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11 daysBug 492879 - No qualification for feature.xml files in Save dialog HEADY20200813-1200Y20200812-1200Y20200811-1200Y20200810-1200Y20200809-1200Y20200808-1200Y20200807-1200Y20200806-1200Y20200805-1200Y20200804-1200I20200814-0330I20200813-1800I20200812-1800I20200812-0710I20200811-1800I20200810-1800I20200809-1800I20200808-1800I20200808-0230I20200807-1800I20200806-1800I20200805-1800I20200805-0750I20200805-0630I20200804-1800I20200803-1800masterVikas Chandra1-3/+16
Change-Id: Iac53213a7c2684be750ba1dcc71b22c32a033cb2 Signed-off-by: Vikas Chandra <>
2020-07-28Bug 565593 - Shorter switch to debug perspective textY20200801-1200I20200803-0210I20200801-1800I20200801-0010I20200731-2040I20200731-1800Lars Vogel1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie254c22856a18756bd6d487a0a315b0f67053cdf Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-06-30Bug 563752 - [console] FileLink with offset need line number which isPaul Pazderski1-10/+11
ignored FileLink can be created with offset+length or line number to be selected once the link is activated. All of those position parameters are optional and there is no reason to specify offset+length and line number on the same link. However before this commit the offset+length was ignored if no line number >= 0 was given. Change-Id: Iaf105bc25acaec064763ebe60abf7cdcc409b58c Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-06-30Bug 81461 - [console] needs key to clearPaul Pazderski1-10/+33
Does not include a default key binding. Change-Id: I93361fa760ba7c72e83da39abee10dfbb6e35abb Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-06-29Bug 404990 - [breakpoints] Delete breakpoint, undo, redo, undo. Gone.Paul Pazderski2-7/+57
The issue is located in both, the redo and the second undo operation. Delete breakpoint and redo of this operation have the (for this issue relevant) difference that the first set a 'breakpoint deleted' attribute on the marker while the redo does not set/update this attribute. The simple fix is to move the "mark deleted" into the delete marker operation which is executed from an 'initial' delete as well as from a redo. After fixing that a breakpoint is restored but the view does not updated. BreakpointManager does not properly send added notifications. Most of the time it works because an added breakpoint will be registered and the registration will trigger the added notification. However for the add of the second undo the registered attribute is already set, the setRegister(true) which normally triggers the add notification is not executed. Change-Id: Ib509ec9c8116ac4a7bb3f8bcf38dc470e0b90b8b Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-06-27Bug 558463 - [console] Console redirection changes contentY20200629-1000Y20200629-0740I20200629-1800I20200628-1800Paul Pazderski1-47/+115
Unfortunately all the existing streams monitoring/proxying/redirection or basically most of the console IO stack is based upon strings. If a program produce 'random' binary output and user configures console to redirect the output to a file it might still be changed due to the (until now) unavoidable string decoding. Keeping existing API and not breaking clients made this change in some parts more complex than it could be. Change-Id: Id8e8fa1f777f06220af86dd4f026873c6b0b2d7b Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-06-22Bug 564429 - VirtualCopyToClipboardActionDelegate: Add TAB even forY20200624-1200Y20200622-0340I20200626-1800I20200625-1800I20200624-1800I20200623-1800I20200623-1010I20200622-1800Sebastian Ratz1-1/+2
empty value Change-Id: Ib6e954cd6671b50ced75ef757a3cf49c882fe594
2020-06-18Bug 564330 - Lambda and method cleanup on o.e.debug.ui plug-inY20200620-1200I20200621-1800I20200620-1800I20200619-1800I20200618-1800Lars Vogel50-992/+530
