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<h2>About This Content</h2>
<p>June 5, 2007</p>	

<p>The Eclipse Foundation makes available all content in this plug-in (&quot;Content&quot;).  Unless otherwise 
indicated below, the Content is provided to you under the terms and conditions of the
Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 (&quot;EPL&quot;).  A copy of the EPL is available 
at <a href=""></a>.
For purposes of the EPL, &quot;Program&quot; will mean the Content.</p>

<p>If you did not receive this Content directly from the Eclipse Foundation, the Content is 
being redistributed by another party (&quot;Redistributor&quot;) and different terms and conditions may
apply to your use of any object code in the Content.  Check the Redistributor's license that was 
provided with the Content.  If no such license exists, contact the Redistributor.  Unless otherwise
indicated below, the terms and conditions of the EPL still apply to any source code in the Content
and such source code may be obtained at <a href=""></a>.</p>


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arthi5 months R4_16_maintenanceBug 563876 - Skip URL Handlers auto-registration on WinMickael Istria2 months R4_1_maintenanceFixed bug 349297: [DataBinding]Dani Megert9 years R4_2_1_maintenance_patchesBug 398909 - [DynamicGUI] UIExtensionTracker calling Display.syncExec() on di...Paul Webster8 years R4_2_maintenanceBug 391957 - [Contributions] ClassCastException with action sets:Vikas Chandra3 years R4_3_maintenanceBug 391957 - [Contributions] ClassCastException with actionVikas Chandra3 years R4_4_maintenanceBug 547754 - Slow loading "org.eclipse.e4.ui.swt.css.theme" whenKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi14 months R4_5_maintenanceBug 506949: updated bundle versions for 4.5.2+Noopur Gupta3 years R4_6_maintenanceBug 563582 - Update to Batik 1.11.0 to fix CVE-2018-8013Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti3 months R4_7_maintenanceBug 532486 - Commands contributed to an E4 view don't update text if nlkalyan prasad2 years R4_8_maintenanceBug 544930 - browser id does not get set in WebBrowserEditorInput when aKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi17 months R4_9_maintenanceBug 544930 - browser id does not get set in WebBrowserEditorInput when aKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi16 months bdealwis/nullableWIPBrian de Alwis4 years bug531135Bug 531135 - Remove Nebula from Modular TargetKarsten Thoms3 years bug_498760_revRevert "Bug 498760 - [Autosave] Preference page has not padding within group "Patrik Suzzi4 years change/150047/5Add API filters for 4.4.2 API baseline, regarding bug 440136 - Delete org.ecl...Andrey Loskutov5 years change/164241/20200607133233Revert "Bug 563846 - Enable API check for new bundles introduced inLars Vogel2 months change/16726/6Bug 107436 - [IDE] navigator: show file/folder in "Windows Explorer",Paul Webster7 years dmegert/bug_391626Fixed bug 391626: [Compatibility] e4 does not implement theDani Megert8 years droberts/bug351851Bug 351851 - [Compatibility] we need to fix up 122 errors in ourPaul Webster9 years emoffatt/Bug317207Bug 317207 - View tabs have no context menu - can't make it a fast viewEric Moffatt8 years emoffatt/Bug378921Fix for Bug 378921 - Incorrect drag and drop behavior.Eric Moffatt8 years gheorghe/contextDeferUpdatesBug 390379 - [Performance] Seemingly excessive calls to contextManagerBogdan Gheorghe8 years hackathon2013Fix for Bug 417929 - [Perspectives] Resetting a perspective with an openEric Moffatt7 years johna/402445Bug 419501 - [Viewers] @SuppressWarnings generics warning in deprecatedLars Vogel6 years lvogel/bug436344Bug 448838 - [Tests] Activate org.eclipse.e4.ui.tests tests during TychoLars Vogel6 years masterBug 566049 - Retire scrubbing of old e4 commands inRolf Theunissen45 hours mhall_bug194734_propertiesNEW - bug 194734: [Databinding] Property-based observablesMatthew Hall12 years mkeller/Bug_482162_R4_2_maintenanceBug 482162: [Model] Eclipse crashes with NPE on existing workspace (after clo...Markus Keller5 years obesedin/bug373294Bug 373294 - Improve startup timeOleg Besedin8 years perf_213Updated testTod Creasey15 years perf_30Reduced minimum iterations for 3.0 testsTod Creasey15 years perf_301Removed the patch for Bug 90355 on the 3.0.1 maintenance branch.Douglas Pollock15 years perf_31xUpped timeoutTod Creasey14 years perf_32xBug 229782 - Performance tests for ICU CollatorKim Horne12 years perf_33xBug 229782 - Performance tests for ICU CollatorKim Horne12 years perf_34xFix for Bug 116284 - [RCP] Performance Tests Failing: RCP rcp.performance.Emp...Eric Moffatt11 years pwebster/R362_tycho_feature_patchThis is an example of all the poms needed to backport the CBI buildPaul Webster7 years pwebster/R362_tycho_with_repoupdate to try an eclipse-repositoryPaul Webster7 years pwebster/R3_bug380469Bug 380469 - Update version numbers on bundles that haven't been updatedPaul Webster8 years pwebster/bug296512Bug 296512 - [Themes] EditorsPlugin accessesPaul Webster8 years pwebster/bug359616_R3_developmentR3_dev change in common filePaul Webster9 years pwebster/bug359616_masterMerge branch 'pwebster/bug359616_R3_development' into pwebster/bug359616_masterPaul Webster9 years pwebster/bug366528Bug 366528 - [Compatibility] ImplementPaul Webster8 years pwebster/bug366528-2Bug 366528 - [Compatibility] ImplementPaul Webster8 years pwebster/bug379257Bug 270007 - [GlobalActions] Registering actions should not be required toPaul Webster8 years pwebster/bug379426Bug 379426 - [Compatibility] CompoundContributionItems result inPaul Webster8 years pwebster/bug382839Bug 382839 - [Compatibility] 'Line Up' and 'Line Down' no longer work in cont...Paul Webster8 years pwebster/bug382839-2Bug 382839 - [Compatibility] 'Line Up' and 'Line Down' no longer work in cont...Paul Webster8 years pwebster/exampleFeaturePatchPick up the feature patch for the RCP feature as well as Eclipse4 RCP.Paul Webster7 years resize_tree_viewsBug 540299 - Allow tree & table views font to be modifiedAndrew Obuchowicz8 weeks tschindl/392903bug 392903: moved codeTom Schindl8 years undo_copy_resource_actionBug 565767 - Cannot undo a copy resource actionAndrew Obuchowicz13 days