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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-04-19fix CEF3 window open/close/show handlingggayed/cef3Grant Gayed7-13/+89
2013-04-16add isDisposed() checks after notifying event listenersGrant Gayed1-6/+9
2013-04-16ensure that cef strings are being freed when appropriateGrant Gayed7-12/+36
2013-04-15tweaks to previous commit (open/show/close), and inclusion ofGrant Gayed3-123/+124
2013-04-15Window open/close/showBenoit Hiller8-8/+306
2013-04-15tweaks to previous commit (context menus)Grant Gayed11-162/+222
2013-04-15Adding context menus.Benoit Hiller14-6/+663
2013-04-08tweaks to previous commitGrant Gayed14-100/+240
2013-04-08Adding support for downloadsBenoit Hiller17-2/+807
2013-04-05reverting the JS dialogs functionality since CEF3 provides it for freeGrant Gayed12-530/+2
2013-04-05Adding JS dialog eventsBenoit Hiller12-2/+529
2013-04-05CEF3: made execute() synchronous, implemented evaluate(), implementedGrant Gayed14-152/+477
2013-04-01workaround to avoid on_before_navigate() crash, track multiple IPC filesGrant Gayed2-29/+97
2013-03-21implement ipc response mechanism (shared logical file) between browserGrant Gayed31-335/+1305
2013-03-21minor changes to previous commitGrant Gayed4-5/+7
2013-03-21untrusted setText and version checkingBenoit Hiller7-4/+70
2013-03-13implement execute() and ensure that alloc'd strings are being freedGrant Gayed6-19/+65
2013-03-13don't delay setUrl() invocationGrant Gayed1-7/+2
2013-03-13updates to event implementationsGrant Gayed4-64/+89
2013-03-13moving location eventBenoit Hiller2-12/+13
2013-03-13adding completion eventBenoit Hiller2-2/+22
2013-03-13adding status eventBenoit Hiller2-1/+20
2013-03-13adding title eventBenoit Hiller3-3/+25
2013-03-13adding location eventBenoit Hiller4-21/+56
2013-03-13adding guard for null strings to extract methodBenoit Hiller1-1/+5
2013-03-12handle cef browser async creationGrant Gayed12-9/+287
2013-03-08Adding basic navigation methods, adding getUrl, extracting theBenoit Hiller2-12/+50
2013-02-26auto-extract subproc executable, update library load path, update buildGrant Gayed5-59/+119
2013-02-25support CEF3-1364 releaseGrant Gayed13-190/+202
2013-02-22adjustments for released cef3-1180 (not built)Grant Gayed7-55/+18
2013-02-22update pathGrant Gayed1-3/+3
2013-02-22printlnsGrant Gayed11-8/+11
2013-02-22updateGrant Gayed1-1/+2
2013-02-22re-commit lost changesGrant Gayed15-2/+998
2013-02-21CEF3 testingGrant Gayed1-3/+28
2013-02-21done initial implGrant Gayed32-4643/+807
2013-02-21initial CEF workGrant Gayed40-1004/+7405
2013-02-21Add css style to button to solve button's height clipping issueAnatoly Spektor6-0/+127
2013-02-21Bug 374199 - SWT_AWT bridge broken by openjdk 1.7.0_04ea (embeddedframe class...Silenio Quarti1-15/+62
2013-02-21This patch solves clipping and wrong default sizing of GtkEntry in GTK3Anatoly Spektor5-0/+28
2013-02-21Bug 379263 - CTabFolder itself should return accessible nameCarolyn MacLeod1-4/+8
2013-02-21handle call function with multiple return types. detect if native starts with...Silenio Quarti1-1/+1
2013-02-21update tools build instrucitonsSilenio Quarti1-6/+6
2013-02-21fix tools parse of parameters of comma. add convention attriibute for call na...Silenio Quarti6-112/+77
2013-02-17Bug 343722 - On-screen-keyboard does not work properlyI20130220-0922Carolyn MacLeod1-0/+1
2013-02-15Remove gdk_threads_init/enter.Alexander Kurtakov4-28/+2
2013-02-14Bug 400576 - N20130211-2000 coredumps on startupI20130214-2011Silenio Quarti2-20/+0
2013-02-14javadoc: clarified getHSB()Markus Keller1-4/+9
2013-02-13Bug 384162 - Internal web browser does not catch Tab keystrokesGrant Gayed1-5/+0
2013-02-13Bug 181592: [Widgets] Need a color constant for active and inactive hyperlink...Markus Keller1-4/+4

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