOWN style
31385: Redraw problems: selecting text backwards
32855: [Coolbar] Unnecessary flash when remove/add last item
34945: Cheese: Tracker leaves garbage
35161: EC: cheese and GP
37735: TreeViewer's Tree gets two selectionChanged events when it gets focus
37980: Crash Moving throw Frames
41051: Wizard not gaining focus after closing of dialog box from WizardPage of this Wizard.
41204: combo event not firing on SWT.FocusIn
41537: keyboard stops responding, cursor disappears (WindowMaker)
43009: Bad performance on zh_CN.GB18030
45555: can't run at freebsd!
49598: place arbitrary controls in a table has wrong tab order
51078: Static text doesn't display on toolbar in Linux
68969: Buttons in disabled group are not disabled
62690: [launcher] splash screen spans multi-monitors
63659: SWT developers page not up to date?
68482: JVM dump errorcode=6
68661: Trees are eager to expand
68667: NPE in AddressBook example
68744: Readme mentions duplicate bug (35443)
14856: [Editor Mgmt] Ctrl+Tab does not work in editors with multiple tabs
52166: close button on view/editors tabs need refinement
68296: bug with editor in Eclipse
16171: No Maximize / First resize gets reverted
29642: Performance problems on Mac
30983: ACC - I20030205 - Can't switch tabs using keyboard
66507: ToolItem.getBounds() replied {-1,-1,1,1} is shell is not visible
68566: javaw.exe not found at launch
68571: drawText(text, 0, 0, SWT.DRAW_DELIMITER) is now right-justified
68855: is not working properly
37868: Setting a GridLayout on a TabFolder gives strange behavior when resizing
59630: [Dialogs] Accessibility: [Search dialog] Cannot select Choose working set text without mouse
68950: Bug in List.showSelection method
69398: Table.clearAll() does not force redraw
69509: Combobox computeSize() doesn't take the down arrow into account
70461: Minor javadoc error in,Control,Point)
70633: Program launch and execute methods have incorrect javadoc
70729: Plugin: Modal dialog blocks other dialogs closing
21089: CTabFolder - close button doesn't appear when tab moves under mouse
29772: [Editor Mgmt] Last editor tab gets cut off when unnecessary
36220: expand Sashform API to support setBackground
52059: SashForm right/bottom constraint is not computed correctly
52849: Lightweight close buttons on CTabFolder are problematic
64610: hover over chevron for Ctabfolder not big enough for large fonts
65598: Chevron shows '0' when there are at least one items tabs not showing
67078: Chevron and Text touching on Motif
67489: CLabel does not save alignment in style bits
68070: Label does not draw background correctly
68074: Couple of bad pixels in SWT.FLAT | SWT.BORDER style
68972: GridLayout adjusts the width of the column already adjusted
69881: In ScrolledComposite, vertical scrollbar does not appear
70536: if GridLayout.numColumns == 0 a StackOverflowError gets thrown

SWT Build 3.0 062 - Thursday June 24, 2004

Problem reports fixed

4410: AWT/SWT - Applet Interop (1PQ8QG1)
30104: Drag & Drop not implemented on the Mac
32434: Javadoc typo
65439: CBanner/CTabFolder comments.
66095: Combo.setVisibleItemCount does nothing until resize/layout
67319: CBanner javadoc incomplete
67979: editor focus issue
68096: SWT exception docking a detached view
68160: Cannot use 'eclipse' command line launcher to launch eclipse app when no workspace specified on the command line

SWT Build 3.0 061c - Tuesday June 22, 2004

Problem reports fixed

68056: GTK64 - CCombo does not work
67928: [Browser] Enter path to non-existing file brings NullPE
67935: Typo in SWT_AWT.new_Frame javadoc
68102: No mouse up when tree expansion indicator selected

SWT Build 3.0 061 - Friday June 18, 2004

Problem reports fixed

48492: Eclipse crashes on GTK (linux) while Cell Editor in Property View loosing focus
60768: CBanner at top does vertical sizing based on left components
66962: Tabbing from list in Property/Preference dialog takes you to sash instead of page
67458: Resize is too slow for mouse events on GTK
67670: cancelling Open Type dialog moves focus to Open Perspective button
67825: [browser] browser crashes on jdk 1.5 beta applets

SWT Build 3.0 060 - Thursday June 17, 2004, 8:00pm

Problem reports fixed

66813: Browser does not handle setText twice
67185: Bug in emulated TextLayout.setFont(Font)
67195: Possible NPE in TextLayout (motif/emulated)
67219: Segmentation fault in OS.gtk_main_do_event
67301: Dll infos are bogus

SWT Build 3.0 059 - Thursday June 17, 2004, 4:25pm

Problem reports fixed

44399: SWTError when trying to copy entry from Error Log View
53920: Slow performance updating target
55948: BIDI: problems in rtl-oriented CTabFolder
58642: [misc] caret disappears from java editor
65053: [KeyBindings] Key bindings stop working
65975: Ctrl+C broken in Java editor
66717: SHADOW_IN style hides Group title
67483: No chevron when not enough space to show all the tabs in CTabFolder

SWT Build 3.0 058d - Wednesday June 16, 2004, 8:00pm

Problem reports fixed

66001: package.html should not be included in binary plug-in JARs
67132: Styled text example loses the text style when changing any style flag
67346: Display.gdkEventWidgets leaks widgets
67355: Setting font back to its default value in a table tree widget causes an illegalArgumentException

SWT Build 3.0 058c - Wednesday June 16, 2004, 4:00pm

Problem reports fixed

65985: Disabled controls still get keystrokes [was [Progress] NPE in log while refactoring]

SWT Build 3.0 058b - Tuesday June 15, 2004

Problem reports fixed

34515: GTK: Cascade MenuItem doesn't support image
40003: Productize java_swt
59344: Inspect Popups disappear on Mac
60657: Default size of Shell is too big in multi-monitors
62565: NPE in WM_KEYDOWN
66293: Editor blank on startup
66633: [Workbench] missing toolbar items
66653: NPE on window close
66941: SWT printing snippet not working on MacOS X
66942: [browser] F5 blanks out the Browser widget when setText used

SWT Build 3.0 058 - Thursday June 10, 2004

Problem reports fixed

6047: setFocus fails if setRedraw turned off
6325: No busy cursor for Open on Selection
9847: Embedded Swing hangs eclipse when editor closes
35103: OS X Editor has cursor problems
38408: Caret.drawCaret ignores image content
42562: Various improvements for the Os X Interface:
50216: NPE in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control.hasFocus(
51107: ControlEditor sizing on the Macintosh
51697: CustomControlExample: missing event listener part on CCombo tab
64400: ON_TOP shell - can't setFocus to content
65350: StyledText leaves second caret behind
65695: TrayItem not coming back after an explorer crash
65697: CCombo does not respond to keyboard or mouse actions when it it dropped down
66331: exception in Members panel of java browsing perspective

SWT Build 3.0 057 - Wednesday June 9, 2004

Problem reports fixed

35346: Eclipse crash opening preferences of third party plugin
64349: SWT of the eclipse 3.0 versions crashes on start (mouse-problem)
64429: Progress bars use deprecated style
65269: [EditorMgmt] Slow redraw/relayout when maximizing/unmaximizing an editor
65537: [KeyBindings] Control (ctrl) key hotkeys not working eg Ctrl+F4
65792: Blank lines in table [WAS: Table.showItem() works wrong in Win32]
66151: Alt-clicking to expand a tree node doesn't work properly
66356: DND - move reported to drag source even though cancelled

SWT Build 3.0 056 - Tuesday June 8, 2004

Problem reports fixed

21245: different disabled toolbar icons on GTK
32852: Crash when using sub-pixel rendering in Xft 2.0
32978: Export Javadoc: element not selected
37163: Crash on startup: "Cannot open font file for font Verdana 10"
43270: Non-Antialiased Fonts have wrong spacing
47464: Second unused import message missing in problem display list view after rebuild
52276: Blurred font rendering in editor under MacOS X
55600: CVS perspective has busy cursor
56508: Editor: some tab characters are not rendered missing in field declations
56765: StyledText - Fix calculating of cursor level
57408: DBCS: After pressing "Tab", anything can not be inputed
58615: Setting italic font for tree items does not work on Mac
60659: GP when asyncExec runs from DirectoryDialog modal loop (was Crash related to new Progress Viewer)
62336: UI hangs while attempting to add missing methods.
64759: Color buttons look bad on Mac
64793: One line of cheese in CTabFolder selected tab
65387: SWT depends on Swing (AWT not a problem)
65599: Shell location is not properly used
65759: TableItem does not redraw correctly on setText(int, String)
65905: Possible Memory Leaks
65947: SWT Carbon makefile still uses JNI 1.3.1 headers
66039: org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control has funky color issues

SWT Build 3.0 055 - Thursday June 3, 2004

Problem reports fixed

14536 StyledText - bidi - change ctrl-arrow behavior
39493: GTK Combo; first item is selected when Dropdown list is shown
42480: JOGL method popups extremely slow; likely now SWT issue
43312: Switching perspectives while debugging causes segfault
44003: MenuItem.setAcceleratorText does not work properly on MacOS X
47972: [KeyBindings] Incorrect drawing of accelerator text on mac os x
56509: Details pane in Debug perspective doesn't render it's contents properly (repeats characters)
58176: Screen scribbles when scrolling up in Java editor
62119: setCursor() doesn't work for Text objects
63931: [browser] setVisible(true) does not work
63991: hang in gtk_clipboard_wait_for_contents()
64237: [Menus] menu items missing on first click
64291: mouse unusable over regions previously covered by fastview
64365: Embedded AWT windows use wrong location
64645: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in GTK
64705: Expanding a Tree with left and right arrows does not trigger TreeExpanded or TreeCollapsed events.
64709: Tree views don't update correctly using keyboard shortcuts
64752: TableCurser.setSelection does not function properly after columns are disposed
64760: add SINGLE/MULTI radios to ControlExample - Dialog tab - File Dialog Styles
64791: [KeyBindings] accelerator strings displayed incorrectly.
64938: [browser] NPE in test case
64980: should use correct SIZE_ALL cursor on motifs
65169: [browser] URLs with space don't show up on Safari
65214: Regression: Tree.setRedraw(false) not reliable
65239: new SWT Mac properties aren't boolean
65359: Label.setText() causes a redraw when the string did not change

SWT Build 3.0 054 - Friday May 28, 2004

New APIs

CTabFolder.getSimpleTab() -> CTabFolder.getSimple()
CTabFolder.setSimpleTab(boolean) -> CTabFolder.setSimple(boolean)

Problem reports fixed

64518: NPE in StyledText used by 'Change method signature' refactoring
64633 NPE caused by small font support
64652 StyledText - Clicking at the end of a line place the care...
62723: javadoc console output: hyperlink not clickable, no hand ...
53358: GC copyArea(image, x, y) not implemented on Mac
7845: API needed in Combo class to specify # of items visible
17346: Missing busy cursor in Search dialog under GTK
22018: GTK: Text.setCursor() does not function.
31023: GP - using F3 to open new edit window
38260: CCombo with Dialog
44648: Support JDK1.1
45574: Panther: Run... and Properties dialogs lay out incorrectly.
48006: [SWT] layout problems on mac
50183: Vertical scrollbar is not created as expected
54414: [typing] Delete Next Word and others don't work quite right
58804: Mac OSX : TableColumn Alignment
60452: [Mac] Button Placed on Group does not get Dialog Font
60816: Deferred events will not run during mousedrag
61728: Need access to TextLayout styles and fonts
62329: CTabFolder leaves a little cheese when resizing
62558: Null Pointer when opening Folder in File>Open External File
62982: TableColumn does not fire resize event
63003: Ctrl+ Clicking on PackageExplorer expands items
63070: some menus do not show their item texts
63701: Display var in debugger exits eclipse JVM
63716: Tree items do not display their children when unfolded by keyboard
63903: setSimple
64216: TableItem.getText - wrong for first column
64220: Wrong cursor used for SWT.CURSOR_SIZEALL
64294: Title and maximisation does not work on Pocket PC
64457: calling CTabItem.setFont (and setImage) repeatedly with null causes repaints
64512: Add smallFont and noFocusBorder properties to Info.plist file
20903: ACC: Checkboxes not identified correctly
26632: Table cloumn headers not drawn in GTK2
28990: GTK: Paints not flushed after open()
35753: missing API: TableCursor.removeSelectionListener(SelectionListener)
37956: Crash in OS.gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple ()
38809: DCR - need Display.getSystemCursor()
38828: Eclipse Crach Closing Session
38875: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException on startup
40540: Eclipse JVM crashes randomly in GTK native code.
42422: eclipse crashes on startup with RedHat 9.0 system
47266: [browser] how can we format URL links to pass on information to the SWT app
48850: SWT Example projects build error
52109: drawText() treats "\n" differently if antialiasing is on or off
56063: [Colors] Perspective toolbar items have wrong background
56981: [browser] need to support Alerts on Mozilla
57843: Fatal Error in SWT causing Eclipse to crash.
58193: [Browser] content embedded using the HTML OBJECT element doesn't show up in swt browser
59614: Clicking the CTabFolder chevron twice does not make the drop down go away
59698: [browser] investigate support for custom popup menu
60037: Accessibility: Junit Preference Page checkboxes in list view not readable
60102: Shell opened on KDE3.2.x does not paint
60237: [browser] BrowserExample running inside Eclipse does not get key/mouse events
60457: [browser] safari - does not fire location event for inner frame
60727: BIDI: StyledText - Wrong cursor positioning on bidi boundary
60819: Photon: references java.util.Stack (not in JDK 1.1)
61316: SWT error occurred on Eclipse 200405060200
62523: launch eclipse with -DMBCS as a vmarg and copy-paste works incorrectly / ctrl f6 shows undisplayable characters
62528: Tracker does not keep up with mouse movement
62761: SWT should not grab focus on traversal events
62790: packing a shell has the effect of creating an unusable shell on pocketpc
63006: Typo in SWT doc for ON_TOP
63102: [Icons] It is hard to distinguish pressed/non pressed icons on Mac OS 10.3.3
63105: TableItem.getImageBounds() returns incorrect value for Column 0
63143: malformed MANIFEST.MF in gtk/motif/gtk64 fragments
63296: [browser] F1 crashes workbench
63661: VM terminates abnormally

SWT Build 3.0 052 - Tuesday May 18, 2004

Problem reports fixed

16620: GC.drawLine and GC.drawPolyline aren't consistent [portability]
19828: CTabFolder popups should not span monitors.
21574: Color selection for individual table cells
27331: CTabFolder right control request
28766: Printing Images does not respect transparency
36732: Performance problems on Mac - slow appearance of cmd-space results
39320: SWT.NO_BACKGROUND style does not work in Linux-GTK
39881: BIDI: DCR - Need to implement a Text Layout class
44915: Clipboard getAvailableTypes runs the event loop on GTK
45093: Editor tab tooltip position wrong for dual monitor setup
52458: [Workbench] wrong background color in tab corners
52574: Rendering of CBanner with only one child
52595: CTabFolder flashing during resize
53791: Implement Control.setRedraw() on platforms other than Windows
54264: [EditorMgmt] Editor close button
54499: Tree.getItem(Point) returns element even if point is over +/- area
55392: Critical GTK Error in gtkselection.c
55748: [browser] fail to launch under RH EL3
56170: SWT_AWT problems
56694: Typing slow because too much data sent over the wire (was: [Workbench] since 3.0M8 typing is terribly slow)
57777: [typing] Wrong behavior for append next "word" to selection action
57965: GTK: Control.setBackground() with same color causes OS paint event (BBAWT)
59329: [Browser] browser code fails if gre.conf contains a blank line before version number
59333: [Browser] Exception error messages are not very meaningful
59998: [browser] hover tooltips at wrong position
60068: TableCursor crashes when scrolling vertically an empty table
60662: version-match deprecated in SWT fragment manifests
60934: [interop] tab focus problem
61207: cannot use icons with > 8 bit color depth
61397: UI seems to become "disconnected" from the application
61496: [EditorMgmt] Editor tabs should adjust themselves on window resize
61789: [Browser] browser code uses a hardcoded config file name /etc/gre.conf
61818: Cheese in ViewForm
61970: NPE in TableItem class in getImageBounds (int index)
62010: NPE Pressing CTRL-O in java editor
62090: Pressing enter in combo triggers dialog traversal
62195: Error in SWT#SCROLL_LOCK JavaDoc
62393: SWT_AWT enter key misbehaves with JTextArea in a wizard
62477: Clicking on shell title bar causes activation events with null active shells

SWT Build 3.0 051 - Tuesday May 11, 2004

New APIs

TextLayout.getAscent() added
TextLayout.getDescent() added
TextLayout.setAscent(int) added
TextLayout.setDescent(int) added
Display.getSystemImage(int) added
Display.getSystemCursor(int) added

Problem reports fixed

12625: Menu items still grab accelerators when disabled
25703: Getting system icons for dialogs
28858: Cursor appears behind character although it's in front of
40523: [launcher] Allow launcher build using MinGW
43921: gradient fill does not print its color properly
46824: ControlExample: scrolling Canvas leaves screencheese
47511: Shell.setVisible runs event loop
53034: showItem() not working when setRedraw(false)
55616: [browser] SWT.Browser (Mozilla) does not like https links (img src="https://..." or href="https://...")
57506: Pressing TAB key creates junk in editor
59352: [browser] GTK crashes on attachments
60420: lots of crashes since M8
60454: [browser] Browser crashes on Jaguar
60471: Eclipse stops responding to mouse, NullPointerException on shutdown
60568: Table TreeItem selection fails with MouseEvent position
60607: inconsistent API in FontData
60704: Long menu item labels cut off
60893: [64] NPE on startup
60913: StyledText shows lines when mulitple lines are selected
60937: Hitting Enter when a combobox is open can invoke default button
60969: [browser] clicking link to PDF crashes VM
61109: Widget is disposed error disposing shell
61239: TableItem NPE
61337: Dialogs resize when moved on Solaris

SWT Build 3.0 050 - Tuesday May 4, 2004

New APIs

New accessibility state and role constants ACC.STATE_LINKED and ROLE_LINK.
StyleRange now accepts SWT.ITALIC.
CTabFolder.MIN_TAB_WIDTH is deprecated and replaced by CTabFolder.setMinimumCharacters

Problem reports fixed

4587: StyledText - support italic fonts and italic font style (1G60C4X)
10846: Tab titles not read by JAWS
21771: Accessibility for Buttons ignored in JAWS
25629: Need STATE_SYSTEM_LINKED mapped to one of the states in ACC.
41887: [browser] Mac - HTML Browser widget - investigate Safari browser
42264: [Outline] Show Outline popup very slow
44008: [browser] Browser component grabs focus when loaded.
50524: RCP: CTabFolder truncated tabs should appear as tooltip
51676: New Look CTabFolder menu does not stay open
52087: not showing close button makes it easy to close tabs accidentally
52482: [New Look] black box around view tab labels
52489: CTabFolder selected tab not properly rendered
52593: CTabFolder.setTabHeight and paint problem
52837: [Editor Mgmt] Closing an editor when using multi tabs does not always redraw properly
52958: TabFolder, new look draws dotted selected
54575: CTabFolder: Selecting tabs should not affect whether chevron is shown (should use constant space)
54591: CTabFolder: screen cheese
55245: CTabFolder does not give available space to tab early enough
56472: [Font/Colour] Active part foreground on white povokes nasty looking close widgets
56535: [Workbench] No separator between part trim and its content is difficult on the eyes
58272: BIDI: The C/ C++ editor doesn't preserve the keyboard language after pressing sapce bar
58704: CBanner computesize seems wrong when no control on the right hand side
58843: TableCursor example in Javadoc doesn't work on GTK!
59524: Evaluation pop-up keybindings are broken
59861: asyncExec runnables not run until drag complete in Windows
60127: [PropertiesView] garbage in the properties view
60334: Can't force focus to a shell (BBAWT)
60492: [browser] safari - 2 browsers on different tab items in same tab folder overlap
60686: Program.hashCode() throws NullPointerException under linux with gnome

SWT Build 3.0 049 - Tuesday April 27, 2004

Problem reports fixed

32524: CoolBar Clips 'run' icon
37785: ctrl+delete nukes non-alphanum chars
43769: Eclipse crashes when loading web page with applet in OLE Browser view
47939: [browser] Expose native menus in WebBrowser
51682: update (custom)control example to permit setting font on single item
51727: SWT_AWT's use of embeddedFrame does not allow required subclassing of the embedded Frame
53506: Program.getProgram() Does Not Get Default Command
55625: Compiling SWT on top of GTK 2.4.0
55956: [DynamicUI] Perspective deleted only after Workbench restart
56126: StyledText background highlighting doesn't work
56376: [EditorMgmt] Immortal editor tab tooltips
57079: [interop] SWT_AWT causes JVM crash
57143: Fast view animate transition bad on Linux
57225: [browser] SWT Browser Widget Crashes Workbench on XP when loading the Shockwave Plug-in
57380: Excess clipping/dirty area for Table PaintListener's paintControl(PaintEvent)
57562: [Workbench] DBCS: Window resizing does not work properly
58073: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:
58308: SWT_AWT - Embedded JSplitPane resizable arrows
58575: drawRectangles in Tracker causes missed mouse events
58638: Permit to have synchronous display to help debugging
58732: Coolbar on Linux-GTK should draw native handles
58851: When shell is created with SWT.NO_TRIM, windows does not show it on task bar
59051: fillGradientRectangle doesn't work with XORMode on Windows
59279: Item.setText() impl. doesn't follow JavaDoc
59424: BIDI: level of the first directional run is never detected
59472: Eclipse splash screen label is "Silenio"
59615: Empty space before handle in a coolbar
59707: StyledText is not setting the OS background
59872: Documentation fix for RowLayout

SWT Build 3.0 048 - Tuesday April 20, 2004

New APIs

CoolBar now has SWT.FLAT style.

