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authorLeo Ufimtsev2018-05-24 14:51:06 -0400
committerLeo Ufimtsev2018-05-25 16:04:38 -0400
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Bug 498217 [GTK3][DnD] Dragging parts does not show rectangle (fix)
As of Gtk 3.9.1, Commit a60ccd3672467efb454b121993febc36f33cbc79, off-screen GDK windows are not processed. Because of this gtk doesn't send move events to SWT. Platform.UI uses an off-screen tracker for SWT.MOVE events to draw custom rectangles on a transparent shell for it's part-drag-preview. Drawing/updates for these broke because tracker is off screen and no longer sent mouse move events. Solution: If a tracker is to move off-screen, then instead draw it 1x1 and make it transparent. Tests: - Child eclipse. Now part-preview works when dragging editor/views around. - Snippet 31/23 (tracker) work as before. Note, this fix is only for X11. On Wayland part-preview is still broken due to bug 535083. This bugfix seems to make part-preview more fluent on wayland, but there's still a black shell over eclipse. Change-Id: Ia69c494d3d08b9565e6647073bbfd4870f20ade3 Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <>
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