Running the JDT batch cleanup for lambdas and method reference showed still some places where they can be used. As we received lots of cleanups in this area, I think it is good to finish this. Change-Id: I560d28b914c67387a83f600bba12a920f7d69dc7 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-06-16Using lambdas in BreakpointOrganizerManager.javaI20200616-0620Lars Vogel1-13/+3
This allows to remove a cast as the types are inferred. Change-Id: Ia454fa87f24c91feb03ee7d97956bd7991fe91ea Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-06-15Bug 563873 - replaced synchronous layout() callsI20200616-0320I20200616-0140Julian Honnen1-4/+6
Speed up selection of launch configurations by replacing synchronous layout() calls with requestLayout(). The change reduces the number of Tree::computeSizeInPixels calls when switching between two eclipse launch configs from 55(!) to 6. With a large plugins tree (~2000 items), this saves ~30% time. Change-Id: Iabde07f2281331009ee2cdaf435dc0a4f39242e9 Signed-off-by: Julian Honnen <>
2020-06-12Bug 551568 - add children to delegatesI20200612-0400Carsten Hammer1-9/+4
Change-Id: Ib911d62c6a4e066b0e15a924c778b1d64b39ceb3 Signed-off-by: Carsten Hammer <>
2020-06-10Bug 564063 - AbstractDebugSelectionDialog can use ↵Lars Vogel1-1/+1
ArrayContentProvider.getInstance() ArrayContentProvider does not hold any data, so sharing the instance is fine. Change-Id: Ica87c3baf7cbdaa3c88ea2a7142cac1b679e2fa3 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-06-10Bug 564117 - Using lazy logical operatorI20200610-1800Lars Vogel5-7/+7
Use lazy logical operator (&& and ||) as it is potentially faster. Change-Id: I73f4bae34305b349af92986f4c9b845b6a4d241a Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-06-09Bug 344352 - [breakpoints] Error dialog when deleting a working setPaul Pazderski1-0/+7
In fact there is no issue with deleting working set but a regular user is most likely seeing this unnecessary error message from that action. Deleting working set give the option to remove the working set, all containing breakpoints or both. If removing breakpoints is unselected it will still perform a remove operation for zero markers and the standard remove-marker-operation will produce an error dialog because there are no markers to delete. Change-Id: If08c5f930bbdbf0236dd8a20af3f43b60b77d427 Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-06-09Remove random System.out.println() in BreakpointsViewPaul Pazderski1-1/+0
Change-Id: I18c812e9f05d8f7a02e34e13daac8f2126ed0bfc Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-06-07Removes unnecessary whitespace in platform.debug which sneaked inI20200609-0150I20200608-1800I20200607-1800Lars Vogel1-1/+1
Change-Id: I2933d1a8ddf4d2a2acfb1c4d95ac5058b3099022 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-06-07Using ArrayContentProvider.getInstance() instead of new instanceLars Vogel3-3/+3
ArrayContentProvider does not hold any data, hence it can be shared across instances. Change-Id: Ib12140bfad3bcec6596640a0227400520e9b20f1 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-05-20Bug 548430: [Cocoa] NullPointerException in Image.internal_new_GCY20200609-2100Y20200609-0150Y20200528-0030S4_16_0_RC2S4_16_0_RC1S4_16_0_M3R4_16I20200604-0540I20200603-0600I20200602-1800I20200602-0600I20200602-0510I20200602-0010I20200601-1800I20200601-0640I20200601-0140I20200531-1800I20200531-0600I20200530-0600I20200529-0550I20200528-0200I20200528-0000I20200527-1800I20200527-0600I20200526-1800I20200526-0600I20200525-1800I20200525-0640I20200524-1800I20200524-0850I20200524-0600I20200524-0220I20200523-1800I20200523-0600I20200522-1800I20200521-1000I20200520-1800I20200520-0600R4_16_maintenanceMatthias Becker1-0/+10
- There is an underlying assumption while creating breadcrumb arrows. The image creation logic assumes the new image created is always created with transparent color. Currently only the opaque areas are set with alpha 255, which is opaque. But the areas where transparency should be set is not handled at all. This patch sets transparent area with alpha 0, which is transparent. This change is based on Change-Id: I371373a7d7e1825fb17032465ddbe4e31fb8c0db