Breaking Changes

CTabItem no longer supports set/getForeground and set/getBackground.

Problem reports fixed

20186: Copyright dates still are 2001
22589: GTK: StyledText widget is slow
23566: Accessibility - toolbar not accessible by keyboard
41090: THAI/VIET: The behavior of text editing functions are not correct.
49133: SWT_AWT API class undocumented
53107: Slider crashes when hooking resize callback
53814: views are blank when detached automaticly by switching perspective
54051: Font baselines don't line up in Java editor
54225: Checkbox TableItems don't honor background color near checkbox
54989: [CellEditors] [regression] ComboBoxCellEditor does not fire value applied
57003: DBCS:Copy/Paste or input DBCS display incorrectly in project file
57004: DBCS:Can not copy/Paste or input DBCS data in project file
57426: Clipped items when setting a tree item to use a bold font
57627: Can't click in Content Assist window of New Class wizard
57948: [browser] how to distinguish between a call to setText and a hyperlink activation
58071: ICO images painted not correctly when smaller than 17x17 pixels
58093: swt-gtk: uses ~100% CPU while drawing using fillGradientRectangle()
58243: [browser] hover messages don't show up in mozilla
58346: [browser] Browser not working with default RH EL3 update 1
58569: Regression: StyledText does not wrap correctly
58756: Tables & Images refresh problem
59106: SWT Snippet 139 fails to compile

SWT Build 3.0 047 - Tuesday April 13, 2004

Problem reports fixed

4425: List(SINGLE) - setSelection(int, int) doesn't deselect when start>end (1FCHJMQ)
48849: Keyboard events ignored in Import Plug-ins and Fragments dialog
50657: Can't input 2 bytes character To combo box
56829: CBanner not sized correctly after coolbar wraps
56915: Chinese characters not rendered in StyledText
57099: GTK: Text widget of style MULTI does not send mouse track events if added to realized Shell (BBAWT)
57182: [browser] Browser displays a blank page if character encoding is specified (Linux GTK)
57647: errant ON_TOP | SYSTEM_MODAL Shell behaviour if tooltiptext is set on any control
57876: Constructor for Font has wrong-named argument; doesn't appear to be used
57884: Javadoc on Text missing possible style
58156: Unhandled event loop exception (Widget is disposed) when using "Open Type Hierarchy"

SWT Build 3.0 046 - Tuesday April 6, 2004

Problem reports fixed

25646: [launcher] After rebranding, "Eclipse" shows up in Windows toolbar during launch.
27696: DCR - need to set font and color for a TableItem's individual cells
37052: Shells assuming SWT.RESIZE on GTK and Motif (BBAWT)
40521: [launcher] Launcher error messages cannot be rebranded
42032: [browser] Browser Mozilla binding - problem submitting form
42313: SWT.CENTER and SWT.RIGHT don't work with Text
54341: [browser] swt.browser.Browser; buttons in html does not work on linux/gtk
55541: StyledText - Bidi segments Listener is broken
55702: [browser] Intro page does not show images on Linux
55806: [64] crash on startup when using jit on AMD64
55926: [64] [M8] AMD64 I20040324 build cannot work (unsatisfied link errro)
56089: [misc] Extend selection causing horizontal scroll is slow
56149: coolbar does not fill vertical space
56315: performance bad when moving lines
56667: Minimization of top Shell widgets impossible (SWT.MIN & SWT.NONE) on PocketPC (BBAWT)
56795: NPE opening quick outline/hierarchy
56799: NPE in WM_KEYDOWN
56918: Problems disposing TrayItem
56999: [KeyBindings] Regression: Alt+Numpad keystrokes broken
57165: eclipse does not start when using lesstif, FAQ is wrong
57296: BidiUtil static var retains references to runnables from StyledText
57395: backspace in texteditors -> double backspace

SWT Build 3.0 045 - Tuesday March 30, 2004

Problem reports fixed

15025: implement java.awt.Robot for SWT
51719: Need to suppress "untitled window" on GTK
53274: [SWT Examples] Image Analyzer crashed when tried to save images as PNGs and ICOs
53978: of org.eclipse.swt is not consistent with plugin.xml
55522: - support/investigate mouse button 2 and 3
55525: - don't send mouse down/up when doing mousemove
55556: MacOS 10.2.x (Jaguar) has no strcasestr function
55561: - hang when doing a mousedown
55738: next word action broken on win2000
55756: Double click is ignored on progress indicators
55849: Keyboard shortcuts don't work in old workspace
55897: StyledText doesn't compute preferred size properly
55913: Styled Text draws on top of itself
55917: Extra library dependency in Eclipse 2.1.2 GTK launcher
55920: View presentation visual problems
55937: Introduction page wizard not properly installing SWT examples
55967: SWT should be a singleton bundle
55980: does not handle uppercase characters
56245: subtitle text does not fill available horizontal space
56366: Tooltip for CTabFolder shows up on wrong monitor

SWT Build 3.0 044 - Tuesday March 23, 2004

New APIs

For new API released in the last few builds, see the "New & Noteworthy" link on the Downloads page for 3.0M8 after March 26th, 2004.

Problem reports fixed

15054: OwnerData or "virtual" Table support
21659: Frames drawn in inappropriate places
23335: Odd lines around buttons
30848: API for Table#showColumn() like Table#showItem()
40420: Shell with style NO_TRIM should not appear in the Window Manager task bar
40663: Dragging views is not synchronised with mouse position
47638: NPE in getParentBackground.
50359: Problem with vertical toolbars and GTK+ 2.3.x
51582: Need the ability to determine "High Contrast" mode
54231: CTabFolder now adds margin around page controls
54291: new TaskTray widget does not compile on Windows CE and GTK64
54386: Stray pixel in SWT table
54878: Drop down coolbar/toolbar menus and combo boxes take too many clicks
54990: ALT+DOWN does not drop down CCombo list
55113: Hover text stuck after drag in CTabFolder
55133: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with SWT.VIRTUAL
55187: swt v3043b does not work under gtk 2.0.6
55300: StyledText - single and border cause cheese when resize
55307: ViewForm's title area controls are off by one pixel

SWT Build 3.0 043 - Tuesday March 16, 2004

Problem reports fixed

4809: SWT Cursor Source and mask are flip-flopped (1GJ80FZ)
6593: Doc: knowing the coordinate space for SWT
25336: CoolBar - computeSize do not respect autobreaks [Emulated]
30834: Minimize to system tray
43893: Scrolling copies wrong bits
49778: Images on MenuBar are not lining up with thier Hotstop
50151: Using SWT.RIGHT on a ToolBar leaves blank space
52785: Eclipse 3.0M7 doesn't run on Fedora Core 2 test1 release.
53401: [64] junit tests don't compile - crashes
53837: Workbench hangs up when hitting space key on readonly combo.
54358: Shells don't fire move event when not visible (BBAWT)

SWT Build 3.0 042 - Tuesday March 9, 2004

Problem reports fixed

19654: Coolbar - resizing window can add rows to coolbars
32537: Menu text and accelerator text overlapping
42022: Mnemonic traversal cannot be suppressed
46369: javadoc should be updated for behavior of selecting multiple items in a single select list
51464: eclipse.exe review/updates
51537: need a way to pass a string to the launcher
52536: [SWT Examples] Setting the style to SWT.FLAT has no effect on Buttons
52935: Emulated Coolbar does not support wrapping
52959: setFont() in TableTreeItem
53014: MessageBox opens modal but unparented
53045: no more handles!
53057: Browser widget and display of special chars
53141: JVM crash at eclipse exit
53221: [SWT Examples] ???Save As??????? Dialog of Image Analyzer does not provide the correct file path
53236: Setting font/color on an item when there is no change should not redraw
53361: [EditorMgmt] New look: editor close button (x) does nothing sometimes
53388: [64] Crash in g_signal_lookup
53394: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ColorDialog
53419: viewing preference page makes preferences tree unresponsive
53430: Additional fixes for porting SWT to 64-bit
53487: [browser] Suze 9 installs Mozilla into different folder than RH
53519: CheckboxTableViewer does not receive selection events
53544: [Viewers] Checkbox Table Viewer does not provide selection callbacks on a check
53549: remove custom code in Program Gnome
53556: Index out of bounds resizing preference page
53570: Opening the file type association dialog to the external editors view causes Eclipse to crash
53638: eclipse startup problem
53723: Problems with setFont() on TreeItem
53832: VM Crash releated to focus or set font
53853: Selection event for checkbox Table is broken
53995: java_swt crashes if application bundle is named .APP instead of .app

SWT Build 3.0 041 - Tuesday March 2, 2004

New APIs

Table.setItemCount(), SWT.VIRTUAL and SWT.SetData have been added and implemented on all platforms to support the virtual Table. This feature is "under construction". Use at your own risk.

Problem reports fixed

4575: desire exception checks for inputProc/windowCallback (1G55O7P)
17659: Eclipse crashes when switching Encoding to UTF-16 (little endian)
20364: Slider control does not take focus
39892: SWT error thrown when refreshing the properties page
45845: scrollbars on ScrollingGraphicalViewer sometimes does not work
45945: Drawing issues with SWT 2.1.1 under PocketPC 2002
46156: Eclipse crash with KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE when customizing perspective
49082: Unsupported color depth does not throw an exception in Linux GTK
52295: Monochrome bmp and ico image data, and icon masks are not always handle correctly
52733: Deadlock expand of HEAD
52862: SPACE gets inserted into styledtext using system menu
53063: Changing the style of a Label from SWT.SHADOW_IN to SWT.SHADOW_NONE does not make a difference in the appearance of the Label
53128: Shell.setRegion() should check if region is disposed...
53440: critical warnings when running jnigen tool

SWT Build 3.0 040 - Tuesday February 24, 2004

New APIs

Point Menu.getSize() added

Problem reports fixed

6781: Cannot draw unicode string
38643: Toolbar computeSize stop working after WM_SETFONT
38714: Table and table cursor buggy scrolling. It is impossible to use properly the table widget when the table cursor is involved.
42554: Double icon in the dock on OSX
48341: Cannot get height of Menu and no capabilities for work around
50107: SWT does not compile successfully against CLDC (i.e. j2me)
51374: Need MenuBar to support Images on PocketPC
51645: Java core when running event loop on the Sun
51671: Text not redrawn on new look CTabFolder
51777: TableItem.getBounds(int) returns the wrong values when table scrolled
52024: [NewLook] curvy lines have inconsistent line width
52242: New Look: white banding in view and editor tabs
52255: Found small problem in snipets code
52335: Snippet108.html missing code
52337: LZWCodec#maskTable should be a static final field
52541: [SWT Examples] CoolBar Buttons with a dropdown menu do not behave correctly

SWT Build 3.0 039 - Tuesday February 17, 2004

New APIs

CTabFolder has been modified to display the new look for 3.0. Please note that the new 3.0 API in CTabFolder has not been finalized and is subject to change.

Problem reports fixed

21430: Accessibility:JAWS can not read label for multi-lines Text
38194: SWT performance issues with JAWS 4.5
38564: [Import/Export] On MacOS X SWT Buttons easily get wrong height
43257: org.eclipse.swt.custom.StyledText is not accessible
44236: Jaws doesn't read eclipse's main menus
44946: TableCursor always paints left-aligned text
47264: I-Beam displayed in wrong control (Run... dialog)
48273: [wm2003] pocket pc - issues with popup menu
48327: [WM2003] Problem with PaintListener on PocketPC WM2003
49797: [WM2003] GC cannot instantiate on PPC 2003
51031: Broken arrows on multi page
51036: Tree Widget opens then closes on RETURN/ENTER
51088: Patch(es) to fix redraw bug after ControlEditors close.
51248: GUI thread does not process the GUI update requests timely, causing the display to be unresponsive
51401: can't find java.awt.* packages using IBMs 1.4.1 VM on linux
51472: Error launching Browser plugin in pre-M7 build
51492: changing TabFolder foreground colour is not immediately reflected
51831: StyledText doesn't specify contents of its SelectionEvents

SWT Build 3.0 038 - Tuesday February 10, 2004

New APIs

TableItem.setFont(Font) and TableItem.setFont(int, Font) added
TableItem.getFont() and TableItem.getFont(int) added
Table.showColumn(TableColumn) added added

Breaking Changes


Problem reports fixed

37742: ACC: missing an item correspondent with ROLE_SYSTEM_OUTLINEITEM defined by MSAA
43091: [browser] Browser - LocationEvent behavior
44063: Clipboard of GTK on KDE : Eclipse crash
44943: TableCursor color set incorrectly
50522: [interop] Components in SWT_AWT don't show in Workbench.
50907: JPEG loader fails to load image
51081: Tracker flickers when using setRectangles to hold it in place
51325: SWT_AWT:The color depth of the display changed cause NullPointerException
51372: [browser] certain event strings contain an extra null char

SWT Build 3.0 037 - Tuesday February 3, 2004

Problem reports fixed

50639: Deadlock creating image outside UI thread
50718: get doc title from Browser
50130: gtk and motif don't compile against CLDC
50778: Java doc problems
50547: MessageBox locks out application
50520: RCP: Need ability to set close button per item on CTabFolder
50709: Right Aligned Table Column Headers do not appear until after a resize
49828: [browser] Browser control does not always send completed progress event
48899: [browser] browser plugin not included into the eclipse example zip file
50991: [browser] mozilla - must support older version mozilla 1.4
50777: [browser] mozilla dependencies on unfrozen api

SWT Build 3.0 036d - Tuesday January 27, 2004

New APIs

Browser.backEnabled() added
Browser.forwardEnabled() added
Browser.addTitleListener(TitleListener) added
Browser.removeTitleListener(TitleListener) added

Problem reports fixed

46225: 3.0M4 doesn't work with gtk2.3.0
50301: Characters typed are displayed backwards.
50518: CLabel should support a vertical gradient
49971: NPE when closing workbench
50377: Swt MANIFEST.MF not adjusted to repackaging of SWT_AWT.
50256: Text#getCaretLocation() sends erroneous Modify event
45419: [browser] add api to read html from memory on Photon Browser
47936: [browser] Back/Next event support in WebBrowser
48809: [browser] breaking change - rename LocationEvent.cancel to LocationEvent.doit and reverse boolean meaning
50405: [browser] Linux: switch to Mozilla 1.6
50437: [browser] send title event
50034: [interop] swing mouse events not received in RCP plugin
50483: [interop] swt SWT_AWT & ui ViewPart

SWT Build 3.0 036 - Tuesday January 20, 2004

New APIs

Display.getIconSizes() added
Display.getCursorSizes() added

Problem reports fixed

50153: API - Breaking change - replace Display.getCursorSize with Display.getCursorSizes
50161: NEW API - Display.getIconSizes
49942: NPE in StyledText.getSelectionRange (line 4275)
48653: NPE in StyledText.performPaint (line 6084)

SWT Build 3.0 035 - Tuesday January 13, 2004

Problem reports fixed

46800: Arrow button doesn't receive focus
49154: Combo behavior not very user-friendly
49534: Javadoc of 'Control' should mention 'Traverse' event
32828: Loss of the modal context
49471: M6 image leak
47279: OS.ExpandEnvironmentStrings crashes on zero-length string
49502: Snippet 90 miss class specification
49503: Snippet 98 missing import statements
49723: StyledText is leaking StyleRange objects again
49401: SWT M6 outdated Manifest File prevents use of SWT_AWT from within Eclipse
49381: SWT.RIGHT does not work in Text
49488: swt_awt.c and swt_awt.rc files not in source bundle
45149: The position of IME input field is wrong.

SWT Build 3.0 034 - Monday December 15, 2003

Problem reports fixed

39606: JAWS 4.5 not reading tabs
48263: EC: gtk allows TabItem.setControl(...) value to be non-child of TabFolder.
48343: DCR: Provide means to get preferred cursor size
47928: overly stringent bounds tests in Text.getText
48233: [KeyBindings] shortcut Command+Space not working
22228: [Workbench] program icon in ALT+TAB window looks ugly
48271: EC: Control.setVisible doesn't do isDisposed() check

SWT Build 3.0 033 - Tuesday December 9, 2003

Breaking Changes

Slider.setThumb(int), Slider.setValues(...), ScrollBar.setThumb(int) and ScrollBar.setValues(...) now clamps the passed thumb value if it exceeds the receiver's range.

Problem reports fixed

48036: [browser] crash on IE when using javascript to close more...
48022: 3 mouse clicks cause 4 mouseDown events
47894: Combo layout problems
47916: [browser] crash on IE when setting text multiple time wit...
47885: [browser] provide a resize event
48168: [browser] breaking change - changing names of WindowEvents
45989: Slider/Scrollbar API doc
47898: StyledText leaking StyleRanges
47190: Documentation missing
48297: [browser] investigate support for Mozilla Firebird

SWT Build 3.0 032 - Tuesday December 2, 2003

New APIs

org.eclipse.swt.awt.SWT_AWT class added for Windows, GTK and Motif - the class is not internal anymore

Problem reports fixed

33687: Combo widget does not size itself to handle largest entry
47170: cheese when resize with focus ring
47557: No images returned by Program.getImageData()
47245: setEditable() method for Combo or CCombo
47468: Support "full keyboard access" mode.
38149: SHIFT + spacebar doesn't work
46810: unexpected behavior for TableItem.setBackground() when co...
46641: Browser widget: footprint and guidelines question
46707: NPE when closing eclipse.
47366: [New Look] Area not painted when tab in the background
46751: [browser] Javascript window.close() does not work in the ...
46896: CCombo setEnabled
47109: Resize buttons horizontally leaves cheese
47530: [New Look] Cheese when adding to a banner
47143: List.add() != List.getItems() if string contains '\n'
34797: API: Clipboard:isDisposed
47426: [browser] breaking change - Replace NewWindowEvent with O...
29396: Unable to get session data when using internal browser
47039: Inconsistent shutdown
47391: Combo.deselect(int) and deselectAll() doesn't work
44567: Clipboard.dispose throws NPE

SWT Build 3.0 031 - Tuesday November 25, 2003

Problem reports fixed

46848: Circumflex accent for characters does not work
46859: Combo API doc/problems
16011: Copy not working.
47146: Group label should have same foreground/background as Group
47084: No mouseUp events for the left mouse button
46068: [browser] linux motif Browser shows up non embedded if previous instance disposed
40460: [Key Bindings] Some shortcut keys broken

SWT Build 3.0 030 - Tuesday November 18, 2003

Breaking Changes

  • DirectoryDialog.setMessage(String string) now throws an IllegalArgumentException if string is null
  • MessageBox.setMessage(String string) now throws an IllegalArgumentException if string is null
  • Text.getText(int start, int end) now throws an IllegalArgumentException if start is negative, if end is equal to or greater than the length of the receiver's text, or if start is greater than end.

