Status Handlers

Identifier: org.eclipse.debug.core.statusHandlers

Description: This extension point provides a generic mechanism for separating the generation and resolutoin of an error. The interaction between the source of the error, and the resolution is client defined. It is a client reponsibility to lookup and delegate to status handlers when an error condition occurrs.

Configuration Markup:

   <!ELEMENT statusHandler>
   <!ATTLIST statusHandler 

      id            CDATA #REQUIRED
      class         CDATA #REQUIRED
      plugin        CDATA #REQUIRED
      code          CDATA #REQUIRED>


The following is an example of a status handler extension point:

  <extension point="org.eclipse.debug.core.statusHandlers">

In the example above, the specified status handler will be registered to handle status objects with a plug-in identifier of com.example.ExamplePluginId and a status code of 123.

API Information: Value of the attribute class must be a fully qualified name of a Java class that implements the interface org.eclipse.debug.core.IStatusHandler.

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