Eclipse 3.3 Debug Platform Build Notes 

Summary of API changes in 3.3


The launch framework has been enhanced to support the following:

The following extension points have been added:

The following extension points have been enhanced:

The following types have been added:

The following types have been modified in support of launching enhancements:

Debug Context Service

A debug context represents the active state of a program being debugged. The active debug context drives the enabled state of debug actions (step, terminate, etc.), source lookup, visible variables, watch expression values, etc. A set of classes and interfaces have been added allowing clients to respond to and provide the active debug context.

The package org.eclipse.debug.ui.contexts has been added with the following types:

The following types have been modified

Debug Commands

Debug commands represent common debug operations implemented by debuggers - for example, step over, suspend, resume, and terminate. The debug platform allows debuggers to provide custom implementations of the operations by implementing the debug command interfaces. The platform provides a user interface and actions that delegate to the command implementations. As well, the platform provides a standard implementation of the commands for debuggers that are implementations of the standard debug model. Debuggers may override the standard implementation by directly implementing the command interfaces in debug model elements or by registering adapters for the command interfaces on debug model elements. The command interfaces are to be implemented in a non-blocking fashion, and are designed with an asynchronous API, allowing clients to cancel a command or report failure via a status monitor.

The package org.eclipse.debug.ui.commands has been added with the following types:

Source Lookup

Source lookup is driven by the active debug context. When a context is activated the debug platform displays source for that context. Clients may provide a custom implementation of source lookup by implementing the source display interface directly on their debug model elements, or by providing an adapter for the source display interface. The debug platform provides a standard implementation of source display for debuggers that are an implementation of the standard debug model - i.e. implementations of IStackFrame that have an associated ISourceLocator.

The following interface has been added:




Nov 21, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

164379: ClassCastException from StackFrameContentProvider
156761: [console] Allow possibility of changing console background color
104369: [breakpoints] drag & drop of many breakpoints is slow
164620: Tree in Debug view should not have border
99709: [breakpoints] Breakpoints dropped to incorrect working set when moved using drag and drop
158280: CCE in JDIObjectValue.getEnclosingObject
163082: Add Memory Rendering Dialog should listen for Memory Rendering Bindings changed event
159359: expressions serialized each time they change state
163130: [breakpoints] select default breakpoint working set dialog throws NPE
164940: Disabled state of Run/Profile/Debug button is not handled properly sometimes

Nov 14, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

162802: [launching] launch manager causes exception persisting preferred delegates
163128: org.eclipse.debug.ui plugin needs organizing
160749: Can't set a breakpoint on the first line of an editor
163684: [variables view] Max details pane text length dialog does nothing
162996: NPE in EnvironmentVariableResolver.resolveValue
163988: org.eclipse.debug.ui.console.FileLink missing adaptation, protection
153461: DnD slow in breakpoints view.
163684: [variables view] Max details pane text length dialog does nothing
163400: fileExtension is deprecated but doesn't offer alternatives in schema description
163961: Schema description for launchConfigurationTypes outdated

3.3 Milestone 3 - Nov 3, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

159200: Step action should not automatically disable after the action is invoked.
162802: [launching] launch manager causes exception persisting preferred delegates
162667: Javadoc warnings in N20061028-0010
162816: [commands] StepFilterCommand can lead to NPE
162320: Toggle step filters action does not initialize state properly
160932: API for debug context and debug commands
162426: Javadoc warnings in N20061026-0010
162666: Chkpii error in nightly build 20061028-0010
162106: Missing org.eclipse.debug.core.launchOptions extension point
162547: ConcurrentModificationEx in DebugCommandService.postUpdate

Oct 24, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

161896: Warnings in N20061022-0010
151848: [launching] Write protected launch configurations fails in Launch Configuration Dialog
153789: [launching] Launch configuration dialog: switching filters should not remove multiselection
154400: [WorkingSets] Select Default Breakpoint Working Set dialog is confusing and can clear default setting accidentally
157915: Delete launch configurations confirmation dialog too small
158232: 'Terminate and relaunch' action is enabled for non-relaunchable configs
161077: [schema] build N20061016-0010 schema errors
161080: [schema] build > N20061016-0010 schema errors
157090: should adopt ICU Collator and use new APIs on StructuredViewer

Oct 3, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

158760: Warning in latest nightly build and integration build

Sep 22, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

158202: LaunchConfigurationWorkingCopy setAttributes(Map) does not set dirty?
140722: Surface Run/Debug Terminate key mapping
76341: [evaluation] Yellow popup box cannot be moved easily

Sep 12, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

155791: Patch to fix jface.text.Assert deprecation
156134: debug.core should reexport dependencies whose API is exposed
155690: Launch shortcuts: Allow 'forcePluginActivation' for expressions
148255: [tests] "should be access" test failure
155055: [views] [actions] Terminate All changed since 3.1.2
156087: NPE in CreateLaunchConfigurationAction#performAction

