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2015-01-21[Releng] Update version numbers to 1.0.2Camille Letavernier2-14/+12
2014-10-22447872 - [OCL in Papyrus] Suspected memory leak in OCL XText Editor when ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-1/+9
editing a profile
2014-08-26[Code Style] Configure code style in the projectsChristian W. Damus2-0/+352
Configure the master settings for Code Style in the org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.core plug-in, including: - Code Formatter - Code Clean-up - Code Templates - Import Sort Order Employ the Oomph Project Configuration tooling to propagate these settings to all other Papyrus main, test, and developer plug-ins, plus the CDO Integration plug-ins. Update the Papyrus Oomph model to remove the workspace-wide code style settings. Change-Id: Id1c7c7fb94c82974a9f1c7cafcfcf32b71ce6c1f
2014-08-25[Code style] Apply clean-up profile to Papyrus Main plug-insCamille Letavernier1-1/+1
2014-08-21[Code style] Apply clean-up and formatter on Main plug-insCamille Letavernier5-60/+62
2014-08-20[Releng] Update Papyrus version to 1.0.1 in pom.xmlCamille Letavernier1-2/+2
2014-08-20[Releng] Update versions to 1.0.1Camille Letavernier1-8/+8
2014-06-04[Releng] Remove the (Incubation) suffix from all (main) plug-ins andCamille Letavernier1-1/+1
features Update the Bundle test accordingly
2014-05-20433647 - [OCL Editor] Properties View OCL Editor for OpaqueExpression is BuggyAnsgar Radermacher2-4/+13
2014-04-29433647: [OCL Editor] Properties View OCL Editor for OpaqueExpression isCamille Letavernier1-75/+68
2014-04-17[releng] Generated all the pom.xml files for the plugins and featuresLaurent Wouters1-0/+14
Command: python releng/toolkit/ Signed-off-by: Laurent Wouters <>
2014-03-18Bug 427025 - [OCL For Papyrus] Cannot create OCL constraints in Luna: escape ↵Ansgar Radermacher3-32/+6
updates, if dirty + deactivation of "Advanced text" tab
2014-03-14[Releng] Fix dependency versionsCamille Letavernier1-1/+2
2014-03-13Bug 427025 - [OCL For Papyrus] Cannot create OCL constraints in Luna: handle ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-3/+16
editing of newly created opaque expressions
2014-03-13[Bug 427025] [OCL For Papyrus] Cannot create OCL constraints in LunaAnsgar Radermacher5-2/+276
Show wait cursor before editing starts Re-activate selection of compartment edit part => enable edit on 2nd click Activate context link tool after constraint creation Enable xtext editor in UML tab of property view (currently for OCL only)
2014-03-11Bug 315231 - [All Diagrams] Direct Edit : Xtext / Papyrus integration - ↵Ansgar Radermacher2-7/+6
better handling of model listener in
2014-03-05Bug 315231 - [All Diagrams] Direct Edit : Xtext / Papyrus integration: ↵Ansgar Radermacher2-21/+31
enable xtext editing within property for selections in model explorer
2014-03-04Bug 315231 - [All Diagrams] Direct Edit : Xtext / Papyrus integrationAnsgar Radermacher5-32/+94
Xtext editor in property view: only commit, if editor contains changes
2014-03-04323802: [General] Papyrus shall provide a read only modeChristian W. Damus2-4/+16 Make new Advanced Editing property section sensitive to read-only model elements. Also update the validation infrastructure to account for the new UML2 plug-in structure in Luna (prerequisite for validation of Advanced Editing parsing).
2014-03-04Bug 315231 - [All Diagrams] Direct Edit : Xtext / Papyrus integrationAnsgar Radermacher2-9/+165
Enable validation without showing a progress bar Avoid focus lost for editor in properties tab after control assist ends Simple undo/redo support for editor in progress tab
2014-03-04315231: [All Diagrams] Direct Edit : Xtext / Papyrus integrationCamille Letavernier3-2/+33 - Fix releng
2014-03-03Bug 427025 - [OCL For Papyrus] Cannot create OCL constraints in LunaAnsgar Radermacher1-0/+3
- fix NPE in property sheet
2014-02-27Bug 429128 - [Xtext] New editor integration does not properly re-install ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-2/+13
default parser
2013-11-13263430: [General] Add relengCamille Letavernier1-20/+22 Luna: Update plug-in version numbers to 1.0.0
2013-10-02Bug 315231 - Improvement of xtext integration.Arnaud Cuccuru1-19/+35
Applied patches from ITEMIS. "Advanced editing" tab from the property view loads the content of the textual representation comment of the edited element (if any).
2013-09-06[Bug 315231] Removing dependencies to Xtext fromArnaud Cuccuru2-2/+2
2013-09-02Bug 315231 - Improvement of xtext integration.acuccuru9-0/+295
Applies patch produced by ITEMIS.

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