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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
TraceBreakPoints4MokaQompass479829 - [Refactoring] [MokaQompass] Refactoring of tracepoint and breakpoint...Ansgar Radermacher6 years
bug/533770-CFLayoutBug 533770: [Sequence Diagram] Layout operands in a CombinedFragmentCamille Letavernier3 years
bugs/399853-richtext399853: [Widgets] Papyrus shall enable to edit the comment body with aptessier6 years
bugs/4.0.0_RC4a-RCP[releng] Update platforms for Photon.0 RCPQuentin Le Menez3 years
bugs/4.1.0_RCP[Releng] Update RCP configurationQuentin Le Menez3 years
bugs/4.2.0_RCPBug 539022 - [Releng] 2018-12 Update commit for 4.2.0 RCP releaseQuentin Le Menez2 years
bugs/4.3.0_RCPBug 542929 - [Releng] Update targets, RCP config and splashPauline DEVILLE2 years
bugs/4.4.0_RCPBug 545631 - [Releng] [RCP] Update the targets for 2019-06Quentin Le Menez23 months
bugs/4.5.0_RelengBug 549266 - [Releng] Update target platformPauline DEVILLE20 months
bugs/4.6.0_RCPBug 550656 - [Releng] 2019-12 traceabilityQuentin Le Menez17 months
bugs/4.7.0_RCPBug 558391 - [RCP] 2020-03 4.7.0 RCPQuentin Le Menez14 months
bugs/4.8.0_RCPBug 561154 - Update the target platformQuentin Le Menez11 months
bugs/436547-shapes436547: [Diagram] All shapes shall be refactoredMickael ADAM6 years
bugs/440910-api-toolsBug 440910: [API] API Evolution Report generator in the buildChristian W. Damus5 years
bugs/441962-multipleXTextEditorsForUMLElementsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' intoGabriel Pascual6 years
bugs/453078-styleProperties453078: [All Diagrams] Make GMF::View owned styles editable from theCamille Letavernier6 years
bugs/458539-namingconventionMerge "Bug 458957 - [Classs Diagram - Tests] Tests are failing due the change...Camille Letavernier6 years
bugs/458619-expansionRegion458619: Issues with Expansion region (can not create Input ExpansionRemi Schnekenburger6 years
bugs/463469-propertiesSynchronize with masterCamille Letavernier6 years
bugs/465888-SMExecPrototypePSSM-4 Synchronous operation call on an active object ends if thejeremie.tatibouet4 years
bugs/469971-tableFormulabug 469971: [Table] Papyrus Table must integrate formula support provided by ...Vincent Lorenzo6 years
bugs/476559-expand-performance474339 - [CDT integration] Synchronization of code to model requires addition...Ansgar Radermacher6 years
bugs/497306-PropertyLifecycleBug 497306: [PropertyLifecycle] There is no tool that handles customization b...Quentin Le Menez5 years
bugs/5.0.0_RCP[RCP] Update post release RCP configurationQuentin Le Menez4 months
bugs/5.1.0_RCPBug 570177 - [Releng] Update the toolsmith categoryQuentin Le Menez8 weeks
bugs/533770-CFLayoutBug 533770: [Sequence Diagram] Layout operands in a CombinedFragmentCamille Letavernier3 years
bugs/536486-timeDurationsOrderingsBug 537571: [Sequence Diagram] Support Time Observation/Constraint as a node ...Christian W. Damus3 years
bugs/536631-537561-sequenceLinksTestsBug 536631: [Sequence Diagram] Support DurationConstraint/Observation asCamille Letavernier3 years
bugs/536631-SequenceDurationsBug 537849: [Sequence Diagram] Ensure TimeObservation representation isRemi Schnekenburger3 years
bugs/536639-537724-reconnectBug 537724: Workaround for false-positive Connection Cycles duringCamille Letavernier3 years
bugs/537561-sequenceOrderingsDisable some Lifeline Policies when manipulating GeneralOrderingCamille Letavernier3 years
bugs/544476-optionalPropertiesBug 544476: [Properties - Profile] Support Optional Enums & PrimitivesCamille Letavernier2 years
bugs/553358-Migrate_Papyrus_to_JavaSE-11Bug 553358 - Migrate Papyrus to JavaSE-11Florian NOYRIT13 months
bugs/558456-AutoSizeableClassesBug 553878 - Invalid internationalization preference model URIjeremie.tatibouet17 months
bugs/568494-toolsmiths-devBug 570856: [Toolsmiths][AF] Improve messages for command-class constraintsChristian W. Damus2 months
bugs/568495-staticprofile-gerritBug 568495 - Static Profile ImprovementsAlexandra Buzila5 months