2020-05-14Bug 563151 - NPE in DebugContextManager.createServiceI20200519-1800I20200519-1130I20200519-1010I20200518-2220I20200518-1800I20200516-0600I20200515-1930I20200514-1800Andrey Loskutov1-0/+4
Change-Id: Ie38807e6b637db51decf3151802c619d85bfc411 Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2020-05-14Bug 563154 - Add tracing to DebugCommandServiceAndrey Loskutov3-6/+33
Change-Id: I9549ebac8e45d70f3141e45a20887ec5a15fbb55 Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2020-05-12Bug 456304 - Import Breakpoints doesn't seem to support selectingI20200512-1800Sarika Sinha1-2/+92
multiple bookmarks at once Change-Id: Iaefced80efe41c1aef367c3a124b12f604c1de23
2020-05-08Bug 562608 - Complete freeze of the UI while RCP debuggingI20200511-0700I20200510-1800I20200509-1800I20200509-0600I20200509-0450Sarika Sinha1-6/+3
Change-Id: I109630bf60b2026b04b1cba420a4b6017d6c97ff
2020-05-01Bug 333239 - [console] Console redirection treats file name as regularI20200505-1800I20200504-1800I20200503-1800I20200502-1800Paul Pazderski1-12/+3
expression Change-Id: I8b475d001a6e0a626540d9aa93285fa918d4b21e Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-04-27Bug 562456 - Show Command Line => Command Line could not be retrievedY20200428-2310Y20200428-0250Y20200428-0140Y20200427-2330I20200429-0600I20200428-2300I20200428-1800I20200428-0630I20200428-0610I20200428-0230I20200427-1800Sarika Sinha1-3/+11
Change-Id: Idf807f8684a3e444c03c6522b81252e70b7cb09b
2020-04-10Bug 561983 - Remove dependnecy on icu from debug.[core|ui]I20200416-1800I20200416-0410I20200415-1800I20200415-0620I20200415-0200I20200414-1010I20200414-0630I20200413-1800I20200412-1800I20200411-1800I20200411-0950I20200411-0720I20200411-0510I20200411-0300I20200410-2300I20200410-1800Alexander Kurtakov47-97/+63
java.util classes are more than good for these bundle needs. Change-Id: Ia13b39e79d4058cdfa9b2b20cc1e7b41be4ba6f3 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2020-03-22Bug 561338 - Random IOOB on updating breadcrumb in Debug viewI20200323-1800Andrey Loskutov1-1/+8
Do not call into JFace with invalid index. Change-Id: I62cd885cb5fae2bc6e3ca540f1b691f9ce1e113d Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2020-03-14Bug 560348 - Wrong toolbar debug button state with two windowsI20200318-1100I20200317-1800I20200316-1800I20200315-2240I20200315-1800I20200314-1800Simeon Andreev1-2/+31
When debugging with 2 workbench windows, sometimes the main toolbar debug buttons enabled state is incorrect. E.g. step over would be disabled in 1 window, but not in the other window. This is caused by job cancellation in DebugCommandService.postUpdateCommand(). In particular, each window will schedule an AbstractDebugCommand.UpdateJob per debug command (suspend, resume, step over, etc.) and some of those jobs are cancelled by postUpdateCommand(). A cancelled job can contain the action to update for a specific window, in UpdateActionsRequest.fActions (stored in AbstractDebugCommand.UpdateJob.request). The cancellation does not take this into account, sometimes leading to wrong main toolbar debug button states in either window. This change disables the job cancellation if there are 2 or more workbench windows. In addition, the change moves cancellation to before new UpdateJobs are triggered. This avoids cases in which updates triggered by a custom debug context provider become cancelled, but newer updates only come much later on from the Debug view context provider. Change-Id: Ic9d4f87882982e745dfa4fb41f7ed0d856533566 Signed-off-by: Simeon Andreev <>
2020-02-22Bug 560353 - Sub-option "Interpret Carriage Return ..." must be indentedX20200223-1900X20200223-0700X20200223-0250I20200223-2335I20200223-1800I20200223-0600I20200222-1800Paul Pazderski1-1/+5
