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+<h1>Debug Examples ReadMe Notes</h1>
+<h2>PDA Debugger Example</h2>
+<p>In order to actually run the PDA debugger example, you will need a Perl interpreter.
+ Linux&reg;&#8482; comes with Perl. For Microsoft&reg; Windows&reg;, we use either
+ ActivePerl (<a href=""></a>) or Indigo Perl
+ (<a href=""></a>). You also
+ have to set the string substitution variable named &#8220;perlExecutable&#8221;
+ to the complete path to your Perl interpreter. (For example, ours was C:\perl\bin\perl.exe)
+ To set a string substitution variable, use the Windows &gt; Preferences &gt;
+ Run/Debug &gt; String Substitution preferences page.<br>

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