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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-12-21Build input for build I20181221-1800I20181221-1800genie.releng4-0/+0
2018-12-21Bug 541598 - Generate gitLog as html reportSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti2-4/+4
2018-12-21Bug 542980 - Discontinue generation of jeeps report in the I-buildsSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-2/+0
2018-12-21Bug 541598 - Generate gitLog as html reportSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-2/+2
2018-12-21Bug 541598 - Generate gitLog as html reportSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti3-8/+14
2018-12-20Build input for build I20181220-1800I20181220-1800genie.releng8-0/+0
2018-12-20Bug 541598 - Generate gitLog as html reportSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti4-4/+114
2018-12-20Bug 541598 - Generate gitLog as html reportSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti4-19/+80
2018-12-20Bug 542942 - Create generic repos I-builds and milestones to point toSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti2-11/+3
2018-12-20Build input for build Y20181219-2200Y20181219-2200genie.releng3-0/+0
2018-12-19Build input for build I20181219-1800I20181219-1800genie.releng7-0/+0
2018-12-19Bump versions for 4.11 stream.Alexander Kurtakov3-3/+14
2018-12-19Bug 542843 - Add Mac signing service flag in RelengKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi4-0/+7
2018-12-19Bug 541827 - Show 4.11 builds on download pageSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-5/+0
2018-12-19Bug 542548 - Move to release version of 4.10 in build scriptsgenie.releng12-28/+28
2018-12-18Build input for build I20181218-1800I20181218-1800genie.releng5-0/+0
2018-12-18Build input for build I20181218-0120I20181218-0120genie.releng2-0/+0
2018-12-17Build input for build I20181217-1800I20181217-1800genie.releng7-0/+0
2018-12-17Bug 541858 - Run eclipse-cbi-plugin:generate-api-build-xml under api-generati...Mykola Nikishov1-16/+16
2018-12-17Bug 538764 - Update prereqs for 4.10 release: EMFMat Booth2-2/+2
2018-12-17Build with Tycho 1.3.0 final.Alexander Kurtakov0-0/+0
2018-12-17Bug 542841 - Move to Tycho 1.3.0Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti2-3/+3
2018-12-17Bug 542842 - Update Base builder to 4.10 to build 4.11Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi2-4/+4
2018-12-16Build input for build I20181216-1800I20181216-1800genie.releng1-0/+0
2018-12-15Build input for build I20181215-1800I20181215-1800genie.releng2-0/+0
2018-12-15Improve for the aggregatorLars Vogel1-3/+11
2018-12-15Bug 541808 - Move scripts/ to Readme.mdLars Vogel2-38/+50
2018-12-15Build input for build I20181215-0340I20181215-0340genie.releng1-0/+0
2018-12-14Build input for build I20181214-1800I20181214-1800genie.releng6-0/+0
2018-12-14Provide SCM URL for eclipse-platform-parent POMMykola Nikishov1-0/+3
2018-12-14Bug 542803 - Build against EGit/JGit 5.2.0Alexander Kurtakov1-3/+6
2018-12-14Build input for build I20181214-0720I20181214-0720genie.releng6-0/+0
2018-12-14Bug 542793 - Add previous release repo till current one is provisionedAlexander Kurtakov3-0/+6
2018-12-13Build input for build I20181213-1800I20181214-0105I20181213-1800genie.releng11-0/+0
2018-12-13Build input for build Y20181212-2200Y20181212-2200genie.releng3-0/+0
2018-12-12Build input for build I20181212-1800I20181212-1800genie.releng5-0/+0
2018-12-12Build input for build I20181212-0230I20181212-0230genie.releng4-0/+0
2018-12-11Build input for build I20181211-1800I20181211-1800genie.releng6-0/+0
2018-12-11Build input for build I20181211-0230I20181211-0230genie.releng2-0/+0
2018-12-10Bug 542620 - Create a new script for generation environment filesI20181210-1800Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti5-2/+99
2018-12-10Bug 541823 - Update Comparator repo and eclipse run repo toI20181210-0755Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti3-5/+5
2018-12-10Build input for build I20181210-0535I20181210-0535genie.releng23-0/+0
2018-12-10Bug 539334 - Test job should only require build-idKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi1-16/+4
2018-12-08Bug 541826 - Move previous version to 4.10 across build scriptsSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti12-28/+28
2018-12-08Bug 541824 - Update product version number to 4.11 across build scriptsSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti15-42/+175
2018-12-08Bug 542545 - Update copyright to 2019Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-1/+1
2018-12-08Bug 541825 - Hide 4.11 builds from the download pageSravan Kumar Lakkimsetti1-0/+5
2018-12-07Bug 542510 - Update Base builder to 4.10 RC2 in Platform buildsKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi2-4/+4
2018-12-07Bug 541822 - POM and product version change for 4.11 releaseNiraj Modi9-9/+9
2018-12-07Bug 541822 - POM and product version change for 4.11 releaseAlexander Kurtakov11-20/+12

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