Problem reports fixed

34128: classpath incomplete
46688: eclipse 3.0M4 left out a char symbol behind
46722: Crash on open of any java source
38981: Decorations.getMaximized() always returns false
46582: gtk setSelection(*) does not set focus properly
22010: GTK: Combo.setForeground() and Combo.setFont() dont change the drop-down list
46702: List.getFocusIndex() does not answer -1
46500: MessageBox.setMessage(null) has to be spec'd
45787: Panther: intitial Textfield contents only partially visible
46419: Text.getText(int,int) needs to spec behaviour for invalid range
42408: [browser] Javascript does not work in the Browser widget
23084: [StyledText Motif 2.0.1] Cursor disappears while moving by words (forwards/backwards)
36010: [View Mgmt] View menu "Move" and "Size" commands have no effect.

SWT Build 3.0 029 - Tuesday November 11, 2003

New APIs

GC.drawPoint(int x, int y) added
DragDetect event objects now have their x and y fields set to the control-relative x and y coordinates of the drag start

Problem reports fixed

46354: add to javadoc for List.remove(int start, int end)
42426: Backport BiDi Mirroring Fixes from 3.0 and 2.1.x
46029: bad alignment in Import plugins wizard
32772: Cannot hold down stepping keys on OSX
44390: column separator disappeares after resizing the first column to zero width
46306: ControlExample: multiple Select Listeners dialogs is confusing
33637: DCR - no printing on Mac [was Print on OSX 10.2.4]
43251: DragDetect event should have x and y coordinates
28684: Drop-Down arrows hard to hit
21075: Import to filesystem can only browse when empty
45877: many German strings are not displayed
38521: Mouse events delivered to wrong Control
45946: Need an efficient GC.setPixel( x,y ) method.
41465: Panther: ToolItem(DROP_DOWN) arrow has wrong background
45453: pocketpc - Pop-Up menus do not work on Tables
45422: Pull-down menu only shows up on mouse-up, rather than mouse down
43108: StyledText - Scrollwheel event interferes with last caret placement
46368: Table array exception when removing invalid lower range
46037: text editor - positions editor in first page
45789: Toolbar dropdown items don't fire immediately
45940: Votes on closed bugs?
46028: [browser] IE browser still shows default popup menu
45997: [browser] support and require Mozilla 1.5
46147: [browser] SWT accelerators get overriden by IE
44919: [KeyBindings] dialog keyboard shortcuts gone
45362: [KeyBindings] French Keyboard issue with 0 key (SHIFT + ???????)
37740: [KeyBindings] Text tool item on the Viewpart Title takes menu's accelerator key

SWT Build 3.0 028 - Tuesday November 4, 2003

Breaking Changes

FileDialog.getFileNames() now returns an empty String array instead of null when there are no file names to answer.

Problem reports fixed

36083: NPE in Cursor.dispose
5096: FileDialog doesn't allow to set file name
22785: FileDialog: File paths incorrect
26771: motif test case failures
26913: All platforms should clear mouse capture when modal dialog is opened
34408: Shift Tab does not work in java editor
44878: StyledText - Arrow_Down in text editor doesn't retain column when it scrolls
45323: Error occurred using F3 to open class
45628: cannot traverse to ToolBar items
45800: Tracker (RESIZE) with multiple Rectangles losing precision
45834: FileDialog API spec problems
8507: SWTError thrown instead of SWTException
11663: unnecessary focus events on linux-motif
24319: Key events don't send to code completion dialog
25494: Mnemonic keys in editor menu don't work on gtk.
26101: Strange behaviour in VerifyListener under GTK
26170: SWT widget org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Label does not properly display its text under Linux Gtk when given a SWT.WRAP style.
35811: Resize workbench shell causes fastview z-order cheese
36153: No F1 help in Java editor
37510: Shift + F10 does not work in GEF on Linux
43683: [SWT] request function keys F13, F14, and F15 be supported
45457: [ViewMgmt] View contents rendered on top of fast view
45552: Crash when viewing MicroAnalyzer trace on Linux
21035: [Key Bindings] Ability to map keypad key events
24178: (BBAWT) Certain keys do not generate KeyEvents
43871: Ctrl+Break is interpreted as Ctrl+C Ctrl+C
45640: PENs are being leaked during painting
4622: DCR: No auto tab select on first tab created (1GCEDI4)
31107: CTabFolder and CCombo - too many sheels from tooltip shell
33934: CTabFolder's closeImage invisible in High Contrast mode
33945: CTabFolder tooltips overlap cursor
38805: Switching perspectives on Linux GTK seems to be slow due to large number of toolbar creations
42278: CTabFolder throws exception when closing a tab

SWT Build 3.0 027 - Tuesday October 28, 2003

Problem reports fixed

45267: BIDI: Mirrored text appears on every editor
38585: ControlExample - Checkbox Tree preferred size a tad too small
35494: ControlExample - Table preferred size does not adjust width
22287: Crash when calling SWT Combo.setText()
41420: Deleting the first column of a Table may throw an exception
45439: Double clicking the left upper corner of the nested Decoration closes the parent Shell
45341: FileDialog crashes VM on invalid drive
34362: GB18030-Motif: Crash when typing CN in the JavaEditor
43500: InvalidThreadAccess when running a subset of JUnit tests
45306: Mouse events lost in shell launched from secondary application modal shell
45337: pocketpc - can't show popup menu in Tree
41060: preferences dialog and editing paste functions wedged
42367: StyledText - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in StyledTextRenderer
44474: StyledText does not handle case where printing not supported
44050: SWT.BORDER Text should display thin black border on PocketPC

SWT Build 3.0 026 - Wednesday October 21, 2003

Problem reports fixed

44896: 2 junit tests have been intermittently failing in nightly build
43811: 3.0M3 fails startup
42410: A way to check if SWT Browser is implemented and working is needed.
44174: Eclipse crashes using SWT Designer plugin
44232: ImageData constructor should thrown IllegalArgumentException for scanlinePad == 0
44832: Opening a PRIMARY_MODAL dialog on top on another PRIMARY_MODAL dialog shoud not enable the parent of the first.
44301: SashForm - Sashes have no borders
45145: Second window comes to front when using first
40873: Splash Screen Has Wrong Colors on Linux
42947: StyledText - redraw problem on last line with word wrap
43837: [browser] Browser - linux can't dispose a browser and open a new one
45122: [browser] Mozilla browser forward() back() always return true
45118: [browser] mozilla browser throws exception after reload in some cases
39106: [DBCS] Cannot input Japanese characters into Text widget with GTK+2, kinput2 and canna

SWT Build 3.0 025 - Wednesday October 15, 2003

New APIs

TabFolder style bits SWT.TOP and SWT.BOTTOM added

Problem reports fixed

44212: FocusEvents/KeyEvents from Scale not delivered
43729: GC.drawText() does not work on large images
44508: GC.getCharWidth JUnit test failure on Win98
44600: gnome Program does not return icon
44476: GP on shutdown
44223: Group widget doesn't pass focus when pressing mnemonic
44607: Gtk critical warning when running swt app
44372: NPE on hitting Esc to dismiss inline table edit
44516: Remove println's from FontData JUnit test
43878: SWT HTML Widget / Browser embedding problem on Linux
22983: Table.showItem() ignored before bounds are set
44778: TableItem.getImage periodically throws ArrayOutOfBoundsException
43281: Text field throws StackOverflowError when full
44509: Text.setTextLimit JUnit test failure on Win98

SWT Build 3.0 024 - Tuesday October 7, 2003

Breaking Changes

Methods ImageLoader.addImageLoaderListener(ImageLoaderListener) and ImageLoader.removeImageLoaderListener(ImageLoaderListener) now throw an SWT Error if null is passed as the argument.

New APIs

Region.add(int[] polygon) added
Region.subtract(int[] polygon) added
Shell.getRegion() added
Shell.setRegion(Region) added
Accessible.addAccessibleTextListener(AccessibleTextListener) added
Accessible.removeAccessibleTextListener(AccessibleTextListener listener) added
Accessible.selectionChange() added
Accessible.textCaretMoved(int) added
Accessible.textChanged(int,int,int) added
Accessible.textSelectionChanged() added
org.eclipse.swt.accessibility.AccessibleTextAdapter added
org.eclipse.swt.accessibility.AccessibleTextEvent added
org.eclipse.swt.accessibility.AccessibleTextListener added

Problem reports fixed

44161: addImageLoadListener should check for null
43971: Double clicking no longer works
42559: Eclipse 3.0 M3 - can't start Eclipse from the command line
43706: Palette desc saying 'no items for this editor' doesnt wrap on linux
40940: Printing disabled in Solaris
43918: Some mouse clicks don't work
44164: update needed in javadoc for constructor Image(Device , ImageData)
44165: update needed in javadoc for constructors ImageData specifying colorDepth

SWT Build 3.0 023 - Tuesday September 30, 2003

Problem reports fixed

43610: 'Shift+Alt+' gives 0x00 as key code and character
43538: Ctrl+Space gives two key down events
42225: Can't assign command to Ctrl+Backspace
43597: [SWT] Text.setText(..) can change font inappropriately on Mac OSX
43599: [KeyBindings] accelerators on Mac OS X 'application menu' should not always be active
34790: Search view doesn't reposition scrollbar
38757: BIDI - on a 102 keyboard, English Layer, there is a key conflict
40085: Cursor key scrolling in code assist table doesn't update scrollbars
43311: KeyReleased event is not fired when the '4' key is released on spanish keyboards
43394: ImageAnalyzer example failed to read PNG file.
43576: "Alt+Space" traversal cannot be blocked
43613: Integrate isComplete() work and merge with patches
43667: New Synch View layout
43757: Table answers its Header as a child
43778: Browser - mozilla GTK into Motif appears in top level window
43779: Browser - mozilla GTK into Motif gets hidden by shell proxy focus
43780: Implement Browser on Linux Motif
43177: Text.setText() triggers two ModifyEvents
43808: StyledText deletes too many characters in some situations
43094: Provide a how-to on running SWT snippets

SWT Build 3.0 022 - Tuesday September 23, 2003

Breaking Changes

The Event.keyCode field now contains the unaffected keycode value. For example, when the user types Ctrl+Shift+'a', the keyCode field contains 'a'. The character field is unaffected and contains the same value as before (0x01).

New APIs

Combo.getOrientation() added
Combo.setOrientation(int) added
StyledText.getOrientation() added
StyledText.setOrientation(int) added
Text.getOrientation() added
Text.setOrientation(int) added

Problem reports fixed

38094: [Enter] key doesn't work in text editors
30273: [Key Bindings] DBCS: "F1" funtion key does NOT work on Linux_GTK.
15538: Label requires border to draw correctly
21555: View menu remains open on GTK
33198: [Wizards] Error message in Wizard clipped
37608: [Bidi] StyledText - support dynamic changing of orientation
42467: Photon - implement the SWT browser widget
43125: Bidi: DCR setOrientation API for Text and Combo widget
43262: XmTextPaste native declares jboolean return, does not do so

SWT Build 3.0 021 - Tuesday September 16, 2003

Breaking Changes

Canvases now see Ctrl+Tab, Shift+Tab, Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn by default instead of traversing. This change was made for the Eclipse key binding work. The rule that Canvases see every key was broken in previous versions of SWT due to a last minute accessibility work around for 2.0.

Problem reports fixed

42897: BIDI: CHECK style doesn't work with RTL Tree or Table
42787: CheckboxTableViewer does not clear selection
42202: JDTUI tests don't finish
15307: DCR - Ability to forbid SWT button (PUSH style) to become default needed
32790: Breakpoint hover is flaky on OS X
37863: Text's focus border has wrong background
39987: BIDI: MIRRORED bit can't be switched on in the style's bitmap of any SWT widget.
40006: BIDI: rtl-oriented StyledText has overlapping segments problem
41039: Hitting the Enter/Return key in the Find/Replace dialog doesn't do anything on Mac OS X
42349: Bogus implementation for GC.drawText (String string, int x, int y, int flags) on Mac
42353: drawString/drawText do not work properly on GTK.
42512: MenuBar on Decorations are not refreshed
42724: StyledText - selection rendered incorrectly on bidi platforms
42818: DirectoryDialog does not show its set message
42882: remove platform code throwing ClassNotFound exception
43011: "Alt+" key strokes not always received on "zh_CN.GB18030"

SWT Build 3.0 020 - Tuesday September 9, 2003

Problem reports fixed

4776: StyledText - GC.stringExtent returns incorrect value (1GI7ALA)
35589: StyledText - add getStyleRanges(start, offset) API
35826: GPs on exit
38983: StyledText - ignore WRAP when SINGLE style is specified
40019: BIDI: StyledText has problem with drawing of selection in both ltr and rtl orientation of this widget in the bidi locale.
40406: Clicking in tree does not bring window to the front.
40693: Text - No Verify/Modify when a modifier key is down
40800: org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Text, method append(), bottom focusing error
41748: [Keybindings] Keyboard Shortcuts not working
41773: underscore dissapears in editor if font is bold Courier New size 9
41899: Odd font names returned by getFontList on Mac
42259: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in FontData.getLocale()
42266: NPE when opening Compiler preference page
42275: Device.getFontList() is inconsistent across platforms.
42293: Menu item too large
42323: Eclipse won't start after renaming
42460: Browser - report location before it is changed
42465: StackOverflow on Keys preference page
42697: multiselect in pocket pc

SWT Build 3.0 019c - Tuesday September 2, 2003

Problem reports fixed

39781: Selection events not fired from Combo
40560: Label with text and image set tries to display both
41330: Import|filesystem Form Directory input acts strange
41619: SWT does not render Unicode glyphs > 255
41707: Exception causes Members view to become empty
41968: Some menu item texts appear blank on Solaris 9 x86
41980: GP showing Workbench - Appearance preference page
42008: Corrupt Tree view-model after disposing last treeItem
42150: Browser plugin not working on GTK
42182: Externalize strings wizard is broken

SWT Build 3.0 019 - Monday August 25, 2003

Breaking Changes

Keydown events now run before the work is done in the Operating System. This means, for example, that if you hook a key down event in a text widget and inside the key down event, get the content of the text widget (Text.getText()), the content will not contain the key that was just typed. To get the content with the latest character you can use Display.asyncExec - this will run after the Operating System has processed the key down. Note: in this case you probably should have been using the SWT.Modify or SWT.Verify event.

This change was made to support key bindings in Eclipse so that they could intercept key events before any widget had a chance to process the character.

New APIs

Region(Device) added
Region.intersect(Rectangle) added
Region.intersect(Region) added
Region.subtract(Rectangle) added
Region.subtract(Region) added
Rectangle.intersect(Rectangle) added
Rectangle.intersects(int, int, int, int) added
TableItem.setBackground(int, Color) added
TableItem.setForeground(int, Color) added
TableItem.getBackground(int) added
TableItem.getForeground(int) added

Problem reports fixed

20536: SWT error during Tracker instantiation in GTK
40529: SWT examples: setup doc bug
41840: Windows only - Browser widget with Mozilla

SWT Build 3.0 018 - Wednesday August 20, 2003

New APIs

Browser class added for Windows and Linux GTK

36952: [Plan Item] Display HTML in a widget

Problem reports fixed

41201: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Label
41362: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Group

SWT Build 3.0 017a - Tuesday August 19, 2003

Problem reports fixed

22322: AWT Container is a SWT container does not get its background painted in JDK 1.4.0
39752: SWT_AWT support for Java 1.4
40828: Vertical toolbar strange behavior
41418: FormLayout causing infinate loop.
41424: Javadoc is bogus for GC.drawArc
41455: TableColumn#setWidth(int width) allow width=0 but GTK doesn't like it
41620: eclipse.exe on Mac truncates error messages longer than 255 chars
41627: Editable Combo incorrect width

SWT Build 3.0 017 - Tuesday August 12, 2003

Problem reports fixed

4608: Canvas.setRedraw(true) makes widget visible (1G975VG)
6220: Workbench is automatically brought to front in focus follows mouse mode
38605: CTabItem cannot be created in Linux-GTK
39173: Thread processing is extremely slow on GTK. (BBAWT)
40102: [Viewers] ITreeViewerListener.treeExpanded() is called twice
40156: CTabFolder's client area is off by a few pixels when there are no tabs
40624: JVM crash caused by org.eclipse.swt.internal.motif.OS.XmImSetValues(Native Method)
40884: Eclipse crashes with Sun jdk 1.4.2
40899: Eclipse 2.1.1 does not come up on HP when remotely attaching from a linux box
41067: OLE ref count problem when opening file for read
41111: [portability] DirectEdit editor misplaced after using scroll wheel
41188: GTK-BIDI: RTL support in Button
41200: GTK- contents of check and radio buttons can't be aligned to center and to the trailing edge of widget.
41233: Control added after open() doesn't get painted unless the window is resized.
41324: Preferences->Workbench->Appearance crashes JVM [Motif]
41347: CCombo shouldn't fire defaultSelection on mouse list selection
41366: Widget is disposed exception while layout
41375: FormLayout.layout takes too long for more controls

SWT Build 3.0 015 - Tuesday July 29, 2003

Problem reports fixed

36927: UI does not get focus on multiscreen Suse 8.2
37095: BIDI - When starting Eclipse from Arabic locale it is always RTL oriented
38349: wizard description showing border and caret

SWT Build 3.0 015 - Tuesday July 29, 2003

Breaking Changes

Motif and Photon: Change of event ordering in Table and Tree

The ordering of selection events has changed on these platforms to become consistent with that of win32:

Problem reports fixed

33370: event firing differences (win32/motif)
37578: TableColumn does not notify of Resize event
38712: 'Gtk CRITICAL' error being roported by SWT in Linux-GTK. (BBAWT)
39401: Swing interoperability - solution proposal
39730: code assist popup does not take focus
40652: GTK Linux - Memory Leak

SWT Build 3.0 014f - Tuesday July 22, 2003

Breaking Changes

Clipboard API must be called from UI Thread

On GTK, Clipboard interactions run an event loop which must be executed in the UI Thread. As a result, on all platforms, invoking the Clipboard API from a non UI thread will result in an SWT Exception of ERROR_THREAD_INVALID_ACCESS.

