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2013-09-09416817: [Table 2] The new tables must replace the old tables in LunaVincent Lorenzo9-18/+0 Move the nattable tests plugins from junit/extraplugins to junit/plugins/.../nattable
2013-07-16412841: [Table 2] Table metamodel must have a Cell Element to allow toVincent Lorenzo2-0/+4
store specific information for a specific cell Add a method in NattableModelManager to find easily the cells objects registered in the table model from the row and the column elements. + contribute to the TableContentsAdviceHelepr to destroy cells from the model when it is required
2013-07-03Share the new project oep.infra.nattable.model.editor.testsvlorenzo7-0/+14
412225: [Table 2] The generated table editor must be tested

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