bugs/568495-staticprofile-quickfixMerge branch 'bugs/568495-staticprofile-gerrit' intoRemi Schnekenburger5 months
bugs/568495-toolsmiths-staticprofileBug 568495 - Create static profile builder extensionRemi Schnekenburger3 months
bugs/568766-elementTypesBug 568766: [Toolsmiths] ElementTypes generation & validationCamille Letavernier6 months
bugs/569174-GMFToolingIntegrationBug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Papyrus integration of GMF ToolingEtienne Allogo4 weeks
bugs/569354-typesGenerationBug 569354: [Toolsmiths] ElementTypes generation from a Profile shouldCamille Letavernier5 months
bugs/569356-incrementalGenerationBug 569356: [Toolsmiths] Support regeneration ofCamille Letavernier4 months
bugs/570486-ad-merge-inheritBug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ...Christian W. Damus2 months
bugs/570542-elementtypes-recipeBug 570542: [Toolsmiths] Provide cookbook to guide toolsmith developersChristian W. Damus6 weeks
bugs/570856-af-constraintsBug 570856: [Toolsmiths][AF] Improve messages for command-class constraintsChristian W. Damus3 months
bugs/571960-sirius-integrationBug 569174: [Toolsmiths] Papyrus integration of GMF ToolingEtienne Allogo7 weeks
bugs/572794-javafx-pocBug 572794: [Properties] Fix a regression in the Architecture modelsCamille Letavernier4 weeks
bugs/relengBug 570856: [Toolsmiths][AF] Improve messages for command-class constraintsChristian W. Damus7 weeks
bugs/removeReexportfor testsVincent Lorenzo5 months
codegen_sync_code_modelBug 480441 - [Codegen C++] Top-level package name is in namespace ofShuai Li5 years
commiters/vlorenzo/kepler/gridroutingclean deferred commandVincent Lorenzo7 years
committers/cdamus/476683-aof-sync-bisBug 476683: [AOF Sync] Diagram-to-diagram synchronization on AOFChristian W. Damus5 years
committers/cdumoulin/bugs/510683-Sash_Editor510683 [Sash Editor] should takes into account sash positionCedric Dumoulin4 years
committers/cletavernie/bug-384570-cssExport384570: [CSS - Export] It should be possible to export a set ofCamille Letavernier6 years
committers/cletavernie/stoPropertiesEdition358077: [Property View - UML] The UML property view should be improvedCamille Letavernier6 years
committers/mgolubev/anchors[442161]: With snap to grid, bendpoints from routing should be on gridmgolubev7 years
committers/vlorenzo/568494-initial_WorkBug 570856: [Toolsmiths][AF] Improve messages for command-class constraintsChristian W. Damus2 months
committers/vlorenzo/568494-toolsmiths-dev-refactoredBug 570856: [Toolsmiths][AF] Improve messages for command-class constraintsChristian W. Damus7 weeks
committers/vlorenzo/568494-toolsmiths-dev-refactored_rebasedAfterSomeMerged_1Bug 570856: [Toolsmiths][AF] Improve messages for command-class constraintsChristian W. Damus7 weeks
local/masterBug 536299 [releng] Update sdk and rcp for the next releaseQuentin Le Menez3 years
masterBug 527181 - [Composite structure diagram] Initial port location on a part is...Ansgar Radermacher3 days
streams/0.10-maintenance440224: [All Diagrams] Allow Labels AlignmentsCĂ©line Janssens7 years
streams/0.7-maintenanceChange a visibility in order to compile and remove some unuseful dependenciesvlorenzo9 years
streams/0.8-maintenanceFix for bug 372326aradermache9 years
streams/0.8.X-EYY427548 - Disallow editing the documentation in the main view if the htmlPhilippe Roland7 years
streams/0.9-maintenance[Releng] Update juno buildcletavernie8 years
streams/1.0-maintenance[Releng] Remove the dependency to the SVN connector (Buckminster - Main)Camille Letavernier6 years
streams/1.1-maintenanceBug 485389 - [xtext-uml] duplicate call of parsing method lapitre4 years
streams/2.0-maintenanceBug 521353: [Test][Diagram] Edit part selection is not restored afterThanh Liem PHAN4 years
streams/3.0-maintenanceBug 542759: Fix architecture provider to take active viewpoints intoCamille Letavernier2 years

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