Problem reports fixed

33355: Button with ARROW style answers getText() differently
35761: ControlExample - Label - Image labels issue with SWT.WRAP
35861: crash in gtk_editable_delete_selection on GTK 2.2.1/Redhat 7.1
36611: Tracker resize events are not sent correctly
38224: Tracker implementation on GTK incomplete
38777: Out of bound exception in ColorDialog
38855: Table.getImageBounds returns incorrect value
39011: Multimonitor - add api to get monitor which 'owns' a widget
39840: No context menu on the fast view icons and perspective icons
39965: gtk has trouble processing events until window pop
39987: BIDI: MIRRORED bit can't be switched on in the style's bitmap of any SWT widget.
40130: StyledText - add accessibility support to StyledText
40155: Font.dispose() throws NPE
40158: Right click on a tree doesn't select the element
40159: Combo throws exception in junit test
40216: Right CTRL+SHIFT right justifies text and reverses scroll bars
40242: Text being reversed while hitting Ctrl+Shift

SWT Build 3.0 014 - Tuesday July 14, 2003

Problem reports fixed

30021: Font and Color dialogs hang on JVM 1.4.1
37030: No focus listener control in SWT combo on Linux platform
37428: Extra pop up menu on text widget with setMenu
39032: StyledText - exception in autoscroll in bidi
39166: crash
39236: Completely different behaviour for creating a shell with a parent versus calling setParent
40030: StyledText - auto scroll next in SINGLE mode does not stop

SWT Build 3.0 013 - Thursday July 10, 2003

Problem reports fixed

37490: BIDI: text in the rtl-oriented Text control can't be aligned to the trailing edge of this control.
39013: scrolling down in editor corrupts contents
39380: TabFolder not working in QNX 6.2.1

SWT Build 3.0 012 - Tuesday July 8, 2003

Problem reports fixed

39443: GTK Error calling TreeItem.getExpanded() on a tree item being disposed.
39084: Combo.add firing unnecessary events (BBAWT)
21212: GTK:Selecting a Checkbox from within the selection callback causes infinite loop(BBAWT)
19614: NO_RADIO_GROUP does not work on GTK
39119: Text.ComputeSize(0) returning 0 on GTK (BBAWT)
34386: Traversing out of Table header can lead to warning

SWT Build 3.0 011 - Tuesday July 1, 2003

Problem reports fixed

38975: PropertySheetViewer gets IllegalArguementException if RootElement set before visible
39319: Eclipse often hangs. Right clicking helps sometimes
39105: Eclipse Crash inserting a New Project on CVS
19153: Combo fires too many SelectionEvents in GTK2
12220: SWT Mouse Enter comes before Mouse Exit [portability]
38606: List constructor with SWT.SIMPLE | SWT.MULTI style parameters behaves incorrectly (BBAWT)
39140: SWT.VERTICAL ignored in ToolBar
20083: CCombo method redraw() does not work

SWT Build 3.0 010 - Tuesday June 24, 2003

Problem reports fixed

17656: Inconsistent combo box display behaviour
30871: [Cell Editors] Support for multiline text cell editor
33966: CCombo is padding it's drop-down items list with blank entries
34365: Display problem in the editor
35852: Crash on first startup in Mandrake 9.1
38596: ControlExample - 'return' inside text widget goes to button widget
38626: DirectoryDialog getFilterPath() always returns null
38627: [Contributions] Cascading menu does not show an arrow
38914: Clicking in the wrong sequence crashes Java VM
38987: PocketPC: MULTI Text control ES_WANTRETURN/_TAB_NEXT problem
39049: FormLayout performance
39078: FormData throws "Widget is disposed" when it's widget is dispose()d

SWT Build 3.0 009 - Tuesday June 17, 2003

Problem reports fixed

38353: crash in OS.gtk_main_iteration() when double-click disabled text widget
38912: DBCS: input special symbol breaks input method on ja_JP
38344: StyledText - exception when selecting lines in WRAP mode
31195: StyledText - SWT.WRAP display StyledText incorrectly
38376: SWT 3007 on Linux GTK is not handling threads properly (BBAWT)
35183: DBCS: Set text generates Index of Bounds exception using 2.0 NLS language pack
38841: NPE in Widget.filters
37782: Shell setMinimized(true) doesn't deactivate Shell
38382: DND in Packages View results in incorrect target element
7946: List portion of CCombo goes off the bottom of the screen

SWT Build 3.0 008 - Tuesday June 10, 2003

Problem reports fixed

38385: Japanese Input (IME) not doesn't come up
38388: eclipse crash on redhat 9/ ja_JP
38213: [Wizards] Dialogs require a resize to draw
36541: Printing of java program causes failure
38331: Inconsistent handling of Image on different platforms
38433: Editor titlebars are not painted
21567: GTK2: Text widget packing error with SWT.MULTI
29534: Override default behavior of 'F10' key
35493: OleClientSite hang

SWT Build 3.0 007 - Tuesday June 3, 2003

Problem reports fixed

30810: Umlauts
38242: Border width on Table incorrect - creates unwanted scrollbars
36636: StyledText - Printing could end pages twice
38246: is missing from distribution.
38337: GC.drawRoundedRectangle(...) method doesn't include the right and bottom edge
38331: Inconsistent handling of Image on different platforms
36610: Tracker behaviour wrong when resizing
21191: Decorations.setImage() could do a better job with masked images
38221: Index out of bounds from
33359: [JUNIT] Scrollbar tests fail
33162: [JUNIT]Slider setMinimum setmaximum and setThumb fail
38076: Combo doesn't calculate its size properly when only text is set.
22222: Eclipse not properly redrawing MDI shell titlebar text
31839: Flashing resize on GTK
38077: Junk left on the screen after closing a drawer in Logic Example
35738: problem with swt component bindings and XFree86-4.3.0
35315: Reset imageHeight on Tables while refreshing items
17202: inconsistent help hover placement
23787: [Properties dialog] Project Properties -> Info page should not use text fields
4553: Motif on KDE2: Things don't redraw (1GA4H7Z)
4455: DCR - Tree - need item positioning (1FGPVAF)
4500: Text widget has 3D effect although SWT.BORDER isn't specified (1FRSQXH)

SWT Build 3.0 006 - Tuesday May 27, 2003

Problem reports fixed

24877: Cannot get file extension from swt FileDialog
37874: "Jumping" layout
34634: "Select a type" hierarchy view message cut off
37941: Coolbar setMinimumSize introduces chevrons on Linux
38015: Eclipse crashes when using inline outline (Ctrl+O)
37623: fillRoundRectangle doesn't completely fill
28535: rectangles with pensize > 1 draw at wrong position
38055: Shell Title bar displayed when only SWT.REZISE.
37858: Some SWT Labels draw text in white
24700: Text: Compute Size error
37950: Unable to launch Eclipse on Sun Solaris 2.8
33164: [JUNIT] Scale setMinimum and setMaximum fail
33166: [JUNIT]Combo setLocation fails
33158: [JUNIT]ProgressBar setMinimum and setMaximum fail
33080: [JUNIT]Shell.isMinimized() returns false after shell.setMinized(true)
33079: [JUNIT]Shell.isVisible returns false after shell.setVisible(true) called
33088: [JUNIT]TabFolder.setLocation or TabFolder.getLocation not working
25278: context menu click does not change selection

SWT Build 3.0 005 - Tuesday May 20, 2003

Problem reports fixed

30434: BIDI: StyledText to support RIGHT_TO_LEFT orientation
35657: Eclipse crashes and throws exception when starting up in Chinese locales
37505: GC.setXORMode() not applying to drawString/Text (BBAWT)
36934: Invalid thread access error on creating a font in Motif (BBAWT)
34648: [DND] file deleted when dropped in editor on Solaris
37479: BIDI: Drop-down list of CCombo doesn't inherit it's orientation from CCombo.
37498: BIDI: rtl-oriented TableCursor set next column instead of previos and vice versa, when it uses right and left arrow keys.
37519: Bug in Decorations.setPlacement method
35804: Cheese in Text
37164: Crash when opening a MessageBox on a Text focusLost event
37497: Creating of new Image is failed in some cases.
28525: DragDetect required
4734: drawText() does not respect setXORMode(true) (1GFQI15)
37138: GC.drawImage throws Exception with boundary conditions (BBAWT)
37140: GC.drawImage throws SWTError with boundary conditions (BBAWT)
37198: gtk2 im - imhangul (korean IM) work bad in Eclipse
21384: GTK: Random X Window System "Bad Implementation" error(BBAWT)
37591: for GIF saves in compress GIF format
33496: Multi-line text issues too many mouse track events on Photon (BBAWT)
34185: Native Tree: Clicking into selection doesn't reselect
28529: ProgressBar direction wrong + cheese
37564: Remove dependency on X11 in Program
37303: Remove X dependency
37881: StyledText - NPE when using RIGHT_TO_LEFT style with StyledText on Linux
36450: [Key Bindings] Only KeyUp event for Alt+[Shift]+ on Windows

SWT Build 3.0 004 - Tuesday May 13, 2003

Problem reports fixed

29783: BIDI: drop-down list of rtl-oriented CCombo is displayed in the wrong place.
37299: BIDI:Caret cheese when resizing RIGHT_TO_LEFT StyledText
37293: BIDI:GC.drawImage(0, ... draws at 1, ... when using RIGHT_TO_LEFT
37285: Add Tiff support
34516: Cheese in ProgressBar
32352: Display of SWT tabbed panes do not redraw during changes
36649: Error Icons Draw Through
33083: JUnit View not being updated early enough
29332: new GC(this) produces a GC that does nothing
31011: Paint example does not draw correctly
27474: Provide a SWT Java Web Start extension
37172: TableColumn align style has no effect on GTK
31783: Text doesn't honor visibilty
29383: Tree and Table - no gray check boxes on GTK

SWT Build 3.0 003 - Tuesday April 6, 2003

Problem reports fixed

36993: Tracing options not displayed in Run-time Workbench run configuration
29781: BIDI: Lack of leading and trailig styles for alignment of widget's contents.
25623: can't select items in Tree widget of local history
27777: Combo box pixel corruptions
37102: Eclipse doesn't start
37076: Gtk CRITICAL warning gtktreeview.c
37202: GTK Exception on gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction
31941: gtk_progress_bar_set_fraction - crash when creating a class under latest Debian GTK 2.2 / Crux Theme
37075: I20030429: no swt-carbon-3002 in java.library.path
18701: image check box buttons are clipped
16814: J2ME SWT - 3 classes not CLDC compliant
19824: Needed multi-monitor methods.
37212: Order sependencies in setting up menus
28589: RedHat 8.0 - DefaultInformationControl hangs workbench
27202: Running ControleExample with Device.DEBUG flag on
37065: Spacing bug in RowLayout
31906: The file dialog widget does not provide a way to programmatically change the type filter.

SWT Build 3.0 002 - Tuesday April 28, 2003

Problem reports fixed

36910: Setting font before setting text on Motif causes X error (BBAWT)
29765: BIDI: ToolTiptext do not have Right to left Reading order
34365: Display problem in the editor
35319: TVT21: Cannot input characters in German for motif
36433: Allow Cursors to be created with Images that have a depth >1
36746: An overloaded glCallLists() would be useful
29786: BIDI: keyborad's left and right arrows move focus between tabs of rtl-oriented CTabFolder in the opposite direction.
36684: BIDI: LTR-oriented MessageBox can't be created, if it's parent has RTL orientation.
36679: BIDI: PopupList can't be created with explicitly assigned orientation.
29787: BIDI: problem with keyboard's left and right arrows, when them used to expand or to collapse rtl-oriented TableTree.
36276: BIDI: When UpDown control of rtl-oriented TabFolder is used for scrolling tabs, they are scrolled in the wrong direction.
36727: Can't use OpenGL in a plugin
22943: Cannot cleanly kill an swt task
36209: Copied text to on the clipboard is occasionally null terminated
34982: Custom BusyIndicator - no hourglass cursor
36928: Custom cursors are not working
36386: Eclipse crashes on exit
7440: Glitch on Navigation Bar on PocketPC while closing j9 running SWT app
36915: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when creating
36838: OpenGL: GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT cannot be internal
36955: ScrolledComposite unused background is painted wrong.
36562: [CVS] commit log dialog doesn't set focus correctly

SWT Build 3.0 001 - Tuesday April 22, 2003

Problem reports fixed

7757 Packages view: title and tooltip should not used compress...
9366 Workbench appears with 1st toolbar item showing hover-ove...
19228 Try to control motif focus reassignments
19708 widgetIsDisposed for tootip text
20279 Division by zero when showing a zero-sized tracker
21283 Ctrl+/ performs undo, not comment, in emacs bindings
23847 Keyboard navigation doesn't work on Mac
24563 DBCS Support for Motif and GTK
28530 Cheese when moving Sash
28537 Task view help is wrong if previous focus was editor
28561 Can't arrow around table
28800 Switching to a not yet activated perspective doesn't set ...
28850 setFont() on Text control has no (visual) effect
29784 keyboard's left and right arrows change value of rt...
29788 rtl-oriented Tracker has wrong behavior.
32602 After pressing Cmd-F8, clicking will kill Eclipse
32965 Move dialog: tree doesn't have focus
33068 [JUNIT]Label.setAlignment not implemented
33100 [JUNIT]Table.getChildren does not return an empty array
33316 FontDialog needs FontData[] API
33336 Popup menus dont work on PocketPC (bbAWT)
33492 Addition of tasks to task window is too slow
33809 Request: add new event SWT.MenuDetect
33903 [SWT Examples] OLE Web browser view does not open
34122 Control Example
34270 Single-click in popups dismisses them (was: Quick F...
34283 Mac: No task description for progress monitor in wizards
34445 Reverse sort for AddressBook example
34446 [Tasks] Focus lost when switching form editor to Tasks View
34618 Missing keyboard focus
34996 Tab Event weirdly handled in motif
35012 Setting the toolbar's background on RC2 doesn't work.
35090 Outline Popup: Enter doesn't work in tree
35210 KeyListener doesn't understand CTRL and ALT as a stateMask
35244 [Action Sets] Hierarchy fast view causes unhandled except...
35254 Unhandled exception caught in event loop. Reason:Widget i...
35607 Sash missing cursor in Structure Compare of the Sync view
35774 Unexpected Exit: Error: Object "" does not have windowed ...
35837 [DirectoryDialog] There is no disk in the drive. Please i...
35842 Outline view crashes on WinXP & Win2K
36000 [StyledText] ContentWidthCache initialization
36192 Native crash when closing tree nodes
36270 BIDI: Some custom widgets can't be created with explicitl...
36612 After install/update: no icon in dock - no focus
36644 Can not set the background color for ToolBar
36722 Mnemonic keys are not working for ToolItems

SWT Build 2.1 033d - Monday March 24, 2003

Problem reports fixed

8442: NullPointerException and hang on startup in GTK Eclipse
17359: NLS: No Group2 input
26078: TabFolder.getClientArea() not correct
34940: Eclipse launcher crashes on Sun J2SDK 1.4.2-beta build18
35434: [Motif] GC.getFontMetrics() causes VM to crash when font is really small
35596: Event Processing issues under Photon

SWT Build 2.1 033 - Tuesday March 18, 2003

Problem reports fixed

30768: Performance - Typing in Java Editor is unacceptably slow.
32204: Signal 11 at at org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.OS.gtk_progress_bar_pulse(Native Method)
32602: After pressing Cmd-F8, clicking will kill Eclipse
33017: VM crash when pressing enter in table cell editor
33343: New file wizard freezes Eclipse UI
34166: Disabling, then enabling CVS decorators produced NPE
34183: The layout of the package explorer cannot be changed
34248: DBCS: shown up GnomeVFS-WARNING messages
34418: Crash when running DNDExample
34463: confirm exit checkbox cannot be selected
35022: Motif does not send dragFinished event on aborted drags
26388: Package Explorer does not position on files
30073: Graphical Editor is not refreshed properly when scrollbars disappear
31026: Hang on Linux
32851: Can't remove external tool builder after deleting launch config
33099: Context menu 'Display' doesn't work
33713: JRE popup menu in Run configuration dialog not reliable
34093: Menu missing items
34428: [Motif] Tree and Table views not getting proper selection
34633: Table with CHECK flashes cheese
34815: Cheese in CTabFolder widget
34879: Calling ScrollBar.setVisible() when a text widget has focus causes a focus lost event on the text widget
25671: Javadoc for class swt/widgets/Dialog missing <pre>
28644: Bold font in label results in missing character
29486: Keys need stronger filtering.
32424: [PROGRAMS} Gnome - Program.getPrograms needs to be updated
32947: Change method signature dialog too big
33480: Text cut off in Mac in labels.
33700: Running out of handles on Windows XP
33822: Strange scrolling of native table
34036: Native crash on dismissing help window
34512: ComputeSize of table and tree too small
34569: BIDI: Styled text change the characters with Large fonts
34649: TabFolder title does not handle mnemonics properly
34724: ControlExample
34835: Widget "default" styles should be reflected in style bits
34935: Missing border on toolbar
34983: Native drag and drop doesn't work under linux
35038: Refactoring dialog (Extract Local Variable) to big

SWT Build 2.1 032c - Tuesday March 11, 2003

Problem reports fixed

4434: GPF when running SWT Tree code (1FNI25V)
23385: Table vertical column separators redraw incorrectly on MacOSX
31685: Entire Eclipse Platform loses focus and goes into the background...
33834: [Viewers] NPE in TreeViewer
34181: Ctrl-Click doesn't select underlying item before bringing up context menu
34188: Progress bar in dialogs doesn't show task information
34614: Mouse pointer does not change in table header

SWT Build 2.1 032 - Thursday March 06, 2003

Problem reports fixed

4592: multi select behavior for file dialog (1G7HZ2Q)
4659: Double-clicking on fixed size column header resizes it (1GE3WN6)
4843: EC DCR: Add keyboard support for multi-select to Tree (1GKMHS5)
4847: Property dialog put behind workbench window (1GKRN9Z)
7159: Missing Javadoc for Event fields
7712: No scroll bars in Microsoft Word documents opened from the workbench
12597: Cannot change OLE Event's VARIANT argument which has [out] directional attribute in IDL
14329: Modal dialog doesn't disable column resizing
16886: Address Book bug in the open a File dialog
16901: NPE removing expression from expression view
18059: RH7.3 clipboard problem
18810: Extra unprintable character in copy buffer
19896: Key up event says Ctrl is released when it's not
19922: Menu bar items get added one at a time when editors are switched
22416: NT4: Need context menu on window scroll bar to keep its consistency on Win2k
23419: [OLE] Do not get scrollbars in Excel
23841: Eclipse UI does not follow Mac L&F guidelines
23959: Use native Table and Tree
24393: DCR - Need to support Mac command key in SWT
24431: Eclipse M1 Under OSX crashes when using VirtualDesktops
25383: Variant needs a dispose method
25604: Quick release upon start of drag hangs eclipse with pointer grab
26051: [Workbench] Main Eclipse window activates itself very often
28514: Character positions differ between selected and unselected text
28982: Toolbar color problem when using the manifest in XP
29027: Add "delete previous word" and "delete next word" actions to eclipse editor
29330: JavaDoc does not match Windows - FIX LEFTTORIGHTdoc
29387: no lines in Table on GTK
29471: GP - XtDestroyApplicationContext - Closing M4 will sometimes crash the VM
29717: [PERFORMANCE]SWT Motif exteremely slow with LANG en_US.UTF-8
29814: GP - No core available - GPF on win2k
29911: TableEditors not displayed while scrolling.
30427: HANG/GP - XtDispatchEvent - Eclipse keeps locking up
30618: ctrl-o not working
31525: eclipse uses 100% CPU with gtk 2.2.1
31684: Unable to drag views.
31717: Unreproducible GP/Hang
31834: Label and Combo don't align well
32122: Cannot insert lines into new file code template (regression failure)
32286: ControlExample Button Tab - changing styles resets button orientation
32359: No Parent + SWT.APPLICATION_MODAL shell not modal
32408: I20030220 on MacOS X has generic application icon
32482: No F1 help on MacOS X
32734: NPE while viewing variables from debugger
32856: [Cell Editors] Can not see what value I am typing in the Properties
32954: [KDE] Programs - fix library build
33046: DBCS: Can type into read-only Text
33057: RC1 No caret in editor
33348: ControlExample: wider than screen, too many tabs
33580: Scrollable.WM_MOUSEWHEEL uses wrong variable for horizontal scroll
33590: RC1: "Application Modal" shell style behaves incorrectly
33592: Fix specification for event.character
33593: RC1: Toolbar foreground color changes ignored
33747: NO_TRIM window gives no resize feedback
33776: Resistering TraverseListenter with Shell changes tabbing behavior.
33813: List doesn't send out selection events for arrow keys
33855: Text Cursor Invisible in RC1