Aug 22, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

153929: [Memory View] Shift+F10 does not bring up context menu in table rendering
153964: Need public access to LaunchConfigurationManager.getLastLaunch()
153428: Share a launch configuration: NPE

3.3 Milestone 1 - August 10, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

138976: [console] IOException when closing the application
152794: ConcurrentModificationException disposing consoles from Ant UI test suite
152583: Use proceed label and button id for compile error prompt
152664: Separate workbench part from presentation context id

July 29, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

151066: details sash same background color as tree
149728: Detaching from process with many threads takes a long time
142198: [breakpoints] Inital state of breakpoint's 'Enable/Disable Breakpoint' ruler menu is always 'Enable Breakpoint'
138252: [console] Stream closed while debugging
151433: Firing content event on a debug target does not causing the target to be refreshed
148900: IWatchExpressionDelegate needs to be context sensitive
142602: [breakpoints] Default Breakpoint Working Set's setting lost when working set name is changed

July 18, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

151006: Expression View menu inconsistent when refering to Detail(s) Pane/Area
149205: AssignValueAction ignores target messages
135170: Terminate All menu option does not do anything
150193: second frame selected instead of top frame after step return
148995: Deadlock while stepping
148897: [Memory View] memory renderings leak menu listener
148923: [Memory View] selection is incorrect after stepping
140102: [breakpoints] Focus cannot be set to "Type", "Line Number" and "Member" fields in the properties dialog of the breakpoint
150569: [help] Add exception dialog show workbench help
149638: [breakpoints] 'Don't ask again' option for 'Remove All Breakpoints'
149176: [Working Sets] UI is blocked when clearing all items in a breakpoint working set
148863: [Memory View] Memory View should clean up command handler for NextMemoryBlock action
148865: [Memory View]Sync service is holding onto rendering after a memory block is removed
149891: SourceLookupFacility should use IEditorMatchingStrategy

July 11, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

149069: [preferences] Move USE_STEP_FILTERING pref constant to public API
148776: !MESSAGE NLS unused messages
149076: [preferences] Use step filtering pref is not persisted over workbench restart
148526: Editing a string variable discards last entered character
149021: [tests] testInstructionPointerLeaks failing
139089: [breakpoints] NPE in JavaBreakpoint.fireRemoved () shutting down eclipse with Java Debug session running
144258: The image registry is created twice
144560: [console] NPE in ProcessConsole$InputReadJob
145545: [console] Console can only be associated with IDebugElement instances
148940: [Preferences] Step filter settings broken post-RC7
140561: debug view scrolls to top, loses thread focus

June 27, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

142972: [launching] Add "Run" to context menu of shared launch config
148006: [console] deadlock in ConsoleDocument during ant execution in autobuild
148646: [console] current console combo uses CHECK instead of RADIO style buttons
138719: [source lookup] memory leak in DecorationManager
132616: [console] Console corrupts UTF-8
38387: NLS'ing of internal error messages
138473: [breakpoints] BreakpointManager sometimes fails to send a breakpoint-changed notification
142476: TVT3.2:TCT535: Text boxes ovelap with borders
89594: [console] typing in the JSTConsole is screwy
137694: [console] scrollbar in empty console

June 20, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

67370: [console] F1 help missing - Console view
140487: [launching] The Debug/Run Configurations dialog uses wrong color
140823: [launching] Code clean up
141782: [help] Debug dialogs not offering help
141785: [help] No context help for Debug Dialogs
145634: [view management] Context-Based Debug View Activation only uses last contributed binding per view
147335: [help] Source Tab has no context help topic
147502: [view management] most relevant view should be brought to top
42876: [help] F1 help in the Launch Configuration Dialog
145766: [launching] Launch configuration change dialog appears twice
147464: [view management] debug view does not activate in non-debug perspective

June 13, 2006

Problem Reports Fixed

132554: keybinding doesn't enable 'Use Step Filters/Step Debug' action
144900: TVT3.2:TCT824: FR : Base - Missing apostrophes in Perspective preferences
120606: [variables] Static variables disappeared after clicking a variable
136085: [variables] view doesn't remember column positions or even which column
140487: [launching] The Debug/Run Configurations dialog uses wrong color
141769: [preferences] Perspectives tab is broken
143569: Debug actions should check status after an action is completed
143805: [viewers] array does not grow when parent not visible
144221: [Memory View] Table rendering fails to show changes after resume
144258: The image registry is created twice
144400: [launching] LaunchManager keeps references on last resource delta
144560: [console] NPE in ProcessConsole$InputReadJob
144900: TVT3.2:TCT824: FR : Base - Missing apostrophes in Perspective preferences
145545: [console] Console can only be associated with IDebugElement instances
145553: [variables] Cannot modify String variable with empty string value with Change Value dialog