Change-Id: I8f464d6e0eae9afdc7ce6506243944680a341e5f Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-02-17Bug 251642 - [console] Shorten terminate timestamp for same dayPaul Pazderski1-9/+29
If process started and terminated at same day (the most common case for process run in IDE) do not show the day part twice. Change-Id: I6b080af23b44b3bd6db5d6301794705fb5359c56 Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-02-16Bug 251642 - Store termination timestamp as launch and process attributeI20200217-0600I20200216-1800Paul Pazderski7-40/+145
Also show termination time in process property dialog and process console label and set launch time as process attribute for external tool launches. Change-Id: I052d280d16d8ad42d70992b0a57324a9ce2e4963 Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-02-05Bug 559814 - Shorter text for remove dialogsI20200212-0910I20200211-1800I20200210-1800I20200209-1800I20200208-1800I20200207-1800I20200206-1805I20200205-1800Lars Vogel2-5/+5
Change-Id: Ic8eb6641bce888366ac1971852a5fd3035b71099 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-02-04Use method reference instead of lambdasI20200205-0030I20200204-1800Lars Vogel3-4/+4
Method references are slightly faster than lambdas and better readable. Change-Id: I1eb012c76a425358503f171d291d6abe9a45d219 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-01-31Bug 559590 - "Custom" debug view is not considered inY20200204-0035I20200203-1800I20200202-1800Andrey Loskutov1-3/+12
SourceLookupService.debugContextChanged Check if the view part provided by the DebugContextProvider is shown, if the DebugContextProvider for given DebugContextEvent specifies its own part. This part is not necessarily the default Debug view. If this is the case, we also want to proceed with displaySource(). Change-Id: I1b86b3d2224c8532ddf23b4d423f211267ff3106 Signed-off-by: Andrey Loskutov <>
2020-01-20Use ArrayList instead of VectorY20200121-0055Y20200120-2315I20200121-2225I20200121-1805I20200120-1800I20200120-0715Lars Vogel2-4/+3
Vector is an outdated data structure and ArrayList should be preferred as it is faster. Change-Id: I93106bc75dfd76b9118ae607c0504efacd91ce3f Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-01-15Use System.lineSeparator()I20200116-1800I20200116-0930I20200116-0330I20200116-0310I20200115-1800Lars Vogel2-4/+4
Benefit of this way rather than System.getProperty("line.separator") is that there are no security checks. Change-Id: Ib14dc56626a541a2bace31952281cfbb6e0a9a00 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-01-13Iterate over Map.entrySet instead of Map.keySet and value searchI20200114-1805Lars Vogel3-12/+18
Faster than first getting the keys and afterwards reading the value. Done with Autorefactor batch conversion using the iterate over Map.entrySet instead of Map.keySet and value search Change-Id: I438796d7ce3abd35c5a8922559c582ef8685ed08 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-01-13Bug 559097 - Compile warnings in I20200113-0130Y20200114-0045I20200113-1800Paul Pazderski1-0/+1
Change-Id: I9dd25d7fe0d02a13f9cd3466756ada5a1b8a901f Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2020-01-10Use lambdas where possibleI20200113-0130I20200112-1800I20200111-1800I20200111-0325I20200111-0230I20200110-1805Lars Vogel6-123/+45
Using the batch cleanup operation via Source -> Cleanup -> "Use lambdas where possible" from standard JDT. Just a small number of changes files to make review easier. Change-Id: If684f937bd8e5f4fb2e72fc8a342ff03739ab367 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2020-01-09Bug 558991 - Value column in Environment Variable table shows nameS4_15_0_M1I20200110-0905I20200110-0200I20200109-2350Andrew Obuchowicz1-1/+1
Change-Id: If8004aaceffc522c266dda3b503cb6bc4997ae74 Signed-off-by: Andrew Obuchowicz <>
2020-01-06Remove trailing whitespace in debug repoY20200108-0435I20200108-2240I20200108-0600I20200108-0025I20200107-1800I20200107-0600I20200106-1805Lars Vogel2-2/+2
