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2011-11-30Bug 365222 - LaunchConfigurationEditDialog does not return correctv20111130-1130_r371R3_7_1_maintenance_patchesMike Rennie1-6/+14
return code when the user clicks "Continue"
2011-08-08Bug 352784 - Null pointer exception when press F2 on an expression in ↵R3_7_1Michael Rennie1-7/+6
expression view without columns
2011-07-25Bug 345020 - [run control][debug view] Run control actions not updated upon ↵Michael Rennie1-13/+13
state change when multiple elements selected in Debug view.
2011-07-21Bug 349457 - InternalTreeModelViewer.handleTreeExpand() prints "dude" to ↵Pawel Piech1-2/+0
2011-07-20Fix version number.Pawel Piech1-1/+1
2011-07-19Bug 352502 - [breakpoints] Toggle breakpoints type logic can select an ↵Pawel Piech1-5/+4
invalid breakpoint type. (Fix NPE from previous commit)
2011-07-19Bug 352502 - [breakpoints] Toggle breakpoints type logic can select an ↵Pawel Piech2-25/+55
invalid breakpoint type.
2011-05-18Fixed typo.R3_7Dani Megert1-2/+2
2011-05-18Removed "(Obsolete)" from title.Dani Megert1-2/+2
2011-05-09Bug 340750 - [breadcrumb]NPE in LaunchView CopyToClipboard action after ↵Pawel Piech1-4/+4
activating breadcrumb
2011-05-09Committed Szymon's patch to improve fix for bug 334362: Properties dialog: ↵Dani Megert1-6/+13
properties for closed project are sometimes wrong
2011-05-05synchronize Javadoc processing preferences for all Ant bundlesMichael Rennie2-108/+112
2011-05-05synchronize Javadoc processing preferences for all debug test / example bundlesMichael Rennie3-4/+35
2011-05-05synchronize Javadoc processing preferences for all debug bundlesMichael Rennie2-103/+121
2011-05-05Copyright updatesMichael Rennie1-1/+1
2011-05-05Copyright updatesMichael Rennie51-807/+817
2011-05-03Bug 229536 - While stepping over a long-running operation another thread can ↵Michael Rennie1-5/+14
steal selection in Debug view.
2011-05-03Fixed typo.Dani Megert1-2/+2
2011-04-29Bug 335536 - [beadcrumb] Debug breadcrumb does not activate until view is ↵Pawel Piech1-0/+7
resized to 0 height
2011-04-29Bug 316850 - [breakpoints] Remove toolbar action disabled when view does not ↵Pawel Piech1-1/+6
have focus
2011-04-28Bug 343308 - Moved Jface viewer tests to a local run only tests suite.Pawel Piech2-19/+61
2011-04-26Bug 343308 - some tests timeout while running via XVnc on the Mac Hudson slavesPawel Piech12-252/+252
- Changed Display.sleep() calls to Thread.sleep(0)
2011-04-19Bug 343228 - Enable decorations of LaunchConfigurationFilteredTreeMichael Rennie1-6/+10
2011-04-14Don't move linked resources on the EFS.Dani Megert1-2/+2
2011-04-12Use "->" and "<-" instead of "-->" and "<--".Dani Megert1-3/+3
2011-04-08Bug 341142 - LaunchingResourceManager's mouse listener will not be attached ↵Michael Rennie1-19/+24
in 4.x
2011-04-08[nobug] remove deprecated use of 'new InstanceScope()' for preferencesMichael Rennie1-4/+4
2011-04-08[nobug] Javadoc updateMichael Rennie1-5/+1
2011-04-05Bug 341922 - Configuration errors do not go away after deleting configurationMichael Rennie1-0/+1
2011-04-05Bug 341638 - LaunchConfigurationsDialog#restoreExpansion() should not pass ↵Michael Rennie1-1/+2
same element more than once
2011-04-04[nobug] Provide shared launch configuration and update memory options to run ↵Michael Rennie1-0/+41
on 64 bit OS / Java / Eclipse
2011-03-30Removed unused build notes, as we no longer update or use themMichael Rennie11-6117/+0
2011-03-24Fixed NPE in selectionChanged().Pawel Piech1-2/+2
2011-03-24Bug 296018 - Added ability to rename "Add New Expression" element.Pawel Piech1-13/+19
2011-03-22Bug 296018 - Allow activating cell editors using the keyboard in variables viewsPawel Piech2-1/+93
2011-03-22Bug 338847 - Cancel button in edit launch config does not really cancelMichael Rennie1-13/+7
2011-03-22Bug 338576 - Add the platform IEvaluationContext as a parent for debug UI ↵Michael Rennie9-39/+46
2011-03-21Bug 339920 - Show References tree expansion for Watch Expressions View not ↵Pawel Piech1-2/+4
refreshed correctly when switching between stackframes
2011-03-18Bug 333778 - [Compatibility] 'Breakpoints' view auto shows selectionPawel Piech1-1/+1
2011-03-18Bug 333517 - Simplified getDebugTarget implementation for IAdaptable element.Pawel Piech1-6/+3
2011-03-16Bug 333517 - The Breakpoints view standard content provider does not allow ↵Pawel Piech1-2/+14
filtering for non-standard debug models.
2011-03-11Bug 327497 - Reverted use of scheduling rule to serialize source lookup jobs.Pawel Piech1-22/+8
2011-03-03[nobug] doc update for new APIMichael Rennie1-6/+17
2011-03-02Bug 325465 - Virtual viewer tests timeout when viewer is hiddenPawel Piech11-119/+20
- Decided that the fix does more harm than good and backed out the ON_TOP style change.
2011-03-01Bug 128066 - [view management] Don't auto-close views that exist in a ↵Pawel Piech1-6/+24
perspective by default
2011-02-25Bug 325465 - Virtual viewer tests timeout when viewer is hiddenPawel Piech11-24/+30
- Disabled ON_TOP for Windows
2011-02-25Bug 335193 - NullPointerException raised by ModelContentProvider.cancelRestorePawel Piech2-7/+21
2011-02-24Bug 337782 - Running platform Debug tests logs spurious entries in consolePawel Piech1-1/+1
- Temporarily disabled test to try to resolve DNFs on Windows.
2011-02-24Bug 328297 - need a way to initialize the width of columns, similar to ↵Michael Rennie2-6/+12
initialzie the columns in IColumnPresentation
2011-02-24Updated copyright.Pawel Piech1-1/+1

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