SWT Build 2.1 031 - Thursday February 27, 2003

Problem reports fixed

16808: Icon in Windows taskbar incorrect
24494: Incorrect i18n char encoding in text areas
26541: Exit the Workbench: crash after saving the workspace
28643: Setting label's background color has no effect
28845: Refresh tab layout incorrect for lower composite
29198: Difficult to change character case of cached input values
29837: [Contributions] Combo control does not show on GTK toolbar, works fine on Win and Motif
30377: No caret in Java Editor
30905: Add Menu.setRedraw(boolean) API
30924: StyledText - StyleRange hashCode throws NullPointerException
31039: Eclipse does not responde when dialog is opened.
31187: Selection by mouse drag is out of kilter
31382: New Folder and New File dialogs UI problem
31833: wrong background for separator label on MacOS X
31857: No icons in Labels
31866: Scrolling in Readme editor is delayed
31946: Moving CoolBarItems leaves temporary cheese
31950: StyledText - Shift+UP broken in StyledText control
31973: GB18030: After created a GB18030 named class, Eclipse for Motif crashed when exiting.
32360: Embedded display not waking on new Photon events (BBAWT)
33022: NPE in FontDialog
33030: Arguments tab 'shows through' Main tab on OS X
33063: [JUNIT] Caret.setFont
33119: nullpointer dispose table column

SWT Build 2.1 030 - Tuesday February 18, 2003

Problem reports fixed

17057: Outliner: focus causes select causes horizontal scroll
21469: Accessibility - Tabbing causes a button to become the default
22767: toolbar looks very ugly with Win XP's lnf (using manifest file)
23370: CLabel needs to allow transparent background for Mac OS X
28831: Displays ligature for fi & fl
29100: Mouse wheel scrolling not working in editors
29879: HANG - gtk_main_iteration - Eclipse Freezes moving between perspectives
30055: DBCS: font rendering quality issue on motif
30570: DBCS - GB18030: Input GB18030 characters as run arguments cause eclipse for motif crash
31568: TableLayoutComposite and Table.showItem don't mix
31686: Wrong margin correction in widgets.Text.computeSize(int, int, boolean)
31823: Clicking on partially obscured tab should scroll it into view
31855: [Editor Mgmt] Close buttons in editor get cut off
31880: Layout bug in commit menu

SWT Build 2.1 029 - Thursday February 13, 2003

Problem reports fixed

6230: ImageLoader: 32-bit colour depth unsupported
23472: Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x922d2)!
23842: "banded" default background look shows through where it shouldn't
25446: Tree Shift-Click not working when item collapse changes selection
26381: OpenType: Key Navigation
29456: GP - XmDSIGetChildPosition - Problem in Shutdown
29607: [Cell Editors] usability: ComboBoxCellEditor unusable on GTK
31009: ACC - I20030205 accelerators issues
31017: HANG - Hang on import external plugins
31267: Label and text box get the wrong order
31448: BIDI - Bidi enablement for StyledText - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when highlighting a blank line
31513: CTabFolder's close box highlight gets clipped at bottom
31566: FontData "equals()" and "hashcode()" methods do not consider height of the the fontdata

SWT Build 2.1 028 - Thursday February 6, 2003

Problem reports fixed

23262: WebBrowser crashes when viewing Shockwave
25736: Memory leak while using OLE automation
29265: Control.setEnabled() not implemented properly on GTK
29593: Contextual menu too short near bottom of menu
29931: Mouse clicks are unreliable
30403: CTabItem close box shifts by 2 pixels when tab selected
30443: Menubar of SWT standalone applications is empty
30945: Change in mouse clicking behaviour makes FastViews unusable

SWT Build 2.1 027 - Wednesday February 5, 2003

Problem reports fixed

20755: TVT2: truncated text in dropdown for Dependencies tab in manifest editor
22759: Input method does not work on GTK/GTK2
27180: Unable to copy and paste in editing java file
27183: Mouse drag select produces crash
28419: Crash when closing shells
29777: DBCS: Can't drag a file into Run-time workbench
30212: Read only text widget : can't copy selection
30401: SWT standalone examples can't come to foreground
30452: Mouse gets warped to upper left corner of workbench window on actions
30500: "roaming" focus
30537: setSelection(allItems) not working on GTK

SWT Build 2.1 026 - Tuesday January 28, 2003

Problem reports fixed

14814: Button mnemonics are not shown properly on Windows XP
24333: DCR - Tree.getTopItem/setTopItem
24489: Tab cannot get focus when child-composite has scrollbar
24815: Cannot launch eclipse: javacore dump
29142: Hyperlinking from stackdump locks up Eclipse
29191: Tree - no gray check boxes on MAC (carbon2)
29426: DBCS:Copy/Paste DBCS failed between eclipse and gedit
29428: DBCS: Pasted string can't be shown correctly in Search dialog
29910: Checkbox not displayed until table scrolled
29966: No more handles on startup

SWT Build 2.1 025 - Tuesday January 21, 2003

Problem reports fixed

25030: (BBAWT) Image Analyzer fails to load a .png file
25359: RuntimeExceptions thrown from OleListener.handleEvent crash VM
27099: StyledText - Change CTRL key bindings to MOD1
27369: No more handles error
27822: Package Explorer allways centers opened file
28062: Text field in dialog doesn't get focus
28743: Trying to see test hiearchy freezes eclipse [JUnit]
28745: Esc does not cancel tracker
28967: [Editor Mgmt] no close button on last editor when editors drop-down is active
29427: DBCS: Can't input DBCS characters in Search dialog
29496: Cut & paste does not work in dialog text fields
29503: DBCS:Can't sort by clicking "Description" on "Task View"
29599: DBCS: upper bar character will be padded
29608: DBCS: Selected DBCS Classpath can't be shown
29611: DBCS:Can not input Hangul(Korea font)
29612: DBCS:Browse function of "Export" doesn't work
29614: DBCS: Unable to get "Import" contents location with "Browse" button
29664: SWT Styled Text Wrapping Doesn't Use Font Size Correctly
29685: DBCS: Candidate Selection Window will be disappeared at DBCS composition
29730: RowLayout.computeSize provides wrong parameter to layoutVertical

SWT Build 2.1 024 - Tuesday January 14, 2003

Problem reports fixed

21063: Can't drop views over some widgets
21561: Keyboard navigation in tree widgets on Linux
25619: OleControlSite event listener problem
25843: Info pops do not work for Red Hat 8.0.
27677: [Key Bindings] ctrl-f7 not working
28879: [Navigator] right-clicking a file doesn't allow me to open it
29208: Gtk directory dialog behaves like a file dialog
29252: Accelerators are not disabled when the toolbars and menus are on GTK
29302: Slider and Scrollbar handle many boundary cases wrong in set* methods
29334: Make javadoc available for download
29408: Invoking*) before open() does not select correct item

SWT Build 2.1 023 - Tuesday January 7, 2003

Problem reports fixed

24283: Default button in the dialog get the enter when typing in japanese
25486: Eclipse fails with 'no free callback slot'
26057: StyledText - cleanup passing around of fontdata
26079: Use PfLoadMetrics() to speed up text extenting
27869: StyledText overuse of Font.getFontData
28286: BBAWT: Incorrect palette/color returned on 32-bit true color display
28382: Extra separator line drawn in emulated CoolBar
28498: Help menu is confused
28607: Progress bar doesn't finish in PDE import wizard
28658: No context menu in perspective bar
28683: Ctrl-Click in TreeView loses selection
28701: Method "assert" declared in org.eclipse.swt.tests.junit.StyledTextContentSpec
28719: Scrolling in Welcome editor is not 'live'
28812: Mouse cursor changes to arrow after hovering a hyperlinked indentifier
28833: Eclipse no longer responds to 'Quit' AppleEvent
28835: Cursor doesn't change to arrow shape when over text scrollbars
28991: TabFolder.computeSize is grows each time is it called
29017: ScrolledComposite always makes it's content bigger on resize

SWT Build 2.1 022 - Tuesday December 17, 2002

Problem reports fixed

21409: IllegalArgumentException when editing Java source
21993: Can't change font sizes
22305: Launch configuration pane gets visually messed up and ref...
23830: Out-of-box experience with the Mac.
23843: Chevrons show up in default layout of Java perspective
23844: Label doesn't wrap text initiallly
23850: Missing scrollbar in List
24437: KeyListeners don't get called
26322: NPE in Font Dialog
26331: Wrapped Labels - second line cut off
26587: Navigate -> Go To Type goes to wrong shell on Mac
27997: Color dialog crashes Eclipse
28288: [Editor Mgmt] Editor pane out of sync with views and tabs
28361: ToolItem leaks Images (?)
28524: Inconsistent behaviour of tab in password fields

SWT Build 2.1 021 - Friday December 13, 2002

Problem reports fixed

27526: Color selection dialog takes a long time to display in 8-bit mode
27862: Tree.setSelection() takes > 1 second
28035: Different callback behavior on Windows and Mac with Combo widget

SWT Build 2.1 020 - Tuesday December 10, 2002

Problem reports fixed

24112: Keyboard shortcuts defined as Ctrl-Shift-x don't work
24436: Entering Asterisk crashes Eclipse
26506: Importing External Plug-ins is slow
27031: en_US.UTF-8 locale not supported on Motif
27410: [SWT Examples] Arrow buttons won't resize for 10x10,50x50,100x100
27422: [SWT Examples] Progress bar reverts to 'black' color after Selection slider repositioning
27501: Selection not correctly updated on right click on a tree
27524: [SWT Examples] Table item foreground color changes fail after first attempt
27644: Dismissing open type dialog with Escape crashes Eclipse
27704: Remove csh build dependency
27710: Entry point not found SetLayout in GDI32

SWT Build 2.1 019 - Tuesday December 3, 2002

Problem reports fixed

19080: Chaff in table tree of property sheet
20318: [StyledText] print selection prints whole page (at least in <=f2)
26563: Crash in Carbon native CopyMask
26731: Attempting to create a view plug-in project crashes
27181: Sleak - instrumentation not done on GTK and Motif
27305: EC: CLabel keeps background colour after gradient is used
27411: [SWT Examples] SWT.FLAT has no effect for buttons
27442: Mouse click outside horizontal scroll bar does nothing

SWT Build 2.1 018 - Tuesday November 26, 2002

Problem reports fixed

15031: Font parsing failed
17237: Progress monitor flickers
18172: Sig11 from GTK
19530: Saving locks resizing in second perspective
19735: No space between longest item in menu and accel keys
20953: StyledText - tilde problem with french keyboard (2000,NT,XP) on R2.0
21626: TableItem.getImageBounds fails on Motif (Emulated Widget)
24872: Splash screen does not show at startup
24969: JP GP: showing Java-Editor pref. page with editor open
25053: Cannot use the pull down menu in GTK
25335: Scrollbars too small on variable selection dialog
25653: DCR: StyledText do not activate the default button
26179: Can't select items in a checkbox tree without toggling checked state
26353: Infopop broken on solaris
26362: StyledText - investigate necessary state changes between handleTextChanging and handleTextChanged
26733: Eclipse crashes when GTK theme is changed
26804: Gtk Label widget has focus decoration drawn too big
26935: Exception in StyledText with WRAP flag.
26997: StyledTextRenderer: creates too many Strings
27016: Default "Open" action not working in Navigator tree view

SWT Build 2.1 017 - Tuesday November 19, 2002

Problem reports fixed

21251: Crash in org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.OS.pango_layout_set_font_description
24835: GTK: Multiple selection and right click in tree
25741: StyledText does not set the background and foreground color in the OS
25803: StyledText should use new Font API
26004: Removing a Text field leaves behind crud
26008: [StyledText] setTopPixel limits argument to logical line count
26121: Cannot launch eclipse #2: javacore dump
26151: SWT widget org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Sash is not properly constrained when in HORIZONTAL mode
26258: Accented characters bug in editors reinvented
26367: NPE when debugging as java application
26414: Accelerators don't work on aix
26419: StyledText - print pages causes walkback
26421: List hangs on GTK
26434: PrinterData startPage/endPage invalid when page >32767

SWT Build 2.1 016 - Tuesday November 12, 2002

Problem reports fixed

23935: Text widget with Tree parent does not lose focus
23997: Tracker moves mouse cursor
24493: Cant type braces in java editor with italian keyboard in 2.1m1
25732: MLEAK: Resize eclipse, usually 4K allocated
25775: Combo doesn't get restored after minimize/restore
25781: Some change broke compare with patch
25797: GTK: Selection Index not preserved after Combo item removal
25986: No source for SWT plugin imported as binary
25989: Radion buttons are not mutually exclusive in same composite

SWT Build 2.1 015 - Tuesday November 5, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4607: Missing API for Font(Display display, FontData fd[]) (1G93TPM)
14956: StyledText - printing should support pagination, headers, and footers
21695: Crash when starting eclipse on Solaris8 with java 1.4
22052: Launch configuration dialog loses workspace data dir
23049: Cannot write Swedish characters (??????????????????) in editor
24273: GP -Tree removeAll reboot windowsXp
24359: MenuItems with style SWT.RADIO should handle mutual exclusion on selection
24757: GTK: X pointer grab when resizing a table column
25212: GPF synchronizing files with new Tree implementation
25253: Preference dialog doesn't display last preference page
25399: Drag and drop crashes Eclipse
25545: StyledText - printing ignores end page

SWT Build 2.1 014 - Tuesday October 29, 2002

Problem reports fixed

10090: Cannot see Combo-box selection in DBCS locale
12078: SWT exception when running on debian woody on KDE using the motif build
14448: Setting the accelerator of a menu item gives highlight to tool bar entries
17361: Tree flickers on update
17428: Internal Error (SWT) opening a new perspective by double-clicking
20075: Infopop exhibits strange behaviour under Motif
21066: Switch editors/views/perspectives windows have scrollbars
21121: [External Tools] Configuration default selection could be better on GTK
21375: Reproducible JVM termination when using WebDAV.
21656: GTK: disposing all the columns in table.getColumns fails
22038: Wrong widget scrolls in Java Browsing perspective.
22120: Excessive redraw in debug view
22252: Project properties - java build path screen shows artifacts
22371: Invalid selection items in working set
22527: Working set dialog only selects projects
22743: Type dialog horizontal scroll too small to read contents
23657: Problems implementing MenuItem.setText (worked around for English)
23789: GTK tree display problem
23845: Spurious scrollbar drawn on other controls
24150: Shift-Tab does not shift left
24257: Native exception when trying to export preferences
24314: FileDialog doesn't allow to navigate into packages
24372: StyledText - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in ControlExample
24426: StyledText - investigate replacing caretLine with simpler concept
24504: StyledText - showSelection when selection RtoL problem
24619: DCR - State mask not set in MouseTracker.mouseHover
25016: [Viewers] Double click not working when item already selected
25149: StyledText - WrappedContent API does not check line index range

SWT Build 2.1 013 - Tuesday October 22, 2002

Problem reports fixed

20377: StyledText - SWT.WRAP style and widthHint specification
22986: SWT Controls Combo box Colors selection tool does not change foreground color
24728: StyledText Enter/Ctrl-Enter VerifyEvent inconsistencies
24805: ComputeSize issue

SWT Build 2.1 012 - Tuesday October 15, 2002

Problem reports fixed

16657: [Open Modes] Search results doesn't respond to double click
17334: Icon missing in check box tree
17918: Tree widgets with multiple entries
18902: PgUp key causes items to be selected in tree widget under GTK
20258: [CVS] Esc key doesn't work on Commit Dialog
21367: Display problem in the properties view
21438: Java core dump in gtk_ctree_get_node_info
24560: Ctrl+shift doesn't traverse word
24676: StyledText - double click word select and caret placement
24677: 32 bit image fails with a certain mask
24702: WinCE: Image 32bits is incorrect

SWT Build 2.1 011 - Tuesday October 8, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4822: Group size doesn't seem to consider group name (1GJYIWB)
10019: Right clicking in a list box should select before popping up menu
17160: Task List: missing icon
18842: Cheese when scrolling after deleting row in table
19773: Coolbar icons in Windows XP with Luna theme are not vertically aligned
20094: Layout problems using StyledText with word wrap in a ScrolledComposite
23978: Horizontal scrollbars in tables and trees don't scroll page-wise
24225: DragSourceAdapter incorrect JavaDoc
24358: Incomplete JavaDoc on MenuItem.setText

SWT Build 2.1 010 - Tuesday October 1, 2002

Problem reports fixed

10459: I can't run eclipse
19148: Tooltip pops up underneath code completion alternatives in F2
20672: Shift+F10 has wrong keyCode
21287: Uncaught exception hanging Eclipse
22615: [Dialogs] Native ProgressBar look does not match look of AnimatedProgress
22645: StyledText - cheese when typing in SWT.SINGLE mode
23645: Disabled default button can still be reached pressing ENTER
23846: Initial font height of text field is wrong
23851: Initial text in Text control is scrolled out of visible area
23910: CTabFolder selected tab loses synch with its contents
23936: NPE in ControlExample
23947: Menu implementation prevents KeybindingMenu from working correctly
23975: No keyboard shortcuts displayed in menu items
23976: Function keys must be pressed twice
24000: No scrollwheel support for Mac OS X
24055: No more callback exception hang Eclipse
24088: File chooser for OSX returns wrong path
24106: Table Column Resizable Doesn't work if you click on Column itself
24137: Top item on popup is often invisible
24139: Copy causes exception
24141: Keyboard not functional in editors (mac os x)

SWT Build 2.1 009 - Tuesday September 24, 2002

Problem reports fixed

7435: ArrayIndexOutBoundsException occurs when using Solaris through remote terminal
15146: Printing support under Linux?
18483: IE6 causes conflict with SWT.APPLICATION_MODAL on Windows 98
20461: WinCE - Wait cursor does not show up
20958: Eclipse crashes when pasting PDF text into a Java file editor
21416: Gtk+ launcher
22121: Eclipse crashes when pasting URL in Java-code
23007: [Navigator] Import of workspace folder into parent
23744: Device.getFontList() uses wrong constant name
23745: Wrong flag used in Device.getFontList().
23748: Input group is hardcoded as 1 in PhWindowQueryVisible()
23753: Groups don't look like the platform
23754: Label.setFont() needs to check "text != null"
23766: Labels with image only have extra space on GTK
23795: ControlExample: Image Label leaves cheese when resized
23807: Display class needs to pick better default fonts.
23864: CoolBar - Plus 2, Minus 2 problem
23884: WinCE - OS.InitCommonControlsEx fails with flag DATETIMEPICK_CLASS
23898: Group.setBackground() don't work on Gtk
23899: CTRL + Mouseclick
23974: Use native ComboBox

SWT Build 2.1 008 - Tuesday September 17, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4637: TreeEditor example does not show how to use double click (1GCP6OH)
4656: Pop-up menu not showing for Composite (1GENYM0)
4710: Remaining Javadoc problems (1GF088W)
4730: Support for lesstif on Linux
4733: Issues with Win32 GDI setBkMode(), and similar things in Motif (1GFPGK3)
4796: DCR: keyboard support for move/resize (accessibility issue)
5900: CheckboxTableViewer does disable correctly
10532: DCR: Table.setSelection(int, int) -- order matters
12048: NPE exiting workspace
16700: Coolbar tab order is backwards
17494: Veronika needs to check her javadoc
19256: SIP event
19736: Tooltips for long entries in code assist pop behind code assist
21126: Print Dialog Is Not Modal, Resulting in Unpredictable Workbench Behavior
21620: FontData.setLocale() crashes workbench
22189: Win32 GDI Resource Leak in
22210: Photon:Removing item from Combo does not remove the text(BBAWT)
22364: Incorrect height of widget in TextViewer
22490: Background color of Graphical Editors is always black.
22534: No way to turn border off for linux text widget
22564: Cannot draw transparent PNG files properly
22577: List.setSelection(String[]) infinite loop
22839: When swt window in focus palettes of other windows hosed, and vise versa
22862: StyledText - Tab does not tab out of non-editable
22926: Clipboard copy/paste is cut/paste on Windows 98

SWT Build 2.1 007 - Tuesday September 10, 2002

Problem reports fixed

10050: StyledText - Change selection color when changing background color
14637: StyledText - copy-from text edit feature
16009: Eclipse's toolbar buttons' icon in black and upside down
17793: Motif FileDialog often does not use reasonable default directory
20179: Coolbar item clipped on bottom edge with SWT.BORDER style
21185: GTK: Label positioning incorrect when style bit used and bounds set(BBAWT)
22079: StyledText - BidiUtil.isBidiPlatform returns true when not running with bidi locale
22114: * key expands TableTree but does not send SWT.Expand event
22115: MessageDialog does not wrap message
22158: getItem() crashes eclipse called with index 0
22647: Variant class incorrectly marshals VT_BOOL values
22746: Text cut off in GTK in TitleAreDialog
22868: Eclipse hangs while creating a shell from ControlExample
22874: 2104: Converter contains references to Converter.class
22916: CCombo not dropping down list properly
22918: Table.getItem(Point) throws ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
22959: Dragging over multiple stacked trees uses invisible tree for drop target
22978: Motif FileDialog ignores SWT.MULTI bit
23003: Xcopyplane requires 11 args but HP-UX JRE can only handle 10
23028: EC: Tab un-indent does not work
23061: 'Back' key does not delete character on Smartphone 2002
23178: Eclipse Fails to Start First Time
23285: Linux Motif has become extremely slow

SWT Build 2.1 006 - Tuesday August 27, 2002

Problem reports fixed

5678: TVT: Unable to open Filter dialog on Win98 if another view is undocked (free floating)
12878: Combo setItems removes setText
13024: Two tooltips displayed on tree
14923: Show Text Hover toolbar item in wrong place
16333: Accessibility - tab key in dialog boxes
20321: Multiple opened ApplicationWindows with statuslines show incorrect display/event handling
22231: Pressing ENTER in a text field no longer performs OK in dialogs
22659: Function key events are often lost
22661: StyledText - Shift+Alt+ inserts character
22721: Cannot use keyboard to toggle checkboxes
22737: Mouse Capture on Motif causes Context Menu not to work
22825: Consecutive vertical cursor movement commands don't retain column offset

SWT Build 2.1 005 - Tuesday August 20, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4554: Combo selection scrolls for certain fonts (1G1AD9Y)
4577: Ctrl+Backspace & Ctrl+del have the same key code and key event (1G54RAJ)
4685: Variables View re-positions on each step (1GETE8F)
10091: MessageBox loses activation
10976: Workbench windows don't reopen correctly in Dual Monitor environments
14942: Unexpected KeyDown event after pressing non existing menu mnemonic
18705: Too much flashin in Control Example
21829: API needed to allow CCombo to display its list at the prefered width
22443: OLE - org.eclipse.swt.internal.ole.win32.CONTROLINFO has a useless field 'filler'
22457: Win32 org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Combo computeSize() is wrong
22507: Modal dialog does not prevent adjusting of table headers in parent.

