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authorGrant Gayed2006-07-24 20:52:31 +0000
committerGrant Gayed2006-07-24 20:52:31 +0000
commitb7c510b3a573303b50b363c334fb28cb5a53d5e8 (patch)
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diff --git a/bundles/org.eclipse.swt/buildnotes_swt.html b/bundles/org.eclipse.swt/buildnotes_swt.html
index afd1d4a0a6..764bf8ecbb 100755
--- a/bundles/org.eclipse.swt/buildnotes_swt.html
+++ b/bundles/org.eclipse.swt/buildnotes_swt.html
@@ -10,6 +10,23 @@
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+<h2> SWT Build 3.3 004 - Tuesday July 25, 2006 </h2>
+<h3><a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h3>
+19602 - [Printing] Line numbers aren't printed
+<br>24697 - DCR - Request for PNG write support
+<br>26436 - Spec PrinterData.startPage/endPage
+<br>63226 - Undocumented error thrown in Image code
+<br>81834 - BIDI: StyledText does not convert European Number to Ara...
+<br>142335 - Perf Fix for: org.eclipse.swt.internal.image.PngHuffmanTa...
+<br>150099 - Menu class has a public '_setVisible(boolean)' method.
+<br>150274 - Flicker with the new WinXP border
+<br>150407 - PNG Load Speed Terrible for medium to large images
+<br>150764 - [PATCH] fix compiler warnings for GCC 4.x
+<br>151228 - three-button Mozilla "confirm" dialog has same label on a...
+<br>151330 - Browser not supported on linux ppc
<h2> SWT Build 3.3 003 - Tuesday July 18, 2006 </h2>
<h3><a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h3>

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