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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2007-09-05add license info for bug 24697 - DCR - Request for PNG write supportCarolyn MacLeod1-1/+14
2006-08-1724451 - Reading JPEG images slow in SWT (lincense)Silenio Quarti1-6/+81
2006-06-05*** empty log message ***v3232mI20060605-1430Grant Gayed1-5/+24
2006-06-01new readme's (dated May 12th)Grant Gayed1-2/+4
2006-05-11About files for 3.2v3232gCarolyn MacLeod1-13/+24
2006-03-30Add copyright info for JPEG supportVeronika Irvine1-6/+16
2005-02-25Updated legal documentation for Eclipse 3.1 stream and CPL to EPL transitionVeronika Irvine1-15/+7
2002-06-26Add back about.html, cpl-v10.html, notice.html Dean Roberts1-0/+30
2002-06-26Remove about.html, cpl-v10.html, notice.html so we can do a bulk re-add with ...Dean Roberts1-30/+0
2002-06-21Modify licenses and abouts to pass chkpii accessibility testsDean Roberts1-20/+7
2002-06-17cpl10.html changesDean Roberts1-2/+2
2002-06-14Legal work. Added about.html, license.html, and feature.propertiesDean Roberts1-2/+3
2002-05-31*** empty log message ***Veronika Irvine1-11/+6
2002-02-11updating legal informationVeronika Irvine1-3/+2
2001-12-13*** empty log message ***Grant Gayed1-13/+7
2001-12-06*** empty log message ***Grant Gayed1-5/+25
2001-12-05GTKv2018_AFTER_GTKSilenio Quarti1-2/+6
2001-11-06*** empty log message ***Grant Gayed1-26/+27
2001-10-31new about.html and composite commentsMike Wilson1-0/+29

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