SWT Build 2.1 004 - Tuesday August 13, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4737: Redraw problem in table (1GFW2PE)
9075: Tooltips only partially displayed in example
15610: StyledText - Double-Click-Drag doesn't work, works on Text
16990: ToolBar does not send MouseHover events
20632: Polish national fonts
20792: sometimes resize callback is not sent to the shell when the shell is not visible
20815: Menus not displayed on SmartPhone 2002
21268: StyledText - Ctrl+Shift+J inserts line
21272: StyledText does not support setting selection with caret on the left
21921: Emulated Table setTopIndex fails and causes NPE when adding an item afterwards
21933: TableColumn does not listen to ControlEvents
22004: no keyboard shortcuts for switching between pages of MultiPageEditorPart
22188: StyledText - only first character of a line displayed
22204: Photon: Text.selectAll() does not select all the text(BBAWT)
22254: Command H is not mapped properly
22365: SWT_AWT does not compile under JDK 1.4

SWT Build 2.1 003 - Tuesday August 6, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4521: Display.syncExec or Display.asyncExec can block processing of native events (1G03DF0)
20144: Enter key not working in packages view
21179: Step filter in-place text editor invisible
21243: Scroll lock inserts a character during incremental search on GTK
21338: Accents and ??????? don't work in editor using gtk
21472: keyPressed event ignored by org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Text for ENTER key
21696: StyledText - RTF transfer codepage encoding
21698: StyledText - RTF writer performance improvement
21834: Coolbar - deleting items corrupting layout
22004: No keyboard shortcuts for switching between pages of MultiPageEditorPart
22025: Motif: Unexplained termination running BBAWT JUnit tests
22036: MOTIF: Appearance issue with Combo
22060: StyledText - bidi - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

SWT Build 2.1 002 - Tuesday July 30, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4578: Ctrl+J & Ctrl+Enter have the same key code (1G54RJJ)
4816: TabItem displays & (1GJL704)
6888: Combo sends ModifyEvent on setItems
9025: OLE, StyledText widget and WinCE
19632: Tracker should adjust cursor on mouse not down, not on MENU
19985: StyledText - Bulleting proofing RTF copy function
20691: StyledText - bidi - Win2K/XP support
20746: Inconsistent @param in Javadoc for TableItem.setGrayed(boolean)
21313: Combo.getItem wrong error thrown
21423: GTK: GPF in Shell.setVisible()
21500: GTK: SWT.Activate and SWT.Deactivate events not fired when Shell with NO_TRIM used as its style bit
21526: Shell.computeTrim does not include menu bar
21563: Mnemonics give focus to the label on GTK
21564: GTK: Text of Button(with style bit SWT.CHECK) does not show up correctly
21573: TableTreeItem should have get/setGrayed() methods like TableItem
21601: getLineCount() method for Text widget does not work on Motif
21623: List.setSelection (int start, int end) fails on Motif
21653: WinCE/SH4: Arrow keys don't generate key events
21702: Debug Display view error msg to console on GTK
21706: BidiUtil in win32 has Class.forName() usage
21805: event.character = 0 for all Ctrl- on QNX 6.2
21937: COMObject leakage on OleControlSite
21958: ControlExample FileDialog does not filter correctly
21964: GTK: Adding an item to Combo changes the selection index
21967: GTK: Setting selection index to -1 for a Combo throws an exception
21969: List.getSelectionIndex bug
21976: GTK: Combo.getSelectionIndex() changes when an item is removed

SWT Build 2.1 001 - Tuesday July 23, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4428: Table - Grid lines not drawn correctly (1FE4K5U)
4451: Shell: setDefaultButton, default button cannot be reset to null (1FGLS6M)
4489: MouseUp fired for button 1 when button 1 is still pressed (1FODDP4)
4511: Pane title update flashes tool bar buttons (1FUUR7A)
4524: CTRL sequences not handled gracefully by TextEditor (1FVSBTS)
4544: CTRL combination not handled as accelerators when Caps are locked (1FZQDGR)
4590: VerifyEvent values ignored (1G7G5Y3)
4626: TableTree: Two selection events generated for each checkbox selection (1GBRSLM)
4642: DirectoryDialog does not support / on windows (1GD41DZ)
4648: MenuItem.setEnabled() always causes a redraw (1GDDCN2)
4786: FontDialog should give access to color setting (1GIEFBD)
4861: Key state for toolbar items (1GL54A0)
5935: StyledText - up/down arrow behavior wrt varying line lengths
6775: Radio button setSelection changes focus
9859: Combo widget doesn't fire keyPressed or keyReleased for Enter key
11868: StyledText: text selection with key 'arrow down' does not include last line
11994: StyledText - replace getXAtOffset(caretOffset) with caret.getLocation().x
12178: StyledText - move StyledTextRenderer#bidiTextWidth to DisplayRenderer
12181: StyledText - mixing text width/caret position is confusing
13944: DCR - Need cut/copy/paste routines on Combo
14672: Combo and Scale setBackground does not refresh
14799: Window manipulations block other threads from executing
15088: StyledText - getTopIndex semantics undefined when no line fully visible
15554: DCR - alignment in a text widget
15559: JAWS reads the parent window for dialog shells
15728: Packages view selection always one too high
16110: StyledText scroll not working with PageUp/Down keys.
16205: StyledText - Tab does not tab out of read-only
16402: Working set dialog: table columns have incorrect size
16777: Busy cursor lost over progress indicator edges
16986: JavaViewer example should remember path
17191: SWT Error in JUnit view
17252: Accelerator labels: Ctrl-Shift-A, Shift-Ctrl-A or Shift-Ctl-A?
17279: Extra CoolBar row created when switching perspectives.
17370: Combo box flashes to much when resizing dialog.
17993: Find/Replace shouldn't replace typed entry with value from history
18253: Coolbar - disposing items not honoring setRedraw = false
18308: Ctrl+SHIFT+@ does not call the listener.
18429: ScrolledComposite with LayoutManager is VERY slow in iPAQ
18570: Combo flashes by resizing
19380: Listboxes flash as preferences dialog is resized
19434: ToolItem does not need to check for TOGGLE
19568: {} on a german keyboard [swt-carbon]
19615: StyledText - example Text Editor bug in copy/paste
19630: Coolbar - odd dispose behavior
19815: JRE crashes using error log and progress bar.
19964: Coolbar - can "lose" items when platform widget wraps
20159: Right-clicking on coolbar grabber causes strange behavior
20183: Motif : Coolbar preferred size is too small width wise
20190: CoolBar problems on Windows XP with Manifest
20339: Hitting spacebar does not press currently focused button
20583: Segfault when control tries to dispose of itself under Motif
20683: [ExternalTools] F3 (and F2) crashes the JVM when trying to cancel an external tool on linux-gtk
20690: StyledText - bidi - should force font script when keyboard language changed
20705: Cursor Keys don't work in Dialogs
20722: GTK TableColumn#pack does not work if no header
20788: A composite is being mysteriously disposed for no reason
20846: WIN32: 'Combo.indexOf' always returns -1 for empty string
20893: Bad size for Text widget when flag READ_ONLY is set (Photon)
20904: SWT exception on LayoutExample (Photon)
20950: GTK: F1 help does not work for menu items.
20956: Emulated CoolItem do not respect SWT.DROP_DOWN flag
21030: StyledText - during cut if clipboard copy fails do not delete text
21096: Properties accelerator missing ENTER
21122: Emacs: Accelerators not shown in menus under GTK
21154: StyledText - BIDI - Bad effect of RLO unicode character
21192: UnsatisfiedLinkError thrown when pressing a hardware key
21215: [Help] F1 Help does not close menu on GTK
21223: StyledText - Cursor should stop blinking when moving
21268: StyledText - Ctrl+Shift+J inserts line
21368: GTK: GC.drawImage() fails when scaling an image
21371: SWTError while using Navigator->Goto->Resource
21378: GTK: Shell event's doit flag ignored when shellClosed() is called
21412: Paste with accelator key doesn't work
21413: CoolBar computeSize fails on XP
21415: Javadoc for CLabel.setBackground has typos
21440: Unable to display Today screen when SWT app running on WinCE
21449: GTK: Calling Text.setSelection() causes GPF
21456: GTK: Cannot type in Text widget contained in Shell which has style bit as NO_TRIM
21484: Shift-Tab does nothing on GTK
21523: StyledText - caret does not move when widget shell is not open
21524: StyledText - NPE when typing text and caret is null
21596: StyledText - initial bidi caret position wrong when widget empty
21598: StyledText - setFont enables caret when it was disabled

SWT Build 2.0 052 - Wednesday October 30, 2002

(2.0.2 stream)

Problem reports fixed

10459: I can't run eclipse
24693: fails to draw euro
24869: GP - Eclipse crashed when entering invalid file name in FileDialog

SWT Build 2.0 050 - Wednesday October 16, 2002

(2.0.2 stream)

Problem reports fixed

24542: [DND] Crash when drag&drop on the Package Explorer

SWT Build 2.0 049d - Monday August 26, 2002

(2.0.1 stream)

Problem reports fixed

22729: missing from the build script
22779: Eclipse linux-motif GPFs on exit on J9

SWT Build 2.0 049b - Wednesday August 21, 2002

(2.0.1 stream)

Problem reports fixed

22448: CoolBar - deleting first item in row does unnecessary collapse/expand of row
22561: Hover Help broken in 2.0.1 I20020815

SWT Build 2.0 049 - Wednesday August 14, 2002

(2.0.1 stream)

Problem reports fixed

22055: CoolBar - setWrapIndices causes rows to collapse/expand unnecessarily
22144: Coolbar - setSize not being honored after setWrapIndices API used
22320: Coolbar - delete item behavior problem

SWT Build 2.0 048 - Tuesday August 6, 2002

(2.0.1 stream)

Problem reports fixed

15559: JAWS reads the parent window for dialog shells
18253: Coolbar - disposing items not honoring setRedraw = false
19964: Coolbar - can "lose" items when platform widget wraps
21268: StyledText - Ctrl+Shift+J inserts line
21834: Coolbar - deleting items corrupting layout

SWT Build 2.0 047 - Monday June 17, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4772: Javadoc: Graphics constructors need to doc if device null (1GHSPUW)
14144: ScrollBars can't be made invisible on PocketPC
20265: F3. test C3. No new updates for Eclipse on HP.
20362: Coolbar cannot be traversed to

SWT Build 2.0 046 - Friday June 14, 2002

Problem reports fixed

16809: Clicking to close non-active editor doesn't have an affect
16939: DnD: Moving the mouse while dropping behaves strangely while dragging views
17190: No cell editor support
17563: Flat tool bar buttons
17621: Resource Patcher wizard - widgets not properly aligned
19089: No popup menu java editor ruler (Photon)
19243: Eclipse launchers have hardcoded j9 args
19244: Spacing between Table rows grows with number of rows
20006: X Pointer grab not released
20044: Unable to scroll license text using keyboard
20072: Workbench bounces when swtiching perspectives
20134: Eclipse CLOSES automatically, when i'm working in it
20184: Color javadoc could use reference to Device.getSystemColor()
20209: Hang due to OS locking
20354: GP when attempt to check out SWT from repository
20372: Tracker needs more javadoc

SWT Build 2.0 046 - Tuesday June 11, 2002

Problem reports fixed

16809: Clicking to close non-active editor doesn't have an affect
16939: DnD: Moving the mouse while dropping behaves strangely while dragging views
17190: No cell editor support
17563: Flat tool bar buttons
17621: Resource Patcher wizard - widgets not properly aligned
19089: No popup menu java editor ruler (Photon)
19243: Eclipse launchers have hardcoded j9 args
19244: Spacing between Table rows grows with number of rows
20006: X Pointer grab not released
20044: Unable to scroll license text using keyboard
20072: Workbench bounces when swtiching perspectives
20134: Eclipse CLOSES automatically, when i'm working in it
20184: Color javadoc could use reference to Device.getSystemColor()
20209: Hang due to OS locking
20354: GP when attempt to check out SWT from repository
20372: Tracker needs more javadoc

SWT Build 2.0 045 - Tuesday June 11, 2002

Problem reports fixed

15242: CoolBar - layout issues
18517: Coolbar - delete and row layout bug
19090: Combo doesn't size itself properly in GTK2
19670: Regression in OLE support
19671: Unable to expand/collapse trees in properties view
19720: Coolbar - getPreferredSize problem (was getClientArea problem)
19787: Hover help is not removed
19947: GTK2 sends key events with both keyCode and character equals to 0 for some keys

SWT Build 2.0 044 - Monday June 10, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4807: Text.setEchoChar spec should say 0 <= char < 128 (1GJ6CDM)
4837: Javadoc: Cursor constructor ERROR_NO_HANDLES is not spec'ed (1GKA7Q9)
5577: Text javadoc
7526: No spec for Display.update()
8513: JavaDoc for Menu.addMenuListener incorrect
12820: Finishing preview of the refactoring code crashes Eclipse
14463: GP opening two files at the same time
15460: CoolBar doc unclear/insufficient
15939: KeyEvent character is not consistent between Linux and Windows
16810: Mouse pointer not update
16837: Keys completely lost
16883: Variable sorting changes unexpectedly
16895: In-place text fields are unusable
17036: Disposing a CoolItem is triggering an activation callback.
17146: Editor Preference page buttom list clipped
17154: View part loses focus when opening context menu
17289: Combo doesn't take focus by clicking on it (Photon)
17290: Modify Method Parameters: wrong enablement of buttons
17507: AIX FileDialog is not responsive in stand-alone example
17613: Add from local history shows nothing in right and lower pane
17670: Cannot move through Plug-in Code Generation page list with arrow keys
17692: IAE when deleting line in Java Editor
17752: Cannot select a non-bold font
17788: Scale with preferred size is unusable (no range of motion)
17848: F1 build, JVM terminated Exit code 139
17936: Eclipse launcher must launch headless in headless environments
18439: Ctrl+F6 editor switching is unusable
18508: Javacoredump when opening vertical ruler context menu
18521: Coolbar layout and chevron bug
18543: An invisible character is added when the 'Windows' key is pressed
18625: Tabbing in Java editor takes cursor
18629: GTK: Unable to select dialog buttons with mouse
18645: Release SWT sources & javadoc in future builds
18733: ControlExample: List widget not being resized properly
18804: GPF setting image to menu item (Photon)
18838: Launch Configurations dialog creeps up
18841: Question: What does -DMBCS do?
18930: Wrong content displayed in tabs in the Launch Configuration Dialog
18934: Scrollbars should be disabled in ImageAnalyzer example
19057: Problem saving java file through popup menu
19116: Missing about.html in source directory for examples
19169: NPE on Emulated CoolItem constructor
19345: Task View: Not clearing priority icons
19394: False "unsaved changes" notification from launch configs
19503: Widget in outliner gets wrapped/cropped
19595: StyledText - redrawRange not clearing properly when clear flag set
19660: Preference page does not expand to fit all widgets
19769: Internet Explorer and Help, EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

SWT Build 2.0 043 - Friday May 31, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4692: Empty popup menu appears in Outline view (1GET1B1)
8821: Opening editors has become very slow
15565: Coolbar - minimumWidth not honored under certain conditions
16688: Selection background on emulated widgets is wrong
17150: Strange selection behaviour in Java Browsing Perspective
17156: Delete key not working in package view
17228: Weird Tree selection behaviour
17354: Double clicking expands and collapses item
17363: Test A4.4 cannot edit action set id in properties view
17680: Outline doesn't expand when adding new method
17825: ControlExample->Text beeps when I choose SWT.MULTI
17831: Coolbar - chevron not always displayed when it should be
18160: "Show in packages view" doesn't scroll to selection
18229: Walkback when closing ImageAnalyzer
18368: Get rid of all
18376: No execute permissions of libraries

SWT Build 2.0 042 - Thursday May 30, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4533: Cheese when resizing toolbar (1FWL943)
4841: SWT sample imageviewer nothing display at pixel data area (1GKEOUE)
6735: AWT/SWT - Swing / Swt integration : JComboBox doesn't show correctly
10972: Core dump drag and droppping from inline text
12498: Unable to add External Jar using the Java Project Wizard
16174: Wrong popup menu
16553: SWT_AWT.new_Panel does not work
16791: Can't select check boxes
17199: Table widget - only last column header is clickable
17375: Cheese on Java Scrapbook page ruler
17390: JUnit testcases result for Graphics (1 error, 2 failures)
17565: Add JRE validation not working
17568: Error doesn't disapear when switching to source folder layout
17574: Status line contributions appear twice
17637: Resize problem when diableing overview ruler in Editor
17662: Incorrect status display in new Feature Wizard
17917: Shift-Tab does not work
18223: Text widget with SWT.MULTI has strange behavior on GTK

