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AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2003-03-11Manual Copyright ChangesDean Roberts1-6/+0
2003-03-10Copyright fix - automated changesv20030310-postcopyrightupdateDean Roberts7-42/+73
2003-02-15Bug 20169 - Help context ids for External toolsDarin Swanson1-2/+14
2003-02-12bug 31369 - External Processes are not typedDarin Wright1-1/+14
2003-01-31Bug 24108 - Nls external toolsDarin Swanson3-1/+39
2003-01-24Bug 27627 - API reviewDarin Swanson5-11/+10
2003-01-09Bug 26882 - Need "run for build kinds" UI for project buildersJared Burns1-0/+2
2003-01-08Added copyright and colonDarin Swanson1-1/+8
2002-12-09Bug 27956 - Create Ant Main tab to limit location selectionJared Burns3-4/+35
2002-12-09Bug 27954 - Merge Main and Options tabsJared Burns2-4/+0
2002-11-22Bug 26705 - Remove "ExternalTool" UI codeJared Burns2-218/+0
2002-11-22Bug 26415 - Migrate external tool project builders to use launch configurationsJared Burns1-0/+31
2002-11-11bug 19623Darin Wright1-0/+12
2002-11-08add common tab & common function to external toolsDarin Wright2-8/+3
2002-11-06variable context for build commandsDarin Wright1-4/+2
2002-11-06resource refreshDarin Wright1-6/+10
2002-11-06resource refreshDarin Wright2-1/+128
2002-11-05Moving ant launching to launch configurationsDarin Swanson1-0/+30
2002-11-05bug 25746Darin Wright1-54/+4
2002-11-05program launch delegateDarin Wright1-6/+123
2002-11-05program launch config definitionDarin Wright1-0/+41
2002-11-01Simon's code + ant viewJared Burns2-0/+218
2002-10-11Moving 20020930 back into HEADDarin Swanson2-218/+0
2002-10-03Moving to the new project layout of external toolsDarin Swanson2-0/+218

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