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<!-- Export a jar of .class files for the org.eclipse.ui.console Eclipse plugin
     along with other important plugin files to the "plugin-export" subdirectory
     of the target Eclipse installation -->
<project name="Export ui.console" default="export" basedir="..">

	<!-- Set the timestamp and important properties -->
	<target name="init">
		<property name="destdir" value="../../plugin-export" />
		<property name="dest"  value="${destdir}/org.eclipse.ui.console_3.0.0" />

	<!-- Create the jar of .class files, and copy other important files to export dir -->
	<target name="export" depends="init">
		<mkdir dir="${destdir}" />
		<delete dir="${dest}" />
		<mkdir dir="${dest}" />
		<!-- Create the source zip -->
		<zip zipfile="${dest}/">
			<fileset dir="src"/>
		<copy file="plugin.xml" todir="${dest}"/>
		<copy file="" todir="${dest}"/>
		<copy file=".classpath" todir="${dest}"/>
		<copy file=".options" todir="${dest}"/>
		<copy todir="${dest}/icons">
			<fileset dir="icons" />

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