Change-Id: I845c923a09e0458fff1d960469da08404547de7f Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2019-12-21Bug 558489 - [console] Remove unnecessary recoding in ProcessConsoleI20200102-1800I20200101-1800I20191231-1800I20191230-1800I20191229-2200I20191229-1800I20191228-1800I20191227-1800I20191226-1800I20191225-1800I20191224-1800I20191223-1800I20191222-1800I20191221-2205I20191221-1800Paul Pazderski1-54/+46
output handling Apart from removing an unnecessary string -> bytes -> string round trip it fix a potential content corruption since the source (TextConsole) encoding and target (IOConsoleOutputStream) encoding can differ. Also the stream listener implementation in ProcessConsole is simplified a lot and lost some dead code. Last but not least it replaced some usages of encoding names as strings with using the Charset class to reduce overall number of charset lookups. Change-Id: Ie94aa433e571a2f9898c950d2997f598618aca18 Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>
2019-12-21Bug 552883 - Organize Favorites dialog too smallMichael Keppler1-1/+1
Enlarge dialog in both directions to deal with nowadays larger fonts. Change-Id: I5cf3428a3b4cfccf30723dfc595f5cb74e115e3a Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-12-20Bug 558403 - Use lambda API for LabelProviderAndrew Obuchowicz1-12/+4
Change-Id: I20dca496bd76d20f2714b3a3a479388d91c6a151 Signed-off-by: Andrew Obuchowicz <>
2019-12-17Bug 553354 - Catch SecurityException if setting sysprop is forbiddenY20191217-0600I20191220-1805I20191219-1800I20191218-1805I20191218-0015I20191217-1800Sarika Sinha1-4/+17
A security manager might disallow setting of system properties. As there are no clients of that rely on this property in the platform, the combination of external clients together with a restrictive security manager is unlikely. When clients have a restrictive security manager there error log should not be polluted with error entries. Thus the potential SecurityException is silently ignored. Change-Id: I6cfa04cbed0537e7c92ad42284de56f81c77b97e Also-by: Karsten Thoms <>
2019-12-10Use jdk 5 for-each loopI20191211-0135I20191210-1800chammer14-115/+78
Replace simple uses of Iterator with a corresponding for-loop. Also add missing braces on loops as necessary. Change-Id: I41b3c365ba0817028550574834223d2d72569144 Signed-off-by: chammer <>
2019-12-10Use jdk 5 for-each loopchammer7-110/+72
Replace simple uses of Iterator with a corresponding for-loop. Also add missing braces on loops as necessary. Change-Id: Ic778a3ae3faac8009970f13a7f9f15f07d5d7b58 Signed-off-by: chammer <>
2019-12-10Use jdk 5 for-each loopchammer11-176/+140
Replace simple uses of Iterator with a corresponding for-loop. Also add missing braces on loops as necessary. Change-Id: I776fe6cfac6df083601f714474d8561af657e7c5 Signed-off-by: chammer <>
2019-12-10Use jdk 5 for-each loopchammer17-101/+77
Replace simple uses of Iterator with a corresponding for-loop. Also add missing braces on loops as necessary. Change-Id: I6bef6d52ae3ebad62598d6ab3ce74d00638d3d83 Signed-off-by: chammer <>
2019-12-10Use jdk 5 for-each loopchammer10-154/+100
Replace simple uses of Iterator with a corresponding for-loop. Also add missing braces on loops as necessary. Change-Id: Ibbb60232f6a15f80f8975ca5f9056104be5351ba Signed-off-by: chammer <>
2019-11-16Bug 76936 - [console] Handle \b and \r in console outputY20191126-0500I20191126-0600I20191125-1800I20191125-0600I20191124-1800I20191124-0600I20191123-1800I20191123-1115I20191123-0600I20191123-0100I20191122-1800I20191120-2335I20191120-1800I20191120-0840I20191120-0600I20191119-2200I20191119-1800I20191119-1250I20191119-1235I20191119-1215I20191119-1155I20191119-0850I20191119-0725I20191119-0510I20191119-0315I20191119-0020I20191118-2230I20191118-1800Paul Pazderski6-4/+64
Change-Id: Ia5e5b2760a0a9a097c003c41e3229e149003f22b Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <>

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