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authorSimeon Andreev2018-11-23 13:00:27 +0000
committerSimeon Andreev2018-12-12 16:56:20 +0000
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Bug 540243 - Bad selection when opening Debug View on breakpointY20181212-2200I20181212-1800
When the Debug View is not open and a breakpoint is hit, a preference dictates whether the Debug View is opened. If this preference is used, it is possible to observe a bad selection in the Debug View. E.g. a thread is selected and not a stack frame, or a stack frame and a thread are selected. The problem is seen for Java debug targets, when owned monitors are displayed in the Debug View. When the Debug View debug target element is created, DebugTargetProxy.doInstalled() is called. This will retrieve the first suspended thread and expand it, if such a thread is available. The expand delta contains also the top stack frame at which the thread is suspended. This stack frame is added to the delta with index 0. Unfortunately, owned monitors are displayed before stack frames in the list of thread children. So as soon as the children of the thread are updated for the tree view, a thread owned monitor will replace the selected stack frame. This results in an invalid selection handling, which in turn breaks the selection. This change allows classes which extend DebugTargetProxy to override computation of indices for the launch, debug target and suspended stack frame. A follow-up change in JDT debug will ensure the correct index is computed for the suspended stack frame, one which takes the thread owned monitors into account. Change-Id: Ic8ca2f06a7ea9e47c0322e5d3a62775a0c816652 Signed-off-by: Simeon Andreev <>
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