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authorEric Williams2018-05-30 14:43:19 +0000
committerEric Williams2018-06-12 19:50:06 +0000
commit9c3a2221fbf96861a67b63fdd282a92f830c49e3 (patch)
tree9d5bacb3028527260538d7b43a1c57507f4b9731 /tests/org.eclipse.swt.tests
parent394f4e7e26c263b24531e4e9007b110e0f35929d (diff)
Bug 535323: [GTK3] Combo sizing problems
This is a two part fix: 1) Override resizeCalculationsGTK3 in Combo to use the GtkEntry for non-READ_ONLY Combos. This prevents us from using the GtkComboBoxText's preferred size which is usually way too large on GTK3.20+. 2) Update the patch from bug 500703 to support the case where one Composite has multiple Combo widgets inside of it. We support this case by setting fixClipHandle in the parent Composite, and then using a HashMap to keep track of the individual Controls, and their respective children who need to have their clips adjusted. Tested on GTK3.22 on X11 and Wayland -- no ill effects. No AllNonBrowser JUnit tests fail. Change-Id: I1d262c9d321dc314c7f66966bd58fbd8e25ba77e Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <>
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