SWT Build 2.0 041 - Tuesday May 28, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4398: Visual Coordination: Borders (1FSGONG)
4411: DCR - Support printing (1PQ8QCK)
4426: ScrollBar - Can't query size (1FDVP23)
4431: Folder tab does not get focus (1FIGI95)
4437: Tree Keyboard Support (1FOLZPT)
4452: MenuItem: setImage does not show image on menu (1FGNP8U)
4469: Inconsistencies between single line Text and RichText widgets (1FK1RRM)
4474: Not supportting Windows Accessibility Standard? (1FM0IFS)
4490: Fonts in examples appear too big (1FOMCWQ)
4496: DCR - Contour mouse middle button doesn't work (1FREAS4)
4503: FontDialog is missing fonts (1FSMRV0)
4526: Severe - Delete key is not redirected to editor (1FVXDST)
4529: Closing external MS Word makes in-place MS Word disappear (1FWG9AR)
4534: Flashing when computeSize called on Toolbar (1FWLD1E)
4545: No OS.GetKeyState function on motif (1FZQOZM)
4550: JUnit tests assumes boundary condition which is setting dependant (1G0LQKD)
4552: Adobe doesn't like ImageData... (1G0ZBE0)
4563: Need support for *.xpm and *.png image file formats (1G3HWSA)
4636: Tooltips not working on Linux (1GCN4FK)
4672: DCR - Include "begining / end " arrows to select files (1GEFYCG)
4679: Colour gradient of views is not gradual (16bit color depth) (1GELWSO)
4699: DCR - outstanding issue for customer- Changing cursor during drag operation (1GETC8U)
4703: WinME - Disabled icons in tabbed folder do not display properly. (1GEWXLI)
4706: StackOverflow resizing Workbench window (1GEWLSU)
4708: FATAL X error (1GF07HN)
4709: GP running ( Eclipse ^ 2 ) (1GEZ9UR)
4711: Navigator messed up when midi(w/DBCS) in it -Can't create view (1GEZNVC)
4728: Windows with tab pages should allow Ctrl-Tab switching (1GFIUG5)
4785: DCR - Custom notebook scrolling not optimal (1GI97VZ)
4839: TabFolder mnemonic problem (1GKAPKK)
4840: Hebrew: cannot paste from external file into java editor (1GKCWVX)
4851: Print ignores print to file option (1GKXC30)
4867: PgMemFlush() considered expensive (1GLEEJC)
5697: *Please* make SWT use GTK+ instead of Motif
8346: Workbench will not start
9217: Internal error at open the package view
9491: 1GRTRXQ: WSWB:Workbench 2.0 Problem- ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with MultiPageEditorPart
11204: Some ActiveX control can not accept key input.
11436: Request for public interface to call "UIDeactivate()" of IOleInPlaceObject
11498: StyledText does not always redraw when the line style changes
14846: Accessibility: getLocation does not position XP Magnifier
15218: Platform does not recognize the GUI - 20020502
15466: ImageData.blit throws ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception
15548: 'X' close box on tab hidden by arrows
15564: javaw.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows
15653: Tab halts on CCombo objects
16094: Cheese on CTabFolder when resizing
16200: Tracker leaves cheese
16345: JVM termination when attepmting to run Update Manager
16458: Trying to free a GdkEvent: pointer=NULL
16549: Cannot navigate tabbed notebook with keyboard
16557: Tab does not move cursor between text fields
16565: Typed text is lost
16576: ACC: Checkboxes in lists are not real checkboxes
16828: CTabFolder flashing tooltip
16927: External programs support on Photon
16957: TreeItem.setForegroundColor() doesn't work
16967: Strange scroll behavior in package dialog
16995: HoverHelp example does not create ON_TOP Shell for tooltips
17022: SWT Layouts example - missing window title
17090: StyledText selects text when menu is showing
17183: Icon in wizard banner clipped
17208: Long operations are being modal.
17305: Search Dialog: Java Page clipped
17320: Search dialog freezes Eclipse
17368: 4 Toolbar icons pushed off the toolbar way to the right
17488: Image Support in SWT - FAQ (1G5Z1KS)
17497: FileDialog open() returns wrong result
17632: "Color Button" doesn't update
17802: Moving a sash requires an extra click to take effect
17811: Two menu bar items highlighted at the same time
17816: Menu appears then dissapprears with click after Alt.
17832: Vertical Scrollbar clipped
17834: JavaDoc API bad for Image
17835: Smalltalk code around :)
17928: NPE on addressbook example
17932: Emulated Coolbar do not resize when the last item on the row is removed
17933: Emulated Coolbar chevron too narrow on Photon
18005: BusyIndicator should check args

SWT Build 2.0 040 - Tuesday May 21, 2002

Problem reports fixed

3554: TP125: weird tab order in create project wizard (1G83VP8)
4424: Table draws a stray pixel in top left corner (1FS9QBQ)
4476: No syncExec runnables run during scrolling (1FMGG2X)
4528: Need FocusIn event for OleClientSite (1FW2S00)
4586: Use checkWidget() more often (1G80URQ)
4609: FillLayout should have FillLayout(type) constructor (1G9XBPI)
4694: Editor Name is missing from tab (1GET93J)
4788: Feature request: styled tree items (1GIGJK4)
4789: XP - Look and feel problems (1GIGGKM)
4831: DND not working properly (1GJYOZC)
4838: Can create FontData with null name string (1GKA93P)
4941: Focus callback during OleClientSite deactivate call
4942: Combo selection index should move when upper item removed (1GLGA41)
5910: Toolbar with all items disabled still shows up in tab order
5936: Composite.setTabList should accept null
6198: Focus lost in tab folder when switching pages
6406: J IME positioning incorrect
6514: Code assist behaves differently on Linux
6856: Default buttons different on Variable dialog
8162: Accessibility: focus goes missing in CVS location wizard
8791: Overaggressive focus grabbing
9141: WorkBench->Preference dialog's buttons font is too small.
9287: Combo.setText does not work
10491: Bold button will not bold text in SWT TextEditor Example
11074: EventTable.sendEvent should probably use try/finally
11349: Editor Tabs should fill to the right.
11369: Coolbar feature requests
11516: ViewForm should override computeTrim
11738: growing status bar
11847: OLE Editor prevents navigation without keys
12398: Accessibility problems
12641: Error in .classpath for Photon
12904: Accessible resizing of Views should move/change the Display's Cursor
12972: Noticed increased number of Eclipse crashes
13622: DCR - need ability to cancel window system shutdown
14449: [M5] error bringing up Code Formatter page
14546: TableColumn alignment problem with Motif
14656: Repaint of window does not wotk with IME up
14801: Mnemonic character doesn't work on TabFolder on QNX
15124: NPE: Label Decorations preference page
15134: Open Type dialog has wrong initial focus
15172: focus not on text field for OpenTypeDialog
15224: FileDialog does not return the file selected on PocketPC
15237: Coolbar - corrupts wrap layout when items deleted
15513: CCombo.setTooltipText() doesn't work
15516: GP - Eclipse crashed
15575: Tree with checkbox items are not accessible
15613: Copy/paste inserts NULL
15705: Editor with focus, tab text disappears sometimes
15872: Editor area frame should align with open editor's, excluding drop shadow
15989: Coolbar walkback when adding item
16069: Can't see source in imported binary SWT
16210: Core Dump Occurred while in Open Type dialog
16245: CTabFolder - tooltips and arrowing around
16281: Eclipse does not come up
16297: Wrong tab order in newer builds
16318: Can't activate views; losing events
16465: Stack Overflow when importing a project
16523: Unable to double-click
16525: Eclipse does not layout properly

SWT Build 2.0 039 - Tuesday May 14, 2002

Problem reports fixed

6103: Menu mnemonics don't work when toolbar has focus
8805: Context menus and finding references to methods
14823: Drag&Drop: need way to set the default behvaiour of a drop o
15055: Column Header Height in a Table or Table Tree SWT widget
15253: Linux GTK 2 library not found
15274: Can't add external jar in Linux-GTK version
15603: Preference page no longer resizes to fit contents
15634: Table not acting like list when last column deleted
15637: Cheese in Table when setting column image
15643: Cheese in Table when changing font
15705: Editor with focus, tab text disappears sometimes

SWT Build 2.0 038 - Tuesday May 7, 2002

Problem reports fixed

6391: Display.getActiveShell() can answer wrong value
7170: Tab space size problem
8542: Close perspective with mouse isn't possible
8591: Editor tabs should scroll automatically to fill available tab space
8648: StyledText - Caret can be hidden under scrollbar
10263: Editor keeps scrolling after mouse up
12226: Solaris - can't copy file into same directory
12360: TraverseEvent e.doit doesn't turn off on TabFolder
12952: Alt+{char} gets inserted as text
13614: JFace Tables have an extra column
13651: Printed output issues
13725: Revert is much slower than close and re-open in java editor.
14431: TableViewer inconsistent when clicking off of item list
14866: Shift-selection doesn't work immediately after restart
14880: Column resize problems/cheese
14902: Executable launcher does not restart
14935: EmulatedWidgetTests fail on Linux
14937: Launch from New Office Document hangs until Eclipse exits.
14964: StyledText - add new API for replacing style ranges
14981: Focus not set anymore
15057: getSystemColor(SWT.COLOR_WIDGET_FOREGROUND) always returns black
15115: removeColumn are broken in Emulated Table
15141: Tab is caught by read only text
15150: Progress bar behaves erraticaly
15208: StyledText - text change even mechanism poorly documented
15348: GPF in OS.MoveMemoryW

SWT Build 2.0 037 - Tuesday April 30, 2002


As of this build, libraries are no longer in the org.eclipse.swt plugin.

Libraries can now be found in the associated windowing system fragment which to date are:

Problem reports fixed

4641: Icon lookup fails for some windows icon paths (1GD2DEY)
4802: StyledText - Bidi Support Open Issues (1GIZ5G3)
4842: Can't launch external editors. (1GKEYOE)
6858: GP - Crash VM
8826: GPF - closing a Java editor
8837: Window position changed incorrectly in
9297: Eclipse crashed
11374: gp: Crash in swt-win32-2026.dll
11587: BIDI:Java editor and Text editor: User Interface issues.
12811: TableColumns don't pack properly
13200: gp - MoveMemory error on Windows XP
14049: gp - Crash in OS.MoveMemoryW
14220: gp - Crash closing editor
14245: gp - crash while debugging (NRCRASH)
14249: Exception while stepping
14280: Unsatisfied Link Errors running on Linux/Gtk 2.0
14425: Font dialog exception
14528: Problem with Label.computeSize.
14538: StyledText - bidi - change backspace and delete behavior
14813: ClassCastException creating a new Run configuration
14872: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TableItem.insertColumn

SWT Build 2.0 036 - Tuesday April 23, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4834: DCR - mnemonics do not work on tabbed pages (1GK7O0N)
7189: Method highlight in border does not match the method
8253: Right clicking does not bring up context menu
8306: Inconsistencies in SWT example descriptions
8538: Mismatch between selected tab and displayed tab
8544: Some problems with the editor-pane (repaint, focus)
9360: Text entry in cvs comment dialog can't deal with quick typing
9794: Linux-GTK KeyEvents bad/different from the other platforms
12947: Color Preferences in Preferences->Java->Editor
13826: Performance issue in Table.RemoveAll()
13922: Eclipse crashes when running LayoutExample
13999: StyledText - appending single line data doesn't update properly
14047: StyledText - inefficient redraw during text change with word wrap

SWT Build 2.0 035 - Thursday April 18, 2002

New APIs

Problem reports fixed

4602: GridLayout should have GridLayout(numColumns) constructor (1G9Z73D)
8549: org.eclipse.core.resources 4 Unhandled exception caught in event loop
9029: GC.setClipping(Rectangle) should handle null argument on GTK
10590: GTK Version / Tree View blanks...
10715: Code Assist dialog hide after press and release CTRL + SPACE
11182: Property Sheet does not allow editing when there is only one property
11515: computeTrim and getClientArea are inconsistent in CTabFolder
11713: Descriptions in preference pages aren't aligned
11715: Tab doesn't switch fields on gtk
11835: Strange behaviour of backspace in new Java Class dialog
11935: Can't Ctrl+Tab out of PDE Editor's dependencies page
12073: Moving shell above other shells does not work.
12882: DCR: Set Cursor location programmatically for accessibility
13194: Usability: editor tabs
13384: NPE on launching
13432: OleControlSIte doesn't propagate WM_SETFOCUS message to an ActiveX control
13639: Controls do not appear in tool items
13800: Can not get FocusEvent from Combo
13982: Eclipse won't start on GTK2

SWT Build 2.0 034 - Tuesday April 9, 2002

Problem reports fixed

6774: WinCE - items regarding Pocket PC (including 2002) integration
8806: Moving views is difficult
9245: ToolItems in a ToolBar not displaying images on WinCE
9616: Resize column leaves some cheese in the table
10603: Add Breakpoint keeps prompting me
10937: Converter problem on Solaris
11520: ShellAdapter.shellDeactivated() never called on Linux-Motif
11734: Focus not on "Finished" button
11940: Down arrow does not access drop-down portion of toolbar buttons
12241: Codeassist disappear after a few seconds
12573: Table sends selection event twice when in TabFolder
12787: Changing a menu item's text makes its icon disappear
12885: Label as a seperator doesn't resize properly
13006: Alt+1 with blank TabFolder results in NPE
13014: SetToolTipText called multiple times does not resize.
13049: CTabFolder focus traversing is busted

SWT Build 2.0 033 - Tuesday April 2, 2002

Problem reports fixed

12446: SWT Table Column Image Corruption
12447: Tree.getSelection() is slow for large trees

SWT Build 2.0 032 - Thursday March 28, 2002

StyledText Bidi Printing

Support has been added for printing the contents of a StyledText widget on bidirectional language Windows platforms.

Note however that printing English or local language text does not work properly with some printer drivers when using a non-TrueType font. This has been noticed on Windows NT systems with the HP Laserjet 4 series printer driver. Please use a TrueType font if text is printed garbled .

Problem reports fixed

4467: DCR - Tree missing keyboard support (1FJH5GY)
4525: Property viewer doesn't adapt to bg color changes (1FX8XL1)
10317: StyledText - bidi printing support
10483: SWT ControlExample DirectoryDialog does not choose directories
11081: Java Source Editing with Greek Locale no longer works
11549: Create project does not allow creation of folder in its project selection
12099: Accessibility : JAWS can not read TabItem's text
12231: DND : Drag and Drop busted (mouse capture not released)

SWT Build 2.0 031 - Monday March 18, 2002

New APIs

Problem reports fixed

7500: Display.getBounds() calls from another thread give incorrect results
10273: NPEs caused by unitialized 'item' field in event
10481: View will not Size via Pull Down
10511: Add programmatic scrolling to ScrolledComposite
10942: Launcher should autodetect gtk only installation.
11051: Invalid token pasting in callback.c
11090: CLabel Javadoc says SmartLabel

SWT Build 2.0 030 - Tuesday March 12, 2002

New APIs

Problem reports fixed

8737: No Selection event when DND starts
9950: ColorDialog weird behavior
9959: Persistent Eclipse NPE on startup
9993: OleControlSite is not powerful enough
10420: Mouse and DND Event notification out of order
10480: Unable to open files with "System Editor"
10482: View will not Move via Pull Down

SWT Build 2.0 029 - Tuesday March 5, 2002

New APIs

Note: The new Accessibility API is experimental, and will likely change. Here are two examples that use the accessibility API: Note: The API involving the AccessibleControlXxx classes is more complex, and more likely to change. It is unlikely that application code will need to use it. It is primarily for the use of custom control implementors.

Problem reports fixed

4436: Grid Layout Problem (1FOLZZE)
4666: DCR - Need a way for child shells to disable ESC closing (1GE8RXW)
4790: XInitThreads causes japanese input method to hang (1GIRYR6)
4775: XInitThreads causes X printing to hang (1GITBQL)
4454: DCR: Tables need to support cell editing (1FGPLPP)
10002: Detection of CDE as active WM is platform-specific
10426: Esc traverse does not go up hierarchy

SWT Build 2.0 028 - Thursday February 28, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4688: J - Font Dialog does not select a font when selecting a font family (1GET5BW)
7139: FontDialog: Selected font not used
8865: Exception when creating a ToolItem with a null image in Linux
10250: Slider with VERTICAL orientation - down arrow increments

SWT Build 2.0 027 - Tuesday February 26, 2002

Problem reports fixed

6409: Node selection in package view
8389: MouseUp not reported correctly if DragDetect hooked
9364: Exception in StyledText
9773: Font and Color dialogs do not appear centred on parent
9950: ColorDialog weird behavior

SWT Build 2.0 026 - Tuesday February 12, 2002

Problem reports fixed

6679: Image.getImageData() not implemented
7962: SWT.getPlatform() javadoc incorrect for return description
8984: CTabFolder.MIN_TAB_WIDTH should not be static
9022: Linux: Tree Viewer does not get defualt Selection
9072: Table Tree does not pick up windows settings changes
9091: StyledText in SINGLE mode should look more like a Text widget
9172: SWT AddressBook Example calls undefined method
9432: The doc for Tracker widget should specify that rectangles are in screen coordinates

SWT Build 2.0 025 - Tuesday February 5, 2002

Problem reports fixed

2430: Sorting the Tasks List should display icon for sort key/order (1GF5TQO)
4485: DCR - Table column header decoration capability needed (1FOQQM8)
6035: Difference in tree "expanded state" between Windows and Motif
6983: Browse button in Import->Plugins not working.
7400: Single line text fields not firing "Key Pressed" events for the Enter, Up(arrow), and Down(arrow) keys
8173: Accessibility: keyboard-invoked popup menu not usable
8196: Accessibility: shift+F10 does not display view menu
8273: Horizontal scorllbar does not allow scrolling when required
8396: WINCE: Menu bar obscures control when control location is 0,0
8397: WINCE: Menu item colors don't match menu bar
8412: WINCE: Background color of buttons looks wrong
8640: GP: opening Synchronization perspective
8942: Wrong text indent in a table when use image

SWT Build 2.0 024 - Tuesday January 29, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4654: VAJ hangs when dragging from file manager to the desktop. (1GDQFZ6)
4720: Eclipse freezes during drag & drop operation (1GF7RRH)
4724: GP - Fatal app error - renaming resource on linux (1GF7TXO)
4736: Fix printing (1GFW2CW)
4817: Need JavaDoc comments for SWT Photon (1GJLEU0)
6835: Characters ????????????? and ??????? doesn't work in Java editor on Swedish
8255: Closing paint viewer causes internal error
8410: Black color become transparent in ToolBar images
8503: StyledText - cheese if resize in word wrap tries to keep partial top line
8547: Intellimouse scrolling does not work in eclipse

SWT Build 2.0 023a - Thursday January 24, 2002

(Eclipse Milestone 2)

Problem reports fixed

4700: NumLock and CapsLock disable accelerators (1GETDT9)
6180: Wake mechanism broken on Motif
6873: Decorations.setImage() throws NPE on WINCE
7805: A new ImageData(from an InputStream) throwing NPE
8133: When toolbar has focus, can't use mnemonics for File menus
8213: exception: widget is disposed

SWT Build 2.0 023 - Tuesday January 22, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4610: StyledText - DCR - Word wrap (1GABS6C)
4644: Mouse click on a link displayed in embedded IE5 ActiveX is not reliable (1GD7TT2)
5660: SWT default font's need to honor accesability settings
6324: SWT.CLOSE implies rendering of Minimize and Maximize buttons
6997: StyledText - mark new API
7123: Shell shows the maximize button enabled when SWT.TITLE | SWT.BORDER | SWT.CLOSE style passed
7361: Add getOffsetAtLine API
7632: Tree widget doesn't select item with focus on right-click
7849: Labels on WINCE don't use background color of parent when color isn't set
7867: DCR: Delete checkSubclass method from Dialog
7959: Potential problems when running on big endian machines

SWT Build 2.0 022 - Tuesday January 15, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4663: Fail to tab the views. (1GGYV8T)
4718: Tool tip is openning when on dragging. (1GF5Z7Z)
5866: Can't multiselect in Tree using keyboard
6592: Box for checkbox table items is too large when using large fonts
6770: Only the left mouse button should select in a Table.
6852: StyledText - verify event character invalid value
6940: MenuShortcuts only respond to Ctrl-N
7190: Ctrl-S does not work
7458: WinCE - top level Shells created through Display.asyncexec can have incorrect Z-order
7459: Caret leaving garbage
7486: Cannot use keyboard Shift Select in a Tree
7559: ScrollBar thumb is reset when ScrollBar is hidden, then shown

