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Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Platform Debug</h1>
+June 20, 2002
+What's new in this drop</h3>
+Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
+<a href="">20365</a>: Bidi - NPE when closing Eclipse<br>
+Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
+Platform Debug</h1>
June 19, 2002
What's new in this drop</h3>
@@ -20,7 +31,8 @@ Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">20492</a>: Extra separator in run/debug history menus<br>
<a href="">19878</a>: Collapse/expand symbol (+/-) dissappears in inspect window<br>
<a href="">19998</a>: NullPointerException when launching rsource that has no extension<br>
+<a href="">20066</a>: TVT2: Hardcoded "None" in debug preferences<br>
+<a href="">20594</a>: Preference listeners should use equals, not ==<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>

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