Debug Model Presentation

Identifier: org.eclipse.debug.ui.debugModelPresentations

Description: This extension point allows tools to handle the presentation aspects of a debug model. A debug model presentation is responsible for providing labels, images, and editors for elements in a specific debug model.

Configuration Markup:

   <!ATTLIST sectionParser
      class     CDATA #REQUIRED
      id        CDATA #REQUIRED


The following is an example of a view filter extension point:

      point = "org.eclipse.debug.ui.debugModelPresentations"> 
             class = "com.example.JavaModelPresentation"> 
	     id = "com.example.JavaDebugModel"

In the example above, the class com.example.JavaModelPresentation will be used to render and present debug elements originating from the debug model identified by com.example.JavaDebugModel.

API Information: Value of the action attribute class must be a fully qualified class name of a Java class that implements org.eclipse.debug.ui.IDebugModelPresentation.

Copyright IBM Corporation 2000