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2016-02-24Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1019-26978/+34656
2016-02-24Bug 481835: [Table] java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size:Nicolas FAUVERGUE7-428/+587
2016-02-24Bug 486726 - [Test] Some regression on ShapeCustomisationTest for masterMickael ADAM5-22/+64
2016-02-24Bug 488378: Alt + moveMouseOver support for ConnectorsCamille Letavernier4-3/+48
2016-02-23Bug 486101 - [Table] CellPainter refactoringNicolas FAUVERGUE5-561/+394
2016-02-23Bug 487496: [Table] Cannot delete elements in a Generic Tree TableNicolas FAUVERGUE2-19/+63
2016-02-23Bug 488082: [SysML1.4][Table] Requirements - table doesn't find profileNicolas FAUVERGUE2-1/+48
2016-02-23Fix about.html for oep.infra.emf.types and oep.infra.types. Florian Noyrit2-2/+6
2016-02-23475569: [Composite Diagram] DnD strategy mechanism should be used toCamille Letavernier1-12/+27
2016-02-22Bug 487480 - Refactor elementtypesconfiguration frameworkFlorian Noyrit1277-62153/+61791
2016-02-22Fix failing Connector Reorient tests in IBD caused by fix proposed onFlorian Noyrit1-8/+8
2016-02-19Bug 471444: [Diagram] Background Color of name from generic shape shallMickael ADAM11-138/+399
2016-02-18Bug 483572: [Sequence Diagram][Properties Editor] Change Message Sort inFanch BONNABESSE6-402/+402
2016-02-18Bug 454858: [Table] Undo redo after paste doesn't workNicolas FAUVERGUE6-49/+216
2016-02-18Bug 487237: [StateMachine Diagram] Create/Restore link doesn't work forFanch BONNABESSE2-0/+22
2016-02-18Bug 482790: [table] Column with AcceptEventAction row causesNicolas FAUVERGUE2-616/+704
2016-02-18Bug 487862 - [Composite] InnerPort Allow port creation on portBenoit Maggi4-5/+162
2016-02-18Bug 487498: [Table] The delete action is confusingNicolas FAUVERGUE1-0/+1
2016-02-18Bug 460812: [Table - CellManager] The CellManager extension pointNicolas FAUVERGUE1-9/+19
2016-02-18Bug 482372: Registry map in the CellEditorConfigurationFactory must mapNicolas FAUVERGUE1-146/+161
2016-02-18Bug 481366: Table export to Excel truncates each cell to approx. 80Nicolas FAUVERGUE1-4/+7
2016-02-17Bug 487937 - [SysML 1.1][Documentation] Avoid direct reference to SysMLBenoit Maggi7-41/+41
2016-02-15Bug 459818 - [Activity Diagram] Activity Diagram nodes do not supportskovalsky3-2/+32
2016-02-15Bug 487751 - [diagram] remove old templatesFrancois Le Fevre - CEA62-9662/+1
2016-02-13Bug 485220: Fix simple metadata problems in new bundleChristian W. Damus4-3/+5
2016-02-13Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1-3/+4
2016-02-13Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus37-99/+97
2016-02-13Revert "Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architecture https:...Christian W. Damus398-475/+55
2016-02-13Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus398-55/+475
2016-02-12Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus4438-189379/+195705
2016-02-10Bug 473722 - [Composite Diagram] Papyrus should support graphicalTrung-Truc NGUYEN8-1/+730
2016-02-09Bug 481310: [Table] Paste in table with several categories for the sameNicolas FAUVERGUE4-55/+171
2016-02-09Bug 487346: [Table] Cannot insert new lines in text cellsNicolas FAUVERGUE1-99/+98
2016-02-09Bug 482789 - [Table] IllegalArgumentException on null-value cellsNicolas FAUVERGUE1-281/+284
2016-02-09bug 455009: [Model Import - Wizard] Items inside the Papyrus Folder have bad ...Vincent Lorenzo1-2/+2
2016-02-08Bug 487442 - Add profile/stereotype support to theFlorian Noyrit182-731/+1845
2016-02-05Improve/Fix the support of extensions of theFlorian Noyrit322-43953/+37241
2016-02-03Bug 487098: [ServiceUtils] NPE when closing PapyrusCamille Letavernier1-1/+8
2016-02-03Bug 487106: [UML Properties] The Applied Stereotypes editor does notCamille Letavernier1-0/+1
2016-02-02Bug 487027: [Welcome Page] AssertionFailedExceptionChristian W. Damus9-57/+177
2016-02-02Bug 486995 - [Table] [EOperation] Remove void operation and EMFNicolas FAUVERGUE2-252/+290
2016-02-02Bug 455060: [Tree Table] Papyrus must provide a way to configure the paste in...Vincent Lorenzo4-4/+14
2016-02-02Bug 455060: [Tree Table] Papyrus must provide a way to configure theNicolas FAUVERGUE20-618/+1445
2016-02-02Bug 435417: [table] NPE when removing profile from modelNicolas FAUVERGUE1-412/+401
2016-02-02Bug 486100 - [Table] Memory Leak in PapyrusHeaderPopupMenuActionNicolas FAUVERGUE1-7/+23
2016-02-02Bug 485824: [All Diagrams] PapyrusLabel is used inRemi Schnekenburger1-1/+16
2016-02-01Bug 486921: [CDO] Lots of new CDO Tests failuresChristian W. Damus2-3/+5
2016-01-29Bug 486834: Language service doesn't understand new resourcesChristian W. Damus5-4/+142
2016-01-29Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1-1/+1
2016-01-29Improve ElementTypeConfiguration Framework to support:Florian Noyrit71-2286/+5405

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