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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-11-26Bug 79008 - Dialog units should not be used for calculating button heightsDarin Swanson1-1/+0
2004-11-25Bug 79465 - Extension point names need to be externalizedDarin Swanson1-0/+14
2004-11-22Bug 78799 - Capture Output option is redundantDarin Swanson1-2/+2
2004-11-19Bug 78799 - Capture Output option is redundantDarin Swanson1-1/+1
2004-11-19Bug 78799 - Capture Output option is redundantDarin Swanson1-0/+1
2004-11-09removed unused importDarin Swanson1-2/+0
2004-11-08Bug 78000 - Build triggered when only team-private resources have changedDarin Swanson1-1/+28
2004-11-01Bug 76605 - Set out compiler settings for each project so they are sharedDarin Swanson1-0/+69
2004-10-29Bug 72054 - Literal quotes no longer work in external tool argumentsDarin Wright1-103/+2
2004-10-01Bug 75506 - Adjust for the many deprecations in the command extension pointDarin Swanson1-8/+8
2004-09-27Bug 75064 - The remove builder button in project properties is inactiveDarin Swanson1-2/+3
2004-09-27Bug 75064 - The remove builder button in project properties is inactiveDarin Swanson1-11/+23
2004-09-17Bug 73987 - Move plugins off the deprecated plugin pref initDarin Swanson3-9/+36
2004-09-13Bug 67980 - Prolog error message in consoleJared Burns1-16/+15
2004-09-09Bug 73568 - .externalToolBuilders folder remains when all builders removedDarin Swanson1-10/+17
2004-09-09Bug 71419 - Missing action from 'External Tools Launch Configuration'Darin Swanson4-5/+58
2004-09-07Bug 67980 - Prolog error message in consoleDarin Swanson1-17/+19
2004-09-03Bug 73268 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when double click in Builder pageDarin Swanson1-2/+6
2004-08-31Bug 71438 - Ordering of builders not considered for build other than full buildsDarin Swanson1-61/+13
2004-08-23Bug 61447 - keybinding clean up.Darin Swanson1-1/+1
2004-08-23Bug 72473 - Remove external tools plugin unused dependanciesDarin Swanson1-4/+0
2004-08-20Removed unnecessary method and used framework support for getting OK buttonDarin Swanson1-10/+3
2004-08-20Changes call to String.replace that did nothing with the resultDarin Swanson1-2/+2
2004-08-20Bug 22398 - Launch config type & instance scalabilityDarin Wright2-3/+5
2004-08-11Bug 70650 - Project builders do not execute in specified order.Darin Swanson1-1/+31
2004-08-09Bug 70650 - Project builders do not execute in specified orderDarin Swanson1-1/+1
2004-08-04Bug 70650 - Project builders do not execute in specified order.Darin Swanson1-8/+11
2004-07-28Move plugin version from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0Darin Swanson1-1/+1
2004-07-21Bug 70429 - missing <pre> and </pre> tags in Examples section of ...Darin Wright1-0/+2
2004-06-24copyright updateR3_0Darin Wright1-6/+5
2004-06-23CopyrightDarin Swanson6-12/+12
2004-06-16Bug 67057 - Migration of builder from 2.0.2 to 3.0Darin Swanson1-1/+5
2004-06-16Bug 67232 - New wizard banner graphics need to be appliedDarin Swanson1-0/+0
2004-06-15Bug 66867 - icon allignmentDarin Wright3-0/+0
2004-06-10Bug 64928 - Change builder when workspace is lockedDarin Swanson2-7/+44
2004-06-10Bug 66303 - NPE during shutdown from integrated external too builderJared Burns1-1/+5
2004-06-09Bug 66058 - Change project builder "handle" formatJared Burns1-7/+26
2004-06-08Removed unused importDarin Swanson1-2/+1
2004-06-08Bug 65391 - No confirm before migration of external builder: 2.1.3 -> 3.0Jared Burns7-28/+93
2004-06-03Bug 64638 - Don't use new "Run" icon on Debug objectsDarin Wright3-0/+0
2004-05-28Bug 64472 - <packages prefixes=..../> should be removedv20040528Darin Wright1-1/+0
2004-05-28Bug 62322 - Green triangle for Run is confused with the Resume buttonDarin Wright4-0/+0
2004-05-24Bug 63760 - No external tool build on clean if first builder disabledDarin Swanson1-12/+10
2004-05-20Bug 62643 - [External Tools] Quoted args send quote to processDarin Wright1-47/+91
2004-05-20Bug 63045 - Use JFace MessageDialogWithToggleDarin Swanson2-226/+7
2004-05-14Bug 60163 - Accessibility: New Builder Dialog missing object info for textInp...Darin Swanson2-18/+20
2004-05-14Bug 61630 - schema for external tools configurationDuplicationMaps ext pointJared Burns2-4/+129
2004-05-12Bug 61064 - improve string variable descriptionsDarin Wright1-2/+2
2004-05-10artwork refreshDarin Wright5-0/+0
2004-05-10Bug 61602 - ant.ui AntUtil not compiling in HEADDarin Swanson1-0/+2

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