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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-07-15v4502v4502I20140715-0800Silenio Quarti4-5/+5
2014-07-15Bug 437206 - Multiple ToolItems with SWT.DROP_DOWN truncated withNiraj Modi1-4/+13
2014-07-14Bug 438992 - Combo dropdown has empty space at topAlexander Kurtakov5-0/+27
2014-07-14Bug 438713 - StyledText handles already processed KeyDown eventsNiraj Modi1-1/+1
2014-07-10Bug 439314 - Make Combo functions not dynamic where possibleAlexander Kurtakov5-85/+48
2014-07-08Bug 431240 - Check for and print dlerror messagesSami Wagiaalla2-0/+15
2014-07-08"Bug 436504 - [WIP] Wayland support is missing"josh8-17/+77
2014-07-08v4501v4501I20140708-0800Lakshmi Shanmugam4-5/+5
2014-07-08Bug 233521 - BIDI: getClientWidth needs implementationSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti3-18/+5
2014-07-08Bug 435733 - Add JUnits against coordinate mapping functions in DisplaySravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-9/+272
2014-07-08Bug 438901 - Style PASSWORD | READ_ONLY without BORDER displays plainNiraj Modi1-1/+3
2014-07-08Bug 421246 - StyledText: incorrect caret move in first/last line (OS X)Abhishek Kishore1-8/+6
2014-07-07Bug 431225 - Recognize ppc64le and aarch64 as 64bit in build.shMatthias Mailänder1-4/+4
2014-07-07Bug 433486 - Can't open FileDialog on OS X 10.9v4500bAbhishek Kishore1-2/+2
2014-07-04Bug 437740 - [OLE] VT_DATE is converted to VT_R4 instead of VT_R8Niraj Modi1-3/+3
2014-07-04Bug 274326 - NPE in StyledTextAbhishek Kishore1-0/+1
2014-07-02Bug 437834: DVT44: Broken Links in documentationMarkus Keller1-1/+2
2014-06-27v4500v4500I20140701-0800Lakshmi Shanmugam4-5/+5
2014-06-19Bug 436736 - Prep for 4.5 (Mars) and 4.4 maintenance buildsPaul Webster9-10/+10
2014-06-05v4427v4427R4_4M20140709-0800I20140606-1215I20140605-1635Lakshmi Shanmugam4-5/+5
2014-06-05Bug 435799 - [GTK3] Display#getActiveShell() is null while context menuv4426mArun Thondapu2-3/+10
2014-06-04Bug 436626 - Do the annual javadoc bash for 4.4v4426lI20140604-2000Arun Thondapu4-22/+18
2014-05-22touch project to force a qualifier updatev4426kv4426jI20140603-2300I20140603-2000I20140602-2000I20140601-2000I20140531-1500I20140530-2000I20140528-2000I20140528-0930I20140528-0830I20140528-0800I20140528-0115I20140527-2300I20140527-2000I20140526-2000I20140525-2000I20140524-1500I20140523-2000I20140522-1330I20140522-1230Silenio Quarti1-0/+1
2014-05-22Bug 431890 - [GTK3] Can only press debug buttons twice before having to move ...v4426iI20140522-1100Marc-Andre Laperle1-25/+26
2014-05-21Bug 434772 - Coordinate mapping is inconsistent between platformsv4426hI20140521-2000Niraj Modi1-12/+37
2014-05-20Bug 292199 - [Widgets] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4 in SWT table inRoland Oldenburg1-0/+15
2014-05-14Bug 426247 - [Graphics] org.eclipse.ui/icons/full/obj16/blank.png isv4426gI20140520-2000I20140519-2000I20140518-2000I20140517-1500I20140516-2000I20140515-2000I20140515-1230I20140514-2000Niraj Modi1-2/+22
2014-05-13Bug 427480 - [GTK3] [GTK3.10] Table display issues when content requires ScrollMarc-Andre Laperle1-0/+5
2014-05-12Bug 421836 - [GTK3] Some composite now have backgroundMarc-Andre Laperle1-1/+5
2014-05-10Bug 421834 - Some bold text with Luna 4.4.M3/GTK3v4426fI20140513-2000I20140512-2000Marc-Andre Laperle7-0/+36
2014-05-09Bug 433400 - SWT Snippet308 fails with IBM JREv4426eI20140511-2000I20140510-1500I20140509-2000Niraj Modi1-1/+16
2014-05-09Bug 427480 - [GTK3] [GTK3.10] Trees display issues when expanded elements req...Snjezana Peco1-9/+20
2014-05-09Bug 427511 - [GTK3] [GTK3.10] Some UI is painted outside of its area with GTK...Snjezana Peco1-12/+60
2014-05-08Bug 414893 - Spinner.getSelection() truncates digits when fractionalSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-13/+13
2014-05-07Bug 429144 - Retire broken org.eclipse.swt.opengl plug-inv4426dI20140508-2000I20140507-2000Arun Thondapu1-0/+6
2014-05-07Bug 277371 - AccessibleEvent test classes use constructor incorrectlyArun Thondapu3-9/+9
2014-05-07Bug 433958 - [win32] Minimizing a Shell doesn't make some otherTimo Kinnunen1-3/+9
2014-05-02Bug 422316 - [GTK3] No "icon" in TreeViewer for threads in "Debug" viewSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti2-2/+16
2014-04-30Bug 400174 - [Table] Stack overflow with SWT.MeasureItem listenerv4426cI20140506-2000I20140505-2000I20140504-2000I20140503-1500I20140502-2000I20140501-0200I20140430-2000I20140430-0800Niraj Modi1-7/+7
2014-04-28Bug 431313 - NullPointerException in swt.widgets.Widget.toString()Niraj Modi1-4/+4
2014-04-27Fix 32/64 bit warnings and minor formattingv4426bI20140429-2000I20140429-0800I20140428-2000I20140428-0800I20140427-2030Arun Thondapu2-9/+9
2014-04-27Bug 421127 - form editor painting issueSnjezana Peco1-2/+7
2014-04-27Tab content isn't visible in GTK3Snjezana Peco1-2/+5
2014-04-27fixing cairo clippingSnjezana Peco1-1/+4
2014-04-27Bug 421127 - [GTK3] All views empty with GTK 3.10Snjezana Peco1-7/+17
2014-04-26Bug 412589 - [BiDi] StyledText - need to support setTextDirection() -v4426aLina Kemmel1-1/+1
2014-04-26Bug 412589 - [BiDi] StyledText - need to support setTextDirection():Lina Kemmel6-10/+200
2014-04-26Bug 400174 - [Table] Stack overflow with SWT.MeasureItem listenerNiraj Modi1-3/+9
2014-04-25Bug 378033 - Keyboard-driven disengagement from MacOS X Lion full-screenAbhishek Kishore3-8/+43
2014-04-24Bug 432115 - [GTK3] Window is very limited when switching betweenAlexander Kurtakov1-34/+48

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