SWT Build 2.0 021 - Tuesday January 8, 2002

Problem reports fixed

4443: Layout: Exceptions when horizontalSpan > remaining columns (1FFC6XZ)
4462: ScrollBar - vbar.setMaximum does not work after hbar is hidden (and vice versa) (1FIG5CG)
4722: First editor tab missing close button (1GF7QIQ)
4755: Rebuilding launcher from another directory (1GGNRG0)
6315: Some perspective save confirmation messages cut off
6352: Editor doesn't get activated when revealing first match
6908: Menu handle leak in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Menu.destroyItem(MenuItem)
6945: Child shells not displaying on WinCE
6982: CheckedTables have no check boxes
7005: Missing methods in SWT/GTK implementation
7018: Tree does not honor SWT.CHECK style
7068: ScrollBar.setVisible(true) does not work after changing values
7150: StyledText - bidi - partial styling of ligatures bug
7191: Dialogs not big enough for content

SWT Build 2.0 020 - Tuesday December 18, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4715: First help click on a chapter is ignored (1GF5TV9)
4784: MIF Files sometime fail (1GI7H7V)
4797: Table does not use System fonts (1GIV4PZ)
6635: WinCE: decorations.setMenuBar can be set only once
6685: StyledText - on setFont caret not being positioned correctly
6773: StyledText.computeSize uses display width to calculate number of visible lines
6790: Touching code assist scrollbar dumps javacore
6863: Remaining issues in emulated CoolBar and CoolItem
6933: Switching to help perspective crashes the workbench
7014: Tree not accepting children

SWT Build 2.0 019 - Tuesday December 11, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4461: SWTException should overwrite printStackTrace(..) (1GLDW6P)
4493: Check multilingual support on Windows 2000 (1FQFCBQ)
4611: StyledText - StringIndexOutOfBounds exception inserting text in line break (1GEID8B)
4620: Workbench does not close ActiveX control's file handle (1GB76AZ)
4660: Moving
4719: Background colour of views/editors (1GF6C8Y)
4739: DCR: Provide auto-scrolling and expansion by default in the tree during DND (1GFW7NQ)
4767: Tab Folders can not be toggled using keys. (1GHFCZU)
4780: YAM: Cannot read some JPEG files (1GI6ZEN)
4783: Can't scroll to the top of the navigator (1GI7GTG)
5071: Shift-TAB doesn't generate proper event
5677: Hierarchy outline has empty space
5857: Image.getImageData needs to support 15 bit color depth
6472: Table widget has empty entries
6572: Default background color of Lists and Combos not consistent with Win2K
6651: Text.setSelection() doesn't actually display the selection visually for SWT.SINGLE
6654: Text.getSelection() not returning correct info on WINCE

SWT Build 2.0 018 - Tuesday December 4, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4419: Widgets - Missing features and API on MOTIF (1FBPKCT)
4494: ColorDialog doesn't open in VA/Java with JDK 1.2 (1FQGM6H)
4833: Remove focus button from Table (1GK7MK4)
4860: StyledText - StyledTextBidi, BidiUtil need doc (1GL32C8)
6204: KeyListener on table does not work.
6438: StyledText - bidi - isBidi test not working on XP

SWT Build 2.0 017 - Tuesday November 27, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4714: Label draws wrong background when image is set (1GF0IC6)
5503: Tabbing broken
5986: BidiUtil handling of WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE needs to be fixed
5992: Changing Java Editor font in Preference Page makes Eclipse hang or crash
6171: NullPointerException in ImageLoader save method with SWT.IMAGE_JPEG

SWT Build 2.0 015 - Tuesday November 20, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4791: StyledText does not switch colour (1GILHIW)
4956: StyledText - change StyledTextBidi.toString to conform with standard SWT format
5599: StyledText - redrawRange does not check range
5722: Selecting font crashes eclipse with a javacore
5815: StyledText - setFont refresh problem
5846: does not ignore an out of range index
5990: Printing single page prints entire document

SWT Build 2.0 014 - Thursday November 15, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4542: Menu accelerators CTRL+ / and CTRL + SHIFT + / don't work (1FYAF8V)
4754: Arrow keys not accepted as keyboard accelerators (1GGM4U3)
5815: StyledText - setFont refresh problem

SWT Build 2.0 013 - Tuesday November 13, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4846: StyledText - bidi - partial styling of ligatures (1GL3AWT)
4859: StyledText - bidi - provide solution for bidi coloring hack (1GL2UNC)
5491: StyledText - getStyleRangeAtOffset allows offset == getCharCount
5497: StyledText - ExtendedModify event not sent on setText
5602: StyledText - page down causes IllegalArgumentException in invisible/small widget
5615: StyledText - window start does not always work
5622: StyledText - print causes NPE when invoked on empty widget
5626: StyledText - print does not check for null Printer argument
5633: StyledText - replaceTextRange and setText do not check for null argument
5664: StyledText - Single line should not accept tab
5673: StyledText - SINGLE line mode still allows some multi line cursor navigation
5722: Selecting font crashes eclipse with a javacore
5725: Please rename "Eclipse Launcher"
5802: EC: ControlExample does not run on Solaris

SWT Build 2.0 012 - Monday November 5, 2001

Problem reports fixed

5470: User is lost when trying to move views around
5484: Tab no longer traverses between widgets!!!

SWT Build 2.0 011 - Thursday November 1, 2001

API Changes

FontData.setLocale(Locale) has been changed to FontData.setLocale(String). Example:
Locale[] locales = {
	Locale.US, new Locale("iw", "IL"), new Locale("ar", "SA"), new Locale("ru", "RU"),
	Locale.GERMAN, new Locale("ja", "JP"),
// old code: fd.setLocale(locales[i]);
String locale = (locales[i] != null ? locales[i].toString() : null);

Problem reports fixed

4664: StyledText does not compute correct text width (1GELJXD)
4832: German: Fonts cannot handle German characters (1GKMHHY)
4961: Preferences dialog disappears when you click on certain pages
5180: Open Motif for Linux shared libraries are duplicated in Eclipse
5304: StyledText - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in StyledTextBidi.segmentedRangesFor

SWT Build 2.0 010 - Thursday October 25, 2001

Behaviour change

1) The Drag Under effect of scrolling and expanding items as you drag over the Tree or Table has been added. To enable this drag under effect, in the DragOver event set the to have a bitwise combination of DND.FEEDBACK_SCROLL, DND.FEEDBACK_EXPAND and (DND.FEEDBACK_SELECT, DND.FEEDBACK_INSERT_BEFORE, DND.FEEDBACK_INSERT_AFTER) - where the last three items are mutually exclusive.

target.addDropListener (new DropTargetAdapter() {
	public void dragOver(DropTargetEvent event){ = DND.FEEDBACK_SELECT | DND.FEEDBACK_EXPAND | DND.FEEDBACK_SCROLL;

2) On some operating systems it is preferred to move files in a drag and drop operation rather than for the drop target to make a copy of the file and the drag source to delete the original file. The operation of moving the file is preformed by the drop target. For these cases, the new drop type DND.DROP_TARGET_MOVE has been added. The Eclipse DropTarget does not support this behaviour but the Eclipse DragSource can recognize this scenario. If another application has chosen to move the file rather than copy/delete, the DragFinished event on the DragSource will have an event.detail value of DND.DROP_TARGET_MOVE.

source.addDragListener (new DragSourceAdapter () {
	public void dragFinished(DragSourceEvent event) {
		if (event.detail == DND.DROP_TARGET_MOVE) {
			// clean up presentation but do not delete underlying file

Problem reports fixed

1767: Display ASCII for values greater than 127 fails (1GLE8I5)
4725: FontData spec should disallow null name (1GL34H3)
4844: Tab appears narrower than space (1GL2WTY)
4852: German: Cannot start Eclipse in Linux 7.2 (1GKYY99)
4865: TableTreeEditor.getItem returns an item after setting it to null (1GLE0IQ)
4932: StyledTextBidi has equals but no hashCode method
4957: StyledText - implement StyledTextBidi.isLigated
5132: StyledText - remove hardcoded margin
5178: Change BidiUtil calls to handle true Unicode/Windows CE changes

SWT Build 2.0 009 - Thursday October 18, 2001

Problem reports fixed

4444: EWT - incorrect selection feedback when the item's text is changed (1FFP3U2)
4446: DCR - GridBagLayout compatible LayoutManager (1FGCPO2)
4762: StyledText - default lineStyler remove line background color hack (1GHBMUV)
4819: StyledText - bidi - cursor navigation (1GJLKSN)
4820: StyledText with style SINGLE does not handle CR/LF well (1GJM2Z5)
4855: Severe: Check boxes are black (1GL0XSI)
4909: EC: Combo.setText doesn't work on Linux
4910: EC: fires a selected event on Linux only
5045: Control.moveAbove() throws NPE if argument is null

SWT Build 2.0 008 - Thursday October 11, 2001

Problem reports fixed

1GLDQYB: SWT:WIN - Text widget with DND enabled, MouseDown but no MouseUp
1GLADBK: SWT:ALL - StyledText - getOffsetAtLocation should throw exception
1GL4ZVE: SWT:ALL - StyledText - getOffsetAtLocation(getLocationAtOffset(N)) != N
1GKO6NY: SWT:ALL - Backspacing in StyledText does not fire selection changed
1GKB1OC: ITPJUI:ALL - Error in JavaDoc hover help
1GK9API: SWT:ALL - StyledText - bidi - numbers,mixed LtoR/RtoL text and caret positioning
1GJLQ16: SWT:ALL - StyledText - bidi - backspace and delete behavior
1GIK7D4: SWT:ALL - StyledText - Selection cleared when deletion disallowed by verify listeners
1GDOMBI: SWT:WINNT - StyledText - redrawRange() doesn't checkWidget
1GDKK3R: SWT:WINNT - StyledText - setCaretOffset and line delimiters bug
1FMRQOT: SWT:ALL - No null argument checks in Dialog constructors

SWT Build 2.0 007 - Thursday October 4, 2001

Problem reports fixed

1GKZH74: ITPJUI:WIN2000 - Disappearing Stop icon
1GKZ8CV: SWT:WINNT - setSelection triggers SelectionChanged event
1GKU4C5: SWT:ALL - StyledText - bidi - scrolling to show cursor should take cursor direction into account
1GKPYMK: SWT:WINNT - StyledText - bidi - caret moves when switching keyboard from Hebrew to Arabic
1GKOGQO: SWT:ALL - Javadoc: setSelection in Button and ToolItem
1GKM2O5: SWT:WINNT - StyledText - bidi - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception in StyledTextBidi.isRightToLeft
1GKM193: SWT:WINNT - StyledText - bidi autoscroll left does not always scroll all the way to the left
1GKKC0U: SWT:ALL - Tracker calls OS.DispatchMessage(msg) on windows but does not on Linux.
1GIVAXX: SWT:ALL - StyledText - Editors should support shift-backspace
1GELQ14: SWT:WINNT - StyledText - DefaultContent - handle weird line delimiter cases
1GE8LG0: SWT:Linux - Toolbar is not showing the separators.

SWT Build 2.0 006 - Thursday Sept 27, 2001

Problem reports fixed

1GHWA19: SWT:WINNT - Problem with callbacks from CCombo
1GHFDPV: SWT:WIN2000 - Setting selection in Table does not update focus item
1GF644V: ITPUI:Linux - Unzoom is changing the active editor.
1GKM3XS: SWT:WINNT - StyledText - bidi autoscroll left: selection reset on mouse move

SWT Build 2.0 005 - Friday Sept 21, 2001

Problem reports fixed

1GK09Z0: SWT:Linux - setEnabled(false) has no effect on aToolbar
1GJZZS6: SWT:Linux - File Dialog returns a directory
1GF7SMC: ITPUI:Linux - Wrong bg for close button on editor tab

SWT Build 2.0 004 - Thursday Sept 13, 2001

API Behaviour change

The behaviour of dispose for GCs has been modified such that attempting to dispose of a GC on a control after the control has been disposed will generate an SWTException. This fixes an OS resource leak and potential GPF situation.

Problem reports fixed

1GJUAKL: SWT:Neutrino - Control.internal_new_GC() needs !isValidWidget() check
1GJN52N: SWT:Linux - Text prints system error message for horizontal scrollbar
1GJBOAV: SWT:ALL - ScrolledComposite bugs
1GIXELI: SWT:ALL - Need Caret to allow bitmaps so bidi caret can be created
1GI5O1T: SWT:WINNT - Composite.setFocus takes focus when it should not
1GHOND7: SWT:WIN2000 - Selection problem with single-selection trees
1GHG990: SWT:ALL - Probable bug in Slider page increment setting
1GENJ60: SWT:ALL - ScrolledComposite should include example in its class comment
1GEA7K7: ITPUI:Linux - Default button not working

SWT Build 2.0 003 - Friday Sept 07, 2001

New APIs

FontData.setLocale(java.util.Locale) added
Caret.getImage() added
Caret.setImage(Image) added
GC.fillGradientRectangle(int, int, int, int, boolean) added

Problem reports fixed

1GJM7KM: SWT:Linux - Table and Tree return a different size for every second call to computeSize
1GJLKHE: SWT:SPARC - GP on "Installed JREs" preference page
1GJLK63: SWT:ALL - StyledText - bidi - keyboard switching
1GJLE36: SWT:WINNT - Alpha data redrawing improperly after occlusion
1GJA2L7: SWT:WIN - Different behavior for GC.drawString() args on Win vs. Photon
1GIZ0P6: SWT:WINNT - GC.drawImage() problem with transparent pixels
1GIXELI: SWT:ALL - Need Caret to allow bitmaps so bidi caret can be created
1GI7FQF: SWT:ALL - Can't set focus to Tasks View by Keyboard
1GI7EBL: SWT:Linux - api typo: ToolItem>>getDisabledmage()
1GI3P86: SWT:ALL - Semantic differences between emulated Table and Tree codebase on Motif and Photon
1GI1WEA: SWT:Neutrino - Text selection code not working correctly
1GHWED2: SWT:WINNT - GC.stringExtent() not correct for Windows Arial font
1GHWB7G: SWT:Linux - Linux font dialog doesn't open with given values.
1GHVRFY: SWT:Neutrino - Text#ClearSelection changes the CaretPosition in a SINGLE-line widget
1GHVLV6: SWT:Neutrino - Text#SetTopIndex and getTopIndex inconsistent
1GHOJ6T: SWT:Neutrino - Text#setSelection inconsistent between SINGLE and MULTI
1GHBLRA: SWT:Neutrino - Display.getBounds() returns incorrect info
1GH48UQ: SWT:Neutrino - Enter key does not insert new line with Text.MULTI widget
1GGT0TM: SWT:Neutrino - GC#drawArc inconsistent between NT and NTO
1GG1DBT: SWT:SPARC - Solaris loses input characters
1GG07HW: SWT:Linux - Tree.getItem() modifies its argument on Motif
1GG0069: SWT:Linux - Weird layout issues seen in Control Example
1GFZZLK: SWT:Linux - ToolItems not disabled when containing ToolBar is disabled
1GFZU3X: SWT:ALL - ImageLoader.load(String) not closing file input stream
1GFZPDP: SWT:Linux - Combo box with SWT.SIMPLE style does not respect Disabled flag (visually)
1GFW85H: SWT:ALL - Printer.getPrinterData() has stale comment
1GFW6MQ: SWT:ALL - DCR: Program class needs .equals() and .hashCode()
1GFW4YN: SWT:ALL - Help KevinH add printing to Eclipse
1GFQKDT: SWT:ALL - Image.setBackground() / getBackground() asymmetry
1GFONVW: SWT:Linux - Empty Combo should not fire Selection event
1GFL0HP: SWT:Linux - Remaining items in SWT comments to fix
1GET90D: SWT:Linux - SWTExceptions bring down Eclipse
1GESQBK: ITPJUI:WINNT - How to get access to pop-up menus of the Java editor ?
1GELX4A: ITPUI:ALL - Hover help is not visible if pane is dragged out of workbench
1GEHWAF: ITPUI:WIN2000 - Can't enter text in a Swing TextField or TextArea
1GE5ECJ: ITPUI:WIN2000 - Hover help for title bar buttons appears behind detached view
1GDX7R8: ITPUI:ALL - SWT setText() does NOT have any way to avoid making mnemonics.
1GD5UHA: SWT:WIN2000 - Double-clicking on toolbar item gives double-click event on toolbar
1GBXIEO: SWT:ALL - DCR: Include cursor pos in Tracker move event
1G4IMQ3: SWT:WINNT - Table images incorrect after rapid removal and creation

SWT Build 2.0 002 - Wednesday July 18, 2001

Problem reports fixed

1GGZ13T: SWT:Neutrino - invalid mouse state occuring in Photon
1GGRCCS: SWT:Neutrino - Label does not wrap in SWT0125
1GGAON2: SWT:ALL - Scaling image with alphas does not work correctly
1GFZQVQ: SWT:Linux - Vertical ProgressBar grows incorrectly
1GFQA18: SWT:Linux - Cheese with GC drawRoundedRectangle() on Motif
1GFPK6G: SWT:Linux - Motif fillPolygon() specifies improper hint

SWT Build 2.0 001 - Thursday July 12, 2001

Problem reports fixed

1GGET76: SWT:Neutrino - Canvas does not respond to setFocus()
1GGAS5P: SWT:Neutrino - Photon on QNX 6.1.x needs SWT native changes
1GG96RO: SWT:Neutrino - drawOval and fillOval not compatible
1GG8ZLV: SWT:WINNT - drawOval behaves differently on Windows vs. other platforms
1GFKYD9: SWT:Linux - -HANG- (Xserver) When perfoming display.wake() in a DND dragStart()
1GFKK37: SWT:Linux - FileViewer examples issues
1GFBHX6: SWT:ALL - CTabItem tool tip flashing
1GF9ZMT: SWT:SPARC - 8-bit Icons are losing colors
1GF9ZJG: SWT:SPARC - Icons are being masked incorrectly on Solaris
1GF9YHD: ITPUI:WIN2000 - SWTException: help view
1GF9Y32: SWT:SPARC - 24-bit MSB Icons are wrong color (greenish)
1GF0D05: SWT:Linux - GPFs when running JUnit TestRunner in J9 AWT
1GEUZZC: SWT:ALL - "Name" of plugin inconsistant with other plugins
1GETDP5: ITPUI:Linux - NPE while closing editor on linux
1GDVRT5: SWT:Neutrino - Alpha channel memory leak
1GDRXZR: ITPJUI:Linux - SWT: Context-Menus issue under Linux
1GD0OSK: SWT:ALL - API - package javadoc for SWT packages missing
1GCHS75: SWT:WINNT - workbench exits during expand collapse
1GCFUS0: SWT:ALL - CTabFolder "floating" X sticks sometimes
1GAR95O: SWT:ALL - Remove Smalltalk comments from SWT code
1GAQRND: SWT:ALL - DOC: Write good Javadoc comments for all of SWT
1G97I28: SWT:Linux - Tool bar buttons do not always work
1G84AZB: ITPDUI:ALL - Rename truncates name
1G845EZ: SWT:WIN2000 - Spec for Layout.computeSize() is truncated
1G7YXLB: SWT:WIN - StyledText - NLS Support
1G7NSHR: SWT:ALL - Widget.addListener(int, Listener) vs. adding typed listeners
1G4XDJO: SWT:Linux - Tree needs to display an insert marker
1G0Y8NZ: SWT:ALL - Combo box doesn't send key and mouse events
1FXAVLF: SWT:WINNT - Disabled toolbar icons don't adapt to appearance changes
1FV1S18: SWT:ALL - Need more WM_* messages passed to ActiveX Control
1FTWX55: SWT:ALL - Inconsistant commenting of which SWT objects need to be disposed.